Tuesday, September 09, 2008

VP Chaney-Hidden in Georgia

Vice President Chaney was the proverbial crouching tiger, hidden dragon of Georgia recently seeking to provide some succor to the badly led Georgian state that seemed to believe it was a good idea to kick sand in the eyes of Russia and invade the former autonomous Republic of South Ossetia. Kicking in a billion dollars to help rebuild the disaster created when the Russian kicked in the rotten defense door of the forces of the erstwhile Napoleon of Georgia (even the Haitians in gaining their independence from actual Napoleonic forces by 1804 had far better military leadership) seemed to make the Bush administration feel better about their future oil prospects. T. Boone Pickens is leading an 11 billion dollar wind power investment project in the Texas panhandle and other Rocky Mountain slope areas-its good to have intelligent leadership sometimes) demonstrating that's its a lot easier to get to a good destination by taking the right course than a wrong one . The Bush bellicosity and depleted state of intelligence on the Georgian crisis was remarkable.

Sure the United States should support democratic political self-determination abroad, yet that includes determination for peoples in traditional areas. Expanding political boundaries or flooding in m millions of illegal aliens to provide voters for a hostile takeover isn't a right procedure at all in South Ossetia or Arizona. A billion dollars for an Arizona medical insurance system could have been more useful than another investment to secure oil reserves for oil corporations in Asia.

What happens when some blond woman with Arizona ancestry needs to have that uterus removal, ovary deletion, liver bisection sort of surgery before going find a job and needs to get in line behind all the recent Mexican immigrants for medical assistance? Politicians supporting globalist corporate elites may like to flood the U.S.A. With cheap labor, yet one wishes they did not also own the broadcast radio networks that influence public opinion too much.

V.P. Chaney was hidden in Georgia for too long, perhaps ordering the installation of missiles in Poland at the height of the crisis requiring the Russians to test launch an I.C.B.M. Capable of hitting Washington D.C. In order to determine if they still could. Polish anti-ballistic missiles that could also be used to defend against Russian attacks on Washington violate the accord that was the M.A.D. Policy so effective the past 50 years. One wonders if endangering the security of the United States is the last of the Bush policies founded on a less-than-brightest-bulb basis. Installation of the missiles with Polish approval should have been done in a very different and more mutually trustful political atmosphere. After all the Bush's are leaving office with Iran incapable of building 20 or more nuclear warheads annually for at least two or three years. Way to go Dick-are you also against free expression and political dissent for U.S. citizens on expressions potentially restricting oil company hegemony?