Friday, June 16, 2006

The Chew-ya Mythos of Aryan-Nipponese Whale Hunters

"History is philosophy teaching by examples."--Thucydides

I am skeptical that the marine refuge President Bush created north of Hawaii was done for other than political purposes. Especially since there aren't any residents of the atoll to politically upset it was a 'safe' bit of environmentalism. Yet I am unhappy to learn that the Japanese and Norwegians are sharpening their forks for whales...

The Chew-ya Mythos of Aryan-Nipponese Whale Predators--

Yearning for whale meat dead or alive, Norway known for its Quisling quankist symp sumps of 3rd Reich genocidalists and the eastern wheel on the Axis of Evil; Japan, lust with tools of secret balloting and potential bribes to dine savagely on the bloody carcasses of peaceful, intelligent whales of the free oceans. Norway and Japan are the Charybdis and Scylla of civilization with one on the Atlantic and t’other on the Pacific agitating for uncivilized barbarity.

The execrable desire to convert whales into ‘human excrement’ should be deleted by right thinking people. Whales have the largest brains of any known species while whale hunters have the smallest thinking capacity of any human branch of hominids. Artificial whale meat can be made from succulent bottom fish with that sweet rancid blubber taste whale eaters need a fix of.

Predators politicking for a culture of corruption and savagery with appetites of Gobineaus undervaluing other life forms remind of the words of Adolph in 1930… ...”What we want is a picked number from the new ruling classes: who…are not troubled by humanitarian feelings, but who are convinced they have the right to rule as being a superior race, and who will secure and maintain their rule ruthlessly over the broad masses”. The sort of culture that would kill and eat innocent whales that are an indicator species of the oceanic health gave rise to the actualization of Hitler’s political dream.

===An Axis of Whale-Oiled Hunter-Culture===

The Government was destroyed
one dark and dreary day with a thump
like a Studebaker rusting roadside upon blocks it settled
slowly by the wayside a Redwood seedling grew
shade for the road kill café

Euclidians defeated by non-Euclidians
experienced solid shapes kleeing quicker
raging with quietism’s neo-expressionist assertiveness
evolving formulae to straighten out control

Crashing through the anarchy of Berlin’s walled city
weightlessness captured thinking one-armed bandits
winking alluring lights and machine language
coins and cretins built higher and higher
downward into the abyss of the void

Broadcast sunshine conversions into looped superconductors
fields wired where stars formerly shined
frictionless fusionless photons embanked forever
warping space with precise convolutions
whales within an eternal ocean of massless particles

Control of mass-energy reshapings
intentional and accidens side by side
natural grown things by design
surviving regulated creative destruction
vortices off currents in freedom to what

Purpose and destiny of each wave sector
places with time’s alterity
structured for those to be saved
from entropy and anti-entropy
upsurging determinations in the presentness of being.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Rep. Pelosi Leads Culture of Corruption To Wine of Wrath of Fornications

Transcending Mench mysticism the Democratic Party has taken a more tactical turn toward obscurantism and social political hogwashism with dissimulative labeling of the Republican Party in Congress with a name most independents apply to the DP’s. Culture of Corruption describes the turn into a cul de sac matrix of political and moral illusion…mirages set to send the unwary soul into the eternal fires of hell, and the politically naïve into the putrid arms of global corporatism.

The DP agenda is a culture of corruption of abortion, homosexual sapping of heterosexual institutions such as marriage, legalization of illegal drugs and escalation of illegal aliens into dual citizenship citizens loyal to Mexico and their relatives below the border. The Californication of DP political priorities leave the good sense of democrats of prior decades in the wake to the sharks of corporatist diplomacy and media brainwashing/thought conditioning. The Democratic Culture of Corruption is an invasion of the body snatchers sending the center of balance of U.S. politics somewhere below the southern border.

With the loss of former Rep Tom Delay because of association with the traditional congressional practices of receiving money from lobbyists, gerrymandering, bribery and so forth the Democrats should heed the criticisms of his farewell address to congress well. Liberalism has been taken over by a culture of corruption that exterminates civil liberties for submersion in a corporatist mob mentality led by the big dogs of power and high-pitched, unbleeding heart liberal associates with hearts sufficiently cold-blooded to plan the reduction of the human species for environmental purposes and elevate thoughtless conformism to the highest level of ‘democratic’ participation in society. Rep Delay was a first rate dupe for corporatism which attacks liberalism in order to advance a global control for profit to the most rich dispensing with the principles of capitalism as written by Adam Smith for those expressed by Benito Mussolini.

The Pelosi leadership is a pattern of mass misunderstanding for partisan purposes as Byzantine as a morphing of Lao Tzu’s ‘The Art of War’ into the Book as a lingua franca. The Democratic leadership invented the term culture of corruption (C.O.C.) perhaps to obfuscate the Culture of Ubermensch News Terminology (C.U.N.T.) raving verbal confusion, camouflage of corruption into the political wing of mass media cohort assault upon national independence from globalist political control.

One day not so far off public writing or talk about actual American political independence, balanced budget, investment in public infrastructure initiatives that entail no trade deficit, liberation of individuals from power and energy grids through home power, taxation of foreign owned estates and so forth will be called treason. Some time after that Americans may drink of the cup of the wine of the wrath of fornication that is shared with all of the globalist partners that concentrate wealth at the top or alternately form a ossified corporatist commune from which global revolution is the sole option politically for independence and an effort to save the environment from hungry corporatists and a thoughtless proletariat.
On the immediate civil conflict in Iraq and the political illogical of Al Qa’eda in maintaining its campaign of terror I will write a few words…

Al Qa’eda and Islamic fundamentalists have the essential goal of revolting against corrupt Middle Eastern governments often led by oil financed regimes that do business with the United States and the west. Because political organization is difficult in authoritarian nations the revolutionaries tend to organize in mosques which are sanctuaries more or less for the culture of Islam that is sacred generally and off limits to government invasion. In these down-trodden reaches western, lifestyles are associated with the upper classes, and the corruption of the west is associated with the oppressive ruling class. Muslim fundamentalism is a fundamental and pragmatic tactic to revolt against the heavily financed and media owning broadcast classes. Therefore an attack on the fledging Iraqi democracy is quite illogical and perhaps something that the Al Qa’eda terrorist political philosophers haven’t considered very well. Iraq will be a nation with a populist government and not ruled by a royal ruling class oppressing the masses…Muslims will still be free to attend mosques and bow to Saudi Arabia five times a day.

The Muslim fundamentalist political philosophy in crossing borders fails to adapt to the reality of changing political conditions it seems. In Iraq Al Qa’eda is working to overthrow a dem9ocracy and instill a dictatorship that might even be royal in time. In brief Al Qa’eda is working against its own interests.

The Iranian revolution also revolted against a royal, oil-rich oppressive government associated with the west and the United States, yet Iran and other nations fail to comprehend the nature of human greed if they believe the problem is in democracy rather than in corporatism or greed that exploits people and ideologies for the apolitical purpose of power and wealth. In Iran a theocratic government that arose through a fundamentalist revolution still attacks America politically because of the association of the U.S.A. with the government of the Shah, and that is a fundamental error. The fault lies not in democracy, but in elitist leadership that is a treacherous, and presently globalist conflict set upon the masses more or less tolerantly in democracies that will indeed exploit that daft abroad. Democracy should be a goal for Iranians and Al Qa’eda, not a target of terror so they can foist a theocratic dictatorship on the public…that vehicle is needed in the conditions of a Saudi Arabia or Egypt perhaps, but not in Iraq today. The Palestinian issue is an entirely separable issue that doesn’t require fundamentalist revolution to theocracy or terror to solve…that inertial direction is a consequent of social mobsterism and greed not unlike that of human leadership at a pack level generally.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Is Music an Art?

What is the nature of art? For me I have often believed it to be something someone does with paint without following numbered spaces on a canvas with paint. Is creativity then the essential core value of art?

In recent years books such as The Art of Reasoning’ and ‘The Art of Cooking’ have appeared to add to the number of activities classified by some as artistic activities. What then are the parameters that make one activity an art and another non-artful?

Long ago mankind beat out rhythms on logs to gain a drumming effect creating a sort of amusement later known as music. Was that an activity of art originating in the Congo? If art were an activity punishable by death, few ‘artists’ would claim to be doing art, unless government grants appeared for relief.

In the Middle Ages before a middle class arose artisans and later guilds formed to produce works of skilled trades. Centuries later a book ‘Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’ was written to acknowledge mechanics as an artisan’s activity. If art is not a paint by the numbers activity however, such as playing an instrument to make noise following a sheet music pattern, can mechanics be what is meant in modern art’s meaning as art?

Art today would seem to be a creative activity. Jimmi Hendrix’s guitar playing was art because of the innovative methods, while musicians replaying Hendrix songs without much creativity are simply mechanics producing an effect.

In fiction writing it is perhaps more difficult to discriminate art from not-art than in fields such as music. There are political components to music today that many aren’t aware of incidentally…

A reaction of some leftists to education and established political power following their failures in the 1960s unto the present to win the intellectual battle for social philosophical correctness was to utilize the mechanics of music to oppose human ideas and political ideology from being expressed. The method was fundamental extinction of thoughtful lyrics. Music for-itself as noise would be trustworthy because of its absence of intelligent and possibly deceiving political propaganda. The writer John Saul’s pointed out in his 1995 book ‘The Unconscious Civilization’ that the main consequent of that approach politically is to exterminate dissenting political thought and surrender ideation to the corporatist establishment. That was exemplified by a recent critic of mine that suggested that this blog should be a haven for artists without politics and just shut up, listen to the music and sneak into the polling booth to rubber stamp one of the corporatist party candidates. Musicians as mechanics may slavishly coddle up to corporatists, and be rebellious in meaningless non-political areas. Ignorance is cheaper to get than is intellectual capital anyway.