Sunday, October 29, 2006

My Yahoo accounts disappeared overnight

"Tyrannies and dictatorships resort to violence when their authority is placed in jeopardy."-Khalil/Elect John Edwards 2008

I posted a comment a couple days ago that the Sect. of Defense should be criticized as a patriotic duty, so now subsequently my yahoo domain name, 360 account, geocities account, email and so forth have disappeared. I have had the account for 7 years I seem to remember and never had any problems. I will be happy to see Rummy go and corporatism with him and the Bush ilk some day, even if they weren't the perpetrators, or if it was accidental. Censorship is fascist even if communists or corporatists use it. and were good old names that required a bit of time to construct.

Corporations and governments have so much advantage in sewing economic terror upon individual private enterprisers who must trust their 'integrety' and plainness not to do quick trick trims in the computer realm. It isn't always possible to read the fine print or not to inadvertantly break some rule in e-accounts, and it is imperative that years of html code programming, url acquisitions and such aren't simply deleated or deactivated and unaccessable interminably.

With the distrust of courrupt federal officials and NPR rampant nowdays it is even more important that Yahoo with its quick trim of geocities account index fiels bumped by a 360 index file without warning when a 360 account is opened (the original becoming a non-editable index.bak file) not make electronic on-line accounts black boxes of disappearing work consuming time to recover. If only the administration would disappear so quickly!

The minutemen are the only Americans I know of organized and willing to defend America's borders against illegal immigration (in there non violent way). Too many Americans are seeking to dissolve American values into globalist values and erase nationalism,individualism environmentalism and freedom from state control of religion.

Yet on the subject of how governments perpetrate terrorism on there own citizens in economic means, much can be written and has of course already. In the 17th century a general crisis occurred many historians believe, and some investigation has been done to consider if one did and what the phenomena was and causes of it were.

Niels Steensgaard wrote in a history anthology from 1997 about the costs of taxation, tithing, rent, seed and expenses and so forth to determine using Goubert's "estimates of a normal budget in Beauvaisis" to determine if it were possible for an ordinary farm family to avoid starving to death, and he determined that at least in the second part of the 17th century starvation was a real possibility.

Steensgaard went on to consider a thesis about a change in the philosophy of government and how it increased taxes to pay for wars, while today of course the federal government borrows money from abroad, enslaving future Americans for global control to finance its very costly protracted war. Americans aren't starving but they aren't paying for it either. A phillosophy of government crisis existed in the 17th century perhaps about how much the public sector could take from the private, and how the private sector responded was notable in avopiding taxation or commodity allocation controls that were not market optimalized.

Steensgaard apparently believed that the monarchies and other government factors and dampening effects of taxation and production location distribution (allocation) phenomenalities subject to government will destructively were more important than any real or imagined implicit class anatogonisms such as Marxists would later hypothesize. Gross interference with internet freedom to ciritcize government will assuredly be an optimal course for government intimidation of the private sector, and destruction of any better intelligence the private sector has to offer the public about the way public business should be done. This is a battle that has been fought by liberals since Jesus Christ led the fight at least.

Government terrorism through economic encroachment supported by corporatists favorites will reduce the world over the next 100 years to a simple non-dissentient harmonized global entropic stagnation pool subject to authoritarianist control. The United States will find itself overrun by illegal aliens, the government and global corporations controlling all mass economic directions, the environment deteriorated and internet liberty to criticize ineffective and corrupt government cut off through a variety of technical means without evident legal process.

Packing Infinite Dimensions Theologically

Packing Infinite Dimensions Theologically

A bird’s lifeless feathers arranged neatly upon a sidewalk
an apparitious being departed for the winter
forever like a moment of time
a soul is upon an island universe

Higher orders of dimensions packed haphazardly
seem ordered best within a chaotic jumble
twenty, thirty or fifty dimensions
wrapped into a theophany
best ordered by God

Time is the slowest, lowest dimension
thick like molasses to flow in the way of entropy
from the given initial orderun
to disorder.

-Gary G.

Reading through the Oct. 14th issue of science news an article on page 244 'Messiness Rules' suggested this poem attempting to comment upon how an infinite number of dimensions God can create would ultimately be ordered in a different than easy spatial arrangement.

Evidently energy, perhaps since the initial higgs field, was undifferentiated without regard to matter or anti-matter, and when the Higgs field of infinitely small size (absurb nominalism) became imbalanced it expanded at superluminal speed repulsed from itself.
A Hubble Space Telescope Institute photo

In the current issue of Astronomy there is a good brief article on the surplus of matter over anti-matter that 'allowed' the universe to exist. Most of the material of the Universe is 'matter'. A CP imbalance or symmetry imbalance allowed a 1 in a billion particles surplus of mass or outnumber anti-mass or anti-matter after the formation of the universe and probably after the hyper-inflaton or superlight speed expansion stopped and 'normal' big bang inflation continued.

Anti-matter and matter are just the same, except that they have opposite tracks and spin characteristics. Perhaps for matter to be a whole, and of one nature, when it becomes divided it must split into equal yet opposite parts... I believe we discussed briefly the subject of how pluralism originates from monism.

The primal infinitesimal Higgs field may still exist interestingly enough and contain the entire universe and its general physical characteristics. I haven't any idea what happened to all the matter and anti-matter that existed early on...when it contacts it annihilates one another producing gamma rays...and I don't know what sort of 'particles' those are made of.

The article speculated that neutrinos and anti-neutrinos may be part of bound pairs that annihilate or rejoin undestrucively and in some way that could account for the CP disconformity, yet that may be true however not account for the surplus of matter over anti-matter.

It would seem philosophically that if there originally was a unified monistic field or energy then it would need to expand and annihilate some of its mass if there would to be a pluralist character in which human life upon planets within solar systems with stars and galaxies might exist eventually.

Gamma rays are quite deadly to bio-life I believe, and there formation isn't too common, nor is anti-matter, although the astronomy article had and anti-matter 'jet' toward the black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. What has this to do with extra-dimensional packing that mathematicians have been researching in the abstract one might ask...perhaps nothing for my knowledge, and something for others, yet at least it's interesting to consider.

In a finite set packing objects of definite size and shape characteristics related to a particular field probably would be done in a finite number of ways, while in a circumstance where the field characteristics increase to the infinite the number of ways of arranging or altering the arrangements also increases. The number of dimensions of a universe might describe implicitly the number of ways characteristics of various 'physical' particles and fields within it could exist in a stable state. Fortunately stable and transitional states for particles and waves of the universe change yet in relation to the pervasive field characteristics governing or describing there phenomenal characteristics.This universe exists with a hypothetical finite number of dimensions and particles within a pervasive and hypothetical field with a time direction based on the conservation of energy and laws of entropy with particles and configurations of waves and particles subject to uncertainty, subjective contingence and always to the Christian and Jews perhaps subject to the metaphysical will of God. The infinite characteristics of packing and selection deontologically reduced from some sort of monistic contingent origin is interesting.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Senator Grassley's Grass Roots in the Sky

Isaiah 14:24 'The LORD of hosts hath sworn, saying, Surely as I have thought, so shall it come to pass; and as I have purposed, so shall it stand:'

Senator Grassley was whining on some television news blah this morning about taxes and Congressman Wrangell-D New York. Because I was working only the gist was available...Senator Grassley is worried that Charley Wrangell, Korean land war veteran could become chairman of the ways and means committee!
--photo by N.A.S.A.

When the Republicans of the Senate and House are on a spending spree of six years running the notion that a Democrat might wrest the ways and means mint away must send shivers of terror down their rubbery spending and fiscal responsibility 'spines'.
It was the concept that people earning more than 200,000 dollars a year should pay taxes, or at least the unfairness of it that seemed to get Grassley’s goat. When the nation is on a spending spree the rich should be paying higher not lower taxes.
It has been pointed out by serious economists that deficit spending is a tax on the future. That is the poor of the present have any federal benefits and spending that might have been allocated to them presently and in the future taken away while wages rot, and the rich today get more federal spending to support their economic infrastructure now and in the future without substantive taxes. It seems that the rich should pay the highest taxes because they get the most out of the nation financially.
Several problems of course exist when a non-creative repressive class of rich oppresses the majority of the people yet have a broadcast media to propagandize and divert democratic political remedies.
So I will point out why capitalism isn't a substitute for democracy nor should be. Market forces cannot replace rational management in environmental issues for example. Not only is the time paradigm out of skew in oil exploration, development and sales, it is blind to future environmental impact scientists could predict presently.
Oil drilling in Louisiana has caused the ground to sink with the removal of liquids. In Alaska the same phenomena could occur one day when the permafrost melts because of global warming, and the coastal plain might drop below sea level and take the mushy beswamped tundra with it, along with pipelines with millions of broken welds and sundry equipment corrupted by bad planning engineering environmentally.
It is hard to believe the cold war was strategized for the west by market forces, unless it was corporatist ownership seeking a post-war dictatorship perhaps. I can't believe that consumers desires for better coffee or faster cars in some way was a market forces indicating the creation of marv'd nuclear warheads or a 500 ship navy.

While I supported the end of communist aggression against free enterprise, I also support the end of corporatist aggression upon democracy. Corporatism tends to corrupt market forces, and market forces are blind to social needs in a democracy. It is possible that some business people believe that democracy is about market forces itself, and giving the 'consumer-voters' shelved candidates of an acceptable character is best. That may produce a mediocre cup of coffee or even an Edsel but not a fiery political reformer willing to tackle the issues of an oppressive social class bleeding the nation's security in order to enrich itself as supreamists earning more in a year than many poor would in a thousand lifetimes.
I had a really good example of the fallacy that market forces can replace adequately democratic government, yet I can't recollect what it was presently...maybe later. For now I will write that the rich seem to be taking their profits and reinvesting them globally while running up a federal deficit to leave the poor holding the bag.
The course of importing cheap foreign workers to provide cheap labor to accompany cheap wal-mart goods mollifies many Americans not displaced by that trend with low-cost stuff. All the easy living non-creative 'managers' want high incomes and expensive environmentally displacing homes with real wages that don't increase much. Big homes, big TV. and big cars with foreign fuel...all it takes is a vast federal debt, pollution and millions of illegal aliens. There is no free lunch for any nation, and when the Grassley’s and other leaders let the nation's infrastructure rot while building up foreign nations the nation's advantage slippage increases, while China builds oil wells or exploratory drilling in the Florida Strait.
Senator Grassley and his kind representing the grass roots of penthouse gardens don't realize that some other way needs to be developed to work for a more perfect society politically while letting free enterprisers have their way in their own sector apart from the public sector.
If democracy is to survive and exist anywhere it needs to be made of peers socially and incomes not invested in the United States should be taxed at a somewhat higher rate. Some corporations are vast global organizations seeking to exploit anyone they can anywhere for profit in some instances. Democracies need to be as wary of that as of any other sort of authoritarian government. With corporatist propaganda rule of the broadcast media democrats seeking to have any sort of local government will be called communist or whatever label the corporatists believe might best sucker 'the masses'.
What if General Eisenhower had done the Second World War by 'market forces'? Operation Market Garden might have at least returned French bread or pastries! Government challenge and response, or cause and effect, action and reaction as well as planning generally cannot be in response to market forces but should coincide with the valid needs of society. Market forces, as a way for a democracy to operate a government is far worse than 'voodoo economics'.
The United States needs to have no federal deficit or debt rolled over from year to year, it needs to have a no net loss of biota or species policy, halt illegal immigration and invest in new technologies that will eliminate trade deficit producing areas...a trade surplus through better products instead of through sanctions.
Corrupt federal politicians out of touch with common sense and over beholden to global corporate inertia may not realize that some people don't earn 200,000 dollars in a lifetime, much less in one year. I personally believe that very few people deserve higher earnings beyond 10 or 20 times that of the lowest earners in the U.S.A. Sure their are some people of brilliant merit inventively, but do they even get patents any more, or doesn't everything trickle up to the corrupt?
Excess earnings should go into rebuilding the nation environmentally, socially and in areas of transportation, education, energy and security.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Idea, spirit and the Second Law

My comment about the second law and entropy in the Universe along with a reference to the physical alterity to the universe befalling Adam and Eve (after there choice to chose sin or imperfection) noted the paradigm concurrence of a high state of initial order to disorder.

I would not stipulate that the universe has time ‘boundaries’, as physicists say that the direction of time is an arbitrary fact of statistical association of the flow of mass perhaps more so than a thing for itself. Time is an interesting subject, and some pysicists have speculated that it may be a dimension for-itself of space in some unusual relation to the standard three.Finding the monist pluralist transformation in a reference to big bang density avoids the philosophical question. Brian Greene in one of his popular books wrote that the initial Universe may have weighed 20 pounds before a Higgs Field expanded as a hyper-inflaton because of quantum uncertainty in the Higgs Field that gave it a superluminal repulsive power, yet how can one be sure of that?

The monist/pluralist transformation from a Higgs Field or even a membrane or zero-brane field collision is still a philosophical question apart from speculative or tentative explanations based upon physical theoretical cosmology or cosmic quantum mechanical origin theory.One must be careful in assigned the creation of weight or numbers to any point about the singularity or other creative moment. Weight may be more of a relative than of an absolute term, in fact many aspects of mass are probably in such a relativistic status of being. Within whatever field a particle, wave or mass phenomenality happens to inhere, it’s ability to move through time or space relative to its position is variable in accord to it’s own physical nature and that of that of the field or fields as well as the mass/motion of the fields in which it coheres.

As a Christian I believe that spirit for human purposes is something of a value given by God to sentient beings of a certain nature. Spirit or soul differes from any purely mechanistic or causal relation, though it resides in it, as the human body exists within several force fields and dimensions simultaneously.Concepts occur to human beings, and you know that there is a perennial philosophical debate amidst mathematicians regarding if math concepts exist in reality or just within the ‘reality’ of the human mind or as an idea. Platonic realist and the idea of concepts and forms existing for-themselves is a perennial philosophical question of course. The question about what relation human concepts have to physical determinism and causality is another interesting field of though; and obviously one may place that inquiry into several metastructural protocols.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Demonic Armies of the False Prophet

It is well known that the Romans stopped their northern advance when Julius Caesar had crossed the Rhine, and encountered a very tall woman that told him to go no farther.

It is somewhat more interesting that Charles Martel stopped the Umayyad forces just 125 miles from Paris several hundred years later.

The umma is what the subdued planet would be if it were all brought under Muhammedist rule.

Muhammad was an interesting fellow, son of the keeper of the black stone and etc. Some have said that his elder wife told him what his experiences were after he recovered from epileptic seizures, yet I think the story that he merely became possessed perhaps by an Arab branch of Satanic forces and spliced together Bible stories from things Jews and Christians in town had told him before beheading them as if it were new revelations instead of a bad attempt at plagiarizing the Bible.

I was surprised to discover how far Muhammad had gone in corrupting the truth of the Bible, and of the Bible stories and so forth. Muhammad believed Jesus wasn't crucified, but instead had a last second substitute take his place. Muhammad depersonalized Yahweh or Jehovah of the Bible, who is well known essentially, and instead made of God a completely remote unknowable abstraction that only Muhammad himself might dimly perceive something about.
Muhammad has so corrupted the Bible, and concepts of Christianity and Judaism that his unfortunate believers are conditioned a priori to believe certain things that are entirely untruthful about Judaism and Christianity. Muhammad’s bible scholarship was so absolutely false and incompetent that it basically requires illiterates or underdeveloped peoples to believe the syncretistic hodge podge of Muhammad’s autobiographical delusions.

Muhammad actual was Satanic, and was the false prophet setting up some of the world, it is speculated for Armageddon. The etiology of Muhammad is quite understandable; the Roman Empire of the west had fallen, some Goths had made predacious swoops along North Africa, the Byzantine Empire was decadent and repressive-its version of Christianity bureaucratic and stale without much living spirituality and freedom, and Muhammad was in Mecca sight of 365 gods with his father--keeper of the Ka'aba lying recently dead. Muhammad’s military bent unifying the entire world so far as possible under his name and authority as a false prophet distilling Judaism and Christianity as he had imbibed it into a sour mash of falsehood to run roughshod over the world was brilliant. Muhammad’s destruction of the truth about God and incompetent bungling of the nature of the One that has appeared scripturally as Three was a useful simplification enabling a purely legalist-political religion to be proselytized at the point of a sword.

Muhammad had no substantive awareness of sin or the context of sin, and obviously had no belief in salvation, and disbelieved that Jesus is God. It is astounding that Muhammad; the first successful Judeo-Christian cult-heresy of large scale has drawn so many into submission to a futile worldliness and penultimate damnation...astounding! It may be a consequence of decadent Roman rulers and their heritage (such as Caligula/Justinian and Theodora) that so many were willing to enlist in the armies of the demonic false prophet.

Friday, October 06, 2006

A Fourth Wave Surpassing the Third

Reading over the Toffler's 1994 book on the 3rd wave, which they posited as an information era wave it is interesting to see how the Internet has in a sense surpassed their expectations. Newt Gingrich wrote an intro to the book, just before becoming speaker of the House (Rep. Hastert should quit his post before his district does a Tom Foley on him and Nancy Pelosi demotes him to a minority status). Mr. Gingrich's enthusiasm for the information age also seems to match the socialist Toffler's somewhat panicky ideas about what all the information means.

The Toffler's and Mr. Gingrich neither seemed to regard corporatism and real politics as problems for the United States, just the information 'revolution' itself required vast alterity to government, and AL Gore was said to have stuck his toe in the third wave waters already.
Perhaps instead of being star struck by all the data available, and how it change's society, a better approach would have been to find a way to keep meaningful social values from American and Biblical history alive within the general assault upon western liberalism.

With so much Internet data available individuals are freer to communicate globally, and certainly corporations can fast shuffle their financial cards around a bit faster than local constituencies can adapt to the economic meanings of the changes. If globalists can produce in the cheapest available nations and ditch anyone taxing more than 13% even getting compliance on anti-pollution laws from corporations may be more difficult to the detriment of the planetary eco-health.

Just because the internet exists it doesn't mean that citizens will read more books on political philosophy, watch less wrestling, pornography or home improvement, and develop better political ideas. In fact homosexual and special pervert interest groups may find organization easier, while cable satellite TV can offer more salacious programming like 'perverted fun 2'. The Toffler's desire for a third wave of government reform to accompany information (following agriculture and the industrial revolution) is already being surpassed by a bigger yet smaller wave of nano-technology.

The philosophy of the founders is a part of a perennial philosophy that like Solomon's observation that there isn't anything new under the sun reflects the basic questions of human existence. Human beings have basic needs including political liberty. The challenges are to find ways to defend the government from continual encroachments of corruption such as the broadcast media presents as a primary anti-democratic forced levering social and political equality (citizens should use the wavelengths for one-way internet downloads) and to keep the people free from corrupt global and local organizations of repression and exploitation.
Religion for instance was a revolution for-itself in providing transcendent, non-tribal social groupings. It is far easier to have a non-authoritarian social organization in a religious form than it is a government in more basic societies such as occurred in the Middle East and Islam. In pre-internet societies without a territorial evolution of democracy authoritarian governments are the simplest to expand over many peoples, while religion may be a more egalitarian force.

Christianity is the ultimate egalitarian social organization humanity is likely to have-with individualism yet a unity through Jesus Christ, while Muhammedism was a half-effort militarily and religiously syncretistic offering a double barreled imperial rule in the Caliphates and Clerics. The imams or group leaders were far less oppressive than Ottoman herders of people.
The United States should find a way to renormalize politicians corrupted by globalism to pursuit of an American development in environmentalism and technology policy with secure borders in a high-density information era.