Tuesday, February 17, 2009

2009 Public Debt Stimulus Plan

The news clans are in Denver today elbowing for the chance to kiss up the Presidential plan for revitalizing American economy. President Obama is betting his political keister that the 2009 Add 3/4 Trillion Dollars to Public Debt Stimulus plan will refloat the American ship of state run aground in the shoal waters of financial corruption. Regardless of how much the economy expands it can leak out profits even faster to offshore investors and illegal aliens. Lets consider a little of the history of the political philosophy that public debt is good. Nationalization of the banks would be another vast infusion of public debt, and some would consider that good.

John Maynard Keynes was the founder of the dominant economic school of the 20th century that became eponymously named for himself. Keynes was a public homosexual inventor of wild side public debt stimulus as a good way to get the economy going-perhaps that was an alternate approach to Churchill's form of monetarism that help encourage the over exuberance of 1920's Wall Street. The Republican Party has made something of a Saint of Keynsianism along with the Democrats. The Republican take a derivative approach through tax cuts for the rich as a way to increase gross tax revenues through increasing business contributions in economic expansion. That policy not resulted in a series of significant additions to public debt to bail out the rich-for the rich not that when all is said and done they will have the good money offshore and the public will have the toxic debt.

Even Keynes himself might have stipulated that unlimited additions to public debt is economically deleterious, and that if a Ship of State has a lot of leaks and holes it won't float without a good bilge pump and even that might not be adequate. An economy that reinvests its profits abroad and imports illegal aliens fails to keep its profits invested at home, and fails to allow just surpluses to be invested abroad. At any rate the wild side of unreality in Keynsianism may not be at its final day of reckoning just yet. It might take the people of the world more time to be aware of cataclysm things such as that a balanced budget and stable population is the best foundation for qualitative social increase, or that Adam and Eve were the first Jews and that is why the Jews were the chosen people set to be an example to all the other humans mucking about in the evil world about how to have a right relationship with God (Christians being adopted or spiritual Jews) .

The removal of the economic insides of a nation through the subterfuge of economic expansion is a phenomenon of trans-national economic. With the leaky and corrupt political leadership and Wall-Street environment the ship of state was doomed to run aground. The 'Walk on Wild Side' Pepsi drinkers of the broadcast clan don't have a concern about more than the Zarathustrian necessity that they profit, and like the Saintly J.M. Keynes they too are saints because they benefit Mexican and Chinese citizens even when it means the impoverishment of Americans-they are too happy to trample on poor Americans when they protest the flood of illegals and outsourcing of quality jobs.

Yes we hope that President Obama can plug the leaks in the American economic ship of state such as exist on the Mexican border and in support for offshore investments preferred over American, yet the climate of scoail corruption is awesome. At least he can consider that Thomas Jefferson was an anti-federalist who would have opposed the nationalization of the banks.


http://www.ushistory.org/tour/tour_1bank.htm Alexander Hamilton supported this first bank of the United States as a way to attract money to pay off the revolutionary war debt. The founders generally had common sense about the environment they existed in environmentally and politically. The people of the United States should not assume to toxic debt of banks by nationalizing them.

The U.S. economy can survive without 'lines of credit' (reminds one of some reference to cocaine use) being available to the creeps in banks and the government that have plundered the national interest since the end of the cold war. One cannot make a Ponzi scheme of debt with the people holding the bag while some 25% of the people prosper and others struggle with a decrease in real wages over the last 30 years.

When the corrupt fail in business because of their bad financial relations it is time to let capitalism's Occam's razor side eliminate the unfeasible. When abstract financial values over reason and common sense housing 'bubbles' form and a lot of specious loans are made simple to make a profit.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_banking 9,000 banks closed in 1929. One third of the money in America was lost. That brings to mind the concept of monetary theory and what capital really is. If the government and banks do not keep a realistic relationship between real assets and the representation of such with money the corruption of the U.S. economy would necessarily follow.

The United States Government should quit being a government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich. The accumulation of monetary capital by so many that discovered they would not need to physically work thereafter, and could have all the techy things in their BWM sports cars and big box SUVs inflated the expectations of those that had no element of material conservatism, or perhaps that is the problem; their were so many unintellectual, undeserving, corrupt, spoiled expanding suburbia Americans saving nothing and spending everything to have a million dollar house with ten feet between homes that inflation happened in other, hidden areas. While Greenspan and others were battling against inflation the corruption of a misguided economic process was channeled underground were it flowed as a toxic aquifer until the subdivision above it subsided uncomfortably in time.

One of the nice things about federal policy is that it is so efficiently corrupt. ignoring very well the poor in America that need real work. Year after year and decade after decade the poor are just shunned out while the government supports the rich in so many ways. The government will throw some food to the hungry (very humanitarian that) but is cannot form policies that recognize and enlist every single U.S. citizen on some list to be hired where they too can make an average wage. The government should triage the poor in America, and bury the rich politically who have lost so much money for so many. Nationalizing banks to bail out those with money is another 'serve the rich' policy on the way of the United States for destruction by foreign corporatist conquest.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Obama Stimulus Bill-High Rents & the Home Mortgage Fiasco

The federal government should bail out only those with less than 150 thousand dollars in mortgage debt-it is a silly policy for working Americans to fund what are in essence spoiled lifestyles of people that require large big box homes that cost $250,000 and up. Borrowing money from world investors to prop up the decadent U.S. lifestyle with greed determining what size of home one needs, what kind of fuel inefficient vehicle what purchases from foreign importers and how a zero personal savings policy is good, government because it accelerates the velocity of money are bound to reach a bad end for U.S. national security.

The United States has taken up a policy following the end of the cold war of support for trans-national corporations making of American real property a liquid value that can be bought and traded en mass by global investors. OPEC in Saudi Arabia has said recently that too quick of a transition to alternative fuels in the United States would create global issues of a deleterious nature. Saudi Arabia and OPEC and collapsed the price of oil in order to undermine national efforts in the United States to create an independent alternative energy posture. Saudi Arabia as the citadel of Mohammedanism seeks a hegemony over the worlds spiritually through the coercive power of global dependence upon the inefficient and polluting fossil fuel cycle. The U.S. administration has walked blind in to the course of the axis of evil oil producers and internal combustion engine manufacturing with its recently received stimulus policy of some 785 billion dollars. While the home mortgage crisis at the level of lenders may receive some relief through taxpayer assumption of their debt and interest payments so that double interest can be paid by homeowners to the bank lenders as well as the taxpayers, the administration has failed to comprehend that Americans just need to have a rational approach to economic development and let the global fast buck arbitragers, hedge fund specialists and money market managers take a licking and keep on ticking if they can, with their own economic accountability for bad lending practices.

The Obama administration is once again under the influence of Clinton's economic Rasputin Lawrence Summers-virtually no rational national home mortgage economic policy can arise under that aegis which seeks to expand housing unit size and prices to the largest possible size. The administration should find economic ideas from Robert Schiller, Lester Thorow and Herman Dailey .



President Obama said when running for office that common sense in economic priorities needed to be applied, yet in his first major bill with victory he has forgone the quest for a sustainable economic policy in favor of support for the usual fiscal perfidy that has made the financial related services sector a full 25% of the U.S. national economy. A nation that fundamentally skims from Chinese production and illegal migrant labor instead of sustaining new technological production that would fit in with a steady state economy wherein only quality rather than quantity improves demographically and materially is set on a path for boom and bust that continues to raise the notch of diminished renewable resources higher. It is an unrealistic course that serves those M.B.A.'s and managers unscrupulously enough to have no care about anything besides their personal profit. Martin Buber said that a lie is treason unto oneself; the economic lies about that devalue of non-sustainable development, with mortgages of vast size that can be paid solely while the occupants have a huge, unrealistic salary based upon inflated global based financial services,are economic treason to the nation.

After the Union act of 1800 that forced Ireland into political union with Britain the Irish became poor and were forced off the land. More than a million moved to England following the potato famine and many went to the United States. Life in England was mean; nasty brutish and short for the Irish in England. IT was only after decades of striving to improve their legal standing that they found they could stop paying rent and receive grants for their housing that would let them save money. While American pay large rents to globalists they cannot save money, instead they make transfer payments to trans-national corporation and destroy the posterity of the nation leaving a legacy of servitude to the corporatist trans-national elites that decree what their economic policy should be.

The United States does require an intelligent, sober Congress and Senate rather than one enthralled to the silky comforts of wealthy. The people of the United States should reform basic federal economic policy such that homes with high energy efficiency ratings receive priority in funding support, and homes that have the capability of producing their own electrical energy have a higher place in federal support than homes that purchase electricity from a trans-nationally owned corporate grid.

U.S. homes should have a minimum insulation r value of 100 for mortgage lending, and the ceiling should be 150,000 dollars on a home mortgage that gets federal assistance. Homes should be made of concrete and last 300 years between exterior recoating.

The social security administration should restrict payments to those earning less than the average worker annual income. Twenty-five thousand dollars is a lot of money for those not working. A nation that has current accounts pay non-working Americans more than working Americans cannot have a rational economic policy.

The new tax elements of the stimulus plan did nothing for those self-employed that must pay 10% tax. for the working, self-employed poor earning less than 12,000 annually their should be a tax moratorium for credit in the first term of the Obama administration to relieve the poor from a variety of tax issues that impede improvisational work opportunities.

Medicare policy should cover only those earning less than $24,000 annually. The federal government should assure that all the poor can receive free medical service by paying the mal-practice insurance of physicians that register in a free treatment for the poor screening service. Physicians that provide free coverage to 40% of their patients would receive free federal mal-practice insurance. A worker's compensation like medical screening and referral service should screen patients and physicians.

The U.S. Mexican border area of a 3 mile depth should become a U.S. Army and Marine base where troops could be stationed to defend their classified base activities.

The Congress should pass a bill enabling states to arrest illegal immigrants and send them to federal penal facilities. When the federal government is manifestly incapable of fulfilling its legal obligations rationally the states must defend themselves. The federal government has allowed more than one million Mexican illegals to cross the border each of the last 20 years-that is a manifestly incompetent performance by the U.S. Government. It is because of the cyclically corrupt U.S. housing industry policy that the Clinton and Bush administration pursued that illegal alien construction and service workers were drafted to blimp the housing industry.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Alaska Highway History Sketch 1

The Alcan Highway (Alaska-Canada) highway was built in a hurry during the second world war to allow resupply of Alaskan military bases. Japan had attacked Pearl Harbor and had designs on the occupation of Alaska. Eventually it would invade the Alaskan Islands of Attu and Kiska requiring months of bloody fighting for their recovery by the United States.

The AlCAN Highway as it was known before the modern change to refer to its destination and terminus (for now) was built in eight months of 1942 and 1943. Interestingly about 3,700 of 10,600 soldiers working on the construction were dermatologically black as a result of racial inheritance. The road was a vital link in land resupply of the state of Alaska, and it also served to support U.S. efforts to send war materials to Russia via Siberia from Alaskan air bases.

At the beginning of the second world war the total military equipment in the state was a couple hundred world war one era rifles in the Haines, Alaska national guard armory. The city of Anchorage had a population of just two thousand souls. The state that Billy Mitchell called 'the crosswords of the world' began a rapid build up of population in order to defend against invasion from the eastern hemisphere and to bring relief to our world war two allies in Russia.

At the foot of Soldier Summit on the ALCAN highway along the southernmost shore of Kluane Lake-an austere and barren landscape with a milky-blue lake and mountain goats inhabiting the upper slopes of some high, cold hills there is a plaque that commemorates the marvelous engineering and construction work of the U.S.Army's Corp of Engineers through 1500 miles of trackless wilderness in such a short period of time.

The variegated racial composition of the construction crew was an appropriate demonstration of the will of Americans of all races to combat the growing power of Japanese Imperialism and Nazi Fascist- corporatist supremacy. Like the liberation of Attu Island that was accomplished by a brilliant mix of extremely athletic southwest Americans including American indians unused to the Aleutian cold weather, resupplied by a 500 mile air war link taking off from Kodiak Island in foggy and treacherous conditions-a war with Japanese banzai charges repeatedly through the snow repulsed only with grenades, heavy casualties and great personal sacrifice (the second most bloody battle per capita in the Pacific War), the construction of the ALCAN highway was accomplished with the direct determination of a free people to remain that way regardless of the power of global, megalomaniac foes.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

How Life Started-Theoretical Parameters

Life on Earth may have arisen from more than one source or space-time coordinate. That possibility applies to each of the two most popular theories; super-natural creation and organic evolution. Supernatural creation may have placed homo sapiens of a special character into an evolved animal environment including homo sapiens as seems indicated by the discontinuity between Genesis chapter one and two, and in the organic evolution context, life arriving on Earth from extra-terrestrial sources amidst existing evolved life cannot be ruled out. Because of the potential for extra-dimensional quantum teleportation life may aggregate on Earth from additional, unknown origins now and then. Let's go to the headwaters of creation of the Universe though, to consider how the Universe got here-where ever 'here' actually is.

Reality issued from idea before space-time. The non-dimensional, crystal clear eternal sea of pure spirit without dimensional size, shape, color or space-time which mankind cannot conceive; before infinite series of beginnings, within and after all is. A sentient field without description though absoolute good for-itself in actuality. That which has no cause, origin or first mover; self-aware scalar field, set of all sets. Reality is a complex relationship of appearances from the Spirit with sentience set in to select, contingent forms being and becoming in the Universe.

John 1 (King James Version)

"1In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
2The same was in the beginning with God.
3All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.
4In him was life; and the life was the light of men.
5And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.
6There was a man sent from God, whose name was John.
7The same came for a witness, to bear witness of the Light, that all men through him might believe.
8He was not that Light, but was sent to bear witness of that Light.
9That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.
10He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not.
11He came unto his own, and his own received him not.
12But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:
13Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God."

Two fundamental theories regarding the creation of life on Earth today; organic creation from the chemical compounds of the Earth is one (aka Darwinian evolution theory), and the other; creation by supernatural means. The first would be called an evolution theory and the other might be named a creation theory. A third paradigm of alternate cosmological theories combined in some instances with or without theological and philosophical additions or paradigms may also be said to exist. The third theory is somewhat more difficult to comprehend than the first two if that is possible. Let us begin with third things first, for Einstein's realtivty theory does tend to make time relative and the events in it ordered in relation to the observer.

The General theory of relavity transcended Newton's theoretical criteria of an absolute space time wherin if it was nine o'clock in the morning in Paris it was also nine o'clock in the morning on the other side of thh Universe-in fact at all four space-dimension dimensional ends of thh Universe if the four dimensions could be said to have any 'ends'. The shape and ends of the dimensions of the Universe would be a paradox themselves in the expanding space-time of big bang theory. Dimensions must expand in one direction only yet overlap, and time is just another dimensions perhaps. In realtivity theory however time differs as a space-time location discretely-while their may be a cosmological constant that is dark energy there is no Universal time apart from space, and space itself may be something else besides the vaacuum commonly considered as space that may actually simply be an area with a low volume of mass or energy (those convertable event constituents). The philosopher Parmenides in 500 b.c. considered all of mass energy as a plenum, and the void in which it existed as nothing. The fundamental paradox is how can nothing exist (it does not evidentally)? How can nothing exist spatially and have meaningful distance such that there is more nothing in one place than in another, or more nothing between objects? These ancient questions never were answered satisfactorily, yet mathematical theorists devise nearly limitless mathematical models that interact successfully with apparent material or phenomenal matter and its history inferred from tensor calculus to portray a order of events.

On Earth scientific organic (evolution) theory has eukarotic life originating around 2.6 billion years ago complete with D.N.A. in membranes. actual life as simpler compounds might have commenced as early as 3.6 billion years ago in an organic criterion with evidence of stromatiolites made by cyano bacteria-plenty of time for the aggregation of life over the next 3.6 thousand million years on Earth. Multi cellular organisms exist by 1.2 billion years ago.
The fundamentals of Darwinian evolution theory are well known: Chemoautotrophs assemble energy oxygenizing inorganic materials. The heat and moisture of the early Earth find these reactions contained within cells. Like greedy materialists these cells aggregate mass. Mutation and evolution over time let a variety of more complex chemical reactions form. Sensory feedback and control logic develop through interactive trial and error in the environment. These early reactions in membranes (that form after a time) are life. Carbon based life as early as 3.9 billion years ago on earth may have been the initial start for the subsequent evolution of life on Earth to the present age.

Cosmology theory is much more uncertain. The Universe began from an infinitely small singularity with a containing a billion more times the mass of the present Universe, at a minimum. The singularity could have been a Higgs Field or a zero dimensional membrane-these mathematical physics and astrophysics conjectures are not inconsistent with the Spoken Word of God issuing the Universe in a theistic evolution.

The preponderance of matter over anti-matter has a hypothetical explanation regarding spin. Each spin in an opposite direction and annihilate each other when in contact yield some energy. When the Higgs field- a theoretical balanced quantum field at the core of the singularity- became unbalanced (see B. Green's 'The Elegant Universe') it repelled itself cascading the field of energy that is the Universe. From the highest state of organization in the singularity the field entered the 13.3 billion year process of thermodynamic decline and processing of it's potential forms through the physics of a Universe it comprised. Because matter's basic spin has a slight statistical advantage over anti-matter when the two forms attracted and combined there was a little matter left over (that is the mass of the Universe). Maybe 99.999% of the matter and anti-matter was annihilated, or recombined to return to some kind of pre-inflation zero-dimensional singularity. Obviously the Higgs field does not exist in the Universe of space-time dimensions with mass, though some say it may 'underlie' or contain the Universe. These are spooky theories replete with extra-dimensional channels for influence upon the mass energy in these four dimensions.

'The Five Ages of the Universe' is a book that provides some convenient labels for the anticipated thermodynamic future of the universe if it continues to expand (not at all certain).

Visible stars will not exist forever in this Universe. The Stelliferous era including star formation and galaxies to the 100th power exists beginning 1 million to a trillion years after the inflaton

3) Degenerate Era

The Degenerate era is not one with planetary budget deficits in which nations can't understand nor work toward an economy in which everyone has a surplus, instead it refers to the time after the stellar era in perhaps a trillion to the 100th power years when most of the stars and galaxies (in an open Universe scenario in which everything keeps expanding outward forever) have run out of gas, or nuclear material, and grow very dim. Red dwarf stars and white dwarfs are the essential illumination, and they wear out.

4) Black Hole Era

Because all the mass of the Universe in the form of energy has gone from a low entropy to a high entropy state, and because the atomic fires are essentially burned up and out already, and coinciding with the growing oligarchy of physics in which the power of gravity draws everything to fewer and fewer larger clumps of matter known as black holes from which nothing escapes except a bit of Hawking radiation caused by the indeterminacy of quantum particle locations and the eventual leaking out of matter from the black holes even with the information it had going in intact (which presents a problem for those positing an absolute entropy as the fate of the Universe perhaps), this is known as the black hole era. Black Holes are the big feature of the Universe at this time that is really, really, way out there in years in orders of magnitude of trillions and trillions.

5) Dark Era

In the Dark era matter is at it lowest energy state. As the open universe of space-time continued to expand the laws of entropy have brought everything to its most dispersed, equal and isotropic status. The most elementary sub-atomic particles of decayed and been reduced to their most solitary and powerless condition. A combination of positron and electrons known as positroniums may exist in isolation. It is interesting that they may be spaced farther apart than the size of the present Universe.

In such a condition that could conceivably go on for eternity how could space or time have energy to expand, or to remain stable, and where would the space-time of the low energy Universe be? Many basic philosophical questions could be developed to consider the situation.

As far as I know cosmologists consider that the universe might just be left at that, or alternately that such a universe in string theory or M-Theory would be attracted to like spent Universes by some mutual primal attraction of left-over field energy and collide with a matter and anti-matter reenergization thus starting a couple more universes inflating into reality. It's a nice field for speculation. The phase transition of some sort of intrinsic energy of the vacuum of space may also be a source for the restart of another Universe as all those virtual particles, given enough time could do some quantum tunneling to a more basic and stable place in space time. This unusual concept is another of those wonderful ideas that rely upon a never ending cornucopia of matter-energy and space-time from off-line sources and undiscovered places that replenish life. Omnipotent God has that design ability implicitly.

The Geological Time Scale occurs during the formation and existence of the Earth 4.5 billion years before present. Some believe that a continuing coalescence of the matter of the Universe that concentrated under the force of gravity to form stars, perhaps stimulated by the motion of various interstellar dust clouds and even intersecting galaxies (see star formation in astrophysics publications) brought enough material together to form the sun and plenty of leftovers circling around to form the other planets and asteroids, comets and so forth in the solar system.

Gravity as a continuing concentrator of mass allows nuclear forces to create atomic reactions, and also to provide heat in some planetary cores. The Earth has a core temperature of 5000 degrees centigrade, and it is still more than 2000 degrees centigrade just 700 kilometers down. The Earth's comparatively thin crust floats as the lithosphere upon a hot mantle with thermal convection forces that over time raise mountains and ancient sea floors to the heights and plunge continents downward at subduction zones into the hell' of the mantle below.

The Earth was created at 4.5 billion years before present, or approximately 7.5 billion years from the singularity. The earth's age today is approximately 1/3 the age of the Universe.

The Universe may be a thought of God's actualizing itself (or not of course) in an expansive mode. Expansion in dimensions of space and time may be necessary for the function of uncertainty to be and become. Uncertainty is implicitly a component of thought, as Plotinus thought, for The One hasn't a need of thought and uncertainty has a vacuum that asks for process of filling or completion to return to the normal state of omniscience.

Humanity has limited omniscience and live in an uncertain universe with an uncertain past and uncertain physical basis as an aspect of quantum mechanics and an uncertain future. Knowledge is uncertain and reality is uncertain.

Conceptions are phenomenally experienced and integrated from perceptions with some value added as Schopenhauer pointed out in 'The Fourfold Roots of Reason'. It is useful in general considerations of epistemology to keep in mind the relation of a cosmological monism to perceptual pluralism that human beings experience while in existence. Parmenides and Heraclitus held apposite views on the subject of the one and the many and of universal motion and non-motion.Supernatural creation theory has many forms (and organic theories have many as well). Christianity presents the best or most well known criteria for a supernatural origin of life on Earth. In many respect the Biblical Genesis book does not entirely differ from evolutionary organic theory; the basic parameters of an aggregated placement of life forms on Earth over time is common to both. Supernatural creation theory has mankind known as Adamas (meaning brown dirt in Arabic) being created from inorganic compounds (mud). The detail is absent such as is provided in scientific evolution theory yet the sketch is fair enough in resemblance for a narrative composed several thousand years ago.

It is possible to maintain a theistic evolution theory that stipulates that God evolved the world and the life in it. The parameters for a pre-determined universe from the beginning designed by God are not inconsistent with the actual discoveries of quantum mechanical theory and extrapolations about the creation of the Universe, or rather the theoretical retracing of the course of the Universe back to its smallest size as an infinitely small point singularity.

Algorithmic compressibility of patterns in language is different than in mathematics to a certain extent, yet language is itself a non-compressed use of logic to understand the nature of observational data and one's own thoughts about it. Historical and literary reasoning like the life sciences tend to use far more particular and concrete thought and language than does philosophy and physics in cosmological and quantum cosmological contexts. Life sciences as in biology and even evolutionary observations do not induct structural contexts via abstract mathematical processes such as Einstein or Pauli utilized when investigating the human genome's functions-instead they use a trial and error method to assign structures to roles in the body. Quantum cosmology may use Newtonian and superstring logic simultaneously to investigate if gravity diminishes at the cube root of the distance at short ranges because their may be an extra, small hidden dimension-yet the field of investigation seems paradoxically less complex in quantum cosmology because the elements while comprising the mass of the Universe are in principal reducible to a unified field.

Barrow attributes scientific preference in the west for a pervasive unified field in part to monotheistic religious influence; a monotheistic God without pluralistic little gods is a comparatively relevant pattern paradigm for a unified cosmic law-field analogous to an omnipotent monistic God.The concept of quantum cosmology that the Universe borrowed its existence from nothing as a virtual particle might is intriguingly similar to quantum superposition in physics along the world-line contexts of quantum uncertainty. Because God is omnipotent and contains all possibilities of even those things not actualized it has a beauty to it that the Universe too has a parallel theological/quantum construction.

Before the singularity one might place a congruence with the Biblical concept of the word speaking the event-relationships to begin with the criteria of super-string cosmological theory or big bang theory with a hyper-inflation added to it. Actual cosmological theories abound regard what came before the singularity such as every possible other universe developed through trial and error of automatic creation from the vacuum of space or within the nature of God as the unmoved mover of all possible universes actualizing His ideas. It is the cosmological uncertainties that add spice to the questions regarding God and how life happened on Earth.

The singularity or membrane of zero dimensions that produced a Universe of mass-energy expanding outward initially faster than light could be viewed as in motion relatively speaking by just human sentience spiritually moving along the world lines of the fully developed Universe eternally in existence. Blinders of forgetfulness on humanity following original sin making the journey through physical bodies seem to occur in a moving rather than stationary and eternal Universe already fully past, present and futured. So well- few would believe that. So back to the beginning...

In the beginning the Higgs Field repulsed itself as the balance of mass and energy were tugged through extra-dimensional scuppers smaller than the Planck length at a high rate of speed (faster than light because gravity is at light speed and to escape the original singularity mass-energy had to escape gravity to. It is an interesting concept that gravity would fail at high density and not emerge till later like the other basic forces of the Universe (e.g. strong, weak,electro-magnetic and gravity), for gravity would be an implicit associate of dimensions that would need to unravel in reverse order in order for the regular thermodynamic field to flow gracefully through the evolution of generations of stars (I think its the fifth now) starting nearly 13.3 billion years ago. The Earth is just about 4 billion years old, so equating 3.14 (a value of pi) with time as distance we would get the circumference of the Universe times the speed of light (just joking I am not a physicist obviously). Well, we will leave this amusing conjecture and recollection about scientific cosmology for now and its interesting production of chemical compounds through stars and even on Earth making the evolution of life possible and on to more technical speculations.

Spirit isn't matter and materiality. Causes and material relations even including relativity and quantum mechanical descriptions would tend to exist within a material context of which it comprises just a contingent part of reality. Analytic philosophy developed a concept of intentional or inward, psychological ideas for human epistemology dialectically juxtaposed with extensional thought or ideas that refer to outward 'real' things of the material world of empiricist preference. Wittgenstein essentially developed theories of language use in his later works as phenomenal activities of associations between word and object like Quine and Strawson and perhaps Kripke, yet unlike these analytic [philosophers Wittgenstein seemed to detach the language use from having a necessity of real knowledge and instead placed it in a position of corresponding to events phenomenally; and that idea nicely fits with Russell's later ideas of the end of mind-matter as primary categories and replacing them with self-awareness as a relational experience of events.

At the basic level super-strings and loops may be events of phenomena from a spiritual source within a bootstrap context of formation of more complex events and relationships in an appearance of motion through appearances of quarks, mass and energy, atoms, molecules stars, galaxies and complex chemical and organic compounds. Life forms on the Earth follow designs as final cause through actualization in efficient causation. These designs are in D.N.A..

Truth seems to be a term that is a referent to the existence of other things, or to their non-being. It is a logical conditional term denoting a binary state of yes or no, being or nothingness etc. The alternative idea is more Platonic and would be the some sort of most pure entity exists that is truth for-itself. Maybe it could be more pure and basic than H2o or ice, more essential than quarks of a unified field theory of physics, something absolute and of One substance or One idea.

Jesus Christ is absolute truth, or truth that is self-standing in relation to everything else that materially exists. Other truth values outside the Triune God who is One are contingent being and truth. Truth in that context is relational, or as Albert Einstein said (to paraphrase) "I want to know what God thinks, everything else is detail".

Individualism and the Struggle to Improve Water Quality

The Ganges River is a tragic flow of a polluted destiny. Individuals such as Alexander the Great Macedonian military explorer and founder of nations sought to continue from the Indus to the Ganges and perhaps change the flow of history a priori yet his captains compelled him to turn back toward the Euphrates and death from pestilence. Countless people of the world have perished from polluted water for drinking and cooking that could have been avoid with better scientific knowledge and a pragmatically adapted life-style in democracy.

Instead of a Hellenized subcontinent perhaps with a better scientific future India became a vacation land for visiting conquerors until the British yielded foreign rule at last to Mahatma Gandhi's secularized political non-violent resistance movement paradoxically finally revolting against the initial Aryan invasion from seven thousand years before, or more, that gave the future of India a caste system and a belief in the sky God Brahma. Individuals can make a difference in all things political including water quality.

Individualism is an expression of free use of one's own intellectual and physical capital-spend it wisely. The world's future may be in your control to bring good water or bad to the next millennium. The world's oceans are a sink for millions of chemical compounds made by scientists. Major cities dump vast quantities of psychiatric drugs in to the sewers through water toilet vectors after excretion or urination by their consumers. PCB's and a variety of chemicals corrupt the waters of the Arctic ocean transforming polar bears and Beluga whales into hermaphrodites or the swimming dead collecting elements of death in the blubber.

Individuals can protest against the corporatist machine that irrationally expands over the globe to concentrate wealth for a planetary oligarchy dead set against active democratic pragmatism. After the oil is expent they will seek fossil fuel or carbon based fuel supplies from other sources such as ocean floor methane hydrates when more intelligent, non-polluting solar powered electric engines would be a better choice.

Eight thousand years ago, more or less, the Black Sea experienced a flood of saltwater from the Mediterranean Sea when a land dam was breached perhaps over a period of forty days and nights. The sea level rose several hundred feet and the fresh water sea was transformed forever. Today the Black Sea below the depth of 550 feet is a dead zone, reportedly without oxygen. Life and oxygen exists just at the surface; what can be done about that?

Human ingenuity has overcome adversity countless times. In the present era of pervasive polluted water quality above and below ground, in fresh water and saltwater-when even the ice of Alaskan glaciers is melting each years sufficiently to fill an area the size of Chesapeake Bay individual initiative needs to lead to break free from the complacence of mass economic following of global corporatists and their hollow reassurances that the economy and environment would do better without regulation.

About 8,000 years ago Semitic people left the rising waters of the Black Sea perhaps on vessels of stout construction. Imagine one such boat that emerged from the storm and the flood in the midst of the limitless expanse of the newly saline black sea beyond sight of shore. Prevailing winds of the age may have carried the boat along through the new channel and along the Syrian shore. Semitic peoples are said to have descended from the headwaters of the Tigris and Euphrates in the 3rd millennium b.c. to live in Mesopotamia and settle the middle east. They perhaps brought the story of the flood and volkerwanderung and the first diaspora with them to reach the Bible in time, with the higher spot known referred to as the kingdom of Urartu becoming later known as the transliterated name Ararat. Humanity today should reclaim the Black Sea for fresh water uses and provide a source for drinking water carefully conserved for that portion of Asia.

Transforming the Black Sea once again in to a fresh water lake is a practical venture requiring generally the creation of strong safe redundant locks on the Dardanelles or Bosporus at a select locations so the flood cannot accidentally repeat itself. Desalination plants powered by solar cells and evaporation/condensation of freshwater from salt can create an inflow of fresh water as the surface salt water is pumped out. Fresh water rivers would continue to flow in to the Black Sea of course and in time the transformation to a fresh water lake with a greater portion able to support life could emerge.

Ecological initiatives in support of no net loss of biota on the land areas would synergize with conservation of river drainages and the quality of water. Ecological economic policy isn't presently popular with corporatists or communists however. Ecological economics is premised on the minimal waste of mass through thermodynamic increase in entropy-that is non renewable resources should not be quickly wasted as humanity in a hurry to get comfort maximally destroy the planetary environment in the effort quite profligately.

Reading about the pollution in the Niger-its quite astounding, I considered how several forms of pollution make waters undrinkable. Several million chemical compounds make it in to water-Clive Cussler's novel 'Sahara' covered many of those back in 1996. The second and third world haven't really improved much politically regarding the containment of political corruption or pollution and that trend may continue.

In the United States it is difficult enough to keep high water quality. Yet even with reasonable standards water use is horribly short-sighted. Underground aquifers continue to become repositories for pollutants. Water based flush toilet sewage systems are too common with electric waterless toilet technology underutilized. If the federal government would fund high quality renewable home battery technology electric toilets like the Incinolet could become solar powered and more used saving water.

So many lawns in front yards are watered in order just to be trophy lawns for drive by voyeur in cars on the way to car washes. Most of the streams and rivers in the United States are transformed in to drainage ditches and become sources for oceanic pollution themselves. The cycle is really quite devastating and even in the third world, or especially in the third world modern economic development procedures such as created the increasing problems in the first world are dumped willy nilly as if they were good for people without need for ecological qualification.

Individuals can make a difference by taking up alternative energy for themselves and getting off the grid. Conserve water as part of a general basic personal transformation toward an energy independent, low water use lifestyle.

Living in Alaska near an area with ground water contaminated with arsenic once the guy I rented from brought water over for drinking. I learned that I drank just five gallons of fresh water each week. Even in a hot climate that might be just ten or fifteen gallons. With systems analysis of water use requirements personally, and perhaps with a centrifuging, micro-waving bath water recycler, personal water use might be reduced to under 25 gallons each week-and why not?

Trans-nationalism concentrates political power in the class of global economic players most disinclined to conserve water or water quality. In China water quality and air quality famously has taken a beating as that nation races towards material affluence. Basic political and economic forms and relationships exist such that the large scale destruction of natural waterways continue to increase rather than decrease. Better social and ecology studies can be pursued by individuals in order to comprehend without economic bias how the health of the planetary hydrological cycle is in substantial decline. Not only do pcbs destroy killer whale packs in Puget Sound and Beluga whales in the St. Lawrence seaway, estrogen worldwide in waterways proliferate through plastics and other manufacturing processes. Antibiotics are found in municipal water supplies evading filtration amidst a host of other bio-vectors. A votre sante!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Sartre in Popular Culture

Jean Paul Sartre's role in popular culture is difficult to estimate; his philosophical work spanned nearly half a century and several continents received his works in translation. Sartre is credited in essence as the founder of modern existentialist philosophy yet he denied that he was himself an existentialist. He was awarded the Alfred Nobel prize for literature and declined to receive the prestigious award from Sweden. Sartre was possibly the most successful philosopher of the 20th century.

Sartre had rather prosperous parents; he was not an underprivileged youth and did not find a bourgeois life to be a handicap for becoming a philosopher. He was an associate professor of philosophy early on in life at Le Havre France along the British channel before the war. If one debarks a cross channel boat at Le Havre and walks up the main street one will find oneself suddenly oriented in the city scene setting recognizably from Sartre's first published book 'Nausea'. The self-educated man reading in the library of Le Havre is an understandable figure for those of us that had not yet completed undergraduate work and yet had read philosophy and history for years. Sartre's direction as a philosopher was changed while at Le Havre in a direction he might not have anticipated; mobilization for the second world war arrived and he was called up to serve.

Sartre's career as a soldier was not much like that of the other soldier-philosopher we can be concerned with here for comparative purposes; Socrates. The French mobilization was a bizarre event as was the war for Sartre and his band of brothers. It was perhaps something more like going on a picnic without women, or a fishing or hunting mission to the field for these guys were not terribly well trained and not very well supervised or deployed. The reality of war was difficult and they did not know well enough how to 'make it go'. They surrendered reasonably soon when the Wehrmacht approached. Sartre wrote about the experience of mobilization in fictional novels after the war that he called 'The Freedom Novels' such as one titled 'The Age of Reason'.

Sartre spent some of the war in a German prisoner of war camp. That experience and the discipline of the camp life; the phenomenal transition from professorship to field soldier to capture and incarceration probably helped him to formulate his rational examination of the nature of human cognition and experience-the relation between the internal psychology and the contents of what one experiences.

It is popular now and was in the 20th century following the advent of analytical philosophy and symbolic logic to conjoin the inner and outer world of thought to a certain extent running roughshod over the 'reef of solipsism' that contains all human experience within subjective criteria. Bertrand Russell rather adroitly made of the mind a kind of analogue to a naked singularity without and event horizon of solipsism. In so doing he terminated the mind/matter dualism that Descartes so rightly formalized. Like a naked black hole the mind is part of the world of experience without any barrier through which we perceive through a glass darkly. Empiricism had sought for a method to renormalize mind-matter to a naive realism without need to trouble about the filters of perception and mind cognitive apparatus that receives images from reality. Russell's approach just set back the problem of mind-matter and the reef of solipsism farther to the quantum mechanical and relativistic level rather than end it. It is only sentient life that perceives events composed of phenomenal perhaps called super-strings or forms related in dimensions. A unified field theory may be obsolete while a cosmological constant may not be. Discrete, individual elements in shaped fields perhaps purposed with teleological implications present perceptible event-images for human mind at a select level. Few would claim that the mind or mind-event with its self-awareness is the same as the super-strings perceived or the composite forms or images and impressions arriving in the senses.

Sartre's existential works in Being and Nothing were written during the second world war in Paris following his liberation from internment. Sartre would have been a member of the resistance except the resistance it is said may have felt the philosopher was too chatty. Sartre being shunned from clandestine espionage work coveted even by Elvis Presley later on who asked President Nixon for an F.B.I. membership completed being and nothingness and several of his other works that reinforced the phenomenal and irrational nature of human social life.

Sartre was wooed by the French Communist Party following the war to become a member yet he forestalled that permanently. He was a well known writer and perceived by the left as a sympathizer. Sartre's tome Being and Nothingness wasn't well understood by many for quite a time I think. Sartre himself said that it is a continuation of French rationalist philosophy (such as Descartes wrote in 'Meditations on a Method). Sartre's conclusions differ a little from those of analytical philosophers and empiricists, for he describes what is known to his self awareness directly rather than through research projects of the a priori in science or logic. It is a useful and practical approach to epistemology.

Because Sartre was perceived as a leftist, which can be a non-ideological preference for particular social groups over those of others in some cases rather than an identification with the correctness of a particular political philosophy of governance or economics, he was invited to visit Moscow during the 1950's for a visit. It was during this busy period that Sartre wrote his second and final major philosophical work 'The Critique of Dialectical Reason'. Sartre lost vision in one eye during this project and wrote nearly continuously on the plus 1000 page opus of human social interaction. The work was a major influence perhaps on the change from Marxism to existentialism or a synthetic realm in between.

Certain political ideologies such as Marxism had existed developmentally to counteract advantages of the wealthy and oppressive classes over the majority of the people of the era who were poor. There are other traditional political philosophies of course yet the practical goals for most is for a self-benevolent economic and governance system that would permit actualization of being in the best possibly way. Certainly there are opinions based upon Darwinism such as political romanticism and barbarism that find domination by the strongest the best, and aristocratic and monarchical forms of government that offer the opinion that rule by the few and best works most effectively. Sartre's Critique simply examines the concatenation of phenomenal social relations in which people act. Following the clearing of the decks and submergence of civilization in to the ocean of pain and destruction of the second world war with the prospect for global thermonuclear war ahead and France in the front row seat Sartre's phenomenal-rational-existential insights about the social phenomenality of the masses without economic bias was a useful and influential project.

Sartre wrote short stories and plays as well as philosophy and novels. The Condemned of Altoona, The Flies and No Exit were interesting works. Sartre travelled all over the world, rode about in taxi cabs-walking along the highway in Valdez Alaska he stopped and asked for directions once, and I replied 'I'm not from here, sorry'. The philosopher exercised practical and theoretical influence popularizing the project of thinking for the masses perhaps better than had any prior philosopher except the Sage of the Sakyas. It is a mistake to assume that Sartre's rationalism is in any way an atheistic doctrine. It is simply the rational philosophical biography of a man of the 20th century.