Wednesday, May 31, 2006

President Bush Congress Raid and the Creeping Coup

One wonders if President Bush's Attorney General's raid on the U.S. House of Congress office of Representative Jefferson of Louisiana was more than a Don Quixote on a donkey tilt at the independence of congress or an actual leverage against congressional independence that supports a corporatist agenda effectively?Certainly Representative Jefferson might have accepted an F.B.I. bribe, yet the raid into his congressional office was ill-advised and par with the A.G.'s other nefarious ideas about the constitution and executive branch so as to allow torture unless 'major organ failure' results and so forth.' Separated shoulders and such wouldn't count obviously.

The Bush administration's tedious tenure still has two years or so to run, yet hopefully congress will still be independent then, and the President won't have possession of congressional files 'sealed' perhaps to gain leverage for support on his personal legislative agenda perhaps including illegal aliens having a fast track to citizenship after paying the executive branch a suitable penalty.On my tax bill this year on 6000 dollars in earnings, even with the earned income credit the I.R.S. declared that I owe 60 some dollars. It doesn't pay to file a tax return with some self-employment included while homeless least the very rich got a tax break this year, so the very poor must help make up the federal budget gap.

With Treasury Sect. Snow's dismissal and Mr. Paulson of Goldman Sach's taking over the U.S. Treasury won't have far to go to find it's Wall-Street corporatist kickback watch adviser. I hope my 60 dollars gets redistributed quickly through Mr. Paulson's office to Halliburton and other Texas based corporations, or at least subsidies for offshore oil drilling to help Exxon's record profits, maybe my unrecovered separated shoulder doesn't need so many bottles of Advil as it seems.It isn't hard to imagine why people abroad including Afghanistan have a less than perfect liking for the corporatist technique of plundering the public treasury wherever it is.
President Bush's two term policies seem to be reaching toward a culmination of the establishment of a creeping coup of corporatism to end democracy effectively in the United States.

The Senate is rather wussy, so the House of Representatives is the target of Presidential intimidation with the muled F.B.A. being a non sequiter as regards democracy in the U.S.A. it was used by Attorney General Gonzalez to raid the House of Representatives to seize political files and computer hardware recently.Perhaps the President will direct General Gonzalez to raid the Supreme Court to seize case files for legislation it differs with in order that it may be 'sealed' yet paid per view by the Justice's in case they need a knock on the head to remind them of who's boss. Of course with just one more nominee on the Bush court the Executive's Corporatist agenda can be rubber stamped by his lackeys should a recalcitrant House differ with his decretals to them (including perhaps the end of term limits, or restriction to eligibility for President to a relative of the incumbent).

What is Corporatism? It is a political philosophy innovated by Max Weber, Emile Durkheim, Mussolini and other surpassing neo-liberalism or neo-conservativism, left or right. Public interest represented by government is nihilated over time to be replaced by non-representational private interest in corporate form. Wall-Street will lead the Treasury, Big Oil will lead government, the public will always have debt and its spending will be sluiced over too private corporate interests.Communism and Corporatism each are a form of authoritarianism.

Corporatism is the clear and present danger, and the Democratic Party's obsession with opposition to government building in Iraq is only a distraction from the need to protect representative democracy in the United States from corporatist coup.In the Corporatist system perhaps 30% of the elite or managerial class is non-creative, over-promoted thugs exploiting or destroying creative individuals and independent business under their stagnant, ossified Stalinist tyranny. They pacify Americans, flood in cheap labor from abroad, outsource work to China and India, plunder the public environment etc.John Raul's 'The Unconscious Civilization' is a good primer on the subject.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Small Worlds/Illegal Aliens/Decreasing Democracy

First I must acknowledge that evil race smears are used by some proponents of illegal Mexican immigration to the United States upon those for legal immigration only policy.

It is wicked to associate Americans for national sovereignty with world war two era fascism much less extermination of Jews effort in the holocaust. Of course there is only so much to history, and the lines are fine, and many just bum-rush right over it substituting fiction for truth.

The essential causes for the flood of 22 million illegal aliens into the United States is pure economic and political avarice by Mexicans encountering in their own nation repression from an elite plutocratic social environment that has 40 people owning 30% of the nation's wealth.

If all those Mexicans were Germans today, wouldn't it matter if 20 or 30 million just volkerwanderrrunged over the border, and their Furher campaigned in Utah, California, Washington and Oregon for more?

The United States easily could develop rational and self-serving immigration policies with fair apportionment of racial components proportional to that of the world if it had the will to do so. The U.S.A. might bring in one million new citizens annually by consent rather than by the force of Mexicans illegal will (President Fox is visiting his newest state 'conquest' Utah first);_ylt=Akhr6rvQr1ScBHG4ilxk9sZQuk0A;_ylu=X3oDMTBiMW04NW9mBHNlYwMlJVRPUCUl

The actual cause of Democratic Party perfidy (Senator Max Bacchus of Montana supports the flood in votes it seems) is probably traditional state and federal corruption caused by redistricting and computer programming (see the current U.S. News article) and the expense of defeating incumbents. U.S. politics may not even be fairly called a democracy anymore some are speculating and globalism and greed, including the Bush administration's perfidious approach to environmental law is essentially reforming the United States. Why the Democratic Party is so much for just Mexican illegal immigrant favoritism is perhaps also related to the wealth of globalism and Democratic incompetence. Senator Dorothy of California just needs Mexican votes. Of 52 Representatives in California in 2004 no incumbents were defeated. The odds of winning a U.S. House seat in a race against an incumbent may be about 5%, and it costs a couple of million to finance the campaign spin.

Environmental liability may be a reason for the flood of illegals too. While Reagan and G.W. Bush scuttle the EPA Superfund and mining tax legislation is defeated, superfund sites and thousands of mines still seep toxic waste all over the U.S.A. Grupo Mexico bought Guggenheim’s Colorado mines at Leadville and a number of others in a purchase in 2003? With their out of country incorporation they can just not pay for clean ups, but the federal administrators believe the taxpayers should pay anyway instead of the polluters.

All this globalist political anarchizing attacking on democracy is a consequence of perfidious subtle reorganizations possible with globalism purchasing federal and state democratic representation. With good democratic government and secure borders the people can have a better chance of a fair and orderly, lawful and rational political environment...without it they will indefinitely sell out to opulent glitz of Colonel Sanddoom at home and abroad.
Points about racial genetic differences and what causal effects they may have on politics are interesting as made above, yet I will comment on a few points of the past 100 posts generally...

Capitalism does have an inadvertent tendency to exploit the poor, concentrate wealth and so forth, yet it may also increase the new wealth of society and though previously free, happy, independent people may become comparatively poorer with oppressive rulers with corporatism removing their liberty, they may be in the materially absolute sense richer.

Pres. R. Reagan's trickle down didn't work; inequality in wealth distribution has increased in the U.S.A. Lateral reallocation of wealth ensued instead, with women and non-whites increasing their comparative share.

Capitalism isn't unique in concentrating or distributing power, in the small worlds theoria preferred attachment, or the rich getting richer, builds in a way not unlike the aggregation of 'spurs' on snowflakes in predetermined patterns, or numerous other physical examples. Communism and other mass political organizations tend to accumulate power through preferred attachment, aka excremental affluent derriere smooching., direct purging and consolidation and other organizational forms that are an aspect of human interaction.

Perhaps original sin is the best explanation for why people are cruel, exploitative of others and so forth so often hiding behind 'big lies' or 'use-truths'.

The American political system has ossified into two polarized political parties that each support globalism in their own way and subvert democracy. Americans are against amnesty for illegal aliens, against illegal immigration, and haven't confidence in the Republican Party in Congress or in the White House presently. In an actual democracy uncorrupted by computer-designed and state legislative approved gerrymandering, the Democrats would retake both houses of congress easily in November. With the ossification of incumbency and politics competition for voters is ended, and blind party fealty for trophic position blue/red is insinuated to advance global corporatism.

Humanity should be able to work out their sociologically based oddities, yet social differences are the rational behind much of human organizing phenomena. Not only is liberty enhanced for creative purposes with civil rights, sound borders and property rights, rational allocation of opportunities, interests and social rights are delineated by differences amidst individuals and classes. Differences and classes aren't best 'exterminated'.

At any given time in politics, as in history, there are inertia social forces of organization that de facto place a macro-morality from the primary power upon accompanying economic methods. Small world theory may demonstrate how power 'fuses' more power and wealth upon itself as gravity draws mass although it is within a different structural pattern. Individuals may choose to resist the affects of adverse political forces, as is the case with the illegal immigration, and encounter opposite forces to disorder their own organizational principles.

Immigration isn't about race, but about the subversive impact upon U.S. political self-determination for the masses that are being ill-served by globalist corruptions of congress. One must read today's 'Dilbert'.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

55 Senators Oppose Rule of Law

"The vote was 55-40 against a proposal by Sen. Johnny Isakson, R-Ga, who said that anything less than a border security-first approach amounted to "a wink and a nod one more time to those who would come here" unlawfully."
An element of choosing to vote to legalize crime and approve of illegal entry to the United States as a legitimate course to citizenship may be caused by the investment in Mexican oil, and lobbyist’s contributions to/of the 55 Senators.

It is interesting that Senate Democrats lead the way on opposition to border control before negotiating with border bounders. Having sovereignty is a prerequisite for making sound law, simple following after lawbreakers and providing support is the function of a crock congress.
The Democratic Senators are acting in support of elements gutting the minimum wage in the United States and the value of U.S. labor. It isn't really surprising though. Senators are wealthy and wealth tends to accumulate globally in the rule of the 80-20 principle. That is in Pareto's law twenty percent or less of the people have 80% or more of the wealth simply because of preferred attachment, the ability of people with excess wealth to invest or gamble more, and other flow dynamic factors having nothing 80-20 principle is suitable for communist nations too, in which 20% or less of the communist party rule 80% or more of the national wealth. Global corporatism also follows those wealth flow phenomena and adroitly unifies communist and corporate governance and management through a number of interties from boardrooms to global media ownership, pseudo conflicts and state surveillance of citizens etc.

The Senators being quite wealthy investment in non Chinese or non-India political directions would be difficult, as that is the region in which wealth is currently finding the easiest pickings. A vast flood of cheap Mexican labor is as well beneficial to the wealthy in the United States in accord with the 80-20 principle. I should point out that this fits in quite well with the small worlds networks theories that explain a.i.d.s. distribution social and a number of other network transmission phenomena. It isn't necessary that someone have a political theory to get it started.

In the United States decent social philosophical theory just doesn't make it into politics as far as helping to elect enlightened Senators. With the historical debate between Adam Smithianites and Marxists and the social psychological trait of people choosing sides, stopping to think and dogmatically following 'leaders' theories convincing the U.S. public that their could be more to economics than the 'invisible hand' of Adam Smith or the state authoritarianism of Marxism is very difficult.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad using Smith's principle of personal greed being the best way to develop a society rightly rejected EU offers of a light water nuclear reactor if he would stop building a heavy water reactor saying (I paraphrase)'It would be like giving up gold for smoke and mirrors’. Page 188 'Nexus' Buchanan explained that many economists believe the market isn't rational entirely, and greed won't get it done. Behavioral economists have modeled market economics based on herd behavior with success.

Mexican Presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador of the Welfare for All Party is the only Mexican candidate that has rightly comprehended the ill-effect on Mexico's economy by the loss of migrant workers north. The wealthy candidates support the principle of 80-20 unknowingly, which in a limited global environment will lead to technological and enterprise stagnation within a vice of plutocratic deadbeats.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Will President Bush Oppose House of Representatives Tonight?

President G.W. Bush has been a willing tool for corporatist government. To drive down wages in the United States federal policy requires nearly a half million illegal immigrants annually to gut the labor side of the value negotiations. With Mexican president Vicente Foxx soon to leave office Mr. Bush chooses tonight to seek a last opportunity to misunderestimate and throw in the towel on U.S. border sovereignty to Mexico and give amnesty to millions of illegal workers in the United States.

Once again I will suggest more effective remedies in keeping with the will of the U.S. House of Representatives and the people of the United States.

1)Dig a Gulf of California to Gulf of Mexico Border Barrier Pleasure Boat and Desalinization water production Canal over the next ten years under the supervision of an enhanced Army Corp of Engineers. The southern border beyond the California Mountains is generally flat an easy for shallow canal building all the way to the Gulf of Mexico although Texas has some fine hills in the Laredo region. Taxpayers should get something for their investments besides kickbacks to Halliburton. Guardsmen serving along the border for defense should receive substantial hiring preference by the U.S. Border Patrol.

Vice President Cheney and General Hayden’s corporatist telephone data acquisition presents something of a conundrum. Why did it take four years to implement Mr. Cheney’s spy on American’s corporatist plan—was Sect. Rice unwilling where General Hayden was?

2)Permit no more than 75,000 Spanish speaking immigrants from all sources into the United States the next 20 years. Preference should be given to Portuguese, English and aboriginal language speakers from Amazonia

3)Create a bilateral control group of the Brazilian and U.S. State Departments to conserve the Amazonian Rain forest drainage and its vital world role in life and biota diversity right away. The goal is to depopulate Amazonia of human occupancy except for a small number of shirtless savages wonting to live in a Neolithic fashion. Everyone else would relocate with government assistance elsewhere in Brazil or to the United States, as both nations would offer guaranteed permanent residence and duel citizenship to any citizens that need or desire. This would keep Amazonia intact until more savages with vast machine chain saws gain influence such as Mr. Bush and Cheney are apt to sympathize with such as to annihilate the rational planning and investment by each government in intact ecosystems conservation to avoid a cascade of extinction perhaps dragging humanity along with it.

Friday, May 12, 2006

General Hayden's Calls, Small Worlds Theory/Himmler-Stalin-Corporatists

Gen. Hayden (Lake) if made the C.I.A.’s main spook would provide his boss Negroponte with valuable experience at forming vast databases to categorically violate the privacy of the American public and business too, although the rich may be exempted from the minimum tracking and surveillance structure’s of their phone calls such as perhaps 200 million other American’s reportedly experienced under General Hayden’s direction at the N.S.A.

The internet and small world network mathematical graphing theory had its very first start toward today’s sophistication in an Air Force funded research program in 1962 aimed toward creating nuclear attack survivable communications structure’s from various defense nodes. It was discovered that random computer routing of communications through the network was implicitly more survivable than dedicated hierarchical formal channels; in the formal and bound network a break in the chain blocks communication and requires formal rerouting, while in the small worlds random association alternative communications like a flow of water than can go through any channel at will instead of just downstream would easily avoid blocked or destroyed nodes. Small worlds modeling of the U.S.A.’s phone calls into networks are a dictator’s dream than even Stalin would have drooled to possess. small worlds graphs may be used iin the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence too

“Social networks showing the links of acquaintance between” Americans and anyone else through phone records permit the complete comprehension and manipulation of business and family contacts with probabilistic knowledge of who and how to affect networks of suppliers, implement disruptions to weaken targets of takeover, or distribute disinformation about through ancillary broadcast media tools for whatever authoritarian purpose is deemed useful. In the 2002 book ‘Nexus’ on small worlds theory Mark Buchanan wrote on page 31 (the quotation above is from the same source) “Is it possible, and if so, how is it possible, to draw a graph of six billion dots in such a way that one could link any two dots by traveling along just six line?” The answer was yes, and General Hayden may not have had much difficulty in placing the phone records of some 200 million Americans into such a small worlds paradigm-the equivalent of placing a tracking device on everyone’s auto for life and keeping all that information and graphed concurrent locations into a database.

Perhaps Americans won’t care, nor believe it a fundamental violation of the constitution intent of the founders for the government to have a real-time and historical database of the phone records of 2/3rds of the citizens and the ability to leak that data to foreign governments or global corporations to subdue and manipulate national independence. President Bush will talk to the nation tonight about why some illegal aliens should be given amnesty and flood the U.S. workforce while assuring the public that new security measures of 20 Toyota Land cruisers and new agents will help stem the tide of Mexicans annexing the nation for globalists. The 5.15 and hour U.S. minimum wage hasn’t gone up in decades, and real wages after inflation of Americans during the Bush tenure have decreased by more than 3.5%. The President’s true goal of flooding the nation with millions and millions of Mexicans is probably to reduce the minimum wage to 3 dollars an hour without insurance or other benefits the norm.

... commentators have already thrown much darkness. on this subject, and it is probable that, if they continue, we shall soon know. nothing at all about it." - Mark Twain

One would expect an authoritarian government such as the Communist Chinese have or had, the Soviet Union’s Second Directorate, Himmler’s Gestapo, etc historically to use a tracking and association tool of phone calls or physical vehicles if possible, yet it is unthinkable that such corporatist approaches (invented by Mussolini) should become usual for Americans, if they weren’t already trained to rave by broadcast corporations with immeasurable disrespect for the privacy and civil rights of Americans. For civil rights in a marketing strategy of corporatism would mean merely race or gender rights instead of universal human rights in order to divide and conquer the public with ongoing perennial social conflict.

General Hayden at the N.S.A. has implemented egregious violations of American privacy and freedom to conduct business without federal surveillance and corruption of privacy. Without privacy and proprietary contact data it is quite impossible to do any competitive business at all. If the government knows whatever anyone is doing at any given time it has the power to exploit whatever data, promote or degrade whatever social elements though numerous means, it cares to for the aggrandizement of its own will to absolute power. General Hayden should be safely retired and left to draw his full salary as Generals are wont to do with free air travel around the globe as retired military personnel enjoy. Some Americans merely struggle to have food and shelter, or enjoy the first amendment while the glorious federals piss on their life opportunities to better their physical, spiritual, economic and political status.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

In the Absence of Post Cold War Political Philosophy

In the post cold-war world the change of political polities, political leadership and business, economic and military did not allow for much time for new political philosophies to emerge that would exist alongside the usual social criticisms of in the free west that influenced government policy formation to a certain extent. Instead the ‘new world order’ ideas of President George H.W. Bush (41) described the advantage certain global businesses would have in interacting with the security of American military insurance policies of constructive engagement with the communist entity in China and with the moderated chaos in the former Soviet Union. In time the political philosophy of corporatism united with a Chinese socialist move toward corporatist business would dominate de facto along with all the negative consequences that implies.

Globalists attempting to dominate world politics by design and corporatists seeking to compile political power and influence simultaneously with market domination may attack nationalism and democracy as obstacles to the eradication of democratic nationalism rooted within proprietary borders. Corporatists and authoritarians of all sorts prefer a global polity without real local self-determination or capacity to resist their will to absolute power.

In the modern world ad hoc global networks replace any need for the elimination of the security of local national political control. Global ad hoc networks assure that human and civil rights violations will be discovered and opposed by the global majority that in theory would still have some independence from corporatist, socialist, authoritarian or fascist global powers.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Border Barrier Control/Patrol Elevated Highway on Mex Edge Sole Way of Halting Inflow of Revolutionary Internal Proletariat Next 30 Years for U.S.A. The late (d. 1974) Arnold Toynbee described in his 'A Study of History' the way a civilization may allow an internal proletariat to grow exemplified with such as the mass relocation of Mexican workers illegally to the United States which eventually becomes a revolutionary class replacing the prior formerly creative majority that dwindles into becoming a repressive minority in power.

The wikepedia has a brief article on Toynee that has a paragraph describing the phenomenality of this one method of national self-destruction (it arises through greed and bad political leadership obviously). Toynbee believed that challenge-response was the fundamental nature of the social structure of civilization...

"When a civilization responds to challenges, it grows. When it fails to respond to a challenge, it enters its period of decline. Toynbee argued that "Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder."
For Toynbee, civilizations were not intangible or unalterable machines but a network of social relationships within the border and therefore subject to both wise and unwise decisions they made. If leaders of the civilization did not appease or shut down the internal proletariat or muster an effective miliatary or diplomatic defense against potential invading outside forces, it would fall.'

For the United States globalist forces politically overreaching advantage on borrowed money following the end of the post-world war two economic advantages have followed up the end of the bankrupt Soviet Union with an effort to de facto create a Toynbean version of a universal phase of a U.S. led civilization.

The Universal phase of a civilization is its last before decline. The process can be arrested however, and a standing waveform can be made to exist with a self-sustaing yet progressive independent economoy environmentally and socially interacting still with the global economic forces. Instead of leaving it in abstract forms what the government myust do is this...

1)Halt all illegal immigration into the U.S.A. peaceably, focus federal policy upon stimulating and supporting non-trade deficit producing policies through a cornucopia of national invention in macro-social energy and transport technology that allow citizens to become independent from centralized power and transport global controllers.
2)Immediately promote electric cars, home fuel ells for recharging, power lines in freeways for metered recharging, strong environmental zoning promoting zero net loss of biota.