Thursday, December 31, 2009

Writers Beware of the Expropriation of Your Profit on Internet Publishing Sites

Writing on the internet to earn a little cash has good stories and bad. Its rather like pro basketball--one hears the good stories of millions for the successful by the entertainment sportscasters and less so of the hundreds of thousands that wasted their time and never earned a dime but did lose out on pursuing education or a better trade. The worst thing that can happen, or one of the bad case scenarios is for a writer to publish a half million good works in 800 articles then have the web page confiscate your future earnings by denying you access to your account permanently. actually did that to me recently. 
The reason for Helium's action is simply corporate power over the web page--it is in effect dictatorial. They provide no advance notice at all that they are going to permanently confiscate access to your writing and earnings for at some point using language deemed by homosexuals not to be supportive of their political interests (homo and faggot are two words that will get your account blown up). The language must have no impediments to homosexual advance evidently, to be acceptable. One cannot write 'homo' without a sexual suffix on it without being a 'hater'. It is necessary to be neutral or indifferent about sin, or even indifferent about secular non-heterosexual sexuality encroaching on your social space and to use the trendy talk for the preferred political traits. That intolerance of free speech makes a farce of the west. What kind of corporate dictatorship do we want to structure for Afghanistan?
I wrote hundreds of essays on a variety of philosophy and empirical topics and occasionally a few on political issues such as illegal alien immigration or homosexual takeover of marriage to make it a sequentially bisexual union--or gender neutral at least in the District of Columbia as is in process now (the U.S. Congress has 30 days to veto the measure passed by the Washington D.C. Council). Politically incorrect viewpoints are excuse enough for censorship through deletion of articles and overnight confiscation of monthly accumulated earnings and all subsequent advertising revenues going just to the corporation. Massachussets where is located has a very homo-friendly policy and happily denounces as hate speech words that homos find not to be loving words from people of the same gender. Obviusly there are a zillionn other ways to handle the censorhsip issue other than total war and verbal nuclear annihilation--even a word-o-meter with a rising index to indicate how close an author is approaching to having his account profits permanently plundered by the homosymp crowd. They just hate political opposition enough to censor free speech and enslave intellectual capital permanently. I worked two and a half years to construct all that fine writing. Talk about hate. Hostile takeover of the profits of others works is rather viscious.
In China the equivalent wages may be considered upward mobility. I earned 150 dollars last month--the same as the Chinese in game currency gold-mining. They lived indoors while I lived in a tent in Alaska. I think they have more rights than I. Corpoprations in Massachusets and of the west have discovered new ways to exploit people. At least the Chinese don't have their works exploited forever in the future. Intellectuals in the west that write at sites like Helium hope to build up enough writing that they can have some kind of regular income to help to support the creation of better materials. When they experience the hostile takeover of their income stream and can do nothing about it because of a homosexual clique of wise guys in government and business thats not good.

Time Ticking On Pres. Obama's Chance to Have Democratic Majority in Congress After D.C. Homo Marriage Act

President Obama may lose a Democratic majority in the November 2010 election if he lets the Congress acquiesce in establ;ishing marriage as a bisexual institution in the U.S. Federal District of Columbia. After the D.C. council voted the redefinition of marriage to mean two adults of either gender the U.S. Congress had just 30 days to veto the move. If it lays down and accepts the gender change the voters may have a reaction at the polls in November.

Perhaps with a spending plan to dump 10 trillion dollars of public debt before 2020 the doom of change to perversion may have a good unintended consequence-a Republican Congress may provide a more rational budget (yes I am joking) that spends less than ten trillion in the red as a plan, and also pass a national defense of marriage act in 2011.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nanovirus Pollutants in Organic Global Mass Transfers (food) & Some Other Side Effects of Int. Food Trade Economics

Ecological economics have as goals the reduction of non-renewable resource waste. Transporting food globally wastes fuel and exploits national labor supply. It may also be a future vector for nanonvirus techno affluent attacks on global human life. With nanotechnology creating such a wealth of hard to filter products they may end up best distributed en mass within intentional or unintentional global food commodity allocation. The effects may not show up for years-yet the consequences could be deadly.
Traditional thermodynamically wasteful classical economics fail the global economic rationality criterion of conserving planetary resources. Democracy fails to liberate itself from irrational corporate global concentrated wealth infrastructure sufficiently to set objective parameters within which business must practice in ways such that human health and ecological integrity are conserved. Locally grown food supplies for all nations are best. Tradew agreements should be made internationally such that favor nationally grown produce for local consumtion. Nations that have no justifiable economic reason for people to be hungry should also receive punative sanctions as a factor of the number of poor, hungry starving people.
Then democracy might restore local food supplies and price stability. Ecologically it makes little sense to simply grow food for the lowest price at location A in the world to transport to location B in the world putting people out of work in nation B. Priority should be given toward growing food in places that are least ecologically disrupting and in fact are most ecologically restorative. Present business methods have no concern about the externalities of food production on the environment that are made on the basis of lowest abstract production cost. In future trade agreements, ecologically most efficient local food production joined with the reciprocol of reduction of starvation should be fundamental parameters of business law.  
Present world population is expected to reach 9 billion people by the year 2050 and global food supplies are needing doubling. Yet with an environmentally irrational global economic criterion the damage to the environment and increase of the population will tend to compete adversely against increased food production. If people are locally encouraged to produce their own food--even if it is in advanced salt-water hydroponic fish farming in desert areas with advanced technology, or in underground hydroponic sealed growing environments the challenge should be met.

Pre-Big Bang Theory and A Holographic Universe-Ideas About the One

Intelligent design wasn't the topic I was going for regarding Shannon entropy and pre-big bang metaphysics. Information content of the universe along the binary bits of information such as Shannon devised in the invention of information theory need not have particular patterns to prove information theory veracity.

Information as an omniscient field of God would not require a reduction to 'design'. An implicit motion of will would occur for some unknown reason. We would have the Parmenides-Heraclitus sort of debates about the One or Pluralism in that regard. I think that when the Universe is regarded as information, and the mind as a specialized form of information structure in existence, then we are closer to appreciating a spiritual paradigm for the interpretation of quanta phenomenally at any rate, though it is not necessary to do so.  

Because the Universe exists and it has information regarding its structure that can be replicated by computers or human beings in various respects, and following along the lines of cosmological physical theories towards the origin of information comprising the Universe, it is possible to regard various logical relationships metaphysically or theologically to a certain extent in the pre-big bang era. That is a difficult task for me presently with limited time for that contemplation. I have considered that a little elsewhere, yet here prefer to point out the Shannon and holographic universe criteria somewhat. You may form your own ideas about what the ultimate limit to the compaction of information is and how it is contingent upon the criteria of manifestation. If we consider quanta as having an ultimately spiritual foundation then the spatial-temporal paradigm for dimensional actualization shifts a little from that of relativistic pre-big bang quantifications of given, nominal constants. The second url has an August 2003 featured article in scientific American by the physicist Jacob Berkenstein that reaches a discussion of the Generalized Second Law--GSL and its reconciliation of the second laws' apparent irrelevance when matter is lost in to black holes and no longer become more disorganized with increased entropy.  

A calculation is made that a centimeter sized device could have a theoretical maximum amount of information at 10 to the 66th bits, and the visible Universe has a minimum of 10 to the 100th bits of data. The article by Berkenstein raises several questions and interesting points especially when added to contemplation of pre-big bang universe criteria. If there is a maximum rate of theoretical packing of information that is tied to particles, size and space-time itself-why? That is a problem of the substance criterion isn't it? In making photon computers and quantum computers the reduction in processor size is vast in comparison with that of silicon chips.What occurs with zero dimensional information processors such are better suited for considering the Plotinian dimensional scale of The One? 

There are innumerable interesting points on this subject to consider. I will post a paragraph on the idea of free will in thought from an essay on determinism I posted recently. "Thought as a physical process--all of those trillions of molecular configurations comprising memory, knowledge, reasoning, active thinking and self-awareness, are like the infinitesimal processes of quarks within atoms undergoing stellar synthesis, a part of the physical history of the universe. Free thought has the capacity to select how some of these processes eventuate locally in ways that non-sentient mass does not.  

Thought in its potential for freedom in some respects is like all possible worlds states simultaneously existed in article-waves of quantum uncertainty. Free thought may select via a number of criteria which macro-state collapse will occur such that it becomes actual rather than others. Individuals may choose to restrict their use of free will and allow external conditions largely to impose their force determinations upon oneself and inhibit one’s own freedom to think creatively."

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Shannon Entropy and Eternal Recurrences

In addition to mass-energy flowing from a pre-big bang Universe bottleneck, there was information regarding it's structure. I don't want to get too detailed here. I have several disparate ideas from many sources that perhaps could go into another context. Yet what I would like to point out is that the information of where and what everything in the Universe is, was and will be out lasts the physical forms of the Universe. Matter-energy created before the beginning has temporal shappes and forms in the expansion of space and time that is the Universe. Obviously it started perfectly ordered in accord with the initial information array it had. From most concentrated size and highest order it expanded outward toward a low energy-mass high entropy destiny. Along the way it has had a variety of forms or configurations including us humans. No mass-or energy is really destroyed it just changes form. That principle of the conservation of mass applies to information as well. For even the quarks comprising our minds are accounted for in the history, past and present of this Universe.

Without requisite of being a Nietzschian, we can yet see that the information given in the beginning could be replayed to make a Universe recur forever. It is equally as likely or even more that such a Universe was provided with the initial information of structure enacted through the mass-energy of the expansion of the Universe at the beginning. If the information is conserved as Stephen Hawking seemed to defend regarding the subject of the destruction of information at black holes that virtual particle leakage would in some way conserve information as well--then the information of the creation of Universe A will have lasting value. We don't want to simply be fizzles in our existence, but the best we can be I would think.

What matters, or what is more than matter, is structuring the world into an ecological economic Utopia with respect by all for Jesus Christ. Those are simple goals to go for while alive.

When Authors are Lint at a New Fed Virtual Copyright Registry

It is an instructive lesson in the ruthlessness of the corporate world to have more than half a million words of high quality writing locked out without notice at

 I had no idea that they even considered such a Draconian action--there was not one word anywhere that I had encountered to indicate that the confiscation of my earnings and end of my account access would occur suddenly.

Authors beware of writing at If you write the magic word from their personal; proscribed list (such as 'homo', they will not only delete your article, but after a few times they will effectively delete your account and provide dire warnings of reports to the F.B.I. should you try to access your former account.

Of course Helium will keep your top ranked articles on their webpage unless they decide to just delete everything with a click of a keyboard mouse. As an author you may experience what its like to write for three years and then have foes publish and profit from the work while becoming lint yourself.

Helium and other such Internet pages are not reliable, they are not impartial and are biased toward privy corporate editorial agendas that may explit your for a time before giving you the shaft.

Writers actually do need some sort of Federal copyright security page for internet authors so the date and time of their article postings would go into a computer database permanently, and would be accessable as a kind of writers proofif later challenged. This service needs to be free.

With the 35 dollar copyright fee plus shipping costs and a six month wait for registration the old style copyright system is utterly useless to authors of internet articles that need protection today. If an author writes an article today on today's topics he needs copyright security today as well because the article is immediately published. With all the low cost data storage available this internet copyright date and time records office for virtual articles would be a practical and beneficial public respository allowing writers that are independents to even publish on their own blog or web page with better security than that unsecure and worthless trust compelled by either the corporate world or even neo-government blog pages such as the former NPR Discussions that also disappeared a year ago.

No private or corporate modality exists as a trustworthy or reliable and secure copyright pragmatic notice of time and publication date for internet authors. The Obama Administration should for once, unlike previous administrations, do something practical such as the creation of such an office to reinforce individualism in free expression--that's a good idea if democracy is to survive the takeover power of concentrated corporate wealth and power.

Friday, December 25, 2009 Kills My Author Account on Christmas Day 2009 made my account off-limits on Christmas Day. Their email said I should not try to access the account.

 I had been writing about 60,000 words a month and had a top 5% peer reviewed, blind juried ranking. I invested about 3 years in compiling a lot of high quality work at Helium, and they have killed my access to the account for using 'hate speech without warning or opportunity to download my work.

The lock out on Christmas Day followed my request nin a post on the community page that Helium use transparency in their censorsship policy. I suggested that instead of just deleting complete articles for 'hate language' or 'name calling' that they red highlight the offensive language and then let the writer have a chance to change the words after consulting a thesaurus.

Heterosexual marriage took about 3000 years to develop as an institution. To make a marriage redefined to mean a relation between any two adults regardless of gender is simply a styled takeover of the institution. Women give up their rights gained over thousands of years when marriage no longer has anything to do with the ages old evolution of the conception, bearing and raising of children.

Helium's cold blood approach to saving money--I was earning 150 a month, is a very cheap, inethical way of saving money. They use the high quality articles and end the trust of an author that the hard-earned increase from 20 cents a month to 150 monthly and 17 dollars per month perennially without new writing was worth the effort.

I will include the last article that was deleted  below-unchanged...

On Conservative Christian Criticism of Capitalism

Christians may be supportive of a capitalist political philosophy or not as they prefer. Capitalism isn't a religion unless one becomes devoted to it sufficiently to make it an object of worship. Neither is capitalism a monistic economic point of view.

There is a pluralist universe for capitalist criteria. Capitalism may be a surfeit of treasure in heaven thought of as good works, adherence to the will of God or following the examples of the apostles. Capitalism is a kind of abstract term such as an algebraic literal that may be given a particular value.  Capitalism may be of an intellectual kind, and it would be practical to re-found the U.S. economy upon a renewable energy and materials basis of intellectual capitalism within moral, democratic criteria.
A democracy may fairly define what it wants to use as the basis of its monetary currency-we could trade in credits of intellectual capital if the voters preferred and allow material investments by the government solely to stimulate renewable energy projects and infrastructure allowing fossil fuel corporations to fend for themselves for stimulation when they need it.  Political philosophy for Christians that are Americans need not be to blindly accept anachronistic doctrine about what the basis of currency or what capital values ought to be. They can change as they prefer.
If in Washington D.C. an elite council of homosexuals or homosymps have voted to corrupt the District of Columbia and throw the Congressional acquiescence in the doom of national support for mass perversion it is demonstrative of the extremes that elites go to in support of their own interests against those of the people. Christians never need blindly follow the lead of then powerful and corrupt but may instead work within the democratic constitutional inheritance of the nation to rectify the wicked and guide the people toward a national prosperity rather than a global commune of trans-national corporatism.
Christians are led to work within the government form they have inherited yet be exemplary good souls working within the will of God to keep mankind free even when man so often works for their own social destruction. It is possible and desirable for the United States to transition in to being a nationalistically centered secure society of zero-population growth, zero illegal immigration and a new economy founded on ecological economic principles. The limits to environmental degradation for a primitive or classic economic throughput must halt and a quality and intellect increase of social capital should start.
Corporatism works against democratic and national interests. It has discovered that a mass Chinese work force is a good tactically controlled sector for sales and employment without meaningful individual rights or paradoxically the opportunity to start trade unions or policy in opposition to the communist Party. In effect corporatism is a half of elite leaders concentrating wealth and making the trans-national political-economic environment a kind of planetary commune paired with the communist party. The tactical blunder requires the continuing downward mobility of national America and the corruption of the nation.
A false spring of non-renewable economic policy is being supported by the present U.S. Obama administration instead of investments in just national renewable energy and transportation infrastructure. Fossil fuels and automobiles are the way to national  decay today.  So far as Christians involve themselves with economic affairs-as they all must except for the detached hierarchical priesthood that earns a living by setting up Christians for support by global corporate C.E.O. preferences-they can work toward ecological and nationally beneficial policy that will serve as a good example to the rest of the world.  If the United States fails at being an ecologically economic policy founded nation with secure borders and quality lives for all citizens it will perhaps alternatively continue to retard global response to the global warming and mass extinction die-offs of an anthropogenic causation. Christians should work for the good of mankind material as well as spiritually rather than the opposite. One way to change that is to redefine the selection of the philosophical value of capital in America today, and make it intellectual rather that corporate.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jihad Brand Global Corporate Products; The Future of Democracy

Parle ments were places for political speech. In the beginning the United States had a tripartite form of representative government well suited to the vast spaces and slow time for communication. Over the years the representative government has evolved into a kind of collegial plutocracy with the costs of becoming elected very high and the rewards for being elected an almost guaranteed multimillionaire status. The complex modern networks of communication have in some ways neutralized a substantial element of the purpose of the representative structure of government in the United States. An insular and unresponsive assembly of individuals elected for being toadies of existing economic infrastructures are reinforced by propaganda from the broadcast media owned by trans-national corporations.

My premise that the United States is ruled today by a de facto plutocracy is a little disingenuous. Actually the plutocratic Senators and Congressmen are flunky big money chasers allegiant to the CEOs of trans-national corporations. Corporatism is what has replaced democracy in the United States. Maybe America needs a parliament for government with live intelligent people engaging in debate, with an engaged prime minister and more responsiveness to the people. If we need royalty we could get the sports entertainment industry to be figureheads along with those voted best performers in Hollywood on a year to year basis. They could be voted in or out on a Paula Abdul Show.

The U.S. Government is a kind of state producer of political space with a variety of different labels placed upon the same old same old. Because the Gospel of The New Age Adam Smith' is preached by both parties of the rich, capitalism in a corrupted version such that it's purpose is to enrich the rich and trickle down sustenance to the poor and middle class became an unchallengeable religion by the year 1991. Those that might point out that Smith's purpose in writing 'The Wealth of Nations' as a student and friend of David Hume was to support the best possible way of life for the masses might be accused of heresy. Economic heresy might be the charge with the label of socialist being applied to those that believe that the best interests of the majority do not essentially lie in enriching and oppressive minority but in improving their own personal standard of living.

An actual democracy would feature a dominating middle class and few poor people and a harmless class of the rich would could serve as advisers occasionally. When economic power becomes inimical to social interest such as in creating poverty, extinction of species, global warming and so forth the rectification of such influence accumulated through corporate wealth and hegemony over economic and political infrastructure choices would occur. Today there are too few voices in the corporate wilderness calling for ecological economic renewal, for higher taxes on the rich, for the elimination of poverty, illegal alien immigration and a government policy of inventing in the United States instead of Iraq, Afghanistan or in other stupid protracted wars with little reasoning about winning attainable goals but just shooting a trillion into the dark and hoping it falls into the peas.

In  fifty years the United States democracy will be dead, yet probably still nominally alive as a local symbol for global corporatism to exploit as a reason to invade any little countries with a mind toward independence and nationalism out there. Globalists can crank out the accusations of fascism and racism before invading to renormalize markets to Wall Street control. In fifty years the President may be an Oil Ayatollah on a board of Chinese Communist Party Leaders, African Socialists and they can all wear tri-corner hats in the capital. Americans will be medicated or counting shares of stock options, national debt obligations sold to third world nations or who knows what.

The surviving  polar bear of Alaska may go on exhibit in-the-wild from offshore oil platforms, jihad brand cigarette lighters may make a million dollars a day for the jihad-a-thon, the beluga whale of Cook inlet will be stuffed as an example of corporate compassionate conservatism and shipped to Los Angles,  and the democracy will be hunkie dorrie in that respect. In the 'work makes you free' 2dimensional logic of corporatism I should make a million dollars marketing jihad moniker lighters because in the religion of capitalism the invisible hand of greed trumps democratic common sense. The invisible hand can replace patriotism, nationalism and democratic self-interest. The corporatist misinterpretation of Adam Smith's economic philosophy has created the voodoo demiurge of the 21st century--yet Lenin did predict that capitalists would sell communists the rope they hang them with.

Democracy may at least exist on Mars after the revolution.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Universal Form of Self-Interest

Self and the interests of the self; if such cell of the soul implicitly concerns itself with being made aware in self-awareness supports its own continua of transitions we can say that it is. Self-aware beings have self-interests as the coine of the creation of thoughts. Some thoughts are effective and supportive of self- actions that perpetuate self-existence. Natural selection deletes those that do not pursue self-interest naturally enough--yet that is a two edged sword.

For we may ask what is self-interest. Is the logic of judgment made by self invariably accurate at determination of what is truly supportive of self interest? There is no a priori evidence given to the mind of self that provides a roadmap to fulfillment of self-interest. Amidst the existential ontology of being, self-aware experience must work for-itself to pursue the best course. Self-interest meets the acquaintance of wisdom.

Where does wisdom begin and end for the self, or is there an end to the acquisition of wisdom such that it dies with mortal life's final exhalation of borrowed time? Are there structures that may be built during life that provide such good for self-interest that might be found worth sacrifice to put up? What scales of values can be made if we must provide our own values, that would be worth the most at reinforcing self-interest?

The one may find it in his self-interest to join with the many, and the one may find it right to withdraw from the way of the many to seek the liberation of the one. Self-interest is a phenomenally existing idea that with wisdom may recover from the given phenomenal world of materiality and spiritual forms elements of being that provide temporal spans for continuity. faith may bridge the unknown and ponderous chasms containing the most precipitous challenges to survival. Experience and wisdom may encourage the self to find its interests in the transformation of self through increase of ideas through education or environmentalism.

Self-interest may lie in the well being of others, in a healthy ship and crew, in a peaceful government representing one's own interests in being free of foreign debts and obligations, in conserving the health of the planetary biosphere and in boldly innovating ecological reforms with liberty and justice for all. Self-in-te-rest may seek the primal relationship with God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit with a higher or transcendental reason for being, for worldly duties and for such as an aretaic ethics founded in divine providence gives a categorical imperative to the process of being and becoming.

Reject Chip Implants Socially

New technology has enabled the implantation of location and data transmission electronic technology in very small size within an animal or human being. Obviously such technological progress as has made very powerful and small computer logic units possible presents innumerable good and bad potentials for use. Receiving a data transmission or tracking chip is a real possibility today--so this is a consideration of a few of the political and social implications of receiving such a chip-insert.

The fundamental human liberty from adverse political control of others is the irreducibly vital existential criterion. In God we trust rather than our fellow man is the basic parameter. We may learn from spiritual sources of right intersocial conduct. Our fellow citizen and illegal alien resident may not be on the same ethics and moral pages as yourself. The legal system has developed to standardize and make uniform certain conduct boundaries that cannot be supported well enough through an honor system of ethics. The chip insert is a basic violation of human individual freedom from the control of others. Such a primary violation of personal being transcends the paradigm in which all other human moral and legal systems of equal justice have been based upon. Although there are good as well as bad possibilities for negating the basic boundary of human individual physical integrity by others, the potentials of the bad far outweigh the potentials for good for either an individual or for social cohesion.

With the ability of others to track the location of an individual globally throughout life a deterministic social structure is created that nullifies a vast range of potential free relationships that are undetermined. It permits collective actions of an unprecedented scale to negate individual liberty. The quantification of freedom for individuals may be reduced as the quantification of collective actions increase. If corporations and collectives might be treated as individuals by the law, the number of individuals is reduced phenomenally within such criteria as individuals give up their individual freedom from electronic tracking to join collective or corporate individual organizations. 

I believe that social interest lies in the area of individual development and individual rights increases while collective actions that reduce human freedom are fundamentally inimical to human existence as sentient beings. The preservation of human freedom from chip inserts and impersonal tracking may be a narrow path through complex technical issues, yet it is a path through a minefield of temptations that phenomenally have increased in density through the profusion of technical products invented in recent decades. Virtually any good that could be brought to individuals through chip planting could be accomplished equally well through non-invasive means. 

Though society is quite crowded today, it is an error to assume that the given phenomenal socio-economic circumstances are either the best of all possible worlds or sufficient reason to jettison the fundamental concern with safeguarded individual liberty from collective, impersonal surveillance, violation of personal privacy and prioritization in the legal structure of our prevailing political philosophy.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Individualism vs. Collectivism

A criterion for individualism and collectivism for purposes of comparison ought to be cognizant that the natural demographic facts are implicit variables against which criticism or constructions of either might be made. Some geographical environments are naturally better suited for individualism, and the concept of collectivism would be naturally alien. In other, perhaps more populous geographic regions collectivism may be a natural fact of life although how it is structured may vary quite markedly.

In the history of the west of Europe and of the United States individualism would mean different things in different historical eras. If we define collectivism by simply examining the instant contents of mind of individuals as sharing information and acting upon it consistently as members of a social set then collectives might be found in E.S.P.N.'s 'The Herd' of radio listeners, in the St. Petersburg Soviet of 1905 and in the members of the New York Stock exchange equally well. Collectives would be considered as exclusive social organizations that reinforce the interests of members or that program members toward effective social support of particular phenomena such as the sports entertainment business and the organization of much of American youth activity toward developing the best talent for the sports entertainment business instead of for individual or intellectual creative and productive activities.

Individualism within the paradigm of populous nations requires a necessary degree of coordination within several socially collective organizations simultaneously from that of responsible citizen supporter of laws, to licensed automobile driver, participant in elected politics or union members and so forth. Without a vast number of collective organizations with the goal of advancing the collective interests and values of members even when not directly for material compensation, the progress of most advanced societies would deteriorate sharply. Yet as in many things moderation and intelligence largely determine how much and in what form collective, organizational efforts are effect. 

Collective actions may preclude individual activities and in some cases that may be harmful to the society generally. A society can only be as happy as the individuals of which it is comprised, so individual pursuit of happiness and properties of rights generally are pre-eminent over those of collective concerns except in times of war, or when proscribed activities for any individual have placed boundaries on individual freedom to own, for instance, nuclear artillery shells and launching platforms for hunting missions.

What about Africa with a population of a billion and about half of the continent largely desertified? How can individualism supported by foreign anti-disease pharmaceuticals and better farming technology be allowed to just double the population to two billion without creating various conflicts and over-use of resources? In that criterion we find that individualism naturally merges into collective action upon environmental resources, and it requires collectivism of a pre-emptory and governing kind to control the negative, disorganized, de facto collective action.

Africa today is challenged by the 'iron law of wages' phenomena of Ricardo to curtail its population increase that would have boundary margins of famine, war and government terrorism besides disease. Because education for individuals requires a good early start and a generation to accomplish, and since that is quite expensive, it will be difficult for poor African nations to accomplish education enough, and a high enough standard of living within a generation or two (maybe 30 years) to provide the criteria where women naturally reduce child birth rate as has been researched in second world transitions to prosperity.

African society, if it is to eliminate much of the kind f pervasive social horrors that probably lay ahead, will need to transition into a high tech ecologically economic foundation such that an increased quality of life for individuals collectively does not tax the environment and a proportionate increased rate. I would recommend Daly and Farley's 'Ecological Economics'  introductory textbook for those unaware of the discipline.
Individualism in the modern world of more than six billion souls does have a collective effect on the global environment obviously at the national level. Today four of the remaining eight white rhinos were released into the wild of Africa with the hope that they will reproduce after not in twenty years of captivity. Probably  they will end up as Bush meat in a stew pot. Humanity is degrading the environment and bio-diversity in a plethora of purposefully wasteful business and social economic actions. 

Individuals can make the difference with their freedom. Collective government puppets in Washington D.C. , Alaska and elsewhere may discourage ecological economic accountability and investment in perpetuation of fossil fuel economics and exclusivity of those that haven't sold their souls to the Devil of Corporatism and fossil fuel economics.  Global warming is to be considered and opportunity for profit by those within a corrupted for of capitalism that regards scarcity as a beneficial opportunity for a controlling product supplier's profit potential. Individual corporate or collective organizations pursuing their own self-interests to the detriment of disorganized individuals are the fact of corporate repression of national interests to benefit individuals as members of the class of basic citizenship.

If individualism is the number of dimensions of freedom individuals have to run their own lives free of collective actions and effects, that freedom is reduced by the rise of dominating corporations of global stature that interfere in a variety of ways with individuals economic potential as the environment if totalized and pre-determined by ossifications of corporate economic infrastructure.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

President Obama's Loyal Corporatist Record in 2009 Rates C- for Job Performance

Writing in December 2009 I can at least review President Obama's first year in the office and grade his job performance at a C-. If he had not been so eloquent at making nice speeches about general things that sound good I would have given him a D+ for 2009.

 On the U.S. economy the President's budget was to nearly double the national debt over the next decade in order to stimulate the economy. On the foreign war issues in Iraq and Afghanistan the first is scheduled for a troop draw-down as the civil conflict has not ended the terrorism. The future of the need of the U.S.A. to defend the oil contracts given to Exxon, Shell and other trans-national oil corporations will continue for decades.

 Iraq of course may be the target of Iranian nuclear weapons on new and improved long range missiles that can also hit Israel and Southern Europe. Sect. of State Hillary Clinton has experience in negotiating to prevent axis of evil states from developing nuclear weapons from her days in the Bill Clinton administration. The Bill Clinton track record in North Korea is plain and we can expect equal success with Iran containment policy.

In escalating the troop levels in Afghanistan by more than 50,000 scheduled since taking office and writing a blank check on costs to contain the native Taliban for a year or two more the administration showed an aloof, non-transparent approach to awarding more military work and equipment production to the military industrial complex. The President also expressed an interest in expanding the conflict into Pakistan. Available alternative military containment of terrorism policies were not utilized. At least we are assured that the predator drone aircraft broadcast unencrypted signals that terrorists captured were not actually controlled by terrorist hackers to attack U.S. military targets.

 The Obama administration fundamentally is a shill for the Harvard global corporatist movement seeking to ad trillions of public debt while making of the world a commune without the hindrance of national interests obstructing their profit and political power to repress environmental actions. The President do9es a good job at not offending white people--he was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 by the Norwegians, and also not doing much for American black people. Hopefully he will appear on the Oprah show again after El Tigre.

 The President health policy is a snair by corporatism to force all Americans to buy insurance from global corporations who will also have tracking data on them. Defeated was the good idea to just add the age 55 to 65 uninsured to medicare so  the public could pay for their medical needs directly instead of laundering it through the unneeded and expensive global insurance corporations that the public will need to pay anyway.

The Presidents energy policy reflects another corporatist continuity policy to concentrate wealth and peonize the nation. Coil, gas and nuclear--the triple threat of all that is evil about energy are the main course in a Congress dominated by millionaire sycophants of a corporate establishment that doesn't give a rat's as about the anything besides short term profits and the power to keep making increasing short term profits. What is needed is real political leadership not existent in a Summer-Obama-Harvard corporatism continua with the Bush administration in another form. The Bush administration rated an F+ of course, son the Obama administration is comparably  brilliant.

 A good energy policy would become a global investment in super-conductor infrastructure with lines located inside liquid hydrogen filled pipes fed electricity from wind, solar and fuel cell sources. Its that simple. Make electrical power cheaply as if they were ion engines accelerating in space, store it with zero resistance and use it very effectively.Increase the amount of surface capture of photons with thin film coatings on building structures,increase insulation efficiency and use electric vehicles. Heavy long distance continental cargo should be launched through electro-magnetic accelerators. The Obama administration and the disagreeable politicians at Copenhagen this third week of December rate an additional D- for their efforts to reduce global warming.

 I hope the Obama administration does better in 2010 and n2011 or a rich, extra-terrestrial alien worshipping fossil fuel fanatic may take office. I believe the homosexuals of then elite corporatist persuasion migrate between both parties fairly readily as they represent no natural constituency seeking to improve interests but are instead a disposable behavior oriented worming element that occupies roles for short-term profit. They are a apparently substantial factor in the Harvard-Obama-Corporatist political axis presently.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Spiritual Quantum Mechanics?

The Universe Before the Big Bang' published in 2008 by a leading string theory physicist, concludes with the scientist's belief that God created everything. A basic spiritual quantum phenomena could be what everything is built upon. A theistic evolution of this Universe from spiritual quantum foundations consistent with frequencies issued by the spoken Word of God is my own interpretation of things. Yet is a little more detailed than that. Maurizio Gasperini did not elaborate upon any kind of spiritual 'physics' in his book-he merely mentioned his personal belief. I have philosophically considered some of the cosmological implications here and elsewhere.

Instead of four dimensions M-Theorists and mathematicians have conjectured about 11 or even 256 dimensions. mathematical group theory developments permit algebra groups with extra dimensions that can be meaningful for constructing hypothetical Universes with various quanta schemes in density, intensity and relations within any of those dimensions. In practice such mathematically consistent models are compared to real observable values of the Universe to see if they match.

Imagine a right angle and its area as a two-dimensional X-Y graph, then add more 'dimension's by adding a realm of negative numbers to the left side, and add more dimensions by adding depth and breadth such as exist in our four dimensions to the graph. With the logic of algebra group theories following Abel, Lie and kIlling, more dimensions may be added even though we cannot make visualizable models of them. Out space time may have 11 dimensions or more, and pre-big bang theory has models of the Universe that makes the big bang just one end of a bottleneck of space-time, albeit a small bottleneck, that was preceded by the collapse of a black hole that fed off virtual particles from a 'perturbative' vacuum before the big bang.

That primordial vacuum may have had virtual particles that appeared consistent with quantum uncertainty principles. These virtual particles that pop in an out of existence in the minimal amount of time are preceded by no satisfactory conjecture about where they arise except for stipulated initial criteria such as any math theory must have as unprovable but necessarily accepted axioms.

Minimal, nominal philosophically efficient in relation to Occam's razor zero-dimensional windowless monads, strings, loops or membranes just arise-maybe they are spiritual quanta created by cancelling out 99% to the 99th degree of the intention of God to have his omnipresence known. Omnipresence reduced to an artificial minimal state would be a single tiny quanta of no dimension, duration or mass. That spiritual quantum particle is a section of an infinite in all directions omnipresent wave that itself requires no extension in any space-time continuum.

As virtual particles are emanations of the One, they are grounded outside even one dimension. As they appear in existence evidently they have some way of joining together compounding their structure with complexity and extra dimensions. These larger particles in some way affect space-time creating a temporal order. The logic of the construction of the assembly comprises universal physical forces of the mass-energy phenomenon.

With the remaining non-dimensional basic particles smaller than quarks grounded outside any dimensions the possibility of quantum entanglement and faster than light travel exists for information exchanges of entangled particles. Yet there are other higher dimensional possible conduits for 'universal' waves forms and class-symmetry breaking exchanges off individually entangled particles besides those of the fundamental zero-dimensional fundamental quanta. In fact (I use that word jokingly) it may not be possible to observe any basic particle from within this Universe because they may all rest within a higher or lower dimensional metaverse that allows shortcuts of information between symmetry breaking entangled individual particle pairs and clumps faster than light. Light is of course a kind of basic particle-wave quanta of this Universe's quantization and dimensionality conditions.

Space-time and mass-energy are explained equally as well by a theistic or non-theistic pre big bang conjecture. Neither a Big Bang or a Big Man created this Universe or humanity. A perfect and pure Spirit issued or emanated this Universe perhaps as a way of actualizing all possible Universes and all things that might ever exist. The scale of time and space from small to large and vice versa is entirely relative and within the purposes of God. In the perturbative vacuum of which can know little, there may have arisen one hundred zillion to the zillionth power Universes within the infinitely smallest region of the eternal and infinite space of God that requires no space at all.

The mysteries of God and His Universe are miraculous, we find that His purpose in creating intelligent, somewhat independent beings with limited powers of knowledge to be a marvelous thing, and appreciate the effort. If the Universe was evolved in six beautifully orchestrated movements before God rested to let it thermodynamically proceed-that was a brilliant design. With a spiritual foundation for all material things of appearance it is not surprising that sentience tends to evolve-some sort of spiritual gravity may make of it a likely situation.

I have worked some of the bizarre nature of transcending extra dimensions and theistic criteria into a fiction context for illustrative purposes...

The star Bezah-alpha rotates opposite our rechristened hollow star with a minus four dimensional shaped black hole Dyson sphere oppositely charged supporting a quark woven artificial superfluous surface fusion.

Outwardly Al Murredin seems to be a completely functioning star with the appropriate gravity and mass, energy transitions and so forth. Incidentally I am Tsemech 4 of Sky-view."

Fascinating information Tsemech 4. What more have you got that I might readily understand ?

Yes. The design for ontological field strengths inside the star's sky are anisotropic and coordinated. Tie-ins to quark extrusion from the non-local Universal field are gauge selected and arranged in a scalar geometry such that the requirements for humans and potential others living in the Sky-view have an appropriate mass density for interaction with particular, relevant structures."

Does that mean that...

"Of course it does Patrick Voevoda. Presently you have a specific density less than that of the clouds of sky-view, yet everything existing here has it's density adjusted in relation to its position in the local explication of the existential field."

Do you mind, Tsemech 4, if I ask just one more question? "No, of course not. What is it?"

Einstein said that the laws of physics are constant. Because of what I've seen here, I would like your opinion about that context.

"The gradients of force and power suggested by Sky-view do raise questions about isotropy in universal physical laws. Consider that all of us in Sky-view are in some way or another from the Virgo Cluster and have adapted as formations of the new conditions we have created. The total energy of all possible universes may never be increased or decreased except God wills, yet its forms may be reshaped within epistemologically relevant ontologies. Given that there is initial substance or idea to work with, that quantity of quantum self-standing virtual loop existing as a primordial donation may be used by us contingent beings so far as we are able. The slope of infinity and complexity may occasionally outpace our ability to comprehend or exploit stipulated or donated initial Genesis resource mass-energy."

Those parameters I readily agree with Tsemech 4. What about your epistemological considerations? And what kind of recombinatory ontological criteria does Sky-view maintain abstractable for material applications? "Patrick the epistemological criteria between mind and object reference becomes more challenging to explain when words and ideas increase themselves originating from a natural organic basis to a level where significant amounts and quality of a priori thought comes into being. In fact the origin of language and of most ideas that suggest mathematical and logical relationships seems to be in reflecting about the natural universe, so what happens when the natural universe and it's constructions become significantly malleable and subject to reconstruction in compliance to human analytic thought? At some point the relationship between natural and artificial constructions becomes severed. Then all of the material world or all of it that extrudes through into the four dimensional universe is entirely coincident with the prevailing will of design of the ruling a priori mind or collective mind-will. We believe that such a mind must be absolutely good if any hope of order is to exist such that human and other sentient existence would be viable. It is simultaneously our opinion that no human mind or collective will could be capable of being absolutely good or omniscient and therefore none would be capable of creating or sustaining a self-standing viable, artificial Universe"

Well, all Universes are temporally doomed anyway are they not? From the quantum foam or as virtual downloads from a perturbative vacuum the potential duration of a given new Universe is pre-determined by the initial endowment of boundary conditions?

"Basically that is true. Our opinion at Sky-view is that the potential duration of a given Universe energy-endowment is limited by the artificial sentient reconstruction of the natural materials rather than increased, given the condition that the natural universe was capable of sustaining high quality life environments without remediation. Our opinion is that human thought content of a synthetic nature is a product of originating spiritual momentum developed reciprocally with the experience of a Universe1 environment. So far as the Universe1 environment is transformed into a synthetic environment to a degree that the Universe1 itself becomes mostly artificial the human knowledge of the a priori will itself become limited.

A priori thought extended to it's own empirical actualization that at some point dominates the empirical realm of experience and perhaps in time the body and mind of the knower of experience becomes self-negating.

The potential infinite number of ontology sets that could comprise any a priori mind set library would render a selection of a best or coherent choice nearly impossible. The waveform interference of a priori mind group possibilities with itself has no limit. Neither would any criteria exist empirically for natural selection of a best idea of construction group from an infinite potential data base of plans for empirical actualization to an empirical world that has fallen into meaningless malleability to designed reconfiguration. To answer your questions Patrick, our opinion about epistemology and ontological criteria for experience of this Universe for purposes potentially of changing it beyond natural recognition or of making a priori analytic ideas become empirical synthetic actualizations is very, very conservative. If we can roll back Corporate hostile takeovers we will try to restore what natural ecosystems and macro-galactic temporal progressions as are possible. Perhaps you know that Corporate has already gone quite far in their effort to create synthetic quantum cosmological constructions with transformations of the natural space-time material given in the historical evolution of the Universe from the will of The One."

A Science Fiction Short Story

A Derivative of the St. Novilistricka Plan
©2009 Gary C. Gibson

It is the year 2310. Cyrene Slick and I have won the trial by whirl around. Bugwhump Gulph became the casualty of a triad media of desert operations when his role of three-play trisected on the whirl was stoned by the audience . The United States transformed into the Lovelock Desert ages ago. Global warming attrition of hopes and scale-down dreams drove us north in quest of a grail of the Canadian rivers. I picked up the pace.

'I feel that way about you Cyrene. When we find the rivers I'll toss you in first as the peace offering to the river spirit.'

'And I shall pull you in with me Patrick'

Walking across the shadow lands a myriad craters filled with pools of sand seemed to shimmer under the perceptible sunshine of daylight. This was a land without surface water. AIr floppy shoes with out-sized hollow polymer soles kept the scorching heat of the ground from making contact with the soles of our feet.

'Do you know what's above the Canadian rivers Pat'?

'The atmosphere?'

'Sure you royal farce.'

'Let me try again. They say it's the Baffin Land where the sun never shines and it's always cold.'

'That sound like Alaska plague land don't it? What Bugwhhump said was the last place the Merigos went before fade-out.

'Just keep focused on that volcano glass ahead. You are goin to have to walk cross that today before it gets really hot tomorrow. See the clouds high up moving away east?

I enjoyed Cyrene's company. Appearing toward the close of the 23rd century on Earth from the interregnum in the second general Martian war, I sought my lost girl friend Lush. She had disappeared of a sudden entanglement with an alien life form.

We walked for several hours without speaking much to conserve moisture. Finally I said;

'Cyrene, if we become separated you must continue on to Baffin Land to tell the people of the liquid hydrogen cooling project for the subsurface desert of the United States. It can be made to make the desert bloom green again. The plans are hidden in the year 2036."

'That be solar daft talk Patrick. You think there is water ahead?'

I have been in this Idaho before Cyrene. The door of eternal recurrence is located in that canyon.'

There is an underground pool on the other side about 100 feet north of where we wlll cross that natural bridge."

Stopping at the edge of a cleft in the volcano flow field, Cyrene looked at the narrow chasm's depths and said, 'This canyon?'

We walked along its edge for several paces upslope and found a natural stone bridge left by ancient builders of replicas. Quickly like chastised bunnies we crossed over and came to an obsidian door that opened before us of its own. In the complete darkness there was an audible wind without any significant flow towards us.

'I should step in Cyrene. I can't say where I'll exit. You must press on. I shall try to return on your way ahead one day.'

I stepped inside.

My immediate first impression was a rude surprise. It was the evil Lund Lud Sud; one of the most powerful of the Corporatist Universal ins-keep. His regal appearance was little touched by the florid red of single malt scotch used in excess. He is a very dangerous foe I would waste few words upon. The other gentlemen with him were of unclear etiologies. There presence here was proof enough of guilt by association for me.

Sud, you odoriferous parasite, what is your purpose at this aloof spot? I see no immediate harem for your amusement.

"My my my impertinent philosopher-such language! Patience my twit. Let me explain my present beneficence for humankind including you.

This is your first visit to one of the more exclusive locations in the Universe-our Galaxy factory plant operations Deep Field Office, and you have presented with such a bad attitude. Come over here and take a better look."

So I walked over to Lud and stood next to him looking outward into the Deep Field view of a significant portion of the Universe1. There were unexpected and significant operations out there below the sky box.

I can see some unanticipated Changes between several thousand galaxies. You are up to some substantial activity. What is it?
Sud replied in a moment; "Patrick, the red lines between galaxies are allocation of resources trans-dimensional corridors to redistribute superfluous galactic mass to better locations in the universe for construction materials. We have given a lot of thought into our p lan to better shape this Universe and not waste all the mass tied up in so many trillions of useless stars in putting out light without supporting rent paying activities. Corporate is about bring every living thing into submission to paying the ruling class rent for everything possible after all, including the rent to exist eventually.

Reallocating the nonworking mass of a hundred million galaxies is our first macro-cosmic step toward making a Universe of main sequence stars only with a perfectly planned, gated community of Dyson spheres in maximum density surrounding at an optimally planned distance each main sequence star.

Through careful economic planning for reallocation of wasted cosmic mass into new stellar synthesis of main sequence stars we have increase output of rent paying and population density of the Universe a million times."

I could see that some galaxies given a close scrutiny were in some way more orderly than the common wild spiral and elliptical galaxies. The planned community galaxies were made of stars in neat rows and all of the same size with equidistant spacing. Mini black holes were placed at appropriate intervals I would think to keep warping forms of space time active in order to offset natural gravitational clustering of main sequence stars burning brightly and evenly. These planned galaxies were not so easy to see because most of the light fell upon the sea of Dyson spheres surrounding each star.

You can't do that to the entire Universe Sud. Don't you realize what effect upon space-time your redistribution of matter will have? It will expand exponentially in some places and collapse in others. You must halt the planned galaxy development right directly Sud.Of course I realized that Sud would reject the comment.

"Our best economists have assured me that the five year planning for profit guarantees the viability of the development potential. We have no need for voodoo physics theories from you Mr. Voevoda."

Plainly there was no point in reasoning with Sud. Some prayer of mine from some prior time must have been answered right at this moment.

I was re-dimensionally reset by a panel of power and directed a supernova to coalesce at this location in three seconds before the multi dimension reset values depleted my remaining time in the Deep Field Sky box. It is a lovely view without the galaxy development work and the red lines reallocating mass resources between them. Last sight I had was the convergence of thousands of the red mass lines toward the sky box at faster than light speed making for a soon to actualize super-super nova, irreversibly.

My time upon the Deep Field Sky box fortunately was brief. With the Super-super Nova clustering in progress and the inevitable hyper-space dimensional explosion dimensional connections would be interrupted in the profound rumble through adjoining quark tips in the six dimensions beyond those of the standard for on the floor of Universe1 normal space-time. Three seconds was sufficient for me to loop through a cascading hall of dimensional mirrors to actualize in surprise once again at the command and control loci of Zerah. The Rabshakka was seated at a large round table with a rich lunch set upon it in front of the fifty mile wide curved view space.

"Welcome once again to Zerah, Patrick. I apologize for your quick expulsion from the City of Sacred Cows. We have repaired the damages caused by the treason of Senator Stilleto who let the battlestorm in to the barn in a manner of speaking. Tifft is unfortunately gone permanently, and there is not a blessed thing that I can do about that. She was a good woman.

Have a seat here and take your lunch. I hope your time on the short lived dimensional loop out of the City of Sacred Cows was productive. Did you accomplish anything?"

Actually Rabshakka my friend, it wasn't too eventful, except for the Super-super nova I set to explode at the Corporate Deep Field Sky box. The location was someplace in a void of low mass beyond Hydra-Centaurus with a view of thousands of galaxies.

"Yes, we know of the locations of many of the Corporate Plant management Sky Boxes. Let's bring up a few and see if anything is developing."

The view space was filled with fifteen separate views of sky boxes from extra-dimensional perspectives. Momentarily on became transformed into the tremendous white light of a Super-super nova sending the vaporized mass of a million star systems that had reached and fueled it to surviving galaxies in the sectors beyond. With a slower accretion of mass it might have become a black hole instead of a Super-super nova promulgated by the order of arrival and fast quantum fusing a nominal horizon of eventation. The empty space within enabled a shaped reflecting wave-pattern of sono-fusion in four dimensions.

"That's your work Patrick? Really quite a catalytic action I would guess. Obliterating a Corporate sky box and the associated multi-galactic development should be a bit of a stir for Corporate management.

Let's get you some more coffee. You take it with two tablespoons of sugar, black? Try the coho salmon slow cooked in foil under hot rocks with lemon juice and tartar sauce with a bowl of Country Joe's potato salad with mustard."

Sitting at the table with the Rabshakka eating the delicious food and watching the Super-supernova expand across space I might have felt some kind of elation at the turn of events that brought what might seem to be success to the moment. Yet I had cause to reflect upon the loss of a recent friend and the abduction of Lush, and of the brevity of life in general. Even while it existed it continued as a kind of disconformed anomie in which too many people entered and exited the universal stage1 without much meaning staying because of their absence.

What would life be if all we humans lived forever in the Universe as simple players without concern for any underlying reality? Would we be more than characters in a holovision production designed to amuse some non-human spectators as kinds of thinking phenomenalities?

Far too quickly the opposite fact was the reality. People lived and died with the meaning of their existence taken along with them to the silence of the grave. As I grew older the world has become more silent with the departure of family and friends, while the wicked ones seems to persist longer than life itself. That would be my own life of course, the yardstick by which each individual must measure the meaning of existence or experience of all others.

I said to the Rabshakka, who was giving instructions to some members of his staff who approached and left without much down time interval; Have we much hope of finding a closer approach to Lush from the Virgo Core?

"Yes Patrick, I am arranging that now. If we are to defend the Virgo Cluster free space it will be helpful to contradict the Corporate Control Cluster for a while. Lush must be in some way affiliated geophysically with them perhaps in a museum of role models. As soon you are ready to go, in an hour or so after some cleaning up-you look like you could use it, and with a few new items of information and supply you will be set on your way."

That Corporate Sky box was an abortion clinic of the natural universe1. I thought of the Idaho and Cyrene making her way through that dangerous moonscape northward in quest of the Baffin culture. How I would return to provide the marginalized survivors of the heart of the global warming crisis era detailed instructions for the Unites States thermal reclamation project was beyond my knowledge being so many hundreds of thousands of light years away apparently. At least I had the time to contemplate the several threads of the quest that were Josephson junctioning me around these free galaxies.

God is Spirit

God surpasses classification as a concept or physical form. God is neither a concept or a physical form. Physical forms are defined by human concepts. It is possible to naively assume that physical forms exists exactly as we might believe they do--the unexamined life does not necessarily offer the deepest or even superficial truth for-itself to the observer however.

Concepts are themselves a concept of a concept. With biochemistry in neurological researches it seems that ideas may be associated with particular neurons and synaptic transmissions of proteins, R.N.A. and chemical molecules that comprise data or information as they meet sympathetic receptors. It is fortunate that it isn't necessary to perform all of the chemical data processing consciously. God is probably not a phenomenal chemical process in anyone's brain.

It might be tempting to try to define the Spirit with terms of contingent materiality. Defining a whole by a few of the parts is an effort at reasoning from the particular to the Universal--a logical fallacy. When we say 'God is Spirit', we mean something different than anything that can be referenced in human experience of the Universe. Spirit is better than this temporal arrangement of appearances.

Our ideas about what God is simply don't capture the essence of The One who is Three. It would be possible to ask if God is an intelligent stone or a Platonic form of all forms of physical forms as against a concept of our imagination or a concept that contains all concepts including those humanity hasn't got. Such metaphysical structuring tend to be verifiable neither synthetically or analytically. Categorical errors are one of the erroneous construction issues of post-empiricist philosophical thought.

What is a physical form and what is a concept? In some ways they are each created with the same quarks and subatomic particles though concepts arise within human minds they yet do have forms that are real. Scientists have measured a single image firing a single neuron in the brain as it recognizes the image. Concepts have a molecular basis that appears for the mind as thought. When we turn our thoughts around to describe something as existing just as a concept we cannot mean that literally of course-not if we are referring to God.

Imagine if God where actually a concept living in the mind of some actor in Hollywood. What silliness we then have considered how and why that circumstance was brought into being. It is far better to consider God as some other form of form, although a form for us humans with our categorizing of 'concepts' about structure in brain synapse chemical virtual memory automatically classify everything as a form. In the beginning, the Bible book of John relates, the Universe/world was with form. With that helpful hint it is still not possible to make an inference that God was either a concept or a form, yet from later reading we learn that God is a Spirit.

Thankfully there is revealed knowledge about God- God is Jesus Christ. His appearance was grace and spirit. Not within human language may we classify God as this or that contingent, pluralist element. Before the big bang inn empty Universe cosmologists have speculated their existed virtual particles that could draw together to forma clump of mass to expand under a repulsive bounce into this universe. God presumably designed the entire temporal apparitious-like atomic reality that is real relative to everything else created and engineered human life in to it. Yet it is God we want to know about, so we can be sure that he wasn't made of categories of concepts or forms that were evolved into the cosmos.

It might be easier to speculate that the omnipotent being beyond space or time, mass or energy and all other created things simply cancelled out parts of His omnipotent presence to allow the creation of Universes emanated with simply non-dimensional windowless monads or strings of spiritual foundation that compiled with all sorts of protocol barriers to appear for sentient beings as larger mass structures.

Time is a phenomenal thermodynamically integrated process that occurs within eternity that is without time. That paradox is fundamental in a consideration of the nature of God who needs neither physical size nor temporal existence. Space-time mass and being are apparent existences such as the true speed of wind measured from a sailboat. Once the entire created Universe is set into being their is value added to the apparent constructions of reality.

What we can say about God is that He is One. The Universe is part of that infinite One that has actualized all possible things, yet never required that he do so. He surpasses all that might be said about His nature.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Daft Obama-Petraeus-McChrystal Escalation of Afghanistan Expense

Political correctness is most effective when people work against their own interests. President Obama as a Harvard team player is accomplishing the bailing out of the rich version Republican 1.0 presently so they can have another round of profits after 2012. President Obama ran as an anti-war candidate; now he has become another Bush II protracted war administration leader. He placed a win-win bet in Afghanistan for assuring re-election. He swells the ranks 30,000 troops for a year and a half, gets some peacefulness and declares victory in time to run a re-election campaign. Then he can withdraw the troops to present levels and maybe in the next term deal with the return of Mohammedan issues that have been around a thousand years for another four.

The United States allowed a U.S. citizen--Hedley of Chicago, to scout the Mumbai attacks, and of course provided the pilot training for the Al Qaeda terrorists of 9-11. The United States supplied the weapons for Bin Ladin and other guerrillas in the Afghan war against the Soviet military, and probably will leave mountains of military equipment for terrorists of the future as well. A more sober approach to foreign policy and domestic security would be more effective and less costly.

The training of Afghanis to have a large standing Army and police force will provide the basis for expert new terrorists of the future with state of the art military skills. When the U.S.A. withdraws its support for a puppet government the natural order of disorder will probably resume, while American military planners of today will have retired to collect 150,000 dollars annually with full px privileges and free global air travel and health care besides. Creating a long lasting deficit spending policy for the United States in Afghanistan in order to keep the 100 known Al Qaeda terrorist their from attacking the United States is an idiotic policy.The reason for such a daft military policy is simply that the U.S. military doesn't have top drawer political theorists, and their chief anti-guerrilla tactician General Petraeus is using classic counter guerilla tactics in a political arena where they are not capable of being effective.

The problem is political as well as military, and the Petraeus approach must necessarily be short of political competence. Counter-terrorism of an international, mobile scale with complete capability for local cellular upgrade cannot be adequately countered by expensive conventional military approaches within one nation. If Afghanistan can be denied as a competent terrorist training center by stand-off air assaults and the constellation of ground based U.S. forces for far less cost, the U.S. deficit situation, and international environmental and counter terror police forces could be funded. It is vital to U.S. security that the U.S. economy by nationally focused on egalitarian and economic adequacy for all in order that the U.S. might be a a good example admired by foreign nations. Buying temporary allegiance in Afghanistan will not create a sustainable U.S. economy or security.

The General's ability to displace ongoing guerrilla activities with enough forces is real enough, and because of the political history of the world Mohammedan fundamentalist revolutionary status of the present, and of that of Afghanistan, the U.S. creation of an artificial Afghan government will exist phenomenally only so long as we do. When the expense from our nation of 300 million souls with 12 trillion of deficit is stopped the Afghan Government will collapse because of the inability to raise taxes enough to support a central warlord of Government. Tribal dissociation from the central warlord will ensue and regional tribal semi-autonomy proceed. While the myriad foreign terrorist are creating significant damage to U.S. interests aboard and close to home, they have little need to attack economic targets in America.

The right policy would be a safe harbor constellation of defensible fortresses in Afghanistan for the next century, whereat friendly elements in Afghanistan could =retreat to the safety of our own neo-Feudal military safety net in case of a local Jacobean reaction. The military fortresses would also coordinate distribution of humanitarian aid and non-military economic training for Afghan civilians, and provide security for occasional international large civilian construction projects. Such forces with a heavy component of special forces and engineers would as well be available to attack concentrations of adverse forces plotting terrorist capable missions against European, American and Patagonian targets. As many as 20,000 troops might be permanently stationed in Afghanistan, yet the excess and expenses should be immediately reduced. American political and military strategy for the region is as daft and expensive as it was in Vietnam basically, and the Presidents months long decision making was closed to the public. Maybe the majority in congress is really daft as well.Political correctness is a right way of thinking for our time. In the U.S.A. it means ignoring the idiocy of taking on trillions of dollars of debt as a way to stimulate the economy-all the money gets spent in paying interest to foreigners in the future on the money they loaned.

Political correctness is most effective when people work against their own interests. President Obama as a Harvard team player is accomplishing the bailing out of the rich version Republican 1.0 presently so they can have another round of profits after 2012. President Obama ran as an anti-war candidate; now he has become another Bush II protracted war administration leader will democrats say so? He placed a win-win bet in Afghanistan for assuring re-election. He swells the ranks 30,000 troops for a year and a half, gets some peacefulness and declares victory in time to run a re-election campaign. Then he can withdraw the troops to present levels and maybe in the next term deal with the return of Mohammedan issues that have been around a thousand years for another four.

The training of Afghanis to have a large standing Army and police force will provide the basis for expert new terrorists of the future with state of the art military skills. When the U.S.A. withdraws its support for a puppet government the natural order of disorder will probably resume, while American military planners of today will have retired to collect 150,000 dollars annually with full px privileges and free global air travel and health care besides. Creating a long lasting deficit spending policy for the United States in Afghanistan in order to keep the 100 known Al Qaeda terrorist their from attacking the United States is an idiotic policy.

The reason for such a daft military policy is simply that the U.S. military doesn't have top drawer political theorists, and their chief anti-guerrilla tactician General Petraeus is using classic counter guerilla tactics in a political arena where they are not capable of being effective. The problem is political as well as military, and the Petraeus approach must necessarily be short of political competence.

The General's ability to displace ongoing guerrilla activities with enough forces is real enough, and because of the political history of the world Mohammedan fundamentalist revolutionary status of the present, and of that of Afghanistan, the U.S. creation of an artificial Afghan government will exist phenomenally only so long as we do. When the expense from our nation of 300 million souls with 12 trillion of deficit is stopped the Afghan Government will collapse because of the inability to raise taxes enough to support a central warlord of Government. Tribal dissociation from the central warlord will ensue and regional tribal semi-autonomy proceed. While the myriad foreign terrorist are creating significant damage to U.S. interests aboard and close to home, they have little need to attack economic targets in America.

The right policy would be a safe harbor constellation of defensible fortresses in Afghanistan for the next century, whereat friendly elements in Afghanistan could =retreat to the safety of our own neo-Feudal military safety net in case of a local Jacobean reaction. The military fortresses would also coordinate distribution of humanitarian aid and non-military economic training for Afghan civilians, and provide security for occasional international large civilian construction projects. Such forces with a heavy component of special forces and engineers would as well be available to attack concentrations of adverse forces plotting terrorist capable missions against European, American and Patagonian targets. As many as 20,000 troops might be permanently stationed in Afghanistan, yet the excess and expenses should be immediately reduced. American political and military strategy for the region is as daft and expensive as it was in Vietnam basically, and the Presidents months long decision making was closed to the public. Maybe the majority in congress is really daft as well.

Political correctness is a right way of thinking for our time. In the U.S.A. it means ignoring the idiocy of taking on trillions of dollars of debt as a way to stimulate the economy-all the money gets spent in paying interest to foreigners in the future on the money they loaned. Economists are often a bunch of sycophants for the corporate rich that try to figure out how to optimalize the production of heat and allocation of meat in the communal cave. They don't have an innovative or inventive character to simply change the criterion of the economy entirely.

Repairing the U.S. economy is easy-take back democracy from control by the rich. Let the majority decide to change the fundamental infrastructure of the nation that needs to be replaced. Jobs that can't be outsourced should not be filled by illegal aliens. Illegal aliens are a kind of governor that reduce wages and create surplus labor as they migrate in when the employment situation is good. They swell cheap corporate expansion by freeing up workers to take corporate jobs that will be eliminated when a cheaper way to produce overseas is found. The profits of corporate deflate a little with the collapse of the soufflé boundaries of expansion. The government borrows trillions to induce corporations to invest some in America and create a few jobs.

To restructure the U.S. economy a million jobs could be created building a quality solar power Mexican border patrol highway and control barrier berm infrastructure. The all the U.S. interstate and most asphalt highways could be torn up creating millions of jobs. An in ground vacuum tube electro-magnetic accelerator could be constructed to move electric tube and hovercraft inter-modal compatible vehicles around the nation at 900 m.p.h., and over the tubes, where the highways were a national gardening program to produce food locally could be planted creating a million jobs.

All zoning laws prohibiting gardening in suburban lawn areas should be banned. A super-conducting grid of liquid hydrogen should be built w underground where the highways were as well to collect power from national wind, solar and hydrogen from electrolysis plants. Homes should be limited in size per square feet per individual, and monolithic domes should be built on round lots in order to create more green space. With more and smaller dome homes a better population density with more green space per person along with privacy could be constructed nationally.

Democracy must exert its majority and poor number power over the elite concentrated wealth rich or fail. Democracy can limit the maximum extremes of wealth and poverty, and also limit the maximum size of corporations too perhaps 3000 employees in order to assure competition and prevent the foundation of oligarchy, plutocracy and corporation. Yet the economics and political facts are too difficult for the majority to comprehend and so they let themselves be reduced to corporate vassals with a fairly good yet inefficient and wasteful standard of living. Political correctness does not allow the actualization of democracy in the united States presently, and will not for some decades as the people are trained seals to serve the rich minority against their own self-interest, and that's a neat trick.

One may agree with a majority and be right or disagree and be wrong. That makes a difference too. If one is politically correct in Soviet Russia and says some politically incorrect thing such that Stalin has an ugly mustache then N.K.V.D. Chief Beria has you arrested, taken to his office basement, and shoots you in the head if you are lucky-otherwise perhaps torture and off to the gulag. In the United States political incorrectness may just make you want to move to France-if you could find the work in the U.S.A. to afford to retire there.
Political incorrectness is the kitsch- a German root word-it is saying what the majority don't want to hear. It can also keep those importunate wretches complaining in the cargo hold about the foot and a half of living space down where they belong. It is a plain truth to the comfortable and powerful that the down and enchained are a bunch of knickers of ingratitude that need to know their place. Oil flows to the blessed and deserving and bullship walks- everyone knows. So darn the political incorrectness and full spigots ahead!When they are happy believing lies and illusions it must continue forever for their class is not too bright and wants never to risk changing supremacy into poverty. Because Oprah is politically correct right now she can give away 276 cars to audience members regardless of global warming. If the Federal Government did it then Oprah can do it to! hooray for Oprah then and her market analysts and do not say she could have picked a more green cash for clunkers give away.

Political incorrectness isn't invariably good or bad. If a majority of free people band together to accomplish some honorable purpose and some dissenter keeps running them down it can really be a drag. A volunteer military is a case in point. Should some sergeant try to get volunteers to go awol and desert saying the nation is really crooked (even if it was)? These are volunteers after all.

Alternatively political incorrectness can let the majority know that they are a lot of kow towing sycophants of evil without a good thought ever darkening the door of their minds. Dissent can be helpful if its good, constructive criticism. People should mind becoming a bunch of goose stepping homos of fashion corrupting the meaning of marriage to mean anything other than the sane thing. They may make it a hate crime to express a dissenting opinion or censor it with an ultimatum about self repression of expression. One may reply they are anarchists yet with a private ownership by collective corporations the will of the Satanic Prince of this world has the high card.

We are sure that Hillary Clinton isn't the best recruiter for the Taliban when she visits Afghanistan, and that it is our job not to vaporize Iranian nuclear facilities before that can make any, because we are reactionary rather than initiators of security. Political correctness let people of the era of the Inquisition know to be cautious and not overly defend those accused of blatant familiarity with the devil. It is better to lose a few neighbors to witchcraft burnings than to be a dissident and join the auto de fe oneself.Political correctness is just the way the majority goes in a mass society. The United States was founded as a society of individuals rather than of mass collective corporate organizations, and the fitting today isn't good. The Congress makes laws like a home builder adding on in a million directions without a plan simply because he has the money and power. No longer are laws planned philosophically to support democracy and individualism. Instead, laws are made to support corporate collectivism, the rich and the middle class in that order and we call that patriotic and free enterprise. Everyone supporting the well being of all Americans is called a fascist nor a communist. Sophists say the well being of Americans is in fealty to trans-national corporatism.

The United States pays a million dollars per soldier to be in Afghanistan per year while the Taliban pays about $4.95 and has a lot of patience. They hire guys from outside the country to vacation and blow themselves up a few times a year perhaps-hard to defend. Yet the U.S. Government is a source of trillions of dollars that will be paid to defense contractors and oil services corporations to do just that-where else is a loose trillion or two to be had except from gullible U.S. taxpayers?

Since the government borrows the money from China anyway maybe it isn't so bad? The Kow-towing of politicians may have only just begun. The Chinese are a cheaper and larger source of labor for those greedy trans-nationalists anyway...its not politically correct to say down the middle class and poor chumps-yet we know they mean it anyway.At least there are no geniuses of military, economic and political capability in the States Dept. or Pentagon. One would be a good value asset in finding cheaper, more effective ways to adroitly scale down the costs of the Afghan and Iraqi actions. Caesar would have spent money and formed alliances rightly to win in an efficient way the true interests of Rome. Our guys are using Pakistan as an excuse to lose a few more dozen billion. Political correctness though has either the retreat and withdraw or dump more hundreds of billions like its play money. Not enough demand that the administration doesn't act like idiots. Obama isn't G.W. Bush yet, I hope he can find some military-political-economic genius? Any spare young Henry Kissingers out there?