Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ossetian-Georgian/Russian Conflict

Should administration policy on the states and oblasts of the former Soviet Union be to treat equally regardless of their historical ties to Russia and to seek to dissociate those political entities from Russia so far as possible in order to advance U.S. global interests for a corporatist ruled planet in concurrence with Chinese socialism? The conflict in Georgia between Russian and Georgian military forces recently over the fate of the former semi-autonomous south Ossetian oblast is a case in point.

So far U.S. administration policy has been to disrecognize Ossetia as a formerly semi-independent oblast of the Soviet Union not a part of the Georgian Republic and to just consider it a part of Georgia regardless of the will of the Alain people within to be independent. The Ukraine and Poland had a different association with Russia than Ossetia, and all had a different association with Russia than Czechoslovakia and East Germany. The United States should not preclude allowing the severely diminished Russia to continue to exist in association with people associated with it before the formation of the Soviet Union (1801 for Ossetia) because of a desire for global hegemony of corporatism.

As an American I realize that global corporatism will harm U.S. interests as it has that of other societies and civilizations that have reached a Universal state founded upon phenomenal alliances with foreign nations and peoples. For the United States globalism means flooding the U.S.A. with Hispanics so that the historical majority becomes a minority within 25 years, that China is built up to become the number one global economic power and India second, that second and third world peoples today build up a global population with diminishing non-renewable resources to 15 billion within 50 years, that planetary wars ensue between the globes non-white majorities in an archipelago of Iranianized nuclear and biologically armed states. The reason for all this is the pure greed of corporatists in the U.S. administration misleading the public down the primrose path. Explorers must be able to see beyond a foot or two ahead looking at profit reports for the short term. Georgia should not be free to glom up South Ossetia en passant simply because the administration of the U.S.A. is still fighting the cold war and championing globalism for the rich while draining Brazil with a 100 new Wal-Marts so those people can export their earnings to Swiss and Caiman Island bank accounts.

Dislike of Russians isn’t a good reason to isolate Russia with a tongue-tied ineloquence premised on the psychology of poverty as delusional in the manner of former Senator Graham. Creating prosperity and democracy takes time, luck and prayer. The way Russia moves that way will not necessarily be graceful as they support the Alans yet leave Georgia alone to determine their own future. A global solipsism in the opulent corporatist elite boardrooms does anathematize all those unwilling to lay down for their world-stage strutting power to chart their own courses of velocities of money.

Russia has only 150 million people or so, and China more than a billion; as they United States is perceived to chomp away on the western and southern edges of Russian security China looms large over the Amur River as a swelling, traditional potential foe. U.S. policy tends to isolate Russia and inadvertantly back them them in to as defenceless of a posture as possible as the U.S.A. pursues soley its own special interests of concentrating wealth globally for the rich and running down the standard of living of ordinary Americans. Rationally one cannot expect to discover and end to Russian nuclear and military power soon and should expect it's increase especially as Asia and Islam become increasingly threatening to Russian security domestically.

The Bush MBA approach to Russia is just so inarticulate and discouraging, detached and disengaged that it is easy to imagine a far better way of being involved positively rather than antagonistically as at present.

A democracy is premised on rule by the consent of the isn't simply rule by those powerful enough to oppress others as in a mobocracy oppressing minorities. When the Soviet Union under Joseph Djugashvilli from Georgia continued rule of a region within Russia since 1801. When the Soviet Union broke apart there was a new deal and in some ways the sorting out of the pieces and peoples continues. The United States must be cautious in throwing support behind Georgian claims of political power over South Ossetians expressed through military coercion...obviously the South Ossetians don't consent to be governed by Georgians and prefer independence or alliance with Russia-is that so bad?

When the Muslims of Kosovo sought relief from the Serbian Government the United States supported them, what is so different from the S. Ossetian desire to be free from Georgia? Is the United States just pursuing a rather meat-headed policy of being in opposition to whatever the Russians like? Is the United States administration policy simply to support those susceptible to giving up their oil resources to global corporations while Russia seems to have an opposite opinion on the topic of global oil corporations taking over Russian national oil resources? Tskhinvali, the capital of South Ossetia is ruled by the independence movement. What has made the United States decide arbitrarily against South Ossetian independence when 99% of the South Ossetians voted to support independence? When borders are redrawn after the end of an empire (maybe even an evil one) is it good policy to support the repression of large numbers of people by an adverse Georgian Government because Georgia is nominally democratic generally-whatever that means in this era of corporatism and global media brainwashing of the American public?

The United States does tend to support the concept of self-government by the people in democracy-yet a real democracy requires freedom of self-determination and the consent of the people ruled to support the government in power. When large nations break up the reorganization into several smaller new states make take time and justice isn't achieved simple by support of the first geographical area to elect someone educated at George Washington University. The United States must be certain that it really does support democracy in new nations rather than just its own narrow self-interests determined by less than statesmen.
America’s political challenges aren’t always as obvious as Anderson Cooper’s 360. In Alaska one political challenge is that of conservation of the threatened polar bear habitat. With shrinking sea ice polar bear futures are down so the state of Alaska is working against conservation efforts in order to get some dumped oil revenue futures from drilling in polar bear habitat that might be prevented with the recent federal upgrade of polar bear doom recognition. Meanwhile President Bush is making statements from Beijing China about the Russian defense of Russian culture in two sections of Georgia as ‘unacceptable’ as if it were a plate of bad borscht he could send back to the kitchen to have the Chef spit in it and returns it. I suspect that the Russian might feel President Bush is a little lap doggish in China’s favor-Russia’s main potential war rival, and that President Bush is building up Chinese business interests because he gets some scraps tossed his way in the quest for unstable globalism.

The conflict of interest President Pork Fried Rice has in China aside, sure Russia has taken a beating since the end of the former Soviet Union. Evidently because Russia changed radically to get rid of communism and China did not President G.W. Bush favors cozying up to the Chinese. I think he should not make anti-Russian statements from China, and should wait until he rediscovers the U.S. capital is in Washington D.C. with a half a million jobless compensation filings in the U.S.A. last week before putting on his disgruntled customer hat.

Offshore drilling is a bad idea because world fisheries are in steep decline and the oceans produce 1/5th of the planet’s oxygen from trillions and trillions of little bacteria that make oxygen; even so it may continue in the Chuckchi and Beaufort Sea areas. Polar bear ‘out-of-the-water’ safe islands should be constructed for polar bear and Arctic voyagers, with separate yet equal refuge areas of course, on the model of tiny oil platforms without the drilling equipment. Some of the platforms might rise and fall with the waves, yet the bear should be able to get away from the water and find a place to build a winter cave. The number and density of the platforms required to create an artificial archipelago of polar bear survival is hard to say-it would require at least two weeks of intense research with some good food and peace and quiet. To return to President Bush and the Russian crisis.

Vladimir Putin should realize that it is not in his favor to have Russian aviators seem like the Nazi Condor legion in Spain at Guernica pummeling Basque separatists for the benefit of Spanish fascists. Since the Clinton support for the Muslims in Bosnia reduced Orthodox Christian culture associated with Russia and Serbia concurrently with the loss of vast tracks of former Russian dominated territories, and subsequent Muslim terrorism globally continuing in to the Bush administration Russians must be a little skeptical about where their national interests stop loss-Bush’s Olympic noises from China aren’t too helpful perhaps. Fortunately Obomba is concentrating on getting himself in to the White House instead of making utterances about international affairs and not troubling the waters presently.

What can be done is an immediate cease-fire and a chess match held between the best of Georgia and Russia with the winner having the right to provide pizza to injured civilians the next five years and to provide financial compensation for the civilian dead. The winner can be said to have ‘won’ the conflict and both sides can withdraw to let the Ossetians police themselves with equipment provided by the winner.