Monday, April 28, 2008

About high food prices

Starvation management is a result of globalist corporatism and allocation of resources prioritization that regards entitlement options for food purchases of contingent importance compared to corporate profits and neo-classical economic paradigms that disregard externalities such as the planet's environment and eating as unimportant non sequiters if not within global corporate loop iteration requirements. Globalism provides numerous deleterious impacts upon national interests and local political autonomy. Globalist economics disdains national borders as hindrances to a global market-and that global market with absolute advantage globally for corporate producers means that production of local foodstuffs may be eliminated because of required importation of cheaper globally produced food that can be purchased unfortunately oftimes just by those with good jobs.

Farming is a business with roller coaster like output variables depending upon growing conditions; paradoxically in high output years food prices drop and farmers may lose money at the margins-that's why the United States has had food price supports historically for farmers in order to ensure an even food supply. With globally dominated food production eliminating farm subsidies may be required of the people because of W.T.O. that forbid letting governments support small local businesses such as family farms that compete with global farm corporations. Paradoxically if national governments do subsidize farms and many of them are globally owned corporate farms then the people of the nation are actually paying taxes to the globally owned corporate farms too as discrimination is verbotten.

In effect globalism wars upon ecological economics and rational comparative advantage criteria policies of nations that allow rational border control, food production for survival and development of vital new industries such as alternate power and alternate transportation modalities that permit ecologically rational technological progress and output to sale units that might compete with global economic control. Because global corporations control the broadcast media through ownership and propagandize the public as malodorous sycophants of evil irrational aggression the prospects for a right return to conservative ecological nationalism aren't good presently.

Higher food prices are managed by global corporate collectives along with higher fuel prices. The most powerful profit and broadcast incremental ideas to the masses as if they were being served.

Venturing into the difficult subject of food prices and hunger, starvation and political power isn't the usual subject for a philosopher. Philosophers may perhaps prefer to be more cautious and technical in their approaches to various macro-social issues. Such caution is requisite it seems for a meaningful attempt at accuracy in understanding and describing the etiology and status of macro-social, empirical circumstances of concern. Yet I will write anyway without the customary conservative deliberation and study preferred; it may be that such an approach works better in circumstances where the consequences aren't so immediate and dire. Hunger is a traditional tool of political power, and with the world moving off a more natural and locally controlled agrarian foundation for producing foodstuffs onto an industrial and post-industrial basis that even second and third world peoples aspire to join global political power more readily may influence the course of events, equipment, personnel and allocation of food and food production related resources in accord with their personal, proprietary collective management philosophy.

Following Robert Malthus' theories based on work for the British East Indian Company the economist Ricardo devised the infamous 'iron law of wages'. That hypothesis stated that the unlearned masses of peasant humanity would reproduce as fast and as numerously as available food allowed. A further corollary of economists of that era was that it would be cruel to allow the reproduction of vast numbers of ignorant people that would subsequently starve to death because population had exceeded temporarily food production and food cost. That was a rational to pay the lowest possible wages to workers and to impoverish them in accord with compassionate conservatism; the compassion lay in starving parents or potential parents far enough to prevent their birthing of large families doomed to suffering. Compassionate conservatism today updated to the global control era would perhaps logically allocate billions and billions or even trillions to the top 1% of income earners and starve the masses globally with high food costs in order to control global overpopulation.

Global overpopulation is obvious and well known as a pressure factor socially with a plethora of laws such as the Kyoto protocols adumbrated to control the effluence of six billion human beings over-stressing the global environment. Quality farmland is over-built with sprawling housing subdivisions to reduce food production, the green revolution has failed to produce higher and higher quantities of food on fewer possible acres, water resources are being over used and polluted-the desire for first world life-styles makes everything more expensive in many respects, including food that must be flown globally to satisfy the lustful appetites of the 'deserving' masses desiring quality lives formally reserved to royalty. The question is what can be done to keep down food costs, keep corn for human food instead of for automobile fuel and so forth.

Nationalism is the sole sober political formation capable of keeping democracy alive and under local control. Secure national borders without illegal alien immigration or large scale legal immigration for economic purposes are requisites for a non-corrupt form of capitalism. Capitalism that is allowed to corrupt rational boundaries for immediate profit is corruptitalism that rots reason, political rationality and a sustainable free enterprise driven economy with stable prices.

A corrupted capitalism that breaks all boundaries as is customary today destabilizes implicitly micro-economic structures including food. A stable economy is reprehensible to corrupted capitalists that seeks only abstract profits instead of a stable quality of life. Capitalism becomes equated with a radical concept of evolution theory and change for the sake of change is deemed politically good, and a survival of the fittest is deemed best, with the qualitative evaluation of the best reduced to a non-rational opinion that the survivor or remnant is the best de facto. One lame duck in a tarred nuclear world burning plutonium fires would be the best pinnacle for capitalist, corrupted evolution in such a theoretical framework. The frenzy of trade for itself having replaced the reason for trade, borders, stability and nations-even food becomes a commodity few have a right to posses, and even fewer to profit from as corrupted political and economic union in corporatism has eclipsed reason.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Carbon Dioxide Cap and Gown Collateral Laterals

Historically in the United States the association of cheap labor and working class neighborhoods as camp followers of old industrial start up in by-gone eras created the prospect for future slums following up after the end of the industrial era. Sometimes the industries left before environmental controls and concepts were adumbrated to delimit how far in exploiting humanity and the environment a business might go. There are yet other concerns about the 'externality' of pollution afoot today which we might consider...

Globalism has replaced the internationalism of the post world war two Breton Woods conferees with a takeover of the World Bank and International monetary fund driving support into the absolute advantage of global corporations trading in a fast-ouch so of way where no conscionable businesses would; moving so fast and far as business considerations allow to produce the most inefficient environmental products in the poorest nations with the cheapest labor thus avoiding the hindrance of environmental responsibility. The race to the bottom of ecological stewardship is an obvious consequence of globalist supremacy over national and international comparative advantage. Perhaps the carbon dioxide emissions cap and gown over the pollution reality is an example.

In the United States today, as well as elsewhere on the globe an emissions allowance of atmospheric composition altering gas-co2 based in part on national accountability in a global era with hippie- gypsy global corporations essentially without borders able to move their polluting businesses offshore when accountability in any one nation becomes too much means that the hapless national taxpayers will pay the real cost for co2 emitting businesses wither through taxes or by the hidden tax of runaway corporations moving to the Congo or wherever. It has been noted that a hidden cost of protecting (rather inefficiently too) the ecology of first world nations is the unintended effect of those ecological assailants in logging, mining, fishing, automobile production and so forth moving to ecologically defenseless poor nations without environmental or labor laws. In that regard the worst polluters move to dump the industrial waste from Europe or elsewhere via tramp shippers to African villages or their 'outback' in the jungle with a bribe or two to the local and regional Chief who isn't a chemical eco -engineer with a medical degree.

It is useful to remember that today's ecologically prosperous areas such as Montana become tomorrow's poor area. In Montana global warming has decreased annual snowfall to just 24 inches on average down quite a lot. Forest fires and the costs of extinguishing them have increased. In time the sort of tree that can survive the altered environment of Montana will need to change, and to avoid a poor environment in the future today arboreal planners should experiment and plant some forests after fires with trees better able to withstand drought , warmer temperatures and fire. Local areas should receive via their public universities funding to study and develop superconductor electricity storage loops submerged in liquid hydrogen created by solar electrolysis from water that could store solar and wind created power and avoid excess transportation costs that pollute a lot, are very inefficient and add much to global warming. Patent costs should be brought down by half and the time of a patent should be reduced to just ten years in order to expedite human technological proliferation of more efficient technologies. While it would be fine to innovate in a first world nation something like a Stradivarius loss prevention wireless device that would signal if the instrument became more than 20 feet distant from the owner, it's use in more generally applicable social and ecological conservation efforts would obviously be quite limited. As the 21st century progresses not only must Haiti receive lots of birth control and hydroponics gardening assistance, inventions must become available for generic application faster than twenty or 50 years if the foundations of poverty are to be erased and an ecological continuum of health developed.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Jesus Christ; Friend of Mankind

I think it is possible that Jesus Christ (aka 'God') can become the best friend of a living human being. One should be cautious about making such a proposition in a social context in which the hierarchical priesthood displaces the right priesthood of believers that should have followed the crucifixion and Pentecost. For practical organizational reasons elders in the pre-electric, chaotic social era in a Christian Church structure of meeting had more responsibility that just anyone to understand and carry on the ideas of the disciples and the Lord. Paul did his missionary work until beheaded in Rome writing letters and visiting city churches, and evangelization of Jesus Christ the the pre-eminent purpose of his life since meeting the Lord through a epiphany on the road to Damascus. In a social context when the concept of Jesus Christ is sold to anyone in order to create a revenue stream capable of supporting a myriad of proselytizers can the real Jesus Christ be found?

Just yesterday I heard one of a gaggle of broadcast preachers talk about people lacking 'an intimate and personal relationship' with Jesus Christ. That is it seems that though one has faith and believes that Jesus Christ was God in the form of a man and was resurrected there is still the obvious lacking of finding him lounging along the waterfront or river-walk some place today. The Lord should be a specific guy that maybe appears differently to different people and he would be in an 'intimate' relationship not unlike a non-sexed Mariah Carey who is a hovering miniature 'good conscience' figure and spiritual adviser who disappears out of the atmosphere conveniently whenever others might show up with crass ideas-so what does it mean to have Jesus Christ as one's best friend, really?

God created the entire universe, and that mystery of origin from One that became a plurality is rather eternally inexplicable to us humans I think. Cosmological theories at some point must always posit an eternally existing universe in some form or other that forms and perishes, reforms and changes, or another that came into existence from nothing hypothetically always existing materially as a part of a past or present universe-this form of thought leads to a belief in God that created the Universe.

The philosopher Plotinus developed Plato's cosmological ideas in a neo-Platonist work of essays called 'The Enneads'. That book endeavors to explain how 'The One' emanated everything else. Jesus Christ in such a context could be considered God or The One in such an appearance that intelligent beings created by The One could comprehend him, or meet with him through faith. Wouldn't it be a good idea then to have God-creator of one's self and everything else, as one's 'best friend'? How does one go about developing a relationship with Jesus Christ such that he is one's 'best friend'?.

Practically one should have a new testament Bible like a little Gideon's Bible with one for a lifetime and often read a chapter or two and learn well what the word of God is really about for oneself. As God is a transcendent being and Jesus Christ is the lawful way to have a relationship with the absolute perfect being one should have the laws of God written on the heart and mind. Jesus Christ was the perfect example of the laws of the old testament lived in a spiritual context. The old laws were designed to lead people to a right relationship with God through external observances, while Jesus Christ exemplified what one would be like if they could be acceptable to God because of the way they were without need of the external laws that permitted superficial following of God while the hearts were far from Him. Learning about Jesus Christ and seeking to follow His will will conform one over time unto the will of God that is knowable to humanity. God as Jesus Christ will become one's actual best friend-though he is transcendent and not quite like an Earth friend presently.

The concept of the Universe has several philosophical appearances about which a human make consider. I like to consider some of the physics cosmological aspects of quantum uncertainty such as is expressed by experts in the field. Like more classical philosophical expressions of perception and dimension quantum mechanical uncertainty implies that dimensionality and reality are intelligible interpretations of some sort of sense data a mind configures for-itself. Quantum mechanical super-positioning means that space and time may be arbitrary constructs of phenomenal experience. Jesus Christ might then interact with humans that have faith from a super-positioned quantum cosmological field. I don't mean to imply hocus pocus mysticism here such that the laws of physics might be altered now and then. It is likely that determinism of the unified field was conformed a priori to the teleology of God.

In the midst of all the quantum uncertainty and improbability of the existence of anything at all the wonder of having a friend in Jesus is even more marvelous. He can rescue those that are willing from the extreme challenges of original sin and the imperfectness that leads people too turn away from the reason of God.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Illegal Aliens Worm Through N.A.F.T.A. Borders

International trade hard wired into globalization developed with a theoretical framework of comparative advantage driving support for promotion of national output bilaterally with specialized production. In the basic paradigms of neo-classical economics labor and capital are presumptively indigenous remaining in a given nation. Calculations about comparative advantage derived from bilateral specialization of trade that allows each respective nation to produce goods that are less costly for itself and reciprocally export goods expensive for another nation to produce. The economist Ricardo developed the idea of comparative advantage is a part of the grail of neo-classical economics bring people together for N.A.F.T.A. talks in New Orleans today. N.A.F.T.A. has corrupted the domestic U.S. labor market simply because labor is not immobile, and foreign labor has arrived to displace U.S. jobs from northern seasonal workers in five key southern states.

Because capital and labor are not immobile Ricardo's calculations about the comparative advantages of international trade are incomplete and inaccurate. Anisotropic economic advantages may accrue to the people doing the trade and travelling to take jobs regardless of national borders. In the long run capitalism is pursued from a paradigm of creating the most minimal advantage for nations and people instead of the greatest advantage for nations and people. International trade and globalism have created a global class of corporatist-socialist elites that simply allocate global resources wherever they like to create wealth for themselves with the apologetics of capitalism used to justify a straw man argument that there is only one road to travel through the country of capitalism, and the low, swampy road the globalists have selected is supposed to be the only one.

In the United States millions of northerners from states such as Washington, Michigan. Maine, New York, Pennsylvania and South Dakota still worker out of doors occupationally. With the long range outsourcing of good paying industrial jobs hundreds of thousands or millions of these Americans may have no work available when the cold of winter sets in. House paining, lawn mowing and a number of the jobs dry up in winter leaving the worker the choice of collecting unemployment benefits, charity or starving homelessness or traveling to the warmer southern states such as California, Arizona, Texas, Florida and South Carolina where in theory he should be able to reenter full time the U.S. construction, laboring and other occupations that continue in winter. Instead the northern has found that an Army of illegal aliens from Mexico have swamped the U.S. job market in the south gutting wages and making seasonal employment much more difficult to find. Phoenix is the best example. While the city of Phoenix has built special drive through illegal alien worker pick up facilities the legal worker may find nothing at the lawful employment services that charge a higher wage. For some time I might ride a bike from Phoenix to Apache Junction from 3 a.m. to a Labor Ready in hope of finding work to no avail, at least that year I got to see a space shuttle pass overhead the morning as I stood in line at a Labor Finders at 4 a.m. before it burned up in re-entry.

Without comprehensive border security N.A.F.T.A. is a treaty of corruption that further guts the U.S. labor market and the security for a good job that any citizen should have. With the support of the global broadcast media the drive by government of the United States can wise-guy delete the property of rights and rights of property that all Americans should have. The U.S. Congress, the administration and all three presidential candidates are clueless about the corrupting effects of N.A.F.T.A. on the domestic U.S. job market, and they really don't give a damn because they are investors in the global stock market that builds up China and impoverishes Wrangell Alaska and San Angelo Texas.

A seasonal October to May bounty should be placed on illegal foreign workers such that unemployed northerners could collect 20 dollars a head for turning in illegal alien workers locations and identities to border patrol agents when they can find them-at least that part trime job would double the benefit of capturing rival foreign workers subverting the meaning of comparative advantage that should exist in N.A.F.T.A. If the border is zero illegal entry enforced then wages will rise in both nations, and ecological economic policy may have a chance to develop as well.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Obama, Hillary and Ecological Economics

Obama, Reverend Wright and the brothers of inner city support believe they can change Washington D.C. politics in four years-they have solid white support too in many locals yet isn't that something like a Jimmy Carter approach to things? Are Obama and the Reverend Wright brothers a likely team to clean up the Bush administration train wreck-or would Billary have a better shot?

History is a broad concept; one might have a philosophy of history and speculate about the role either Obama or Hillary would have in it if either were to be elected President and somehow displace the qualified candidate Senator John McCain. Yet we shall play this game of speculating about which would be more important to Minerva the owl of history but first, an historical word about the incumbent President George W. Bush who is more appropriately situated for historical analysis. Just what has he done to set up the United States for the future?

The Bush administration train wreck could have been avoided by voters at least by the second term. The economy is now in recession, there is raging inflation, unemployment is up, oil is going for 112 dollars a barrel, the federal debt is trillions and trillions and the federal budget deficit is annually in the billions, the national trade deficit has set records, illegal alien immigration continues, the environment is in decline, fishing is bad, a war in Afghanistan is losing its victory a little at a time as the Taliban and sundry Muslim terrorists continue to attack government forces, the nation building of Iraq requires nearly a 130,000 garrison troops annually to proceed with national costs to the U.S.A. in the hundreds of billions of dollars each year with hundreds of annual U.S. casualties. With such a record the historical position of Billary or Obama (their gender or skin color) seems somewhat meaningless. History would judge either of them, if historians are sharp, on their response to the challenges facing the nation.

Americans may be a sort of people that values race or gender more than competence in its politicians. Quality is significant perhaps only to those not so well off. A people that would import foreign cars while its forefathers invented the production line, and that would import hundreds of billions of dollars worth of oil annually when it had pioneered world oil production beginning in the U.S.A. is a people that are transitioning from a creeative majority into a repressive minority reliant upon exploitation of global cheap labor to prop up its Wal-Marts-remember when Sam Walton had so many 'made-proudly-in-the U.S.A. labels in stores?

Bill Clinton demonstrated in his second term what a President can do without a majority of his party in Congress-just adjust certain executive agency regulations and use the Bully's pulpit to persuade Americans to pressure their congress people to vote his way-if he has a moral ability to make a public p.r. case. Obama hasn't an ability to change Washington D.C. (get rids of the elected officials?) as he seems to believe-the President can just execute the laws congress makes and the President signs into law. Neither is the President a dictator able to fire elected officials. John McCain had zero ear-marked pork barrel bills last year. Obama had 53 (still learning) while Hillary had 250 (practice shows its her second term).

Ecological economics is an essential requirement for rectification of the U.S. morass globally that piecemeal dismantles the posterity of the nation. A nation that buys its energy from abroad cannot reasonably be expected to prosper-Americans are to complacent to produce their own energy at home or at least demand that political leaders work to that end. In 3000 years at present population growth the weight of humanity would be more than that of the planet Earth. I have been mining a brilliant text on ecological economics recently that provides data on the irrational growth driven policy of neoclassical economics-even John Stuart Mill realized that economic growth cannot be sustained at the cost of environmental harm. Politicians must be able to rationally evaluate environmental ends and comprehend prioritization of ecological continuity. For the slow learners in the business and political worlds everything that the market entails can be bought and sold in a universal perpetual motion economic machine that will recycle with complete efficiency its own waste products. That violates the first and second laws of thermodynamics. The Earth is finite and qualitative growth in a steady-state economic sphere that does not reduce the natural biosphere is necessary for sustainable human life on Earth and for a quality U.S.A. Neither Bomb or Billary have expressed positive plans to move into a steady-state ecological economic direction.

As a tool for globalist subversion of the Government and people of the United States the election of a Kenyan (African) citizen Barrack Hussein Obama, who also holds U.S. citizenship would be of historical significance. Barrack Obama as a citizen of Africa could have dual loyalties as well as unknown Kenyan brothers and sisters, some of whom could be affiliated with Al Qa'eda. The concept of electing sons or daughters of visiting sex tourists to the highest political office of a nation isn't a novel way of breeding foreign conquests. Historically royal dynasties have formed liaisons and alliances of powerful international houses through marriage or unmarried sexual relations (sex in this instance isn't defined as surfing in Hawaii). Barrack Obama's failure to comprehend the tone of American interests is perhaps a consequence of being raised far outside the heart of the nation-in Indonesia and Hawaii, each of which are farther east of Salina Kansas than Denver.

The Democratic Party's observers await the hidden Obama to go off during the primary season, when he reveals his true core beliefs and loyalties. It is evident that the candidate for the U.S. Presidency is an elitist and not a centrist, a tool of special interests from the extreme and not an ordinary American from St. Louis or Oklahoma City. What hidden beliefs really motivate the son of a Muslim and father of a Muslim, each of whom live outside the United States on two different continents?

While Senator McCain in all likelihood will be elected in November 2008, the rhetorical firestorm from the Democratic Party may be intense as the extreme Democratic Party leaders in Boston and San Francisco believe they have backed Americans into a virtually captive political condition without much choice and must vote for a radical. While the Democratic Party congressional leadership seems mealy mouthed it is hard to hear any sort of environmental economics policy reform from them (I am reading a text on the subject presently at it is genuinely radical). The United States not only has an ignorant neo-classical growth oriented economics pursuit, its leaders do not comprehend the inexorable wrong logic of reduction of the quality of the global environment while building up a population with finite resources on a policy of increasing consumption. The bad news is that the development of environmental economic policy in government will trail the destruction of the environment and degradation of the political and social environments too by at least a half century; I reckon it will take at least two generations for economics to move beyond its neo-classical quagmire.

The selection of Barrack Obama for President would foist a race qualified neo-foreign neophyte upon the American people to guarantee the further erosion of U.S. sovereignty with an open Mexican border bleeding away the labor wage rights of non financial service sector, non white collar or medical industry and government worker U.S. citizens. The election of Hillary Clinton would sap the concept of term limits, and thus John McCain with his independent fortitude able to resist encroaching alien and retarding forces is the sole viable candidate for the office in 2008.

The failure of moral political leadership in 2008 is significant; in California Arnold Swz. as Governor of that sorry state advocated support for the abomination of homosexual 'marriages' recently. His father was a Hitler S.A. military radical (the S.A. was initially a radical homosexual organization-the storm troopers-of Aryan supermen violating every moral law in the revolutionary state to create a way for Hitler's Nazi Party to take power). President Bush will attend the Beijing show piece Olympics while Tibetans are brutalized by corrupt police and military forces. Tibetans have a right to be rid of oppressive Chinese communist-fascist tyranny and exist as a confederated state. The brutal repression of Tibet should be a warning for Taiwan-and perhaps Taiwan should base more advanced weapons able to counter-strike a Chinese putch one day. At the minimum President Bush should wear the armband with the pre-invasion flag of Tibet if he kow tows to the Olympic opening ceremony in order to get post-presidential corporate contracts for special interests from the Red leadership. Barrack Obama isn't advocating total closure of the Mexican border and reinforcement of the terms of N.A.F.T.A. simultaneously with a renegotiating of N.A.F.T.A. to exclude Mexican trucks from entering the United States-that is a failure of moral leadership too, as is his support for abortion and notion that 'guns and religion' are the opium of bitter white masses in Pennsylvania.

If Americans are simply daft followers of whatever economic and political power is presented to them by the corporatist global powers and their broadcast media then they will acquiesces in these 'Deemocratic' party extremists that are not hardly solid, simple and democratic at all. Yet there is light at the end of the tunnel-at least every 20 years the Democratic Party runs some good candidates (1992)-yet the down side of that is that they picked the wrong one then anyway.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Nationalism, Iraq & Environmental Economic Remedies

Nationalism is an important 21st century political concept, one upon which the future of political self-determination in the next century rests. For individualism to continue to exist as the goal of liberalism, and for the expression of individual development to find support from political entities of power that decree what any human soul may or may not do, to limit the powers of government to largely external, necessary regulatory pursuits that support individual liberties national primacy must remain the basic foundation of politics if the massified degradation of human life is to be avoided.

It might be best to consider particular nations, or even a particular nation first in quest of a comprehension of the meaning of a nation, yet the nations of the world vary so much in history and in meaning for the people of those nations. Nations do have set, specific boundaries which are made in declaration of the realm of political jurisdiction of the governing power.

Iraq has a history that may exceed that of any other on the Earth. If one wants to describe a nation by the characteristic of its geographic area, Iraq encompassed the first civilization at Summer and Akkad. It was conquered by numerous neighboring people yet retained a cultural identity as an ancient 'melting pot'. The Achemenid empire of Iranians or Persians followed upon the ancient civilizations of Ur and Babylon, and rule by Assyrians, Greeks and Romans. A Parthian and Sassanid Empire restored Persian rule for a time until the battle of Qadisiyya in 636 in which Arabs conquered the region of Iraq...their Abbasid power went in to decline by the 10th century.

Between the 10th century and 1638 when the Ottoman Empire was firmly established to last until the early 20th century when they were defeated by the British in the first world war and Iraq was formally created as a nation in 1920 by the British Government Iraq has a host of invasive ruling powers from a son of Genghis Khan to Tamarlane the Turk who bragged about piling up a mountain of skulls. Even amidst all of the horrors of war and repression of corrupt governments the Mesopotamian region by the rivers had an informal identity as a nation-it would impress itself upon those that lived and died in the region.

A nation today such as Iraq is in the midst of the perennial struggle for free individual self-actualization and security, and the United States of America is helping with that process. Life and time is fleeting however; determination and intelligence are reciprocal elements necessary to bring the politically possible into the realm of the politically actualized. So before we move on to more generally considerations about the nature of what a nation is, lets consider some of the 21st century requisites in macro-economics that might be recognized to stabilize the ongoing civil strife in Iraq created by governing power malfeasance...

U.S. Iraq policy implementation increasingly is inefficient. Macro-economic restructuring in Iraq is directed toward neo-classical policies of growth and consumption. Economic growth is considered a necessary fact for the improvement of the quality of life. The realm and range of economic growth and its effects upon th environment isn't considered sufficiently to coincide with an efficient application of economic policy.

Military power is used at substantial cost to the United States to restore or build toward a neo-classical economic structure in national Iraq. A better approach would be to use principles of developing environmental economics. Utilization of environmental biotic and abiotic elements can be done in such a way that the allocation of resources and employment of social effort increase social peace rather that conflict. The present Bush administration hasn't had much appreciation of real-world environmental economics since the end of the 2003 Gulf war perhaps because its neo-con political assumptions bet that neo-classical economic goals and structures would be applied for universal profit even with recalcitrant or unwilling Iraqis in the midst. The neo-classical assumptions were inefficient and presented paradigms of insolvable macro-social dilemmas that required sustenance by a largess of U.S. federal spending for inefficient military and civil contractor projects. The military can not inevitably be used to prop up with success inefficient macro-economic foreign policy.

The United States cannot simply withdraw and enable a further chapter of tragedy in Iraq, yet with a new administration and a host of environmental economists unconventional, adaptive economic policy might be set in Iraq to empower the people to peace through home-power production, canal building and wetlands restoration projects and through a survey of new interactive economic structures with existing free natural services such as the atmosphere and its free oxygen delivery for breathing work. The use of that atmosphere as a sewer for automobile, truck and industrial waste should be halted, and electric vehicle platforms accentuated to replace them a.s.a.p. Yet to return to the general subject of nations...

A nation is a noun in a genre of political terms describing formation and boundaries. While time presents tensors of perpetual change cohesion and coherence of various peoples within an electrical communications context or without offers opportunities challenging conceptualization of what makes the bonds holding an identity group together actual.

In considering the idea of what makes a political classification meaningful, and representative of the object it designates it is useful to consider the historical evolution of human social groups in order to understand how and why nationalism developed as a term.

Out of Africa perhaps 100,200 years before present just 2000 male ancestors became the forebears of all living human beings (along with their women). Dispersion of those individuals from a metaphorical 'ark' led across the globe to cultural and physiological differentiation. There are perhaps 50 specific genes found uniquely in various human sub groups as a consequence of the diaspora from ground zero. The differences are not at all bad nor do they constitute a vast gap for human understanding. Melanin for example allows utilization of radiation for ways unavailable for those without, and malarial preventing gene adaptation is useful.

Humanity forging local identities as peoples sometime coalescing and sometimes diverging. Like corporations and monopolies there are periods of diversification and consolidation toward monopolization. Language and culture have experienced the same characteristics of group association. Nations tend to be longer lasting, more substantial clumps of human social and political association, yet in the river of time they tend to disassociate and dissolve after universal phases or less than universal phases in even arrested developments.

Nations such as Israel began with the legendary entry of Abraham into the promised land following the call of God. Egypt began as a nation or as an empire in the fourth millennium B.C., while the Shang culture grew historically following the cult of the Yellow Emperor. Charlemagne, son of the illegitimate Charles Martel who defeated the Arab armies of the Umma at Tours in the 8th century was the founder of the Carolingian Empire, and eventually of the Holy Roman Empire. That entity encompassed France and Germany, which in turn occupied what had been a part of trans-alpine Gaul during the Roman tenancy. Nations that spun off over the following centuries comprised bargaining units sometime fighting through wars and joining through dynastic marriages lands with peoples moving toward a common language with common interests. The protestant reformation and the renaissance brought trans-national movement that also formed common bonds. Governments and nations have tended to develop along natural boundaries as well with social organizational phenomena sometimes of a trans-national nature.

The word nation may be used by Pee Wee Herman's Big Show Wunderbar Nation, if such were in demand on reality t.v., or in Fred Toughguy's used car nation, or even in the Nation of Crumpets-yet it is the political nation historically that we pursue the meaning of. Some would identify the origin of nations with democratic revolts against empires of Europe and that would be fair, yet it is unfair to discredit Vernagian Sweden as a nation before the 12th century just because they liked northern boating and giving lung water-wings with incisions to captives.

One might consider a republic to be for concept of a nation. The Republic of Plato, The Roman Republic, the U.S. Republic and others were republics sometime greater than city-state status. From language to language what makes a nation out of a people-be it the Cherokee nation, the Sioux nation, the Aztecs or the Parthians is fairly well understood. People may be free or captive, savages or sophisticates but their identity as either tribes or selected members of an exclusive political body with a territorial and power identity comprising Independence amidst the world's people is recognized. A nation does seem to have the most general set of qualifiers for inclusion of a people within a political unit. Many peoples historically have simply named themselves 'the people' in their own language, and the people have tended to have a turf of their own in which their 'nation' lived.

Florence of the Medici was a Republic in the 14th and 15th century at a time when the Ottoman Empire occupied the whole of the Balkan peninsula. The Medici and the Hapsburgs with their possession of Vienna juxtaposed various renaissance ideas of imperialism and populism alongside traditions of an Eastern and Western Roman Empire as well as the great empires from history south of the Mediterranean sea within a social maelstrom of general progress and change. At one time their were three popes simultaneously ruling from Avignon, Rome and with Pope John the Twenty-Third a fugitive until arrested and eventually ransomed free. Machiavelli developed political ideas of nationalism and how a prince should rule over corrupt people and corrupt human nature within the cunning of a fox and the strength of a lion, and Machiavelli's ideas supported a growing European polity seeking to express itself eventually through a free press, free assembly and a variety of civil liberties concepts designed to correct not only the corruption of a decadent Catholic Church hierarchical priesthood in which Bishop's miters were bought and sold and one pope was accused of seducing more than a hundred Italian women but to support the home-rule of people exploited by distant monarchs and threatened by a vast collection of oppressive government officials. Nationalism as a political concept matured as turmoil politically and wars disestablished political regimes and the people with an emergent in intellectual class were forced to fend for themselves.

Nationalism developed in England as a natural progression of competition by various different peoples such as Scotch, Irish, Brits, Normans, Welsh and Vikings striving under different political and family traditions to survive as free people. Even the Romans with Julius Caesar fought as a nation of Italians and with an expanded Republic turned into an Empire to control England, France or trans-Alpine Gaul, Spain and Carthage. Nations developed somewhat naturally as a political concept expressing popular interests from below, while empire's ruled from above and forced everyone into a common bondage and servility except for the nobility. In imperial Russia the table of ranks gave every noteworthy person a royal rank down to 200 levels, and the remainder were serfs or meaningless traders, yet the people still had a concept of a nation that would survive the end of the empire, the end of Stalinist communism and into the 21st century beyond two world wars. Nationalism bound Russian Slavs together both in race, language, history and land. History itself can make people a part of a nation.

In South Africa external pressures brought Afrikaners together to feel themselves a nation. Brits tended to think of themselves as part of an empire, while Zulu's with their fairly recent arrival in South Africa historically felt themselves as a nation even as they traveled along east Africa subjugating various Bantu peoples in the process. Zulu sailors making their way to ancient Iraq felt themselves in all likelihood part of an extended nation, as Saudis may today with their extreme oil wealth surpassing even Exxon-Mobils' U.S. record 40 billion dollar profit last fiscal year.

In Germany it was the failure of a nation and sense of nationalism to be fulfilled until the unification of east and west Germany in 1990 that had bedeviled that people with a congress of wars and government change since the Napoleonic invasion of the early 1800's. Not until 1917 did the German's get rid of it royalty, and democracy was aborted by the third Reich as the people pressured on the west by post war reparations and territorial demands and on the east by a huge Bolshevik menace succumbed to the militarism that was largely a continuum from the deposed nobility. The Werhmacht leadership sent the charismatic speaker Adolph Hitler to the German Workers Socialist Party to take over it's leadership and the rest is history. Germans with incredible civil financial chaos and hyperinflation were pushovers for militaristic voodoo economics that led to war. Germany had only become a nation in 1881 finally ridding itself of Austrian rulers (Hitler was also from Vienna).

Nationalism is a fundamental territorial definition for a democracy. Nationalism is a finite political bargaining unit. A nation is a way of drawing a line against the rest of the world in making a claim of political independence. A nation is a way to deny global predators the opportunity to plunder one with a plethora of taxes, disadvantages and vague corruptions that effectively deny one and other citizens the right of local political self-determination. A democratic nation is the bane of emperors and planetary proletarians seeking to redistribute servility to everyone.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

On the end of the Internet as we know it, this one goes out to those still able to decipher data bits in crystal lattices...Small worlds network modeling of the Internet finds remarkable associate cluster conformity and neuronal transmission pathway congruence with other small worlds networks outside the universe of computing. Perhaps the Braham Institute of Cambridge U.K. has discovered some sort of electronic arterial sclerosis that isn't subject to pharmaceutical remediation yet it seems unlikely, since the origin of the Internet was in an U.S. Air Force project to make nuclear war survivable communications with redundant and independent routes of communication. September 2008 seems somewhat early for a conventional over-use gridlock of Internet bit sharing to occur, yet demyelination paradigms of data guide-paths precipitated into catastrophic transformation could develop consequent to concatenated information piracy creating an extreme Shannon entropy concurrence. Possibly a lot of global electromagnetic detonations producing (emp) pulses could shut down the global telecommunications network before an alternative system of flagging could be improvised. Space aliens could take over the Federal Government at any moment too, yet it seems improbably because of the inability of any intelligent life in the Universe to comprehend the rational for federal economic management policy that takeover by hostile aliens is improbably before October or November 2008.

Senator Edward Kennedy split the Democratic Party nominating primaries in 1980 when he ran against the incumbent Democratic President James Earl Carter. That was before the Internet era and before the creation of scheduled technological disasters. Ted Kennedy was the last candidate that sought to release committed delegates in order to change their vote allegiance. Hillary Clinton seeks to release the bound delegates forced to work for the Obama campaign (a candidate that claims to be able to unite the nation following the split after the civil war of 1860-1865). An Internet collapse will transplace U.S. time to the pre-electric era when slave importation had been forbidden just 20 years after the end of the articles of confederation era and federal sailing ships patrolled the coast to arrest slave running illegal alien ships. Senator Kennedy loathed Jimmy (The Peanut) Carter perhaps because of his southern, British ancestry (something similar to the Bill Clintons incidentally). Senator Edward Kennedy has again engineered support for a major split in the Democratic Party once again setting up a Republican victory by his declared support for Obama. In theory a racial bomb will go off if Obama isn't elected to 'heal' the racial divide and end the war in Iraq that ended in 2003 followed by an incompetent era of nation rebuilding efforts unassisted by Senator Obama the last three years still seeking to 'end the war'.

The interesting question to consider here before the Internet era ends possibly in September thus halting Internet campaign contributions to Democratic candidates is; 'How much is Obama really like J.F.K.'? We will briefly review President Kennedy's history from the intercepted alien historical rave communique of the time period before he ran for the Presidency, coincidentally in the year of Obama's birth (watch this for space alien juxtapositions)...

The young John F. Kennedy was raised in a cross binned hurricane. He was drowned and left for dead and raised by a toothless dispirited hag when his cigarette boat was cut in two offshore by a fast Japanese tourist cruise ship passing one night. John Kennedy and his crew of coke-heads with adolescent adjustment problems had engine troubles and were adrift before suddenly discovering their fast boat cut in twain and themselves plunged into the shark infested waters. With Senator Kennedy's leadership the ship was pieced together with super-glue and motored slowly to Kevins Bar in Molokai Bay where they survived on for a month on coconuts and pina coladas in a reality television show before rescue and education in an Indonesian madrasa where they ignored fellow students bowing to Mecca and became followers of Rhinehold Neibuhr. So did Barrack Obama.