Monday, October 29, 2007

Santa Ana Winds Savage California and The Governagger

The Governagger lacked adequate fire prevention intension for the 2007 California fire season. Not realizing that he wasn’t in Austria anymore, and without the unreality of total recall to help the Governagger seemed to expect a Mary Poppins to fly in in case of fire disaster to fight the flames cresting on Santa Ana’s fell blows from the south. The Governagger forgot that only he can prevent forest fires.
The U.S.A. Today printed a map of the California fire locations this year and in that of the last year-the recurrent locations near population clusters with the broad expanse of the unpopulated sections of forest untouched was indicative of an arson problem. Like the Hurricane Katrina disaster Republican unconcern for disaster a priori was a substantive factor in the loss of billions of dollars of real property and thousands of homes. With the Bush era build the public deficit plan to prevent responsible taxation on transnational corporations adequate fire prevention upgrades in Southern California were improbable. Is human political reason so deficient that wildfires cannot be dampened down to better manageable levels a priori?

At the least the Governagger might have invented pigeon drop fireproof plopping emergency materials techniques to cover threatened homes with airborne fireproof glop, or at least had ground mobile delivered no-burn house covering foam or no-burn bags for homes produced from southern California materials technology laboratories. Treating the forest fire and public health disaster ensuing as an Oktoberfest of natural occurrence isn’t an adequate governance of that portion of the nation-and the Republican just seek profits from disaster policy isn’t an acceptable way to jump start the moribund housing market nor to prevent growing problems caused by illegal immigration to the United States.

Illegal immigration from Mexico swells the population of the American southwest radically. Instead of a stable population growth of a well educated English speaking society the south western states are inundated with millions of Spanish speaking, poorly educated undocumented aliens straining water and wild resources. Nothing can be done to substantively move the interstate public policy toward environmental conservation because of the preference of trans-national corporations that own the Presidency to degrade the quality of the U.S. electorate. The trouble with the corporatist conquest of American politics and broadcast media is that capitalism and the profit motive cannot replace democracy, national self-interest and environmental conservation-only displace them.

Naturally occurring droughts are a part of nature the planetary biota adapts too; what is conformable to natural ecosystem changes are gross human exploitation of natural resources indifferently based on abstract velocity of cash flow without regard to the depletion of resources. Some capitalists unfortunately believe that the profit motive invariable is moved by a hidden anthropomorphic deity that will guide and govern society while everyone does business. Adam Smith's invisible hand' concept was intended to describe the effects of market competition, supply and demand phenomena-not a way to avoid the work of rational government of society. Capitalism will not optimally govern national or local interests; instead it will adapt a posteriori to the way things are and supply what is in demand. If the south west encounters water shortages it will seek to sell more water or lever water from distant regions rather than analyze or correct the cause of the harm to the environment by human misuse of resources.

Capitalism must be controlled by a democracy that conserves its own political sovereignty. Trans-national corporations should run their own business instead of business and government. When corporatism annihilates democracy every public interest is sold out to increase corporate profits and the national democracy withers away as a neo-Marxian transnationalism surges to unify with the trans-national corporate CEO planning as a global tyranny...the American Southwest is just one casualty sprawling on.

Mass migration from Mexico increases population growth and depletion of already tight water resources such as the Colorado and Rio Grande rivers. The aquifers in west Texas are not only over used they are polluted. Good government would build an ecological border zone that would halt illegal immigration and create a green belt along the southern border naturally. Good government would invest in increasing the quality of life in Mexico simultaneously with spending the President's requested 183 billion dollar war budget for the present fiscal year. That money may help defense contractors, yet it also helps the enemies of the United States divert America from improvement of its national security. Without developing policy to support home-produced electrical power for electric cars the U.S.A. will chase after Iraqi oil even if it costs more than a half trillion dollars or more.

The usual atrophy of ecological conservation and egress of political away from conservation toward consumption will drive reasoning publicly such as 'more illegal aliens are needed for fire-fighters' or 'the Northwest has water let's build a pipeline here from it, or from Alaska. The city of Phoenix will rise from the ashes and will decide to cut back on watering their nine million lawns a little and some genius will finally persuade the federal government to borrow more from China to pave the streets with photon absorbing pseudo-gold that would charge electric cars and reflect solar heat back into the atmosphere increasing the local albedo (if it lasts for more than four hours its a good excuse not to go to work).

Friday, October 19, 2007

Consequences of Applied Teleogy

Human culture was advanced in accordance with the purpose of God throughout history…let’s consider some of that…

Prehistoric Greek culture was much like that of the balance of the land north of the Europus; savage. It was only though millennia that settlements allowed the constructions of societies to develop that bring more intense cultural development and social order. The Minoan culture was the first to arrive in Greece and bring a written language and culture concatenated from the ancient civilizations of the south. The Minoan cultures demise was sudden as it's home islands were obliterated except for that of Crete in a Krakatoa like explosion circa 1500 B.C. A local civilization followed-that of Agamemnon and Trojan legends, yet mankind was still led by oppressive royal societies as its best form of governance except in Ur, circa 2000 B.C. God called Abraham out of Babylon and into the desert and Israel in a relationship destined to bring about the major change in human history-a government by a transcendent God of love and respect for mankind by one another, though human original sin would make them fall short of achieving perfection even of democracy.

Classical Greece embodied the contradictions of mankind's relations with itself. A cluster of city states each with a different form of government developed bring them to war incessantly with each other. Athen's and its limited franchise democracy one out and had a league of Delos over-taxing the resources of the other members to pay for things like building the Parthenon. Sparta declared war on Athens after its completion and began the end of classical Greece.
Sparta was the worst of Greek government development with a homosexual butch elite warrior caste annihilating any social order besides war and training for war. Sparta created nothing lasting for posterity except some military victories of dubious necessity. Greek, known by Greeks as Hellas, in Sparta provide slaves named helots to serve of interest of the arrested social order of warriors. It would take the Roman Republic to actualize the society unifying Athenian and Spartan government values to perfect the idea of a Republic.
Servility and savagery each are opposed to democratic individualism…

Tacitus wrote of German society in the first century…

“25. The rest of their slaves have not, like ours, particular employments in the family allotted them. Each is the master of a habitation and household of his own. The lord requires from him a certain quantity of grain, cattle or cloth, as from a tenant; and so far only the subjection of the slave extends.21 Hid domestic offices are performed by his own wife and children. It is usual to scourge a slave, or punish him with chains or hard labor. They are sometimes killed by their masters; not through severity of chastisement, but in the heat of passion, like an enemy; with this difference, that it is done with impunity.22 Freedmen are little superior to slaves; seldom filling any important office in the family; never in the state, except in those tribes which are under regal government.23 There, they rise above the free-born, and even the nobles: in the rest, the subordinate condition of the freedmen is a proof of freedom."

European society needed to be lifted out of it's savage paganism over the next millennium...
Decadent imperialism followed the Roman Republic, yet Christian culture flourished to provide a unity to stand against the invasions of the Omayyad Empire under the false prophet Muhammed. Pope Gregory led a defense against the Omayyad crusades of invasion of Europe that reached Rome, France and the Aegean Islands. Christianity was the motivating cultural element that led Europe out of the pagan re-civilized social structures and into first the imperial structure and then with the reformation and the Dewitt Brothers democratic revolution in Holland into the world's first general government for the masses movement in the form of democracy. While the papacy had become corrupted by worldliness fr a time, it moved Martin Luther, Zwingli, Calvin, Knox and others to form independent and general literacy so people could read the Bible in their own language for themselves...God's teleos had drawn mankind out of a planet of the apes and into one moving to democratic individualism.

Christian movement reflected in ensuing mirrored democratic movements against imperial rule from Rome. Christianity was the motive for invention of the printing press by Guttenburg in 1440. Christianity is a living culture founded upon a transcendent faith in Jesus Christ and the grace of God; ancient Greek culture is dead. Ancient Greek culture, or cultures more accurately are one of the great research subjects of archaeology however beginning more than 25,000 years ago with excavations done at the Francthi cave in the neolithic period of hunters moving through the ages to farmers and the emergence of Minoan culture centered at the island of Thera/Santorini before its end with the apocalypse of volcanism giving rise to the legends of Atlantis.

Jesus Christ ended the pagan era of humanity substituting atoning and renewing spiritual faith in the Absolute post-temporal creator of temporality and much more. The Christian culture began with the physical appearance of Jesus Christ on Earth with His birth in Bethlehem circa October, 3 B.C. The laws of God were then written on the hearts and minds of believers as the prophet Jeremiah had related they would be centuries before. Christian culture brought the end of animal sacrifice and misguided beliefs in inanimate objects as gods. The spiritual draft of Jesus Christ was the central cohering element in the rise of western Europe to civilization. From the remarkable writings of the 1st century apostle Paul 4th/5th century Augustine to the 15th century physicist Isaac Newton and contemporary Christians the Christian culture is a remarkable motivating force in human creativity and ingenuity.

Ancient Greek cultures after the end of the neolithic period were known as bronze age cultures. They developed in mainland Greece (Minoan), Turkey (Anatolian) and in some Aegean Sea islands (Cycladic). A transitional culture developed between the late neolithic and bronze ages called today the Korakou culture with simple mostly non-metallic artifacts extent. It has red colors and good pottery and was a decent, modest culture in the beautiful land. The following Minoan culture named for King Minos was a brilliant early culture giving rise to the first European alphabetic scripts discovered...linear A. The following Mycenaean culture was the legendary culture of King Agamemnon and later the heroic age written of at its end by the Homeric poets circa 1100 B.C.

The war with Troy and intercultural conflict helped bring the end of Mycenaean culture. Aeolian, Ionians and Dorian tribes people invaded the weakened culture flowing over the borders of the culture creating an age of darkness lasting nearly four centuries until reformation of an archaic post-Mycenaean civilization in Attica around the year 750 B.C. The city state of Athens would produce some of the greatest creative minds of ancient world history before the Christian era...Parmenides, Heraclitus., Protagoras, Anaximander, Alexander, Sappho, Euripedes, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Alexander the Great etc. With the appearance of the apostle to the gentiles Paul and his oratory at Athens describing the unknown God to the Athenians at the Agora through which Socrates had once walked and talked with his fellow philosophers the end of the decadent and pagan era of Greece after the end of the golden age of 5th and 4th century Athens began. The Christian culture of which Paul bespoke overcame the dominant Roman civilization transforming its natural corruption and downward plunge into a faith that would motivate the Emperor Constantine to refound a Greek Byzantine culture on the Dardanelles bridging the old world and new; bring lands north and south of the Mediterranean into one fold that would survive the collapse of the Western Roman Empire. Christianity became the genius of a transcendent universal spirit moving the people of the world into a teleos of God, the end of which cannot be presently known. More than 2000 years old already Christian culture may reach the stars, for the world may pass away but the words of Jesus Christ will last forever.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Extra Dimensions of Time?

If time has extra dimensions correlating to the expanding but not hyper-inflating number of potential space dimensions would they necessarily be deployed simultaneously with the new space dimensions? Do the general and special theories of relativity support the concept that only one time exists though it is relative or comparatively meaningful in accordance to its measured location and spatial coordinate to another similarly comparable coordinate? Is the uncertainty principle of quantum mechanics a consequence of the nature of time as an arbitrary construct of comparison that diminishes in relevance as the spatial extent diminishes? Is there some built in factor of relativity for spatial dimensions as well as time because it is space-time unified? Is it possible that time has discrete dimensions separable from spatial dimensions and without mass or energy content? Can time be discretely bound within spatial dimensions comparable to spatial dimensions bound within a unified field?

Are virtual particles appearing with expanding space-time a function of extra-dimensions of time concatenated within a non-temporal underlying Higgs field acting as a static background base-time of non-change? The background singularity of Higgs Field non-expansive base time would provide a paradigm for comparison of zero-mass or very low mass zero-point virtual particles appearing in the expanding space-time of our Universe(1) and its familiar standard dimensions of space-time. The uncertainty characteristics of quantum mechanics may be a function of time acting in alternative micro-dimensions in all possible worldlines transecting the standard dimensions of Universe1, or it may not.

The zero-dimensional membrane precursors of the expansion of this Universe were zero-point wave line into strings and then loops and particles eventually engaging methodically other expanding dimensions of classes similar and dissimilar as a divine protocol had decreed. In theory nothing smaller could have arisen than the zero-dimension branes, yet this world was a semblance of God’s will.

Zero dimension membranes entangled with uncertainty and in other virtual universes blessed temporality. This I knew that I had loved the epiphenomenality of life and that in some small way my love was given to be and become on her own in a new for-itself. Disengagement from temporality was seemingly an agony I would encounter as something needful as the mechanics of this world that I could not surpass nor become the origin of required.

Time as a fourth dimension was an arbitrary selection of number from a set paradigm relating a dissimilar function of being to three spatial dimensions posited to have the capacity to be without timing. Space-time unification as one dimensional whole divisible into parts as a parallel theological metaphor of the triune God moving upon the darkness of a primordial void was problematic; time may have as many discrete elements as arbitrary dimensions selected by M-Theory and other post standard model of quantum cosmology physical portraits of cosmological models of the Universe with a pluralverse. The multiverse is an infinite representation of the relationships of monism and pluralism to the one. A myriad of time dimensions could exist collaterally with space dimensions and the relations described by the Einstinian general theory of relativity; humanity within the phenomenalizing, expanding arrangements of the cosmos haven't the time to discover perhaps the ultimate right place of time for-itself and for-others within the given parameters of the Universe; God transcends time for-himself, as do theoretical representations of how the universe expands through its past, present and future history depend upon an extra space-time detachment of timelessness in-themselves in order to represent abstractly the course of space and time post hyper-inflaton or zero-brane evolution into line segments of one dimensions, loops of two or more and multi-dimensional constructs of nth dimensions.

Because a is b is doesn't mean that a is c...certainly logic is plain about nthat so far as it pertains to language yet neither does does a = b imply that a does not equal c.
Jesus Christ is the truth for-himself, yet people are free to develop their own truth theory or select one of many existing truth theories such as disquotation theory expressed by P.F. Strawson.

Emanations from The One were postulated by Plotinus to have given rise to the stuff that is the universe-that human sentience experiences as the Universe. Plotinus was a philosophical realist continuing the work of Plato, yet he expressed a metaphysical paradigm that entails or includes paradigms such as one could discover in Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and even Judaism. God is personal yet all things return unto the perfection of The One...the difficulty is in recognizing that Jesus Christ is God himself in the protocol relating to saving mankind lost in the material seemingness of the Universe1.

On what the material world is,and something of how it differs from the actual nature of what humanity experiences in receiving and interpreting data from the universe it is helpful to consider briefly Arthur Schopenhauer who wrote about Immanual Kant's transcendental idealism that is the alternative to Platonic realism...

"Space itself is nothing but mere representation, and whatever is in it must therefore be contained in that representation. There is nothing whatever in Space, except so far as it is really represented in it."-Kant

Scientific American had an article on this subject within the last few years, and it is an interesting conjecture. One must wonder if time may be holographic too in some analogous way in addition to space since they were postulated by Einstein to be unified as space-time in relativity theory.

Arthur Schopenhauer in 'The Fourfold Roots of Reason' wrote a sort of 'Kant's transcendal idealism made simple'. Transcendtal idealism as opposed to Platonic realism supposes that everything experienced is conditioned subjectively...that approach is especially helpful in providing contexts for cosmological modeling.

Schopenhauer goes on to explain how the mind constructs models or representations of reality from sense data within understanding, and his method seems reflected in metamathematical models of the dimensions and relations of the 'physical' universe interpreted through experience contemporarily.

"If we take away the thinking subject, the whole material world must vanish; because it is nothing but a phenomenon in the sensibility of our own subject and a certain class of it's representations."-Kant

"Conversely, if we desire to abstract from the subjectivity of the Subject, yet to have something over, the contary takes place, and this leads to Materialism."-Schopenhauer in The Fourfold Root of Reason

"Every true, consequently really primary force of Nature-and every fundamental chemical property belongs to these forces-is essentially a qualitas occulta, i.e. it does not admit of physical, but only of metaphysical explanation: in other words, of an explanation which transcends the world of phenomena."-Schopenhauer

The size or scale and structure of a universe is subjective at least in part contingent on the innate facalties of the human physiology and I would guess upon human understanding and reason as well. Even in logic human beings will rationally organize interpreted sense data and a priori constructs within parameters implicit within their own parameters as existing beings.
Construction of M-Theory and extra diemsional spaces t compliment observed interpretations of sense data experience constructions of the Universe seems on the face of it to be an example of a product cosmology built in accord with present logic parameters of human reasoning. Extra dimensions of space and perhaps extra dimensions of time too of various sizes or powers in relation to one another in hypothesized pluralist relations returning at some point to a monism...the approach is perennial and found in all the worlds major religions perhaps in attempting to describe the One. Even Buddhism postulates an unmoved mover prior to any sort of illusion or emanation such as the Universe seems.