Thursday, April 30, 2009

Obama & the G.M Acquisition

G.M.'s intention to offer the Obama administration a majority share-with the U.A.W. getting 39% and creditors the balance, I believe-is a substantial temptation for the United States Government to join either a socialist or a corporatist camp. Like the temptations of Christ in the desert by Satan, the President is offerred the world of fossil fuel automobiles and real transportation power if only he will take over the sputtering dinosaur. Corporatism was invented by Mussolini and in the modern economy global corporations have made it a pervasive Leviathan seeking to devour-how better to forestall innovative technological change in transportation than to dump an automaker on the people of the United States whioim should be bound to perpetuate the industry indefinately especially with the U.A.W. synergy with federal government unions.

President Obama can ante and raise the pot in the democratic battle against corporate global takeover of the government of the United States by taking G.M. and converting it in to a transportation prototype laboratory providing leadership in economic and ecologically synergetic tranportation change. The new G.M. could produce prototypes for distribution in mass numbers for three years before discontinuing production. G.M. should become a large skunk works producing electric cars, vehicles such as hovercraft that work on highways, no moving parts vehicles and so forth-automobiles represent one of the failures of capitalism in that cposts were not reduced at all but have steadily increased over the years far more even than gasoline.

Auto transportation made by a government design corporation could provide new working technol9ogies with patents released to other auto producers after three years of sale of new vehicles...the government can afford to coordinate highway design alteration with vehicles designed especially for the new highways. There should be special interstate lanes for vehicles that weight less than 600 pounds, and in-highway power lines or even super-conductors wrapped within hydrogen cooling pipelines to power electric vehicles taking electricity directly from the lines. America needs real change in vehicular platform concepts, or even for a new transport grid paradigm that no longer uses any four wheeled vehicles or is possible to imagine many such alternatives.President Obama must fence off the devil of corporate temptation and turn the plank of temptation into something morally acceptable to surf with.

Americans have little education about corporate ecological economic theory-President Obama hasn't at all taken upon himself the burden of educating the public about the political, international undertow that subverts the present and future of American, secure, prosperity and political independence. The concentration of wealth in the United States is devastatingly mired in social reality without concern for the environment or its ability to sustain human life on earth.

Modern Americans are largely incapable of significantly changing their economic structure in a timely and appropriate way in regards to returning the global ecosystem to excellent health. For most Americans are little better than occupational primates inertially focused upon capturing as much money as they can in order to have a good life in the planetary primate colony-and one with prestige and power too if possible. Environmental reality is independent of social reality, and Americans and world leaders judging from the talk emerging from the G-20 summit recently in London, are an incapable bunch of morons unable to comprehend what a non-expansive, ecologically renewable economy is-and that it is no necessary to transition into it...that failure will probably lead to global wars of population reduction when the corrupt contemporary economy with its dysfunctional co0llage of ecologically destructive components leads to cascades of economic and social breakdowns-rioters in the Wall-marts of social reality looking for fuels for their ecology destroying vehicles to drive on global warming creating roads.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently talked about 'growing the economy' as if it were a plant. She meant instead, I would think to say 'expand the economy'. For the non-renewable, disposable economic infrastructure can only keep full employment as it destroys the ecological health of the Earth; the economy expands but the planet doesn't. Global consumption increases as does the population while the ecology of the Earth decreases and is fouled with pollutions. While the Speaker may get her wish of increasing employment and natural resource consumption the planet edges closer to the brink of a plethora of economic and ecological collapses-the world politicians just don't get it-once the primate occupational procedures are firmly established they want to repeat the economic cycles endlessly and no politicians seem to have a clue about how to change to a nearly renewable, non-expansive economic policy and infrastructure that can have full employment and quality of life improvements without increasing resource consumption or 'expanding' the economy. Pelosi's idea of 'growing the economy' would be rational if it was an ecological economic concept; unfortunately it seem more retro politics intended to increase the wealth and global power of the established idiots at the top.

Corporatism represses free enterprise and the principles of capitalism as described by Adam Smith. It becomes a form of concentrating wealth and reducing the opportunities for actualization of democracy. President Obama is believed by some to be the most effective tool through which globalist corporatists can get Americans to continue it's policies and avoid substantial reform in the present post-Bush Ii political climate of corruption accomplished. Others believe that President Obama, while entirely unprepared to transition the United States to an ecological economic environment strongly based in Democracy rather than global corporate rule actual would try to accomplish what President Clinton failed to accomplish at all during his two terms as President...reform the energy and transport situation entirely away from corporate, global power supplies and vehicles and to a citizen home and office recharge of electric cars environment as a minimum step in the securing of a national democracy for the 21st century with security borders free of anarchic labor subversion from Mexico and China.

Democratic strength is in the right of individual citizens to actualize their own pursuit of happiness. Mass social organizations tend to work to conform and repress the development of individual interests more so than the reverse-yet that is a complex subject.

Many do mistakenly subscribe to an Marxist dialectical vision of capitalism-corporatism vs. socialism and assume that corporatism must succeed over socialist. In fact if corporatism must be placed in to that kind of Hegelian-Marxist dialectic it would be the synthesis emerging from the clash of capitalism vs. socialism. Many find that the merger of Chinese communism with western capitalism and corporatism following the end of the cold war is the actualization of the synthetic emergence of corporatism.

Corporatism is a corruption of the principles of democracy because it is anti-national, piratical and subversive regarding nationalism and democracy; corporatism represses political free speech by its employees indirectly (they fire you for free speech), corporatism through its concentrated stock owning power creates an endogamy of an owning class that inertially makes a semi-monopolistic political and economic structure that viciously attacks competition to it's establishment.

Corporatism for the United States is a radically destructive form of Toynbee's globalist phase of the decline of a civilization; the global phase coincides with the transformation of a formerly creative majority becoming a repressive minority and of the internal and external proletariat uniting (such as with the invasion of illegals and reorientation of the U.S. Southwest increasingly toward Mexico).

Corporatism is an example of Darwinian selection of the crude and unintelligent, unphilosophical business class of non-inventive exploiters of inventors pursuing and accumulating social and political power...the majority of mankind are not so inventive as a rare minority yet the majority want power in politics and wealth; the consequence is the establishment of a vast, unintelligent corporatist global entity without rational environmental limits failing to transition into an ecological economic policy centered upon national and democracy-for democracy cannot well defend national interests from the irresponsible power of concentrated wealth in globalist corporatism.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dumbing Down Education and Opportunity

Collectivism is definitely dumber than the best scores of the brightest individuals-the U.S. public education system is a collectivist agency for state propaganda with a near monopoly on the minds of American youth. It would be better if the federal government paid for private accredited elementary and secondary schools for any parent requesting such. Diversity in quality education is a strength and would increase the jobs for bright educators unwilling to be bound to just a dictated list of texts to educate students with-if the United States is ravingly becoming more collectivized under the influence of wealthy global corporatists yet simultaneously losing benefits-if Americans will have an extra 11 trillion dollars left by the Obama administration when it leaves office-and Mr. Obama promises that the budget will be balanced two years after he leaves office-it becomes difficult to argue in defense of the proposition that Americans are becoming collectively brighter.

When globalists can consistently flood the United States with illegal alien workers or import legal ones under some flimsy paper policy, while the industrial infrastructure is outsourced to China and real wages in the United States have declined for the majority for the past three decades where is evidence that the United States is tightening its grip on nationalism in such a way that it eliminates debt, increases prosperity for ordinary citizens, repairs the ecosystem and promotes national Independence form the convenient power of global corporatists with television in their pocket as the greatest advocate for global concentration of wealth and displacement of American national interests for real people?

I.Q. is difficult to assess across all fields equally. I.Q. measurements tend to be specialized for suitability for progress in achievement in pre-determined fields. If one takes the most broad measurement of I.Q.-brain size-it is likely that Americans brains are comparable to those of much of the rest of the world-so one would assume that the stupidity of American cultural intelligence collectively is a consequence of the culture and leadership.
Americans should have full employment with a non-expanding economy. They should recognized the thousand varieties of quality improvements to fundamental economic infrastructures necessary to assure the health of the glob ecological environment.

Human beings live within cultures that they create or invade and/or illegally occupy. Some may afford to rent culture and adapt their own lifestyle in conformity to the existing structure and its lack of progressive intelligence. As in most prior civilizations the United States as a successful nation becomes dumb, dull and stupidly bogged down within its success unable to continue to change. Challenges presented starkly to nascent civilizations or societies that require a pre-determined response in order for the advance of the culture and economy of that society are plain; social intelligence is adapted to the self-evident challenge. In the United States today a certain level of material security has been reached that is continued deleteriously in regard to the social, political and environmental cost of continuity.

Discovering some way to keep a society evolving once it has attained a certain level of success is one of the most difficult problems of civilizations. The United States has mass produced automobiles nearly a century and has in effect re founded its culture and reproductive cycles upon automotive ownership that, along with inefficient, overly expensive building structures inimical to ecological health, comprise the primary core of economic and cultural life. The somnolent people of the United States have been dumbed down in to believing that their temporal physical culture and economy is a renewable and efficient economy that will not erode their political independence, self-reliance and environmental security. The people of the United States have been trained to believe that the Glob, and Globalist economic policies are some kind of Utopian criteria in which all human beings will have equal opportunity and a good life-they have been trained to disregard their own ecological and political reality and give up their liberty to foreign control and international corporate rule, if they were to think about it at all. The extreme difficulty of revising an established economy is being defeated by the traditional option of simply expanding it. That approach is very dumb indeed.

Americans re-elected George W. Bush in 2004, and gave him 800 billion dollars to give to buy bad debt and for banks to have liquidity in the last months of his second term. Some of those same banks will make new loans to Americans and charge interest on that while the same borrowers as taxpayers are paying interest on that 800 billion that went to the banks-how bright can Americans be?

A Hillary-Bill Presidency would have been the first HillBilly administration it may be true, and the Rhodes scholar selection committee may have been aware of the effects of the advanced placement...but does that mean Americans are dumb and dumber?

'Dumb and Dumber' was a popular success and it reinforces the no-fail consumerism encouraged by global corporatism. Running up one's debts to the max is what individuals and the government are led to do while being sight and sound brainwashed by a broadcast media controlled by the richest in controversion of fundamental principles of democracy.
Transnational corporate interests including ownership of the broadcast media have largely subdued democracy and even disequalized free speech. Even compressed air vehicles with an aux gas engine get 3000 m.p.g. and yet the innovation of variegated vehicle use in urban commute corridors is neglected by congress and alternative power sources and systems technologies are not rare.

Americans don't care enough to free themselves from the vice-grip of fossil fuel engine powered national debts...
American prosperity led by the end of the 20th century to a declining reliance on foreign societies to do the hard work in macro-economics to a certain increasing extent. Industries were outsourced to China, India and elsewhere, the auto market became dominated by globalist and Toyota rose to the top of domestic automobile sales. The people became dependent on fossil fuels for their automobiles controlled by a global oligarchy of oil companies and voted a second term for an Exxon-Halliburton oil administration pursuing new oil fields in Iraq said to have more than 200 billion barrels at 2 dollars per barrel development cost.

In accepting a corruption of supply side economic to mean that cutting all taxes for the upper class is good and increase in the gross national product will repay borrowed money to finance the government the people accepted willingly the idea that the federal deficit financing isn't really a way of deferring taxes for the poor and middle class to repay with interest, and that all that redistribution of wealth from borrowed money to private corporations that pay few taxes with the Bush tax cuts hasn't any effect on annihilating public infrastructure investment. Perhaps the U.S. public is dumb about there basic political realities in the world today, and are dumb for blandly accepting the corporatist broadcast media foot in everyone's door displacement of their own private interests too willingly.

The consumerist mentality doesn't support the lone intellectual of course at least if he or she isn't employed by global corporations. An alternative socialist/atheist party exists of course as the shop steward flip side of the global corporatist coin. Collectives have taken over in the United States and people accept it with concepts that it is rugged individualism to spend to the max and pay lifetime rents to a financial service sector of business comprising 30% of the economy.

India produces about 170,000 qualified engineers each year up to U.S. standards while the United States graduates about 70,000. China graduates more than 400,000 engineers and together that means that a lot of invention, innovation and business will start overseas while American political independence comparatively declines even farther.

It is difficult to square away a nation's economic and social problems while it has a flood of illegal and legal immigrants lowering educational standards and filling holes in the bucket of planning democratic politics that will generally improve economic and social opportunities simultaneously with environmental conservation. At the top the broadcasters and other rich collectives and individuals simply accept the corruption of life at the economic bottom with a capitalist rational that there always must be that marginalized sector at the bottom.

From the bottom there is a different and more realistic desire looking up. Systems analysis is preferred that rationally encompasses real corrections to long-term and emerging dysfunctional social mass-economic and environmental issues. Many issues cannot be solved alone but are components of a leaky boat or nation that must all be corrected together to keep the thing afloat. Traditionally the rich and satisfied stagnate the economy after a time and let it rot believing everything is fine and good. The comfortably enfeofed aren't able to comprehend what needs to be done beyond their own satiety to secure the nations on going vital interests in need of renewal and upgrading.

Immigrants may arrive in the United States in numbers that can be entirely assimilated and that will not harm the interests of other citizens meaningfully, nor harm the environment substantially nor either undermine wage negotiation factors in labor supply and demand. Social interest is in protecting the rights of the individual first instead of corporate collectives wishing to profit by exploiting labor for cheap wages.

What number of immigrants could be a non-harmful number; 250,000 annually? It isn't actually possible to determine that without first stopping illegal immigration entirely, and reducing the number to perhaps 200,000 annually for five years during which time the nation could begin to correct its many educational, broadcasting exclusivity, economic-quality of life and environmental issues. Congress should vote annually on how many legal aliens to assimilate each year instead of the rationalized by the rich out of control subvert the poor policies going along with the tax the poor and tax away their economic opportunities for life approach policy of the present administration and the congress.

The Glob has approximately two hundred million migrants today-and they complicate the political issue of establishing locally renewable economic structures that do not exclude any citizen. There are difficult challenges that should be addressed such as how to increase the quality of life within a non-expanding economy, and how to discover fair capital balances between labor and management within a non-expanding, full-employment economic structure. The world tomorrow will have refugees from global warming environmental disasters that will disrupt local efforts at economic stability-yet one must sympathize with such refugees. The issuer will arise about how to place them within suitable economic structures non-disruptively. Illegal immigration traditional subverts the established culture and implicitly rational economic planning.

Are Americans dumb; maybe political dumbness is satisfying judging by the way debts and whatever are going?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

On Determinsm

Determinism follows from initial boundary conditions that permit a limited or pre-determined number of forms or states to develop over time. In the case of a singularity that formed the Universe following an expansion the boundary conditions would have been the composition of the singularity; if it were incapable of phase changes such as were matter and anti-matter, if space-time could not emerge from an infinite, perfectly formed point of infinite density the pre-determined state might have been the existing state; one might consider eternity as a pre-determined state that is the actual and unchanging state.

The paradoxes of the initial singularity that would form the Universe, if there was an initial singularity that formed the Universe instead of something else such as a zero-dimensional membrane that generated the appearance of matter, mass or energy in a somewhat illusory way through the interaction of other zero-dimensional membranes creating an appearance of dimensions, coincide with ideas about The One or God that the neo-Platonist philosopher Plotinus wrote about in his 54 tractaes named The Enneads of Plotinus...God is eternal and perfect as The One-so why create forms or emanate anything to exist such as a Universe?

Actualization of boundary conditions of a Universe following an initial design or smaller, primordial structure means that a pre-determined condition is a necessary condition of the actualization of ingredients. Every plant that grows, such as a mustard seed, is pre-determined to become a mustard plant--and such is the fate of all genomic endowment structures for actualization as what they are on the basis of their initial boundary conditions. One must insert a disclaimer here for any broken forms that fail to actualize there growth potential because of flaws or environmental externalities of an egregiously averse kind that might abort potential for actualization.

The theoria of determinism received a lot of impetus of an affirmative kind through the development of modern science and Newtonian mechanics. Some bragged that given knowledge of initial conditions of the Universe they might predict its entire fate; advocates of free will excepted human beings from the boundaries of determinism on a premise that the mind allows the violation or symmetry breaking of natural causal laws. Perhaps with the principle of general relativity one might say that human beings have the ability to intentionally shape their world lines in ways not possible for inanimate objects or events without human sentience implicitly resident.

The prospects for determinism seem to exist even in Chaos theory where an indefinite chaotic program will eventual yield one of three pre-determined states of the constituent members of the chaotic class of objects--that seems a logical principle in the context that a pervasive, universal logic seems to exist locally and non-locally regarding the association of point particles or objects, intervals, forms and the laws of coherence that provide bonding and permutation forces in events. Such events comprise time-space material existent phenomena-determinism in a sense might be thought of as some kind of probablistic assurance that certain physically coherent structures will continue to exist and not randomly disassociate.

The Universe has many unknown and perhaps unknowable structures in its quantum mechanical realms that seem to avoid the limits of the event association patterns of the regular dimensions of the Universe. These events of quantum super-positioning and quantum entanglement have an unknown yet seemingly profound relationship upon the events of the standard dimensions of the Universe; in some ways they seem like the backstage strings or wires that move about the scenes and players on the globe theatre strutting and fretting for an hour amidst sound and fury signifying nothing to those that believe its all wild and undetermined.

The idea of extra degrees of freedom of motion and of thought is one of the desirable aspects of indeterminism. The quantum mechanical potentials seem to add a random indeterministic element of freedom to experience-yet if a life is pre-determined it does even so present itself as wild to the individual without prescience experiencing the life-and though Jesus foreknew His fate on the cross he did obviously experience the event as quite a horrible experience; he asked if the cup might be relieved from his drinking, yet said that nevertheless Thy will be done...

Initial boundary conditions set for any given constructed system pre-determine the following conditions for the system including range of motion and elemental compositions. One thinks of stellar synthesis over three generations and the new chemical elements created, many of which exist on Earth-and also the new chemical compounds created naturally on the Earth through a number of processes including organic, and realize the importance of conserving the biosphere of the planet in order to allow the maximum actualization of potential components of existence in order to increase the actualization of the initial boundary conditions of the Universe.

One might believe that God has eternally actualized all possibilities of existence including pre-determined temporal boundary conditions within an infinite number of Universe. Knowledge and coordinate event actualization would be boundary conditions that could serve to define order and structure capable of supporting pluralism and the potential for pluralism.

Why would The One construct a pluralist actualization of all tings-I guess it might be a necessity of being Omnipotent to eternally actualize all things that are good-and that requires much work. Maybe one cannot associate the six days of creation with Einstein's equation or discovery that a billion years is consistent with a thousand times a thousand and apply that time value to the creation of life in the Universe (times six). What a day is according to measurements using the speed of light for the measuring stick within parameters of general relativity, if it turned out to be a billion or two, would do nothing to clarify the differences between the eternal and the temporal, between one Universe or an infinite number of universes, or the way in which beings with limited intelligence far short of omniscience experience the travel through the pre-determined, pre-constructed Universe.

The temporal Universe seems like a reciprocol of the finite mind in which it can experience emergence, change and evolution as a process of actualizing temporal forms.

Freedom and Other Ideas

Consider the concept that God created the world in some miraculous manner as a phenomenality of time and space locality within an eternal, adimensional criterion...absolutely free and good, absolutely actualized in every respect, in free will every possible Universe, structure, person and so forth that might exist, has always existed in the most appropriate form. Within God contingent beings exist phenomenally and perhaps in short lives, yet they have always been for God plays that time construction perhaps just once yet it has always existed and was always foreknown. Evil and wickedness-a moral fault in the last case, and an importunate or tragic occurrence to human or other sentient experience in the former, differ. Wickedness is a defective moral trait of sentient beings; evil are bad things that happen from natural or other inanimate or unintentional causes. God cannot have a place for wickedness in the eternal economy-it is a possibility of free will choices of contingent beings of course, but not a characteristic that would function within the eternal or divine economic criteria for the saved or redeemable with faith in Jesus Christ.

Freedom is the natural condition of God and of those that accept the Son of God as their personal savior. Freedom to actualize the creative good to the absolute fulfillment of all things is perhaps the destiny of those of mankind that would be saved; repression and corruption of individual liberty and of the global ecosystem are wicked misfeasance's of mankind correctable upon God's schedule. Freedom is of the highest value, as is equal protection of the laws for all citizens.

The idea of 'rating' freedom must be a product of a television rating remote control generation used to being 'served' by 'providers' to whom they must merely acquiesce. Such a generation would outsource its freedom after being told that it isn't free and they are too far in debt to afford it. Borrow from foreign governments perhaps to 'bail out' the bankers of freedom and 'unfreeze' the flow of money to lenders and the people-it all must be a matter of getting the currents to flow and the velocity of money to increase.

Freedom has an unstated value in rural areas that is obviously lost in densely populated urban areas. Freedom is the condition of being free to act without interference from others. In areas of Alaska one may still walk without encountering another human soul for days, and during the day or night no man will show up to say that you must kow tow or immediately attend to some commanded detail. Freedom is a real and actual state of human relations to others.

Freedom describes ranges of motion without blockage in physical systems as well as in relationships with other human beings. The enslaved do not right it highly-they become thought controlled and programmed to deny the reality of the meaning of freedom as something other than slavery. Freedom may be lost gradually as politicians enslave a people through debt and sell out a nation for the benefit of global or foreign control.

The Biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah is in part a classical example of the loss of civil freedom in an urban setting through the imposition of the rule of behavioral vice. Behaviorist psychology developed theories about the environmental determinism that conditions human behavior. Urban human behavior conditions human behavior differently than do rural environments. The pastoral volkerwanderuung of Abraham and his brother Lot ended with their separation and Lot and his people taking the land east of the Jordan River. Lot was a developed of the region of Sodom and Gomorrah and they became heavily urbanized.

Lot was captured by Chedorlaomer and others and made a prisoner. Abraham-always the good servant of God and free within his service to God rescued and freed his brother Lot restoring him to his home. This penultimate warning to Lot wasn't adequate in the slightest as a premonitory piece of guidance for the urbanites of the morally depraved cities. Without the natural freedom of the more wild environment the people developed a natural swine emulating social behavior. The ideas of civil liberties such as the more rural and free founders of the United States were able to formalize later in the Constitution of the United States and the amendments to the constitution were beyond the abilities of the people of Sodom and Gomorrah for at least three reasons-one they did not have the freedom or liberty politically to write a constitution and two they weren't generally literate. The third and more important reason is that in urban areas the freedoms of natural social distance that exist in a rural environment are over time eroded. Rural and pastoral morals that proscribe select social behaviors as immoral become targeted as repressive. Social distance is attacked as being against freedom along with the moral protections of it.

In the late period of the existence of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah it is evident that the natural moral defenses and freedom of a rural and pastoral existence had been entirely lost. Lot pleaded with the angels of God to spare the destruction of his city (by the bay perhaps) if even a few good men of moral character could be found. The citizens of Sodom of course insulted even Lot's visiting angels with a demand that they be tossed to them for sexual perversions and other getting to know you activities of the class that are found when the meaning of civil liberty is transformed in to meaning the extinction of self and personal freedom from others. In the United States urban dwellers lead the way in the removal of social distance and personal liberty in the natural transition of the term in a process of social decay to mean the removal of any personal possession of civil rights. The fundamental urban social civil right eventually becomes the right to be a member of a herd of swine-citizens

The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah did reset the moral clock for the kin of Abraham providing enough breathing space in a higher moral climate that could last long enough for them to be taken in to captivity by Egypt and reformed gradually under the further plan of the Lord. Beginning with their liberator-leader Moses the Jews were given a strict code of moral behavior that would transition them a while further even amidst their surrounding depraved neighbors. In time their behavior also would decay and yet God provided His Son to lead a new revolution of personal freedom in God though the Spirit dwelling in the hearts and minds of His people. The Temple and its hierarchical priesthood was annihilated by the raving forces of secular doom in the form of the legions of Pompey and the burning of enough timber to crack the stone walls of Jerusalem. Perhaps 300,000 Jews were slaughtered then. Freedom doesn't just have a relative meaning, or perhaps it does. One must choose what to do with one's freedom, and what it is to mean.

In Communist China the movement toward freedom occurs within a highly populous urban and rural environment. The environment imposes strict limits upon the potential for human population increase without mass starvation. Decades of authoritarian communist rule was a reaction to corrupt former imperial and nationalist governments and the primitive Chinese economy. A Chinese history of invasion or exploitation by foreign government forces made a military repression of every opponent a natural fact especially in the near century of global cold war following the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917. Recent Chines development of trade ties with the west are claimed to be moving China toward a potential of freedom, yet urban freedom without civil authoritarian historically drifts toward decadence, and with the global rise of the political-economic philosophy of Benito Mussolini's invention of corporatism with its dictatorship by C.E.O.'s and repression of political dissent by executives and employees through the methods of employment termination and exclusion from social employment generally via corporate network shunning it isn't likely that the new China will escape the synthetic blend of repressions east and west that grow with the globalization of world trade.

Freedom in rural areas for much of the world in the 20th century was of the primitive sort. It was said that some of the peasants in the Mekong delta of Vietnam were basically politically illiterate, yet they resisted exploitation by the urban powers in Saigon and thus supported Viet Cong insurgents. Tragically many of the peasants were destroyed in the war and even the globally coordinated under the forces of communism Viet Cong impressed villagers in to their militia on pain of death I believe. The rural resistance to urban exploitation is an historical movement of the 20th century that was co-opted by communist organizers in to a Marxist underground movement generally, or commonly.

Communist organizers had the fairly easy task of persuading enough rural supporters to revolt against corrupt urban regimes that the 'free world' forces often found themselves fighting against people struggling to be free from wealthy urban oppressors. The wealthy urban oppressors were paradoxically the communists themselves ultimately with ideas of globalism and dictatorship of the proletariat under the absolute authority of a central committee that would deny any political freedom at all to the rural poor ultimately, while the 'free forces' of the west would support global corporatism following the 'defeat' of global communism. The rural people of the planet would discover their political liberties becoming increasingly eroded by an authoritarian synthetic global government combining corporatism and communism. freedom isn't 'over-rated' it is of absolute importance; the difficulty is in discovering how to defend it against the overwhelming forces set to destroy it globally.

As the new Obama administration in the United States is set to take office January 20, 2009 it is important to defend against the constant moral decay that will be sent to the door of the Oval Office. President Obama should air-brush the footprints of former President Clinton on the floor of the office in the place he stood to receive service from a student intern to remind him that lobbyists and politicians will send servo-units his way in order to bring him over to the side of natural urban decay. The decay of urban freedom is a renewable fact of human social history that contributes to its destruction, while the opposite forces of the preservation of rural freedom may also simultaneously defend and attack real civil liberties that mean fundamentally protection from others instead of a removal of freedom to dissent social compaction.

If environment is a coefficient of freedom, as is very evident in the pollution and destruction of ecological health planet-wide because of the numbers of people acting adversely upon it, ideology and intelligent are as well variables in the equation of support for a maximally free human social existence on the planet Earth.