Monday, July 31, 2006

Terrorists and Iran are Causes of Middle Eastern Strife

With terrorists causing conflict in Lebanon, the Gaza and Israel a brief summary of the history of the middle eastern troubles would be useful in the present ‘crisis’ as another conflict has hit the fan of change. Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger wrote a succinct analytical article published in the Washington Post Monday July 31st covering the general parameters of the present nexus, yet Mr. Kissinger neglected to mention the failure of American diplomacy created in essence by the lack of determination and intelligence at the top (the President being nursed by oil and conflict through his two terms in deficit production for the nation) that stifles whatever creative diplomatic skills the able-enough Secretary Rice might consider.

It is remarkable how the people of the United States suffer from a sort of political amnesia or aphasia occasionally regarding the political etiology of sundry Middle Eastern conflicts. For many years the left has essentially taken an ostrichian position of wishing those foreign troubles to just go away without serious work internationally to remediate the causal factors that precipitate and sustain the various crises.

The Jews have long sought to return from the Diaspora to their ancestral homeland since the 70 ad. dispersal, and in small numbers and at various times they have. Jewish people have always lived in Jerusalem even when it was under foreign occupation and eventually settled by Muhammad’s rampaging horse cavalry hordes. When the Ottoman Empire took over all of the Middle East through conquest they ruled for about 400 years with everything generally imperial property---even Iran or Persia was subject to Ottoman rule with their covert Shiist loyalties to fall back upon.

Rabbi Herzl stimulated the return of Jews to Israel to form a homeland late in the 19th century. Centuries of European pogroms had demonstrated that Jews were often unwelcome in Europe. Even the Spanish deported Jews after 1492 much to their financial miss investment of New World booty. The Jews of Poland were sent beyond the Pale district amidst ordinary Russian-Polish wars for regional rule. Jews continued to migrate to Israel with the hope of forming a nation in the early part of the 20th century, yet it was the allied victory over the Ottoman Empire and Germany that gave rule of the Middle East to Britain that gave the Jewish Zionist a chance to build their numbers and strength in Israel.

Jewish pioneers such as Moshe Dyan lived on Kibbutz’s upon land legally purchased from Britain and local owners. The Jews of Israel sought to live peacefully and harmoniously sharing technology and improved farming techniques with their Muslim and often a generation removed from nomadic herder brethren and often were repulsed, for some reason perhaps involving religion and Muhammedism the Jews were considered as invading outsiders by the locals. The Jewish movement into Israel in the 20th century and land purchases were entirely lawful, yet the Balfour declaration by Lord Balfour to separate or partition Jews and Muslims in Palestine was done after the holocaust of the Reich, the Mufti of Jerusalem’s partnership with Hitler and general Arab sympathy for the fascists because the strife between the peoples increased and weapons caches grew. Of course in time the Jews declared independence from Britain and were recognized by UN resolution 242, The Arab nations of the region warred to their defeat upon Israel as soon as it became independent.

The fundamental problem in the Middle East today, and with Hezbollah and its thousands of terrorist rockets arsenal, and of course with Hamas and its dedication to terror, is the inability to rationally live peacefully with the Jewish State. Of course many Americans and leftists fail to comprehend the problem either. Still the world has only about 13 million Jews and film stars such as Mel Gibson can declare that “Jews cause all the wars’, yet Mr. Mel Gibson at least had the courage to say he has an alcohol problem while most of the Hollywood pro-terrorist set, anti-Israel set cannot. It is remarkable that such vast wealth and numbers of people can find problems with Jews in the post-modern, post-holocaust era. The Brits and Japanese for example have more financial influence, and not all Jews are millionaires, nor are a variety of other cliché’s about various peoples true either a priori.

Iran was able to resupply Hezbollah terrorist with rockets since the Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon, and Iran of course is building up a nuclear program perhaps to give a bomb to a Hezbollah to take out Tel Aviv and Haifa some day in round three of the Muslim fundamentalist war upon Israel. The Washington Post in the issue cited above also had an interesting report on designer pathogen potential today and tomorrow. A German scientist named Eckard Wimmer built a homemade Ebola-smallpox virus from mail-ordered parts and internet data download that was entirely artificial yet effective. Evidently terrorist and others may be able to obtain and construct that sort of long-anticipated match for the powder keg room soon.

Iran surely has a complex history, yet their position in the world geopolitically is rather pivotal and potentially catalytic. Oppression and torture by the Shah’s Savak may color their thought, yet the world moves on and an independent, democratic Iran with neo-isolationism would be a better one that one that is a progenitor of Armageddon quality doom scenarios including it’s own. The Iranians are wrong in encouraging and supporting the Middle Eastern terrorist activities upon Israel, and will in time lose. Of course they have legitimate complaints about certain aspects of western conduct and the broadcast media is corrupt and owned by corrupting agents almost everywhere better replaced by internet usage.

So much for this brief post about the Middle Eastern troubles. As the terrorists attack Israel must defend for survival’s sake…they are on the interior lines. It would be desirable if the Muslims oppressed by terrorists and harboring terrorists were able to shake off that pestilence and allow prosperity to grow before the oil era is replaced by a cheap solar, fuel cell and wind power era and the money flow reduces, however political wisdom in that area was replaced some time ago by gangsters, and western diplomacy is unduly influenced by corporatism and the corrupt power-grabbing broadcast media offending people everywhere. (:cool:)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Alterwall Objective's...stories book release

copy press release...

The book includes the novel 'Alterwall Objectives' and stories 'Just Search for the Spirit, 'Vank Island', 'Aftershockwaves 2D-11D', 'Down Mill Road', 'Trimecraft Crash' and more. Every human being has an implicit realm of freedom of thought; privacy within his own mind that no other can violate, though many have tried. These stories began the effort to describe some political and empirical analysis that impinges upon human liberty within and without. If war is a continuation of banking through other means, writing is a way of expressing the desire for freedom from war-from-others in many instances. These draft stories were started in 1990 and were the first non-poetic science fiction stories by Gary C. Gibson after the loss of a prior fiction story of Mars 'The Chamber' in 1988.

Gary Clifford Gibson was an Alaskan writer during much of the 1990's, although Alterwall Objectives was written graveyard shift at a Texas State Office Building while George W. Bush was Governor a few blocks away in 1996. Leaving Texas the author completed the novel at more than 30 public libraries around the United States. One of the more recent short stories was written during a particularly tough summer of wildfires in Montana outside camping and riding North to the small border of Havre. Sadly Bob Hope passed on during that long, hot bike trek on noodles and Hostess mini-muffins rescued from a dumpster.

Gary C Gibson's writings reflect a variety of academic interests in the social sciences, humanities and space exploration synthetically put together along with ordinary direct human experience. With a 99% rank on C.L.E.P. General Social Sciences and History exams and a pure optimism believing that Utopian scenarios are the only acceptable outcome, pragmatism has tempered his writing with the knowledge that humanity screws up a lot, is greedy and philosophically retarded, and perhaps may destroy itself in the drive for power and creature comforts at the expense of the environment.

This book has some yet unapplied scientific applications that could provide better ways of human economic and social development. It is a collection of Gary C. Gibson's first works essentially still in a draft form, unadulterated by composite book packaging editors.

Replace CENCOM Gen. ABizaid?

Is it time to replace the CENCOM Commander Gen. John Abizaid with someone more effective at reducing civilian casualties? Would someone with a better military education and background of experience be better suited to counterattack the drift toward civilian strife in Iraq? Afghanistan also is experiencing something of a retrograde motion in the Southwest that hasn’t been countered effectively.

General Abizaid since given support to the Dubain Arab royal takeover of American east coast port operations has created an appearance of conflict of interest and loyalty with too much support for Muslim royals. Sure Dubai has a 25 story indoor ski slope with the temperature 120 degrees outside and 35 degrees inside, yet globalization for a career federal public payroll employee never in the private sector, and without prospect of ever being off the public payroll before death, may have little sympathy for the variegated opportunities that nation U.S. free enterprisers may have or experience. What is good for globalists in no way necessarily coincides with what is good for American citizens living in the United States. If General Abizaid with his limited military experience mostly in infantry and not intelligence or special forces and anti-insurgency was doing a good job in Iraq his public gaffs and disrespect for the civil rights of Americans and perhaps Iraqi’s too following George W. Bush’s and the Attorney General’s examples might be more easily overlooked, yet his job performance in Iraq and as CENCOM Commander since 2003 is dismal, and ripe for termination. The only problem is that the fearless leader in D.C. may respect loyal corruption more so than military and civil security effectiveness, and would thus leave General Abizaid in post far too long, creating a lack of creativity and problems that will continue on until a Democratic President with Special Forces competence takes office in 2008.,_Iraq

Monday, July 24, 2006

Exclusive Mass Media Waveform Totalitarianism

While a globally owned broadcast media hogging the very brainwashing channels of mass communication wavelengths in the United States is nearly fatal to democracy and independent economic developments in supports of national interests’ globalists in the corporate world seemingly consider selling out their country to be a virtue, although they wouldn’t say so directly. When dumb M.B.A.’s predominate and decorate society to assure their maximal profits and least work, and take over government converting it and society into a corporatist evil empire standing unreligiously upon sand without a solid monolithic dome foundation with environmental restoration, they doom everything independent so far as possible within the traditional will to power expressed by Attila the Hun. Terrorists everywhere have their own modes and axes to grind with varying degrees of sophistication and inhumanism.

Nature is a non-sequiter within their permanent quick profits paradigm. Leftists are all those in opposition to corporatist dictatorship of the unimaginative oppressors of mankind of any sort of organizational composite. Free enterprise, individual prosperity apart from corporatism, privacy, free public speech and so forth are lumped in with the proletariat foes of management.

Adam Smith believed free markets would best regulate themselves by supply and demand processes with an ‘invisible hand’, yet Smith never foresaw the growth of an extra invisible hand of corporatism that would strangle the non-corporatist free market and government too. Government must serve the people and national interests rather than corporate interests. Corporations must fend for themselves globally if they will, yet the government should support the rights and interests of individual citizens living legally in the United States. Flooding the nation with illegal aliens is another method by corporatists to undermine national prosperity and political independence from their globalist totalitarianism. Globalists want a nation of peons to support a layer of non-physically working management parasites. Globalists also co-opt and undermine independent intellectual enterprises when possible by extinction or hostile takeover.

‘The Social Siege of Nature’ by Michael Soule' described some of the problems society has in addressing the mass extinction of biodiversity underway. There are a number of philosophical errors that render correction of the destruction of God’s creation on Earth difficult to correct. God appointed mankind masters of nature not destroyers of it. Any good ship master would protect and develop his ship not burn the planks. As given in the parable of the talents, it is a bad idea to take God’s natural creation and destroy it instead of to increase it so far as to green Mars and build a vast number of artificial worlds within the solar system stacked with wild life able to exist without constant human support. Mankind is running amok under the brainwashing putsch of global corporatism and thoughtless consumerism. How the nation reelected the President in 2004 is a mystery to me.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Middle East Crisis, Iran and U.S.-Israeli Response Issues

The middle east activities of Hezballah upon Israel from Lebanon and the Iranian support for the escalation of the coefficient of adversity for Israel present several challenges for the middle east, some of which seem to be driven by propaganda secured interests of Hezballah, Hamas and Iran.

Iran’s threats to cause mass Israeli casualties should Israel attack Hezballah supply home depots in Syrai must be based upon their vast missile inventory that Israel would need to attaqck before concentrating upon Syrian sanctuaries for terrorist personnel and supplies. Of course the Uniyted States might have an interest in helping Israel to secure the peace through destruction of Iraninian missile and nuclear capabilities through air assault.

Unfortunately putting the regional conflict malefaction back into cold storage might be difficult given the desrre of Hezballah and Iran to escalate the crisis for Israel, and the technology of war continues to proliferate and prosper amidst nations adverse to Israel’s existence. Perhaps Israel will opt to preempt the arms build up with a military take down, and maybe the administration will launch a few hundred cruise missiles in support of an Israeli air strike emulating Clinton era tactics in order to gain a few years of peace. The administration of the U.S.A. may be more interested in oil than war, and may believe it is possible to ignore the Iranian influence and spreading sphere of Shiite influence that may be behind the Hamas-Hezballah attacks on the north and south of Israel. Iran seems unable to comprehend that Shiist politics in Iraq are developing toward democracy rather than authoritarianism, and may benefit from some correction of their political; ratiocinations from whatever source that can serve.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Middle East Civil War Snooker Shooting

Shiite-Sunni regional civil war potential has been much written about of late by political punters. Yet the Hezbalah kidnapping of a pair of Israeli soldiers recently seems a broader tangential actualizations of the phenomena deriving from political party inertia in the Middle East.

Israel of course is the somewhat hapless victim in the midst of the larger turmoil, yet Sunni and Shiia hate literature from both sides can agree that Israel and America are to blame for most everything wrong in the Middle East. A recent Foreign Affairs article by a Mr. Nasr developed many salient points of the ongoing political evolution of the potential for Shiite-Sunni strife.

Iran is the major Shiite player and Saudi Arabia the major Sunni, and each have different political leadership traits while the United States is to a certain extent a hostage of its own choosing to both oil and the desire for political stability and too prevent terrorism. While it would be swell if Israel could accomplish a lightening raid and rescuer all of its kidnapped troops, in pursuing a larger action to secure there release beyond international border they could exacerbate the tendency for the Shiite population and government of Iran to find reason for disfavor with Israel.

The inertial need for Hamas to continue politicking through violent means in the present will support the potential for a Muslim civil war should the United States withdraw under pressure from both sides sooner from Iraq rather than later. It goes without saying that the Bush administration has a plodding, resolute determination to rely upon oil for several decades as its friends prosper from that, and it believes that Iranian potential for U.S. terrorism will be increased if it is given a free hand in the region in support of an Iraqi Shiite government. Iran’s leaders may believe that nuclear weapons development will help it in the long run to find peace and stability even if a civil war ensues.

Obviously Iran and Iraq and the Palestinians too would be better off working peacefully with the United States and Israel to develop alternative energy sources and non-violent political progressions, yet common sense hasn’t generally prevailed much in the middle east. Perhaps I can write more on this interesting topic later.

Monday, July 10, 2006

The Sicilianization of American Society?

Regarding the nature of Muhamedism politically; one is going to run amok if ideology is over credited as the modus vivendi for political fanaticism of individuals in various nations and regions that worship five times a day to Saudi Arabia (Americans only buy gas a couple times a week or so).

The Island nation of Sicily has had a long experience with invading persons from abroad before the Saracen invasion and occupation of the ninth century that went on to raid Rome. Mario Puzzo's book The Sicilians gives a prose fiction background of the islands social formations of résistance and consequence from the fascist era to the war and unto about 1950.

The mafia (an Arabic word meaning sanctuary) was a name given to the 'friends of friends' that perpetrated violence upon government officials and anyone else that oppressed the peasants or personal profits. The mafia or friends of friends became a second shadow government secret society.
The peasants were poor and the 'labor market' exploited by the rich landowners. The mafia interceded between the rich, the peasants and government. Because the government was from the North and mostly corrupt in the 20th century, and because of centuries of tradition of resisting hostile invaders, Sicilians developed omerta or code of silence to not provide even directions to anyone that asked. Unfortunately the mafia also opposed equality and democracy for the peasants, and ruled as a sort of mini-fascist corporatist power for-themselves.

Many Mohammedan controlled societies are comprised of poor, ignorant pseudo machos with nothing to lose. Many have need for revolution against larger predators of politics. In the United States global corporatism has developed to ensnare the broadcast media and corrupt the government moving toward the Sicilianization of the United States downward into a peonized society. The Department of Globalist Security actively pursues resistance to corporatism, will intimidate religionists of all stripes, and even through the media receive tacit support from leftist-atheists in attacking the political stability of American liberal -moderates. The high tech egress into civil rights oppression is a logical result of a flood of people without a tradition of western style liberalism in their national traditions united with predatory globalist-captialists that find democracy and a more egalitarian society a nuisance to their desire for absolute power.

The poor of Sicily would not converse with strangers much, yet the concept of social silence allowing authorities to dominate public communication is antipathetic to the first amendment free speech requisites of an active, participatory democratic society. State censorship of the media by fascists in the modern era equivalent is a transcendent conquest of mass media by global corporatists and communists seeking to halt individual blogging even, as it were. The mafia would liaison support with rich landowners and the government to oppress the poor in exchange for kickbacks and control, security and such, while the communists sought to eliminate all religion and all the rich, and the rich would use communism as another excuse to oppress the poor and middle class seeking to better their situation at all. The poor Mohammedans are just waifs in a false relation to God, veritable butterflies of Lao Tzu fluttering about in the azure sky observing the creators impulse to create manifested yet failing to find a personal relationship with His Son Jesus Christ.

The United States has many challenges including wresting control of political power back to the people and democracy, halting the flood of cheap labor market scabs allowed in by Globalist pimps, converting the broadcast media to internet blog downloading and so forth, inducing some start up to manufacture low cost, high efficiency electric cars (the big seven global automakers won't ever produce them until all the gouge from oil is done) etc.