Thursday, May 29, 2008

N.Y.’s Gov. Patterson Moves to फाग New York

Governor Patterson in an intimate taped messages for a clave of homosexuals revealed that by his executive order New York State will recognize homosexual ‘marriages’ from corrupt states. The Governor joins a list of perverted executives and depraved judges overturning democracy to adulterate heterosexual marriage without public consent, in effect, by decree.

This writer anticipates that Governor Patterson will quickly move to support former Washington D.C. mayor and former cocaine user Marion Berry to run as former cocaine user Barrack Obama’s vice-presidential candidate partner. In order to expedite the destruction of moral values in America a ‘Bomb & Berry the U.S.A. in 2008’ Democrat Party marketing strategy is probable.

A new program to recycle college degrees is wonted for those of us with college degrees from the University of the State of New York. In order not to become a post hoc alumni of Sodom & Gomorrah State University or have a marriage certificate from the State of Bisexual Legal Alliances where reproduction isn’t a goal, but lust is new social institutions will need to be created. One such project to recycle Bachelors degrees from New York public colleges and Universities would be to create M.A. program at private colleges that accept a B.A. from a New York public university, issue an M.A. after completion of the work and then allow destruction of the undergraduate degree. It should be possible to destroy the problem abominations of New York. Unusual remedies are necessary when legal means are corrupted by gross perversion of moral standards as a means of democratic dissent.

Another challenging consequence for Christians is the choice of forgoing adulterated marriage certificates issued by corrupt and depraved state governments that include homosexuality within the parameters defining marriage. Should heterosexual couples then live without state sanctioned marriage until a reform of the corrupted institution is made, or should they ‘visit Disneyland’ on queers day with all the rest acquiessecing in the perverted public policy. Rule by the rich through the broadcast media is the actual reason for all this high-sticking of moral sensibilities as the public isn’t any longer running on a ground up majority democratic foundation.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Scoffers at a Theistic Evolution of God

Theistic evolution is a synthetic presentation of scientific and Biblical beliefs on the origin of everything in the beginning. How can one meaningfully encapsulate either the Biblical book of Genesis' ideas on the subject or those of scientific cosmology in a simple way when the representations are not the things in-themselves? Evolution isn't creationism. Orwellian obfuscation of meanings such as in 'freedom is not free' and 'evolution is creationism' result from mass confusion.

"Psalm 75:4 "and to the wicked, 'Do not lift up your horns. 5 Do not lift your horns against heaven; do not speak with outstretched neck.'"

I had written this article with the title 'Theistic Evolution' in the beginning, yet it somehow ended up in this maladroit 'Evolution is creationism' title that implicitly decategorizes evolution and creationism. Each of those terms are well defined even if incomprehensively in some respects. I will amend my article a little now to reflect the erroneous categorization, or as philosophers say, categorical error that lumped together two wrong or inaccurate titles that provide incomplete cosmological ideas about the ontology of the Universe.

For some time I have realized that scientific evolution presents at least 10 or 20 excellent cosmological origin theories of the Universe. John Barrow's recent book of 2007 considers an approach that examines several of the theories as aspects of a deeper, underlying theory. I enjoy the Enneads of Plotinus and his concepts about the material universe as a parallel approach to deliberate upon a chaotic macro-field promulgating Universes. God Made the representational language of the book of Genesis simple in order to put 'the little gods' back in the bottle of limited knowledge after eating of the tree of knowledge.

An evolution is a change or tensor. When that applies to the physical universe instead of an opposition force bomber group ingressing an evolution to the target it means that from a beginning things have changed and in the process of change life sprung from the material of the universe, or mankind was made from mud as theistic evolutionists might say drawing upon ancient Biblical terminology. Creationists unfortunately have a more prestidigitator's cosmological interpretation of the Biblical verses pertaining to cosmology, based on anachronistic time and space literals. So, in order not to allow yet one more obfuscation of the terminological categories of evolution and creation to pass unchallenged I will reiterate my initial post on theistic evolution with just one more comment first; both evolutionists and creationists have a vested hierarchical trophic order of a 'priestly' caste that has arrogated their own particular slice of truth unto themselves for proprietary, financial purposes, as well as the compounding factor of historical confusion...neither side wants to allow the smallest increment of new synthetic analysis to enter the fray, and such a truth is Theistic Evolution.

Scientific and Christian cosmological paradigms may be inclusive rather than exclusive...logical categorical errors and indeterminacy of translation may be the source of confusion. This is a survey by the author of progressive creation and cosmology in what can be thought of as a theistic evolution of the Universe. For some large number of people living in the post-Scopes trial era the Bible's interpreted message of eternal life and salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ has seemed to be in contradiction to the more worldly and fungible evolution theory befitting a marketplace with less than ideal ethics as a rule. Is the issue really one of evolution from apes (crudely put) and blue-green algae vs. instant creation of mankind as Adam (Adams means brown dirt in Arabic)or one of Intelligent Design versus Dumb Random Design?

Scoffers at a Theistic Evolution of the Universe by God exist on both sides of the great divide of faith with atheists and commercial Christians unable to comprehend that the bow of the space-time ark of a Universe in which people find themselves alive was evolved by God with a past including forecastle, midships, poopdeck and stern.

Some would deny God's creative power to make a Universe with reversible mechanics held together by the complexity of reversibility, laws of thermodynamics and improbability of the reversibility of entropy. Others cannot believe that a point particle singularity could have been set in place from nothing by God or that a zero-dimensional brane could have existed from a beginning without time and suddenly received the impetus of time and motion-yet why should they if ancient Babylonian concepts and cosmological paradigms are available for the interpretation of Biblical concepts. After all, some might speculate, wasn't God intellectual as advanced in 1000 B.C. as he would ever be and wouldn't he disclose every physical mechanical aspect of the construction and history of the Universe to fallen humanity of that era? Didn't God want humanity to swiftly recover their omniscience from the tree of knowledge and create their own Universes and substances immediately perhaps like a super-powerful joker from the original Batman the movie?

Jesus Christ usually provided intelligence to his disciples in parables. Parables like allegories provide data without exact technical information. One might reasonably believe the same situation prevailed with Biblical references to cosmology, and that the fuzzy logic of physical paradigms described for ancient peoples served collateral purposes of withholding of dangerous technical information from primitives as well as not binding the cosmology of God to erroneous physical cosmological paradigms throughout future history-humanity could err in its discoveries of cosmology as it clanked along the millennia , while God could provide several cosmological paradigms consistent with observable mechanics and reason to far as it goes yet unbound to particular definite cosmology paradigms, for especially today it is the case that science has numerous alternate cosmological models of the Universe none of which are yet complete.

God has the theistic power to evolve the physical universe yet to alter it at his will. The miraculous and wonderfully beautiful nature of quantum uncertainty means that all possible worldlines for each individual particle in space-time exists simultaneously for every particle through the Universe, and perhaps through the future and past universe as well, and they must exist in a meta-field inclusive of space-time as virtual particles. There is an evident progression of the physical cosmos in a particular direction with definite change, and the Bible supports that premise of growth in many places, yet some would stick to the interpretive paradigms for Biblical literals given unto the dark ages, or deny the role of God altogether rather than to try to comprehend the wonderful nature of the albeit fallen Universe in which mankind exists as it was set into motion by God.

Inflation has passed the Big Bang as a likely cosmological origin in the present era I believe. Space-time is believed to have coexistentially expanded analogous famously to a balloon.

Many people make invalid disjunctive propositions conclusive for themselves regarding Christian cosmology and scientific cosmology. It is like saying the dumpster at McDonald's or Burger King, when there was a third choice of eats perhaps without a dumpster at all.
The Biblical chaos preceding the spoken word to begin order is considered by some equivalent to the pre - Higgs field inflationary chaos of high entropy.

The Higgs field expansion of course accelerated space and time, and the gravitational force eventually brought some of the field to contract and form into galaxies etc eventually. After 6 billion years that period was over, the Universe resumed expanding with renewed acceleration at 7 billion years-God rested on the 7th day, and cosmologists speculate that the present expansion toward high chaos/entropy (all the hills made low, the sun going red giant, more signs and shaking in the heavens) will continue until a state of highest possible entropy resumes.

2nd Peter 3:8 "8But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. 9The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance."

I think Peter was generalizing as best he could; the special theory was a bit beyond him at that date. The cosmological constant, another Higgs field possibly, is thought to be the element pushing space-time outward as a sort of anti-gravity. The Higgs field may be what gives all the other mass-like particles a seemingness of mass...that is it is relation to how they interact with the Higgs particles. Light quanta have no mass traveling at the speed of light. At the speed of light time does not exist at all. Time exists proportionally, maybe in ratio to the Lorenz transformation, to speed in any object. The faster one goes the lower the value of time one-object experiences within the special theory of relativity. God of course isn't subject to the time dimensional effects Himself unless he chooses to, because He is a spirit and certainly not interacting with a primordial Higgs field to experience time or speed necessarily within a contingent cosmos of His creation...

Brian Greene phrased the way people experience sight in an interesting way in the 2004 book 'The Fabric of the Cosmos'; he said (paraphrased) that certain waveforms (I interpolate of the M-Theory matrices strings or branes assortment) stimulate certain chemicals in the eye to give the experience of seeming to 'see' in the brain. That interesting point should stimulate some theological and philosophical cells perhaps asleep to consider the phenomenality of the cosmos as a for-itself, as what seems to be, even within an 'evolved' paradigm, and even how 'things' seem to have 'weight' within a Higgs field and within one's own senses within the Higgs Field and space-time possible 3 brane . Some cosmological theorists point out that the entire universe could have been created from 20 pounds of 'mass' that was hyper inflated in a Higgs Field. 20 pounds and all this exists...not exactly illusory, yet relative and very temporal. In physics theories even time is reversible or isotropic. The problem is is a statistically modeled exemplar chaotic distribution of everything toward disorder. Time can't improbably assemble particles or mass from disorder to order.

At the beginning, somehow from extreme chaos and entropy, the Universe and space-time immediately came into being with the most concentrated possible order. The spoken word to begin, the order for the right strings and branes to vibrate or resonate, whatever God choose to will to be, and eventually human life too. God's intervention in social reality, in order to give the sentient elements of His creation an opportunity to become reconciled unto his will, does occur within the context, for human beings, of the cosmos which he created.
Of course there is prophetic material in the Bible, and I would not stipulate that 'theology' is the purpose of all scripture, or even most of it.


However it is certain that God has 'superior knowledge of the cosmos and physics to humanity. It is humanity that sees through a glass darkly and is continually revising its cosmological opinions often for the better. The Bible is truthful and even its cosmological ideas will be consistent with what ultimately is.

I believe the prophets and apostles were often right about cosmological concepts even though they would have needed to be ignorant about it from a worldly basis. If one reads the pre -Socratics and other aboriginal traditions about creation the Bible is remarkable for what it does not say in error on the subject, and what is does have to say. Obviously it will have ideas that were simple and appropriate for the time written, yet will not become inconsistent with an increased understanding of the truth. Plainly the Bible could not alter its content periodically to coincide with the Ptolemaic, Copernican, Newtonian, Einsteinian and M-Theory versions of understanding what the Universe is.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Demo Party Wants Change; to Vote on Sending 'Bomb to White House

Nobel Laureate Al Gore invented the internet and has a plan for a better model when the present internet ends. Gravitons have been hard wired into the background unified field of quantum uncertainty and provide eleastic interactive computational Shannon entropy infoprmation feedback when stressed. Utilizing those gravitons will save a lot on land fill waste sink overuse from all those used notebook batteries.

The Democratic Party desired change in 2008 and voted on sending a 'Bomb to the White House. When it became evident that the diapers of democracy were over full and change was urgently needed just Hillary and Obama were thought capable, and they could be the light at the end of the tunnel of internet termination-which may not occur until 2012 incendentally in time for the next Presidential election.

When the end of the internet occurs, oil will still be the fuel of choice for Americans. A post modern cro-magnon restoration will bring back smoke signaling to accompany better internal combustion engines, and the promise of light at the end of the tunnel will mean that the nation building of Iraq will happen soon.

Senator Obama expressed a plan for America's energy future based on coal. Clean bathed coal without the stench of over-full fossil fuel technology was deemed the ticket. Coal worked well for England in the 19th century with just a little pollution, and will work well for Chicago too the Senator conjectured. It is believed that American ingentuity will invent new, cleaner home coal burning furnaces for every Chicago dwelling, and with the thousands of jobs created for people delivering coal loads of lumps will be leftover for Christmas stockings achieving the campaign motto of 'a lump of coal for every home'. Hamster cage loop driven internet power supply provider technology is being researched presently by Howard Dean's special Vermont Institue of Political Research, and a surge protector is ready to field test to prevent Hillary Clinton from taking office and developing a rival alternative energy based domestic jobs policy for the U.S.A. that could prevent the necessary phasing out of the internet by 2012.

For the end of the Internet as we know it, this comment goes out to those still able to decipher data bits in crystal lattices that aren't taxed...Small worlds network modeling of the Internet finds remarkable associate cluster conformity and neuronal transmission pathway congruence with other small worlds networks outside the universe of computing. Perhaps the Braham Institute of Cambridge U.K. has discovered some sort of electronic arterial sclerosis that isn't subject to pharmaceutical remediation yet it seems unlikely, since the origin of the Internet was in an U.S. Air Force project to make nuclear war survivable communications with redundant and independent routes of communication. September 2008 seems somewhat early for a conventional over-use gridlock of Internet bit sharing to occur, yet demyelination paradigms of data guide-paths precipitated into catastrophic transformation could develop consequent to concatenated information piracy creating an extreme Shannon entropy concurrence. Possibly a lot of global electromagnetic detonations producing (emp) pulses could shut down the global telecommunications network before an alternative system of flagging could be improvised. Space aliens could take over the Federal Government at any moment too, yet it seems improbably because of the inability of any intelligent life in the Universe to comprehend the rational for federal economic management policy that takeover by hostile aliens is improbably before October or November 2008.

Senator Edward Kennedy split the Democratic Party nominating primaries in 1980 when he ran against the incumbent Democratic President James Earl Carter. That was before the Internet era and before the creation of scheduled technological disasters. Ted Kennedy was the last candidate that sought to release committed delegates in order to change their vote allegiance. Hillary Clinton seeks to release the bound delegates forced to work for the Obama campaign (a candidate that claims to be able to unite the nation following the split after the civil war of 1860-1865). An Internet collapse will transplace U.S. time to the pre-electric era when slave importation had been forbidden just 20 years after the end of the articles of confederation era and federal sailing ships patrolled the coast to arrest slave running illegal alien ships. Senator Kennedy loathed Jimmy (The Peanut) Carter perhaps because of his southern, British ancestry (something similar to the Bill Clintons incidentally). Senator Edward Kennedy has again engineered support for a major split in the Democratic Party once again setting up a Republican victory by his declared support for Obama. In theory a racial bomb will go off if Obama isn't elected to 'heal' the racial divide and end the war in Iraq that ended in 2003 followed by an incompetent era of nation rebuilding efforts unassisted by Senator Obama the last three years still seeking to 'end the war'.

The interesting question to consider here before the Internet era ends possibly in September thus halting Internet campaign contributions to Democratic candidates is; 'How much is Obama really like J.F.K.'? We will briefly review President Kennedy's history from the intercepted alien historical rave communique of the time period before he ran for the Presidency, coincidentally in the year of Obama's birth (watch this for space alien juxtapositions)...

The young John F. Kennedy was raised in a cross binned hurricane. He was drowned and left for dead and raised by a toothless dispirited hag when his cigarette boat was cut in two offshore by a fast Japanese tourist cruise ship passing one night. John Kennedy and his crew of coke-heads with adolescent adjustment problems had engine troubles and were adrift before suddenly discovering their fast boat cut in twain and themselves plunged into the shark infested waters. With Senator Kennedy's leadership the ship was pieced together with super-glue and motored slowly to Kevins Bar in Molokai Bay where they survived on for a month on coconuts and pina coladas in a reality television show before rescue and education in an Indonesian madrasa where they ignored fellow students bowing to Mecca and became followers of Rhinehold Neibuhr. So did Barrack Obama.