Monday, March 30, 2009

Creationism, Evolution and More

The concepts of creationism and evolution are terms that occur within larger contexts. We shall consider some of those contexts...

The Scope's trial brought a religion vs. government conflict to America in the 20th century; the contest between imperial government and imperial religion has existed since the beginning of Christianity; the crucifixion of our Lord was instigated by the Jewish religious leaders and implemented by Roman imperial power. Jesus Christ was a king but not of this world, Pontius Pilate the Prefect of Judea did not want to execute Jesus yet was levered in to the act by possible accusations of treason to Caesar.

Christians of centuries following the crucifixion were persecuted by government rule significantly. Later the church was taken over in the eastern Roman Empire by the Imperial Government. In the former decadent western empire following it's collapse the Christian Church Bishop of Rome began slowly to acquire more power not only over his peer Bishops in other regions of the trans- Mediterranean region but politically as well. Gregory would become one of the first Popes with significant power-yet the historical relationships between Popes, politics, imperial governments, foreign invaders of Italy with inimical, antipathetic beliefs such as the forces of Mohammedans was complex and substantially. In several nations such as Spain and France and Germany the bilateral relationships between what Emperors, Monarchs and Popes with sometimes two or even three Popes existing simultaneously) changed more often than the solstices and equinoxes seasonally.

Form ordinary citizens support of church positions sometimes coincided with their own political interests for liberation-and sometimes worked against them. The reformation signified by Martin Luther was somewhat conservative in some regards as he did not support a simultaneous political revolution-yet certainly other reformers did support political revolution. In some nations following the end of 'imperial' Catholic rule such as Holland the national church subsequently was comparatively weak and unable to restrain political ventures it opposed sometimes including military activity abroad or the reverse. In many regards the 'slide rule' for relationships between heretical opinions, Church relationships to citizens as political subjects and as second class Christians led by an upper class priesthood of small business family churchmen or hierarchical mass organizational imperial ecclesiastic structures was generally unobservable by ordinary, illiterate or semi-illiterate peasants, peons, comrades, clods and citizens of the respective political entities.

A transcending human characteristic existing in all eras is the Darwinian selection of the most greedy and power-hungry toward leadership of any significant organization capable of generating political, financial or other forms of wealth and power. For every Francis of Assisi their are followers that will transform such a Franciscan organization in to the animal party frat house for good times. For every good natured genius such as Albert Einstein there is waiting another would be Satin-on-a Political Pedestal happy to Napoleon himself along amidst the pathos and pervasive misery. Will state and church controversy every end on a specific, broad question such as Creationism vs. Evolution is the point of this essay topic; human understanding will never become perfect and omniscient while in the temporal form seeing through a glass darkly. Creationism might be thought of as a cosmological theory while evolution as a biological theory. One has many uncertainties and indeterminacy of meaning in each term (creation & evolution). Presently neither term is fully understood in either a realm of faith or in that of science for the complexities and depths of meaning and knowledge within each are vast and unfathomed.

Scientific American in March and April published two interesting articles on cosmology that would change the Universe-view that most people have if they read and thought about it.

An article considered Einstein'ss special theory of relativity and it's relationship to quantum mechanical non-local phenomena such as quantum entanglement and quantum superposition; how can relativity in normal Einsteinian geometric space be right if faster than light 'action at a distance' relationships between quantum particles exists? The answer obvious to most might be that either spatial dimension extensions including time are not what we think they are, perhaps being phenomenalties set to a scale of human cognitive recognition, or there may be shortcuts through extra dimensions that no one presently has fully mapped (such as M-Theory). Plainly there are other possibile explanations for how faster than light quantum entanglement and superpositions may exist.

One potential explanation is that the basic forces underpinning the structure of mass and energy in space-time are much more complex than was thought previously. The big bang theory nominally has some resemblance to the collision of particles made in particle accelerators-at a certain force the relationships of stable or long lived constructions break apart under impact and cascade a wealth of smaller components. We generally take it that this is an example of thermodynamic properties even with the stipulation that the physical process is theoretically isotropic and reversible-yet these are just paradigmiatic interpretations made of observable phenomena that are not in-themselves necessarily mutually exclusive and exhaustive analytically accurate limits or interpretations of the meaning of what is observed-there can be more to it than believed, such as a pervasive unknown force that is space itself that is at the minimal density level yielding virtual particles in large extension and an inflaton in small size-such may be what a membrane theory comprises primordially.

It seems possible that special relativity is an accurate protocol for a particular level of relationships in space-time that is not controverted by a potential encompassing substratum that functions at a different energy and mass structure inclusive of having a different relationship to space-time. This consideration allows a very simple union of areas of creative thought in physics and theology; the eternal realm of forms of Plato and Plotinus perhaps refined quite a bit as physics has refined the ideas of Parmenides and Democritus more than a little. In the monist thought of Parmenides we also discover a greater One that allows all of the manifold of pluralist appearances to exist; the generalities of the ancients encompassed some useful thought about the nature of reality being discovered only in the past century.

The second interesting article was on the subject of dark energy as a theory for the apparent acceleration of the expansion of space time; could anisotropy in the distribution of matter in the Universe be a better explanation for the appearance of an expansion of space-time?

If the Earth and Milky Way is in a special region of space-within a great void-either unique or just one of a minority component of vast voids in the Universe-it could be more than just another common speck in a isotropic Universe; this adds another point to the score of the weak anthropic principle vs secular, hedonist atheists that even Christian humanists could be happy with considering.

The Universe may have been created by sono-luminescence spoken in to the underlying 'membrane' of the pre-existent Universe or not. Time may be relative yet discrete and even recurrent. Eternity may contain all temporal series and like the extended realm of whole numbers in mind a contingent mind may journey along the course to discover the appearance of time, space and motion. God may have created all space-time only contingently even within his unchanging, omnipotent Being. Creationism and evolution are fun entry portals in to the consideration of incredible physical and theological questions.

One may consider the parameters of this apparent Universe, it's age based upon the distance that light has travelled at the edge of the observable Universe and an extrapolation of the time required for existing, evident physical processes and structures such as star and Galaxy formation to have occurred from known and hypothesized laws of physical change; one may set that paradigm in to a larger and more theoretical context of a Universe that could be just one piece of a larger and more complex structure, and that may be not of such a nature as what it appears to us through perception and reasoning, inference and logic, and correlate that with what is known theologically and through the Bible. We may disregard our trust in our own comfortable knowledge so far as possible while yet keeping that knowledge to use as a foundation for exploration and understanding of cosmology beyond what we presently know. In my opinion God permits the Universe to appear to exist for human life-it is necessary to be conservative in applying propositions and predicates that may be logically faulty. One should notassume that certain terms are free of the indeterminacy of translation-even the word 'beginning' may occur like a box amidst a succession of Chinese puzzle box like relations with meanings not even deictic placing.

A paradigm for the construction of a Universe of whatever scale and configuration within the context of an eternally existing God who actualized from eternity all possible things that are good is a helpful way to consider larger scale structural configurations of the Universe with uncertain physical delimitation.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Liberalism and Evolution Theory Paradigms of Britain

For many readers the concept of evolutionary liberalism might invoke the idea of Darwinian theory as opposed to clerical misinterpretations of the Bible and the historical, 19th century social conflicts between Godless atheists, Marxists and sundry varieties of 'liberal' ideologies opposed to a conservative, traditional order. Because this sort of interpretation is rather common I will dispense with it first before moving on to consider other meanings and developments of the phrase 'Evolutionary liberalism in Great Britain.

So let's consider the two main points of Charles Darwin, popularizer of the theory of evolution-an idea considered earlier by Anaximander, his grandfather Erasmus, Lamarck, and Lucretius in the poem De Rerum Natura, amongst others. The first idea is that life originated from a common source. The common source of all life is God, and I believe Darwin supported that concept. His second idea is that a competition amidst all life exist and the most fit survive...

Life isn't a survival of the fittest, but instead is a biochemical search for growth environments and a selection by the life force of the most favorable. This can be seen in the relocation of the headquarters of Halliburton to Dubai, and in the outsourcing of U.S. production to Chinese factories enabling the concentration of wealth and the best economic growth medium for defectors from American priority.

Life force must adapt to the environment yet implicitly seeks to overcome it. The biochemical will of life necessarily fits in to such environmental conditions available, while, in the case of humanity it seeks to overcome or transcend the boundaries of the environment that determine its form and provide its sustenance. When the life force overcomes the environmental boundaries it may cut off itself from these two primary conditions. If the life force has not intellectually developed sufficiently it may destroy its environment and fail to structure artificial, substitute challenge criteria that is a coefficient for growth. Humanity faces that challenge presently.

It is implicit in President Obama's idea of education increases as along-term goal for the United States. His belief fails to contain the obvious idea that good government parameter setting cannot be compensated for by any sort of increase in the quantity of public education that creates uncreative individuals employed by boundary jumping trans-national corporations.

English evolutionary liberalism has found many areas for increase of individual rights, yet individuals today increasingly fit in to a corporatist political philosophy that minimizes their individuality and silences their political and national opinions within a corporatist and Rousseauist paradigm of the general will eclipsing the individual will. That corporate political philosophy is inimical to the retention of individual liberty and conservation of ecological health.

The United States and England have had many competitive circumstances, and human technology has overcome the security of the environment well enough to continually degrade its quality. Fishing is bad in parts of Alaska and commerical fishing quotas should be cut by 50% to allow more for egalitarian sports fishing. North Pacific mid-ocean fishing intercepts by all nations should be reduced so that at least 60% of the fish escape capture annually. President Obama and Prime Minister Brown should work to assure that practical political governance is not contingent upon citizens being educated as drone employees of trans-national corporations. Sovereign nations should produce a quality of life acceptable to citizens that have achieved literacy and numeracy.

All citizens should have good housing and a nation should be self reliant except for luxuries in order to promote ecologically renewable economic policy. Helvetius believed that all people are more or less of sound intellect yet it is bad education that makes them stupid. Bad government mass education can provide such stupidity for its people that no amount of education would ever make them prosper.

Good government eliminates public debt, promotes border security, ecological economic policy, universal monolithic dome home ownership and health care, a net increase of ecological quality and quantity and electric mass transportation of privately owned electric vehicles on monorails at 700 miles per hour to regional destinations. A liberal political environment would seek to create mass employment opportunities in non-outsourcable employment sectors, yet bad government believes that citizens actually can invent things, get patents for them and produce them somewhere outside of China and without effective corporate suppression of rival technologies.

On a philosophy thread the history of evolutionary liberalism in Great Britain might take several different courses. Recently I have been reading Bertrand Russell's 'A History of Western Philosophy' that has quite a bit to say on the subject of the evolution of liberalism in both political philosophy and theories of knowledge or metaphysics. There seem to be two main branches of philosophy that Russell noted continued to exist during the second world war period when he wrote his book. I will write something about that and of the deeper structures of the Universe that may continue to be thought to exist as valid ideas for philosophical researchers today.

To get to the heart of the matter there were two main schools of thought in liberalism that survived the cut to make it to the 20th century. One was the political philosophy that derived fro the empiricism of Locke, Berkley and Hume, and the other the subjectivism and later romanticism that originated with Kant, Hegel and other German 19th century idealist yet also produced thinkers such as Rousseau and Karl Marx. Liberal political philosophy was the idea that individualism was the right relation to God and country, yet in the Romantic branch individualism might be carried out to the point where heroic survival of the fittest anarchy might prevail with the eventual consolidation in to the power of absolute statism and the rule of just one surviving free man such as Stalin or Hitler. In modern corporatism no organizations should be allowed to exist to compete with the state; Rousseau believed that trade unions and such would create rival allegiances to the general will of the people and the government.

The political war for liberal power received quite a push during the 30 years war over religions in Europe as protestants sought liberation from Catholicism and the Inquisition, yet the political relationships between national churches, imperial rulers and national kings would be complex and difficult evolutions for centuries ahead. The English civil wars following John Locke's writing, the dictatorship of Cromwell and restoration of the monarchy in a tamed down relation to the legislature were all difficult elements of the historical changes of political liberalism in the struggle against oppressive, arbitrary political power.l

I believe a certain bias was made to exist through association of belief in God with national churches and political powers in a hierarchical way. Priesthood of Believers efforts with egalitarianism were historically repressed with violence and failed to replace the inaccurate ecclesiastical structures of a hierarchical priesthood. The epistemology of Kant went so far as to preclude a certain level of trust in the existence of the apparent world perhaps necessary for scientific advancement, yet alternatively the empiricists decried reason in the form of logic and metaphysical deliberation upon questions that might have not positive, evident proof yet would provide ideas about the phenomenal creation useful such as dead reckoning might be for a sailor without a g.p.s. or comprehensive charts.

The deep structure of the Universe perennially is of philosophical interest. One wonders what the smallest and largest structures are, and why they exist, with answers hoped for beyond the law of necessity in a unified field.

Time and space seem to be united in movement. One can observe that the transformation of mass and energy in space-time follow thermodynamic laws of order that would be more improbable to reverse rather than continue forward. One wonders if space-time is dependent upon the thermodynamic inertia of mass-energy in some way to continue to increase or expand outward.

One wonders if time or space have cumulative or quantitative changes, if time is simply of the present phenomenally or remains behind in some way associated with the expanding creation of space-past. If God is infinite in all directions are the smallest particles of existence infinitely recursive too, contained ultimately within an eternity of the Creator inaccessible directly to humanity?

Spinoza may have believed a pantheistic monism prevails, while Leibniz thought space and matter were made of smallest units akin to quarks or branes called monads-each monad was a soul. Bertrand Russell believed the concept of monads was still of interest for philosophical considerations on the relationship between perception and reality.The questions about the evident world of reality presented to the senses and its relationship to God, if God created the Universe or contains its temporality as space-time as a sub species within His eternal Being necessitate a consideration of the meaning of language about God and the apparent Universe sufficient to comprehend the protocols of relation of being between the apparent universe of qualities evident to the senses and the 'real' eternal Spiritual eternal realm of God.

Leibniz was the first to create a mathematical logic and language with which he hoped to describe apparent reality and its relation to mind directly without ambiguity. Subsequent British empiricists and analytic philosophers have attempted degrees of the same project. Perhaps Kripke's mathematical efforts of logic continue in a similar approach.

Consider human existence in this world as if it were a sentient self-aware set of numbers that God has created. Humanity has a limited and particular set of mathematical qualities and capabilities limited to those implicit in its original set of attributes. Adam and Eve might be though of as some sort of potential numbers such as zero and one that were not in a temporal condition to begin with, for temporality entails change and motion. When they ate of the tree of knowledge they began generating new whole numbers such as 2,3 etc. If humanity could be thought of as the set of whole numbers and their self-will to be the original sin it is possible to understand the nature of philosophical questions such as ask if God created the set of whole numbers and the a priori universe in which they live why isn't everything them God? Why isn't the set of whole numbers God?

The whole numbers are just one series of numbers that God created. Everything in their Universe that appears to them is real enough, yet it has a limited, specific set of attributes for-itself (the realm of things in themselves). The inanimate objects such as telephone poles were made perhaps as fractional real numbers without sentience. God is the set of all sets of numbers, infinite in everything that exists as an infinity, and creator of all finite sets, defining their attributes. The protocols of existence are such that only God is God with the qualities of omniscience and so forth, and everything He has made has just those attributes phenomenally that they were given. No attribute or quality is God, and it isn't especially meaningful to consider the definite subsets He has created as God any more than it is to ask why if every bridge was made by a particular architect, all the bridges are not the architect and why the Bay Bridge of the Chesapeake . isn't the Golden Gate of San Francisco.

Appearances of things-in-themselves are real enough and [presented for human experience by God. Kantian ideas about things in themselves being unknowable are somewhat irrelevant here, for the eternal God presenting temporal appearances or qualities knowable to human perception does not need to be inversely known omnisciently in order for the qualities to be experienced. Scientific reasoning in a priori and analytic judgments may discover farther and deeper relationships of mass-energy, space-time or material qualities that are efficiently real for human purposes, Humanity exists with limited knowledge and potential (unknown) in a Universe of space-time contained by a deeper, eternal nexus of infinite spirit that is a property of God.

The evolution of liberalism in Great Britain and elsewhere are aspects of changing phenomenal geophysical characteristics and comprehension in a world, galaxy and Universe of the same nature. Marriage, one of the most ancient of liberal causes providing women with a measure of security is being undermined by a more recent 'liberalism' of homosexual subversion of the marriage union through an effort to change the heterosexual meaning of the institution. Reactionary anti-liberalism isn't limited to homosexual aggressions on heterosexual structures for stability and individual security, they also exist in the Obama administration's approval of public funding for the destruction of human embryos for research. Frederick II pursued some rather odd scientific research too. President Obama might just recognize the federal ban of forcing its citizens to fund the murder of embryos compelled the scientific invention of broad new areas of developing stem cells through other, and moral means. British complicity in the revisionist, reactionary illiberal attacks on the sanctity of human life and marriage are logical trends following the will of the rich and powerful toward immoral profit. Liberalism in Great Britain is challenged today by a host of retrograde political attacks devolving from the advance of corporatism.

Federal Mortgage Guarantees

I would prefer that in the future the United States Government guarantee home loans only if they meet select quality criteria. Homes should cost no more than four times the average annual American income. Homes should be on lots that have 900% more natural area that housing shelter. Homes should be given preference in loan repayment rates that have no net loss of biota, in which exterior surfaces are covered ecologically. Homes should be required to produces electricity through wind, solar and or hydrogen fuel cells in areas where that is practical. All homes qualifying for federal loan guarantees must have contractors that were certified as employing only U.S. citizens in the construction.

Why should the Federal Government bail out crooked banks by nationalizing them and dumping toxic debt on the public? Thomas Jefferson would have been so such a course of action as an anti-federalist-neither would he have sought substantially national economic reform with the help of China.

The federal government should bail out only those with less than 150 thousand dollars in mortgage debt-it is a silly policy for working Americans to fund what are in essence spoiled lifestyles of people that require large big box homes that cost $250,000 and up. Borrowing money from world investors to prop up the decadent U.S. lifestyle with greed determining what size of home one needs, what kind of fuel inefficient vehicle what purchases from foreign importers and how a zero personal savings policy is good, government because it accelerates the velocity of money are bound to reach a bad end for U.S. national security. The United States has taken up a policy following the end of the cold war of support for trans-national corporations making of American real property a liquid value that can be bought and traded en mass by global investors.

Americans are simply corrupt and spoiled-that is the reason for the present financial crisis. They refused to defend the borders adequately against illegal alien immigration in order to allow cheap labor to build houses that were too large. American workers could be unemployed while illegals were fully employed. The wages of labor in the U.S.A. plummeted as over production through illegal, cheap workers stuffed the profits of the non-working class financial sector of crooks. A national magazine recently published a rogues gallery of some twenty or so of these guys that exemplify the corruption of American business and political policy the past 16 years. Americans must develop a non-spoiled, rational steady state economic structure if it isn't to become owned by foreign powers.

OPEC in Saudi Arabia has said recently that too quick of a transition to alternative fuels in the United States would create global issues of a deleterious nature. Saudi Arabia and OPEC and collapsed the price of oil in order to undermine national efforts in the United States to create an independent alternative energy posture. Saudi Arabia as the citadel of Mohammedanism seeks a hegemony over the worlds spiritually through the coercive power of global dependence upon the inefficient and polluting fossil fuel cycle. The U.S. administration has walked blind in to the course of the axis of evil oil producers and internal combustion engine manufacturing with its recently received stimulus policy of some 785 billion dollars. While the home mortgage crisis at the level of lenders may receive some relief through taxpayer assumption of their debt and interest payments so that double interest can be paid by homeowners to the bank lenders as well as the taxpayers, the administration has failed to comprehend that Americans just need to have a rational approach to economic development and let the global fast buck arbitragers, hedge fund specialists and money market managers take a licking and keep on ticking if they can, with their own economic accountability for bad lending practices.

The Obama administration is once again under the influence of Clinton's economic Rasputin Lawrence Summers-virtually no rational national home mortgage economic policy can arise under that aegis which seeks to expand housing unit size and prices to the largest possible size. The administration should find economic ideas from Robert Schiller, Lester Thurow and Herman Dailey.

President Obama said when running for office that common sense in economic priorities needed to be applied, yet in his first major bill with victory he has forgone the quest for a sustainable economic policy in favor of support for the usual fiscal perfidy that has made the financial related services sector a full 25% of the U.S. national economy. A nation that fundamentally skims from Chinese production and illegal migrant labor instead of sustaining new technological production that would fit in with a steady state economy wherein only quality rather than quantity improves demographically and materially is set on a path for boom and bust that continues to raise the notch of diminished renewable resources higher. It is an unrealistic course that serves those M.B.A.'s and managers unscrupulously enough to have no care about anything besides their personal profit. Martin Buber said that a lie is treason unto oneself; the economic lies about that devalue of non-sustainable development, with mortgages of vast size that can be paid solely while the occupants have a huge, unrealistic salary based upon inflated global based financial services,are economic treason to the nation.

After the Union act of 1800 that forced Ireland into political union with Britain the Irish became poor and were forced off the land. More than a million moved to England following the potato famine and many went to the United States. Life in England was mean; nasty brutish and short for the Irish in England. IT was only after decades of striving to improve their legal standing that they found they could stop paying rent and receive grants for their housing that would let them save money. While American pay large rents to globalists they cannot save money, instead they make transfer payments to trans-national corporation and destroy the posterity of the nation leaving a legacy of servitude to the corporatist trans-national elites that decree what their economic policy should be.

The United States does require an intelligent, sober Congress and Senate rather than one enthralled to the silky comforts of wealthy. The people of the United States should reform basic federal economic policy such that homes with high energy efficiency ratings receive priority in funding support, and homes that have the capability of producing their own electrical energy have a higher place in federal support than homes that purchase electricity from a trans-nationally owned corporate grid.

U.S. homes should have a minimum insulation r value of 100 for mortgage lending. Homes should be made of concrete and last 300 years between exterior recoating.

The social security administration should restrict payments to those earning less than the average worker annual income. Twenty-five thousand dollars is a lot of money for those not working. A nation that has current accounts pay non-working Americans more than working Americans cannot have a rational economic policy.

The new tax elements of the stimulus plan did nothing for those self-employed that must pay 10% tax. for the working, self-employed poor earning less than 12,000 annually their should be a tax moratorium for credit in the first term of the Obama administration to relieve the poor from a variety of tax issues that impede improvisational work opportunities.

Medicare policy should cover only those earning less than $24,000 annually. The federal government should assure that all the poor can receive free medical service by paying the mal-practice insurance of physicians that register in a free treatment for the poor screening service. Physicians that provide free coverage to 40% of their patients would receive free federal mal-practice insurance. A worker's compensation like medical screening and referral service should screen patients and physicians.

The U.S. Mexican border area of a 3 mile depth should become a U.S. Army and Marine base where troops could be stationed to defend their classified base activities.

The Congress should pass a bill enabling states to arrest illegal immigrants and send them to federal penal facilities. When the federal government is manifestly incapable of fulfilling its legal obligations rationally the states must defend themselves. The federal government has allowed more than one million Mexican illegals to cross the border each of the last 20 years-that is a manifestly incompetent performance by the U.S. Government. It is because of the cyclically corrupt U.S. housing industry policy that the Clinton and Bush administration pursued that illegal alien construction and service workers were drafted to blimp the housing industry.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Blogging and the California Supreme Court's Homo Legislating

Executives in government seeking to flank the will of congress and the people have historically sought foreign funding, bonds, loans and bribed members of congress with earmarks or incentives to go along with their perfidy-bloggers in the modern era may help to enfilade such works in progress if lucky. They must overcome the unholy triple alliance of both parties and the broadcast media that will continue to invest in China and gut the U.S. economy expecting the citizens to borrow to buy their foreign made subsidiary goods. Its a fundamentally irrational economy that should be replaced with an ecological economic policy in some future where good politicians comprehend the world isn't increasing in size, the resources are limited and expanding the economy domestically and globally other than quantitatively is an irrational policy suitable only for a world with fewer than a billion souls on it.

Adam Smith formulated his theories on Capital about 1775 several decades after the British civil war and end of the rule of Cromwell. Kings previously had a monopoly on the granting of trading licenses. Smith pragmatically sought within the politics of his era to advocate a better way, in which the commercial classes would regulate their own affairs. Smith however would not had advocated a wrong, illiberal approach for the era. If he had been alive today and a blogger he would very likely have forseen the problems created by a non-renewable economic policy, by the absurd prisoner's dilemma defection of American business abroad expecting Americans to buy their products, the danger if propping up G.M. that the healthy corporation-Ford will lose market share and collapse eventually too-not to mention that their better management is penalized while the global auto industry draining policies of G.M. are rewarded with billions of taxpayer dollars borrowed from Japan and China so that Americans can buy their cars eventually (that won't restore confidence), that the world's nations are under attack from irrational global corporatism and intellectual capital is repressed and exploited by trans-national corporations preventing qualitative infrastructure growth in man nations.

Adam Smith might have advocated that just 20% of any national economy be involved in foreign trade and that ecological economic principles in national policies direct the self-reliant, renewable provisioning of the majority of all goods for each nation and that all should be secure in their homes, employment and be encouraged to be self employed with a maximum of 30 hours of work for others as an employee each week.

Blogging is the 21st century outlet for personal creativity. being a writer of anything that might become published until fairly recently-as late as a few years after the mass proliferation of the Internet- was very difficult. Internet blogging was the remedy to the elitist screening and de facto censorship of mass publication of personal ideas by the many. Sure one should be fair and observe that publishers had to make a living and could only distribute what they believed was the very best and appropriate material that would advance their class interests best. Today's blogger is a free enterpriser working for him or herself and champion of what they personally believe is right.

In California the State Supreme Court is hearing the case of a homosexual advocate lawsuit to overturn new proposition 8 referendum to the California State lawn that bans homosexuals from using the name of 'marriage' for homocoupling. In effect homosexual 'marriage' is a fraudulent notion that just misapplies word and object as may readily be done in language. One can call a horse a cow or and apple and orange if one wishes too, and if one has sympathetic elitists on the bench happy to corrupt language and its relation to nature. Bloggers have discovered that this sort of political trend that traditionally was just a matter for elitists to decide has made itself available to populist commentary through blogs. In real time political and social interests are made presently opportune for Internet bloggers to make comments on; that permits an increased populist freedom of choice regarding political opinions and circumvents the restrictions of a sort of Colomb's law of the media regarding restricted print opportunities and the power of the print or broadcast.

Bloggers can point out that President Obama's decision to compel American taxpayers to fund the murder of human embryos for scientific research has some bad effects and there were alternatives. Embryo's should not be created willy nilly. No individual should be allowed to have more than one spare embryo. That embryo if unused should be available for 'adoption', and if unwanted should be kept in cryogenic storage for a minimum of one thousand years or until it naturally breaks down to a non-viability status. Bloggers can be objective critics of bad policy-President Obama lacking any solid ecological economic policy is relying upon tired old Clinton era activities as long term priorities for the nation and that is disappointing. Harvard lawyers are good at arguing but not necessarily up to speed on non-expansive except in quality national ecological economic policy. President Obama should create a ministry of trade and industry to search for eco-economic technologies to replace trade-deficit creating areas and to support individual home energy, transport and education independence.

Heterosexuals marry genomes or deoxribose nucleic acid coding to produce a new human life produced as a synthesis of the genes of the heterosexual partners in marriage. Homosexuals never, ever marry yet desire to camouflage themselves socially with that term in order to feel more 'normal'. A corruption of heterosexual marriage parameters corrupts history and historical records as well as biological reality. An objection might be made such that some marriages do not successfully produce offspring, yet that is a churlish point; few enterprises have 100% guarantee of success and the state can only go so far in recognizing and affording regulation to the general practices of culture. Homosexuals should have simply sought to create homocoupling as a recognizable concept distinct from marriage yet with some contractual formalities if they wished for such, and not sought to subvert the foundations of civilizations as has been accomplished in so many other societies previously. So much for the elitist legislating from corrupt judges in California.

Bloggers can point out that democracy must necessarily have a bias toward populism and the masses instead of for elites. The concept of a balance of powers has the dangerous and difficult to defend three part elements of an administrator, a legislative assembly and in America a judiciary; any of these branches may surpass its legitimate power and occlude the power of the other branches of governance. The chief executive, legislature and judiciary must continually keep in mind that the opinion of the people governed in theory with their consent is of the highest importance. In a democracy the government is thought to exist to serve the interests of the people.

It is useful to compare alternate theories of governance briefly such as that of the philosopher Thomas Hobbes. Hobbes believed that the natural condition of mankind was without law. Force and fraud were virtues in such a state of life as Bertrand Russell pointed out are useful virtues in war. Because human beings are naturally without law and in conflict they have sought to form some sort of government or social contract to allow them to collectively live together more profitably without conflict. Hobbes believed that best structure is monarchy or tyranny.

Within a monarchy or tyranny the Administrator is absolutely free and no one else has any comparative rights at all. In a tyranny or absolute monarchy the tyrant has no laws applied to him. He or she is in effect still living in a state of nature while everyone else has given up their rights to the dictator. The dictator or tyrant is expected to pursue what is best for the society, possibly. One might think of the late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein as such a dictator and solitary free individual in his nation. The California Supreme Court as an elite organization occupies an ambiguous position right on the edge of such power able to veto the popular will of the people in favor of a minority desire for power perhaps comparable to the will of the Bolshevik Party of Russia seeking to rule. Of course one might also compare the homosexual agenda of the California Supreme Court to that of the Nazi S.A. led by Rommer that ironically had Arnold Schwarzenegger's father on its lists as a member.

Blogging allows individuals to write business and popular information. Blogging allows a modern use of information with a personal design in a public setting. Blogging permits a popular political defense from the hegemony of global organizations that run roughshod over environmental reason and individual human rights to select for-themselves the political development of a nation apart from and exclusive of a pervasive, intimidating extreme minority power of concentrated wealth pursuing irrational interests of pure profit without regard to national or environmental security-in fact even inimically to each.