Saturday, March 29, 2008

Obama's Hillary Bashing Butches

Supply and demand facts set gas prices. The role of government taxation on the price of gas is far more complex. One might gas taxes by world governments to those of the United States to determine if the difference is enough to create a national advantage or disadvantage in world trade and domestic economic efficiency. The primary phenomenality about the cost of fuel within the whole U.S. economy is the reliance of the nation upon it, and what tax money on fuel is done to discover a way to eliminate fossil fuel from use a the essential energy for domestic transportation because of the high external costs needed to secure supply from dangerous world locations such as Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Nigeria. The present presidential candidates for the democratic party seem to have failed to comprehend the facts about oil supply, or at least B. Hussein Obama has failed to comprehend the relationship of American involvement in Iraq to oil supply, and how the war tax is in effect a necessary tax upon gasoline to secure supply. Thus I will write more about the problem of Senator Obama and the immediate candidacy against Hillary Clinton, because the outcome of that race will determine the price of gasoline for years to come. Obama is the way to high gas prices, national economic disaster and high gasoline taxes, while Senator Clinton is more competent regarding the realities of oil.

Bomber's Butches are beating Hillary's April primary campaign with a vengeance, and a purpose. Obama's non-sense about U.S. Iraq and oil policy doesn't get through to his step up to the urinal supporters from Vermont and Massachusetts that simply prefer to suck up to Obama instead of Hillary in the White House, so I will clarify some of the disingenuous facts about U.S. oil policy and Iraq.

First; democratic policy regarding Iraq since the sanctions were set upon it following the first Gulf War were cowardly. The Democrats never had the guts to face up to the real oil and political facts of life. When their narcissistic naked butts are in the field they are sure the kindness of strangers will bring Utopia rather than a bullet in the head; they can block out the undesirable realities of the democide that enabled during the sanctions by Saddam Hussein on innocent women and children. So long as democrats could drive SUV's and buy oil for a buck and a quarter a gallon dead women and children in Iraq caused by U.N. sanctions was hunkie dorrie. Obama has the same sort of false consciousness in his deleteriously inane ideas about Iraq policy potential the next couple of years.

Cold, naked facts are that people will take what you have even when you are homeless and without hope. B. Hussein Obama's planks do not offer hope-they deny hope of real progress on alternate energy policy. Energy independence for the United States must occur before reliance upon global oil is broken. Rational political plans to accomplish that need to develop before a new President takes office. Maybe McCain could get such legislation through congress if he choose, yet that's doubtful as the most powerful corporations in the world are largely run by board members with oil company board connections.

Americans have allowed themselves to become totally dependent upon oil and gas for transportation and have sold out their inheritance in the process. Life is easier going downhill until one hits the bottom. The Persian and Iranian Gulf States produce much of the world's oil and have been strategic U.S. interests since the Carter administration-in all that time nothing has changed and it will not in the next five years. Dhahran and Bahrain are still vital oil sources. Sea Island Terminal at Ras Tannurah and Ra's al Ju'aymah (LPG) are still Arabian fossil fuel points, and Iraq has underground potentials capable of keep fossil fuel production costs and sales quantities within reason the next decade or two, until global corporations have thoroughly conquered the U.S. political scene and subverted every aspect of U.S. national energy independence.

Most Americans aren't that bright, in some ways people are like ignorant neanderthals simply seeking to ride the wave of whatever social-economic facts exists without inventing for themselves. I have no problem with everyone having a right to exist without being a genius, yet the naked brutes have no reluctance to make slaves out of everyone-they are checked simply by a balance of forces that may be subtly shifted by corrupt power. I mention this fact simply to reiterate the point that U.S. politics isn't dominated by careful political reasoning but instead by choices of concatenated personal selfishness without political philosophy at all. A majority will support anything amorally that would advantage themselves and their family interests.

Iraq cannot be abandoned within 18 months. Anarchy or terrorism cannot be allowed to return to murder women and children, disrupt Iraqi oil production and create instability in the middle east greater than it presently is. The Iraqi government and it's oil fields must be defended until they are safe. The Persian Gulf is a strategic U.S. national interest and simultaneously a costly involvement that can be keep at arms length only through a progressive movement toward national personal energy independence with as much electricity generated at homes and businesses as possible. Obama's notion that the Iranians. al Qa'eda, the Saudi royal family and its army, the Syrians, Turks and others will spontaneously help Iraq to govern itself peaceably if the U.S. unilaterally withdraws is the most substantial idiocy imaginable in the realm of likely political resolutions of a policy scenario. Chaos would be likely to follow a unilateral U.S. withdrawal and fueld prices might increase to 1000 dollara a barrel of oil if the Saudi fields are set aflame. Al Qa'eda might like to cut off oil supplies from the middle east to the U.S.A. and Europe in order to strengthen Muslim fundamentalist revolution against western Vermontian depravity.

Some people believe the Democratic Party sucks yet still believe that Barrack's butches from the North Eastern United States seek to paradoxically repudiate the last democratic administration to rule the White House and that brought the Lewinsky infamy and the concept of volunteer female student intern mouthpiece training under lawyers to the public attention. A repudiation of the last Clinton administration by democratic supporters and voters for Obama is difficult for Obama to articulate in the Pennsylvania primary. After all why, when the nation ran an incredible budget surplus by the end of the second term of the Clinton's should the unfortunate efforts to gay up the military, socialize national health care and war upon Serbians be renounced as well-when they are probably all Obama planks this time too. Perhaps the only thing the Obama could accomplish as well as Bill Clinton in the oval office would be to review the female (or male perhaps with the Gerry Studds/Tedd Kennedy/Howard Dean democratic plank in his corner) student interns for training below a lawyer.

There may be 20 billion Internet websites and this is just one of them. All people have a right to express their own opinion for others to read if they choose. This isn't a corporate broadcast forced by one of a few channels to millions of ears and minds of illiterate or comic book level literate followers. I think it would be a good idea, even if I only have a few readers and sell just a rare book now and then, for ballots in the future to have a 'none of the above' square for voters to mark in case there just isn't a reasonable choice for President in some particular election. U.S. voters shouldn't be compelled to appear to agree that their is a real choice when there isn't-dissent should be tallied too, so the public can now that those globalist seeking to starve them out of cabin and cut off their electricity and dis-empower their notebook computer, enslave them with a hag or feminize them with a zillion regulations don't really represent public interests, and one's own.