Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Priesthood of Believer's Structure

A 2nd reformation would be useful

A priesthood of believers could be evolved from existing church structures to make a more egalitarian and Biblically correct for of Christian organization better able to evangelize and express the will of God so far as I understand the new testament.

The old testament has a temple worship form something similar to other priestly hierarchies of other faiths...paradoxically Muslims have an immam that isn't actually a priest but is instead just a group leader of merit.

A priesthood of believers is described somewhat in the book of Heberews by the apostle Paul, and of course Jesus said that Christians would be as servants rather than as those placing themselves first.

Of course regular Christian priesthoods have served to bring the message of the gospel over the millenia, however in this populist era all should be more equal and serve equal roles as servants able to serve other Christians first and then others as is useful or consistent with Biblical doctrine.

Here is a brief organizational structure example...

Christians in a church would be organized in groups of 12. Maybe a useful Church would have 12 groups of 12. Each worship day one elder would have a 15 minute time to talk or sermonize, a few hymns could be sung, and everyone else in the group could have five minutes to talk or not. Alternate weeks would have a new elder selected to sermonize.

Perhaps it would be better to have half of the 11 non-sermonizers talk for 10 minutes each instead of for 5 minutes. Each would be expected to shae some learning from the Bible and perhaps to discuss individual work assignments.

Tithing could continue yet no-one would be paid. The money would be invested in insurance for group associates and physical maint. Each member would have their own outside job, yet each group would so far as possible provide fairly free services to other members when and how useful.

In the priesthood of believers all would be trained to be front-line working Christians trained to speak in small groups, evangelize outside when possible, and be a Christian educator. The only position women would not take, in order to be consistent with the Bible, would be that of the 15 minute sermon leader, who would also lead the responsive group reading. Since he doesn't get paid, and the position changes no one should care, and the members should have plenty of other meaningful work to do.

New Christians could be brought int a new member group, or shifted into groups without 12 people and so forth. This is just an idea that I believe would help to establish more Christians in presently non-Christian areas, that would bring more Christians out of backseat roles and into the forefront of actual Biblically directed Christian living and so forth.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Oil Budget Deficits and War

Israel's victory in South Lebanon leaves President Bush without much to do in the way of crisis. While he claims America is more safe than ever British intelligence has unraveled a dire plot to destroy trans-Atlantic aircraft, the OPEC nations run annual budget surplus on oil sales and the United States runs a huge federal deficit...the President's idea of safety must refer to Exxon oil profits and those of Halliburton too.

President Bush’s journey to a Harley Davidson plant in Pennsylvania today highlights the problem of outsourcing jobs today…will he be searching for motorbike models that could be made as ¼ price copies in China as Mao-Hogs with that true Harley sound?

- 03:46pm Aug 15, 2006 EDT Elect Bob Kerry Nov 7 2008 Toynbee's 'A Study of History' ...summarized

President Bush and the administration are following an oil based foreign policy with several substantive flaws, several of which qualify as methods by which previous civilizations were brought down. Some of these points are Toynbean.

1) Vast federal deficit

2) Entry upon a universal phase of civilization. Usually that is the final phase before collapse. One can consider that of Rome and other civilizations ion that regard.

3) Over spending on foreign military ventures that do not produce very profitable results.

4) Outsourcing of jobs and industrial production to foreign nations

5) Insourcing vast numbers of an external proletariat (illegal aliens) from a non originating population source (founder) region. In the United States with a blending culture ethic security in this critical area could be acheived by limiting immigrants to perhaps a half million annually and all through legal means in order that they might become actually assimilated.

6) Transferring vast wealth (a major redistribution of wealth) to an arrested civilization that was subdued only at great social cost, at a time in which that Mohammedan civilization has terrorist aspirants desirous if asserting itself to supremacy or primacy. Fossil fuel oil of course is the counter productive commodity of national self-destruction in this instance.

7) Termination of a creative majority status in the world and transition into a repressive minority.

8-Failure to continue infrastructure renewal and alterity to creative and productive global leading profitable technologies and social infrastructure...the nation essentially is corrupted by.. 9) Global corporatist investors reallocating wealth without any real sense of patriotism or national destiny. This leads to the question if there ever was a civilization or nation in which wealth did not become repressive politically and destructive of the survival of the nation in time because of its desire for comfort, security and unwillingness to invest in decontrolling socially positive change? Of course I must add the onerous point that I support democracy and not socialism or corporatism as a political mode of self-governance.

11:50am Aug 14, 2006 EDT 'Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves'-Willliam Pitt

U.S. Middle East policy will probably remain hostage to a volatile destabilizing hostage status to globalist oil policies and related scenarios until a zero-cost consumer energy production policy is encouraged and supported by the federal government in the United States. At least 25% of the nation's auto drivers should have the ability to convert solar and wind power into electric power for electric vehicles without corporate grafting.

Withdrawal of U.S. forces from the Middle East is effectively unrealistic for the next 20 years if America relies upon fossil fuels from the Saudi Gold belt of Middle East nations and that of the Shia of Iran. To withdraw before a stable and friendly Iraq emerges would expose all the aforesaid oil producing nations to oil production destruction by terrorists, and of course the United States is absolutely daft about oil consumption.

If the United States did not rely upon oil for transportation, and if consumers were independent from global corporatists able to produce their own energy as easily as cowboys once found fuel for their horses without involving global corporations, it could withdraw military forces, let civil wars and terrorist missions in the region ensue as the Shia and Sunni battle for control of mideast oil. The winner would probably be some sort of conservative theocracy of one sort or another, or perhaps two each interested in gouges the automobile transported of Los Angeles so far as possible. The broadcast media would become purchased by the wealthy oil theocrats that would reprogram American consumers.

11:34am Aug 11, 2006 EDT Elect Bob Kerry Nov 7 2008

Americans need to break their oil addiction. Companies like Saudi Aramco were formed to nationalize the oilfields and redistribute entitlement to oil fields. Because the Saudis are monarchic their national oil business is a private oil business in effect; it’s a private family business that trickles down contracts to-others.

Oil is the opiate of the Republican masses.

Once working on a towboat in the Gulf of Mexico tied up to an oil barge that uploads/downloads fuel to large vessels there was a pelagic cormorant stumbling around intoxicated by the fumes. It was perhaps as dumb to the need for change as many Americans are today.

Reliance upon oil for a primary energy source is the short way to sell out national independence. Americans simply are miscognizant of the right relation of democracy to capitalism, of that they have a right to require the federal government to support policies that would support individual energy liberation. hydrogen energy infrastructure/superconductor V2G vehicle to grid power sales

A recent business add claims that there are an infinite number of dynamic variables in business. It is an interesting application point of a larger general philosophical and physics principle that there are an infinite number of dynamic variables in existence ontologically once one makes the reduction from monism to pluralism.

Ontologically a physical system has a set of dynamic principles that is less than the infinite sum of variables beyond or 'outside the particular system. In energy use for the United States regarding political policy selections for what to support and what to field the criterion or set of possibilities is infinite yet finite within the particular range of political 'realities' that politicians choose to support.

The Bush administration is entirely dependent upon oil for its social group coherence prosperity regardless of the extreme damage it does to the well being of the nation and millions of Americans. A more 'liberated' administration with a coherent energy policy able to anticipate systems opposition by oil addicts in congress might be able to change the nation to electric vehicle platform technology with an energy grid of hydrogen pipelines and superconducting lines within, electric home power production and interties and so on within a one term as President...yet it would require a certain degree of political genius such as the Clinton administration and Bush administrations lacked.

The physics of the universe may be said to have an infinite number of variables at the pre-boundary T=0 context of pure potential that became reduced as ontology actualized as an expanding energy/physical universe replete with time+. While their may be a finite number of actual variables given the limited mass of the universe as well as it's limited number of potential configurations because of constraints of physical laws during this 'incarnation', I think it fair to recognize that the umber is nearly infinite because of its large size, and that any physical systems has a reduced and more approximately number of finite variables within the set context of its identity as a system.

Uncertainty is a perpetual element of any finite system. Its operational finitude is contingent being within the more infinite universal context. The time and space-matter composition of the finite set is subject to change...accidentally and otherwise. That fact applies in political structures as well as physical systems, and it is the effort to rational anticipate and find justice within temporary finite groupings or sets in such a way as to assure maximum freedom, justice, goodness and security that is desirable if rationality and goodness are valued as most meaningful elements of being subordinate only to...

- 12:05pm Aug 11, 2006 EDTElect Bob Kerry Nov 7


P.M. Ohmert is a seeker of peace in the Mideast, although war was thrust upon him. Hezbowlers are the biggest terrorist organization on Earth, one which the Bush administration and the U.N. are perhaps negotiating with presently, drawing little respect I would think from the Iranians for so doing. One should consider the difficulty of the Israeli position in the Lebanon conflict

1) Israeli seeks to no term territorial gain in Lebanon, and instead seeks simply a return to peace and security.

2) Hebowling terror attacks on Israel would likely continue even if an ineffective political third party military force is temporarily inserted. Hezbolling could cause enough 3rd party casualties to create call for withdrawal, and few competent military forces seek to occupy the area today I should imagine.

3) Hezbwollers are a guerrilla/terrorist force supplied by a wealthy patron nation (Iran). In that regard P.M. Ohmert is in a situation something like that of L.B.J. in dealing with a communist insurgency supplied by the Soviet Union, or American forces in Baghdad dealing with surreptitious terrorist insurgents rather than a conventional military power.

4) P.M. Ohmert should reasonably seek or hope to have the United States destroy Iran's nuclear potential and perhaps cause 60 billion dollars worth of economic collateral damage in order to discourage Iranian support for Hezbowling, yet the Bush administration although perhaps happy enough to gouge Americans about oil, and to deplete the national emergency reserve and refill it with 200 dollar per barrel oil, isn't willing to risk a war with an oil producing nation now that would perhaps double the price of oil and cause a renewal of inflation with a drop in the value of the dollar abroad.

5) P.M. Ohmert is surrounding by a political ocean of potential enemies in Arab countries hyper-funded by the increased price of oil. Terrorism in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East has the effect of increasing the price of oil per barrel and the profit for the terrorist supporters in those adverse nations. Israel has the blessing of no oil so it has the necessity of find alternative energy and intellectual investments that increase its long-term return. Routing out the hezbowl missiles for more than a short time will be difficult for the p.m.

- 12:10pm Aug 12, 2006 EDTElect Bob Kerry Nov 7 2008
"Who paid for the Exxon Valdez cleanup?" "Ten years ago, a jury ordered Exxon to pay what now amounts to $6.5 billion for damage to the fishing industry. While many fishermen have gone bankrupt, the case remains tied up in appeals and Exxon hasn't paid a penny." "The consequences for Exxon of its two-pronged disaster - the spill and its environmental consequences, alongside its disastrous communications - were enormous. The spill cost around $7bn, including the clean up costs. $5bn of this was made up of the largest punitive fines ever handed out to a company for corporate irresponsibility'.
The Prince William Sound Oil spill is still the cause of ongoing damage to the state natural and human resources of Alaska. Exxon never completed the payment directed by Judge Holland’s court, and continues litigation while the victims grow old and Exxon makes billions and billions. Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Litigation If Exxon had paid the judgment against it the oil spill victims of Alaska would have had a chance to invest in the stock market rise, or whatever and become prosperous to, although never as rich as Exxon of course.
Obviously the cost of producing oil in the Middle East remains very low cost and oil companies gouge as shortage arises potential for the market. Cheap labor is abundant in the Middle East as exploitable aliens may be insourced from abroad if needed. Labor costs are perhaps a fractional part of the profits for OPEC producers.

The Saudi oil royals are not exactly so powerless as that today. America is the nation with the federal deficit, the Saudis one with a vast annual surplus.

The United States with good leadership would seek to support national interests while letting prtivate business take care of its global business. A variety of improving high-speed zero personal energy cost national transport mechanisms could technically if not politically be innovated to allow autos to return to other products of the 1910's and a920's creation to mostly foreign use.

At today’s prices Middle East oil income is about 300 billion a year, and over 2005 and 2006 combined perhaps 300-400 billion will be spent outside the Middle East. Like the Japanese boom of the 70's and 80's into U.S. real estate and such America today may be ripe for more OPEC Muslim purchases. Hugo Chavez is experiencing more revenues, and Castro, the USA article reports and others generally against U.S. policies are receiving more donations or funding.

The oil phenomena may be flanking many aspects of U.S. foreign and domestic policy deleteriously, and the quicker an alternate energy base (electric home power/grid intertie for autos) takes power the quicker may America change its long term course. American's should save their wastage on foreign cars and fuels and invest in their own small businesses. If they have a good idea and borrow the money from an international lender to start up, full disclosure of proprietary data might be necessary first, and the concept would be plundered for the globalists at any rate.

- 12:41pm Aug 12, 2006 EDT Elect Bob Kerry Nov 7 2008

If you are a globalist and corporatist then it isn't gouging...if you are an American nationalist seeking the betterment of the U.S.A. oil gouging is gouging and its as simple as that . Perhaps you don't remember the tea tax that set off the revolution, in which Americans had to pay a tax to Britain for fine Indian tea. Some untaxed tea could be smuggled in to the nation from odd foreign locales, yet Americans could not produce their own domestic tea supply.

Supply and demand and pricing are of course fairly simply macro-economic functions, yet responses to particular circumstances are traditional too. If the cost is too high then consumers need to find an alternate supply or alternate energy in this case of foreign oil instead of being mesmerized idiots hooked by foreign oil pushers like Chinese of the 19th century in opium dens. I believe that you make the contemporary error regarding alternative energy and the high cost of oil that is common in assuming that consumer and nationalist reactions to commodities pricing and supply phenomena is somehow required to be unthinkingly allegiant to supplier points of view.

Some in this era of mass corporate owned broadcast have been trained to believe that democracy and U.S. national interests are communist or leftist as well as opposed to global corporate interests, and of course nothing could be farther from the truth. Americans are so illiterate about the rights and responsibilities of a democracy that they are afraid or too ignorant to elect an administration tat would pursue the interests of the people instead of global corporations. Oil has several harmful effects on the U.S. economy that are well known...

1) trade deficit

2) personal savings destruction

3) air pollution/health consequences

4) funding of foreign terror organizations

5) misdirection of domestic investment abroad Price s of course a real problem in many domestic respect, and the oil/petrol spending goes to global corporations that hegemonize other aspects of the domestic economic and political structure and encourages the reduction of national political liberty democratically speaking. It all reinforces illegal alien substitution and wage downsizing of the domestic civilian workforce. The government can let oil find its own price level of course, but invest in and support real alternative energy power developments as I've written about quite often. The federal government should encourage home power independence from any corporate structure, and electric cars work best for that.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

British Arrests Transport of Liquids in BP North Slope Pipeline and HeathrowAir Travel

British MI-5 Halts Transport of Pterrorist Liquids a Couple Days after BP Closes North Slope Pipeline Flow

British authorities have busted a possible Al Qa’eda plot to place explosive liquids in innocent appearing packages such as baby’s formulae by passengers aboard trans-Atlantic airliners to halt air travel Anglo-American air travel. The season of globalist explosive liquids has accompanied revelations by Mel Gibson and Robin Williams of alcohol abuse and inflammatory statements in some cases requiring treatment. The Globalist broadcast media-a staunch foe of democracy with extremist brainwashing opportunities is simultaneously assaulting those in submission to God as ‘O’fascists’. Muhammed-o’fascists is a better term than Islam-O’fascists which is a leftist concept of atheists of the Leninist stripe peppering the public with pro-atheist propaganda.
The U.S. Department of Globalist Security was presented with difficult decisions in response to the liquids crisis---would it be better to risk a slight chance of mid-air jet detonations than to leave the hair regrowth formulae at home or face the embarrassment of buying the stuff in a London apothecary? A Senior Analyst at the Oil-For-Money institute said that prices may rise temporarily yet drop this fall when demand decreases.

Iranian advisers have been found as casualties on the battlefield in Lebanon recently, highlighting Iran support for the world’s largest and best armed terrorist organization Hezbollah. The Hezzies received more than 180 million dollars and rocket systems from the Iranian Government this last fiscal year making Iran a partner in terrorism. Lebanon is unfortunately an accomplice in providing safe harbor for the terrorists. The Bush administration is leaving significant problems for the next administration to face with Iran likely developing nuclear weapons and longer range rockets before January 20th 2009.

The Democratic Party is for-itself keeping the wrong arguments in mind about Middle Eastern problem and U.S. Security and is being chastised routinely by GOP Polemic Rave Radio. The Democratic Party in some quarters seems to believe that unilateral withdrawal would not have meaningful consequences to the Middle East or the United States, and seem to have a pre-1990 point of view on Iraqi policy.

If the United States withdrew from Iraq precipitously it would lose credibility of course with all parties living in the region as an untrustworthy partner and probably a bloodbath civil war would follow. Iran would be the unchallenged Shiite terrorist nation in the region of course, yet the Sunni would receive military support from Saudi Arabia and Al Qa’eda would assume a larger posture as defender of the faith of Muhammad so far as it perpetrated terrorism upon the Shia. The United State’s interests would become increasingly irrelevant to the oil profit bloated OPEC nations while the political Captain Quigs of the U.S.A. would receive tantalizing globalist bits about how fuel cell cars are on the way as soon as global corporations form a monopoly on production and individual home-fuel production from solar panels for quickly rechargeable batteries for electric vehicles is safely obscured.

Some Democrats believe that working for a balanced budget and elimination of the federal deficit while flooding the U.S.A. with illegal aliens is possible in a new 8 years of a Democratic administration, yet just another Bush could knock over the savings and return the U.S.A. to deficit spending and militarism in defense against terrorism. A Democratic administration will need to deal with a nuclear armed Iran and its legions of terrorists with rockets in Lebanon and perhaps millions of terrorist in Iraq struggling for supremacy and to drive up world oil prices. President Bush of course will not send the 7th air fleet of stealth fighters and cruise missiles to wipe out Iranian nuclear production, a Senior Analyst at the No-Junior Analysts Institute said, because the price of oil would rise to 100 dollars a barrel almost immediately, and that would have the effect of driving Republicans from office this November with Tom Delay’s name still on the ballot in Sugarland.

President Bush in Deep Pockets of Oil Companies

For a few years I sought to persuade Alaskans to support alternate fuels, and to support conveyance of North Slope oil production to Alaskans rather than to Brits and BP. After the Exxon Valdez spill for which the litigation is still unsettled 17 years later, it became obvious that many looked upon Alaska as little more than a resource colony. Americans have traded their freedom for comfort and safety (foreign car and foreign fuels for trade deficits and globalist political empowerment), and Ben Franklin of course provided the solution to that equation stare decisis.A political coefficient of adversity determines the price of oil today in the United States that Americans are paying more than three dollars a gallon for (raise and gouge until the next administration or whoever seriously supports alternate energy development that lets Americans make their own energy individually for electric cars).

The high oil prices fund foreign pterrorist organizations, yet Americans are entirely unintelligent at switching to native, independent non-centralized and no-globalist or corporatist fuel sources for their autos. They’re put into a sleeper headlock by the arms of globalist broadcast media being constantly brainwashed into non-locality and apathy politically except as the use-truths programmers deem.Alaskan politicians to the federal government needed to get oil lease sales offered in small enough parcels that small bidders could win, or the cumulative cost for buying up all the parcels by large global oil companies would have been much higher with more revenues for paying down federal debt. It is electric autos that have high performance and capability for a wide variety of energy input.

The coefficient of adversity prevents the federal investment in rational, national non fossil fuel development, and the voters have stupidly reelected an oil administration that is globalist rather than nationalist in prioritizing objectives. Connecticut's democrats may be anti-Semitic and reactionary during the Lebanon conflict, yet Lieberman as a Jacksonian liberal may offer some alternative to Paloziism.

Oil companies know President Bush will not invest in real alternatives to oil reliance, relying upon it to fill his family and friendly bank accounts generally. Oil prices will go as high as Americans are willing or able to pay, perhaps as much as 150 dollars per barrel (I wrote last year that they would reach 75 or 100 dollars a barrel) Americans are complacent sycophants of globalists these days, and the democrats will fall right into line on that in Connecticut I'd guess.Electric vehicles can get electricity from solar panels in parking lots, wind generators in parking lots, home fuel cells (Ballard fuel cells are available now for 5000) and a national infrastructure renewal could cool superconducting lines with solar power created liquid hydrogen) in deep sub freeway pipelines. Interstates should have power lines for cars to draw electric power from directly.Incidentally the market retail price of my science fiction book 'Alterwall Objectives' is $15.95. It has some stories developed when I lived in Alaska...but not much about oil, the North Slope or BP's leaking 16 miles of oil pipeline.

Non-property Owning Cultures of more than 50,000 years

Ariel Sharon was a tough soldier. Ariel Sharon drove his army unit to the Suez Canal during the 1972 Yom Kippur war with a substantive shrapnel caused head wound bandaged egregiously. While he wasn't first over into Egypt it was only because of direct orders to stand back. A man with prior serious head injuries living in such a hot clime with full political responsibilities, over weight and with age is likely to suffer a stroke or coronary...remember that his doctors did not treat him terribly well after the first incident and let him return to work far to quickly...he should have taken some time off instead and left the Gaza troubles and West Bank terrorist pressure management to micro-managers.

On other topics regarding war and the folly of mankind to err into war and neglect prosperity, consider the report in the July 31, 2006 Newsweek that scientists are working the next to years to sequence the Neanderthal genome. The Neanderthals died out 30,000 years ago leaving Homo sapiens to ponder today what happened? It might have evidently scientists wonder what gives mankind an abstract reasoning ability differing him/her from the Neanderthal’s simplicity. political anthropologists have compared the abstract reasoning of George W. Bush with that of former President Bill Clinton for analogical comprehension studies, yet they overrate the differences in administration policy success' and failures Only joking-president Bush ate too much birthday cake and it caused sugar somulence and fossil fuel complaisance recently.

This is the time of year when lecture radio goes over how communism has never been successful anywhere, or that Fidel Castro is one of the most astounding leaders in history, and truth is neglected for some reason or other. Actually a form of basic communism is the world’s historically most common form of social grouping, lasting since the beginning of Homo sapiens about 50,000 to 1000,000 years before present until something better was invented or made possible. Basic communism is the non-property owning form of human social grouping which is a process of animal association. The concept of property owning is meaningless when land is abundant, products are simple and non-specialized, agricultural work is collective and so forth.

Reproductive success and tribal survival was better for people that shared food to all, allowing members unsuccessful in the day's hunt to eat the bounty of the fortunate that day. When food preservation was nearly non-existent, and tools were Neolithic, no one 'owned' anything, and in fact it was considered undesirable to withhold anything from someone that desired one's knife, hat or sling etc. the simple necessities were mostly identical at any rate.I believe it was John Kenneth Galbraith that pointed out that ownership and 'private property' came about when mankind developed more advanced technologies and specializations that required exclusive possession for increase of worth. If Intel's Oregon plant were common would the clean chip rooms be as clean if winos hung out there on hot days?

The principle of exclusive use is fairly simple. Of course hunter gatherers and slash and burn nomadic peoples had no need to 'own' 'property' or land either...the concept had little meaning so long as they were free to use a place or region or keep discovering equally productive areas.Private property and free enterprise were consequent to social development and specialization quite recent in human history formalized as The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith. Unfortunately modern globalist repression in the form of corporatism wherein government and transnational corporations work together and squash individual freedom to differ in infrastructure choices and in free expression and business innovations, and the traditional 'modern' communist or authoritarian government that dictates and allocates resources to a proletariat work against the benefits of individualization made possible when individual genius is free to pick and choose from the worlds knowledge base elements to synthesize new productions, productions methods, systems structures and technologies for exploration.Fidel Castro's Cuban revolution that installed a communist dictatorship upon a neo-agrarian social culture was a good example of a synthetic retardation of free enterprise with quasi-fascism made in order to avoid the believed repressive extremes of corrupt mobster corporatist capitalism, if the Batista regime could be said to be sort of corporatist.

A society in which property ownership and even government is irrelevant in a more fundamental primitive human context differs markedly from a modern dictatorship that represses individual freedom and instead allocates resources under a sort of martial law.Adam Smith's ideas about free enterprise complementing an economy alongside a benevolent democratic government seeking the well being of the people directly and the nation collectively was actualized with the United States of America of the founders that existed in such a form perhaps for the first 100 years in many of the states that were spare the absolute evil of slavery. Today corporatism has led to a U.S. political stupidity rendering it unable to comprehend the mud wrestling nature of oil and fossil fuel use, federal deficits, enrichment of inimical terrorists’ populations, low education requirements abroad, middle-eastern wars and interminable (Bush years) neglect of more salutary domestic policies that could escape the perennial oil-caused brinksmanship.Some speak rather superfluously about Christian social organizations as communist of primitive times... they haven't given enough thought to what modern communism, government and economic systems with specializations and advanced technology mean.

Modern communism is inimical to the processes of technological enterprise essentially, and Christians were not formulating a worldly government political theory nor economic system. For them the material world was secondary to irrelevant to spiritual affairs. Pure political power concentrates social roles and economic possibilities sometimes, and may lead to reactionary individualism and free enterprise. Christians were in revolt to the power of the world social roles in their allegiance to god perhaps it could be said, yet free enterprise for Christians and property ownership would be just fine as a thing for-itself so long as it did not lead to neglect of the prioritization first of spiritual concerns.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

U.S. Senator's Wealth A Conflict of Interest Pro-Globalism?

When the medical corporation Senator Frist’s family started was sold recently for more than 21 billion dollars I wondered what relation such extreme wealth has upon the loyalties of U.S. Senators toward business preferences and federal legislation. The Senate of course just passed a bill to open the eastern Gulf of Mexico to offshore oil drilling, and global production of fossil fuel vehicles has surpassed that of the United States many times over. A farmer might more readily buy a Mahindra 5500 tractor than a John Deere (see page 41 Business Week July 31, 2006 Emerging(Multinational) Giants, and much of hard and soft production has shifted to China and India with Japan at this point being a veritable old time production partner. While global business is without question good for investors in global businesses and many citizens of nations other than the United States, is it good for Americans?

CNN published a list of senate millionaires (spouse and family assets not included) that indicates U.S. Senator do have a substantial investment bases most likely in established and globalist ventures perhaps not as free riders being stuffed by patrons yet with an inevitable conflict of interest. These guys aren’t hungry for U.S. progress and would not choose to support measures that would undermine the value of their investments in existing stock portfolios. That could be ultimately harmful to U.S. national interests.

Most reasonable people are aware that global warming and reliance on corporatist fossil fuels for transportation domestically are inimical to U.S. prosperity and security. Iran for instance in the current inflated oil price market earned more than 60 billion on fossil fuel sales the past year and will earn more this year, and contributed 180 million dollars to Hezbowlahh and its South Lebanon rocket range. Other terrorist supporting nations or those with a large number of oil wealthy supporters of terrorist causes are prospering during the Bush-Cheyney-Frist axis of oil era.

In the United States a non-co-opted U.S. Senate would oppose the mass extinction caused by asphalt and fossil fueled vehicles. It would support individual home power production enterprises through a variety of incentives to eliminate fossil fuel use in the domestic transport fleet. Certainly trans-continental electro-magnetic accelerator cargo tunnels could eliminate 70% of the domestic trucking fleet with a 2000 M.P.H. trans-con shipping speed to several major terminals coast to coast. Homes could be made with concrete gunnite air-formed applications to be hurricane and tornado resistant and with zero net loss of biota…drive in spiral ‘domes’ would allow interior courtyards, low cost and exceptional endurance, privacy and gardening potential. Zero net loss of biota should be a national land priority along with security not net egress border security. Several simple legislative measures could upset the imbalance created by the U.S. Senate indolent preference for global wealth investments that marginalize American startups and infrastructure revolutions. The Senators are so wrapped up in the way things are, are so led by global corporations that they are virtual accomplices to the parting out and repopulation of the United States. The passage of a minimum wage increase by the house was tied to a bill to eliminate the estate tax and permit globalists to purchase the United States without possibility of being taxed to invest in the security of the United States environmentally and socially. Obviously the Senate would not support an honest minimum wage increase for-itself.

In centuries past a Senate could just move along without a Jefferson to pursue national interests, defend against tyranny from authoritarians foreign and domestic, and fail to utilize rational modeling in comprehending the actions and lack of actions of the state. The Federal Government is large today with a vast number of commitments, probably beyond the scope of what the founders intended, yet the vast size is a consequence of ineffective planning and investments in the nation’s policies that could have made the government more effective at fulfilling its necessary roles without compromise for a lower cost. In many ways the government today supports corporatistism and stifles competition while simultaneously failing to promote investments, technologies and legislations that would create an ever renewing national economic independence without isolation, debt or pollution externalities.

The concatenation of ineffective Senate policies creates the zeitgeist and physical socio-economic and environmental conditions the nation experiences today. It seems unfortunate that the complaisant republicans and over homosexualized egressing democrats fail to comprehend the core economic and environmental issues that challenge the United States in 2006 adequately to take legislative measures that would effectively address them. Automobiles are a very over-mature and today draining technology. Over centralization of energy, sewer, transport and other public utilities have made a massified and reliant U.S. consumer culture readily subject to disruption. The environment is warming deleteriously over time, and cities such as Phoenix Arizona are taking few steps to seriously reverse the over-heating trend created by thousands of miles of asphalt laid in the Sonora desert in a valley.

The U.S. Senate as a group of yes-persons for globalists with succor from some neo-con broadcast social quank-philosophers haven’t even the substance to comprehend the negative impact globalist domination of U.S. broadcast media has upon mass opinion formation. I think it is virtually impossible to have regional political initiatives anymore much different that that policy corporatists expect for their profit margins. New technologies could allow radiowaves to be used by internet applications to democraticize the airwaves.