Sunday, April 30, 2006

Electric Car Reaches 112 M.P.H. in 11.1 Seconds/Galbraith Dies/Generators

Defeating a Ferrari and a Porche, an electric powered vehicle won a 2005 Infineon Performance Test accellerating to 112 m.p.h. in 11.1 seconds.

ETS and World Class Exotics have built electric cars that achieve 85 miles per hour, more than enough speed for a variety of commuter and urban applications.

The Porche 959 style car ETS markets sells for a little more than 32,000 dollars and reaches top speeds of around 100 m.p.h. ETS has kit cars as well. FUll performance electric powered vehicles are available to day, and with electric power lines installed into selected freeways for metered electric draws by consumer vehicles direct power recharging would become possible permitting a larger range of partially battery-powered electric vehicles converted from fossil fueled vehicles. The Electric Auto Association

The economist John Kenneth Galbraith has died. Galbraith was a student of John Maynard Keyenes and headed a federal Economic Agency during the second world war for President Roosevelt. Galbraith was a brilliant popularizer of economic history with analytical-explanatory books, and said that this is the era of bureaucratic corporations. Galbraith recognized implicitly the deleterious impact of corporatism on the prospects for global capitalism and its inability to adapt to changing environmental and social-economic needs. Fossil fueled vehicles and the social reality that reifies the dominance of global oil companies are generally responsible for the malaise of the nation's economy mired in maintainance economic policy. Exxon mobils profits for this last quarter were nine billion dollars. It is a global corporation. Toyota home fuel cell plans for 2008/Japan coleman fuel cell story a residential fuel cell system for under $10,000 1000 watt portable generator advice about building a wind generator 1000 watt wind generator complete system with batteries and tower

Friday, April 28, 2006

Retrograde Inefficiencies of Mass Distribution Networks Within Concentrated Capitalism Paradigms

Corporatism permits a global infrastructure of informal monopoly to exist over political liberty to invent and successfully market items that would replace existing heavy capital investment infrastructure. Adam Smith probably did not anticipate global stock exchanges and a pervasive ossification of the salutary effects of capitalism at discovering new markets, discovering and promoting new methods of production as well as rewarding inventiveness.

Neither would Smith have foreseen that formerly efficient mass distribution networks of commodities such as oil would impare the ability of a society to quickly adapt to changing financial and environmental conditions. I am not at all certain that Smith was aware of the potential for mass distribution networks with such pervasive effects as exist today, as his era was far more decentralized and independently situated.

The retrograde inefficiency of mass market distribution of fuel supply to consumers in the commodity of oil-petroleum products(gasoline) exists because of the pervasive existing infrastructure and governmental dependence upon maintainence of the status quo in fuel phenomenality when another paradigm would be desirable in a number of ways.Gasoline mass market, mass distribution power is overwhelmingly repressive socially so far as to retard technological and sociological paradigm shift to new energy sources such as electricity for electric powered cars with consumers becoming produces of their own energy supply through wind-generators, solar voltaic cells and in-home fuel cells.

While the government should be encouraging home-electricity production to produce personal vehicle energy supply in order to avoid the 'tribute' to globally owned power or fuel companies that deleteriously effects the national debt, trade balance, and consumer savings and capital build-up it accepts the paradigm of mass distribution from global energy companies as normal.As an American citizen with an awareness of the history of the nation it is easy to realize that the founders would have been revolted by such political brain-death, dependence and political sloth.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

On the Hierarchical Priesthood Error

Jesus Christ is the only high priest, humanity of faith are simply believers associated with Jesus through a priesthood of believers. Jesus ended the era of temple worship, and foretold the destruction of the temple at Jerusalem. Because no temple worship is to exist, naturally the anti-Christ will appear at a reconstructed temple at Jerusalem.

A priesthood of believers have entered into God's rest of faith and the seventh day sabbath on Earth ended with the era of temple priesthoods. Perhaps a better way to describe the sabbath is that all times are holy unto the saving work of Jesus Christ.

Most Protestant Churches and the Catholic Church too have erred in believing that a hierarchical priesthood is the right way when in fact it misses out on creating an ecclesiastical organization of peer believers in common worship together able to reinforce the secular and soteriological efforts of the faithful.

Too many hierachical temple priesthood structures are tithing temples dedicated to supporting one individual 'superior' Christian and his or her family as a 'priest'. Because the hierarchical priesthood is in error, in may be opportunistically allied with worldly, secular forces of business an political power dedicated to elevating its own fiduciary and power goals.

Certainly honest intellectual believers can err on right forms of church organization, yet Paul in the book of Henrews admonishes the beleievers to get on from the milk of nursing Christianity onto the strong meat of maturity. Right ecclesiastic structure of a priesthood of believers is need to renormalize faith-in-God on Earth unto the narrow path leading to salvation through Jesus Christ.

It is undesrable to have a Temple of Mike, or a Temple of Bill, or a Temple of Prissy to lead a collection of weekend worshippers to faith in God and the GOP, or faith in devilwood and the extreme homo, or extreme illegal alien immigration agenda, even if the point is a common worldly struggle to get rid of nations and individual civil liberties in order to bring every soul under the mark of the beast in a global dictatorship of corporatism. A priesthood of believers would train citizens in democracy and responsibility, church leadership and social justice, while freeing up tithing funds for right allocations where they are most useful even if it means that the 'priests' need to get regular work.

Of course there is a role for commercial Christian work perhaps in scholarship, counciling and such on an external contractual basis. It is amazing that two millenia after Christ nearly have passed Christian church organization is mostly not cognizant of the error of continuing a hierarchical temple worship model instead of an association or 'priesthood' of believers.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Oil Prices $75 barrel and Up/Electric Engine Conversions of Used Classic Cars Electric engine conversion of classic used cars U.S. Oil Import Data U.S. Oil Reserves Save it for U.S. industry in the future when America goes to electric engines solar powered and Chinese industry drives up prices with inflationary oil consumption

Electric cars or hydrogen now? A more creative Chief Executive of the United States would use the opportunities of mass illegal immigration and the energy failures of administration policy the past six years to synergize and innovate a high-tech border barrier highway along the Mexican border using federal highway funds (perhaps some pork exists such as The Murkowsky/Young Bridge to an island with 300 people for millions and millions) that would exemplify federal commitment to honesty and integrity in government and managaement of public funds (only joking).

President Bush could ask congress to develop funding and project guidelines for a zero tolerance of illegal immigration border patrol highway that would have as much solar collection and electric vehicle technology as is rasonably possible. President Bush choose to hide a lack of interest in real competiton for fossil fuels by advocating hydrogen fuel that would not be available through fossil fuel outlets until a decade or so after he leaves office while there are billions and billions of electrical outlets not owned by global oil companies.

The control highway should be elevated on rip rap rock with a smooth wall facing Mexico, a 20 foot deep trench should be constriucted along the U.S. side. Laser and other motion sensor devices should monitor illegal movement and offer intercept coordinates. President Bush of course offers surrender to Mexico policies in his push to foist globalist conquest of the political future of the United States.

During the federalist era of the United States there was much striving to form the future of the country politically that resembles the way things are today politically to a remarkable extent. Deviationist domestic policies such as that of President Bush were defeated, while constructive foreign policies such as that of President Bush were successful paradoxically.

Phase in Variegated Electric Engine Cars instead of waiting for another Stalinist Five Year Plan to profit Globalist New World Order Auto Producers

The administration should be out talking up electric engine conversions of classic used cars...take a chassis and add the electric motor to a vehicle wiith a standard transmission. Create rental fleets or sell the used electric engine classics. Costs to make-over a gas guzzler into a sleek rechargeable electric car run 7000 to 20,000 dollars.Solar power panels, fuel cells, and a variety of sources allow low cost refueling.

The better the car one selects the better the mileage-which can be 150 miles per charge-up at a speed as high as 80 m.p.h. That is a useful around town or commuter tool.U.S. oil prices should drop significantly before the 2008 election in order to help the Republican candidate become elected, while the prices may drop only slightly before the 2006 congressional election.

The House voted patriotically to tighten up the Mexican border to halt the flood of illegal aliens into the United States while it’s still possible, and globalists will punish the Republican members that voted for the bill by taking enormous profits until the 2008 election. Secretary of Exxon Rice is organizing U.S. politics moderately toward oil profit conducing positions, and President Bush will not by a used 65 corvette and begin converting it to run on batteries during his spare-time for C-Span as a way to lead the people toward energy independence.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

President Bush's 1950's Era Economic Philosophy

The straw man arguments president G.W. Bush defends his failed economic policy with that builds a vast federal debt, outsources modernization of manufacturing and floods the nation with illegal aliens might have had a solid rationale in the 1950’s amidst a minority of economists. The President’s policy belief is that isolation and globalism are the only choices available; as if it were actually possible for America to be isolated in the 3rd millennium with present transport and communications technology, or as if the Federal Government had an authority to restrict global business to its own liking…the President has signed away through trade agreements that sort of somewhat obsolete opportunity and should know better.

The federal government should serve the people of the United States within the global community first and maybe help out global corporations too. Federalists began government policy with Hamilton choosing to create corporate welfare in order to pump prime manufacturing, and the premise that the federal government had a right to promote the general welfare of the people in road building, schools and all manner of previously non-governmental areas was off and running.

Today the federal government should promote national business inventions that liberate the nation from reliance on foreign trade-deficits or ecological destruction. Simply pointing to a potemkin unemployment rate that finds many Americans not reporting, underemployment and cheap labor work for foreign corporations is as harmful as claiming the no child left behind school policy that has 1/3/rd of students failing to graduate from high school and 50% of blacks failing to walk down the aisle to jive with the teach-tech is a successful policy (Newsweek or Time article recently).

The Tongass Forest policies of the President are equally obsolete slaughtering valuable stands of old growth and cedar for quick cheap profits for his timber felling supporting corporate types in Alaska. Once gone the old growth never returns…sycophants at Department of the Interior lamely claim it does no harm to wildlife (they didn’t add that the wildlife are vacationing on the moon).President Bush has raised the federal debt to an all-time global high along with oil prices for his oil compadres.

A recent magazine article describes how electric cars can be made at home or for hire from 8000 to 20,000 dollars that get maybe 150 miles per charge up. With solar panels one can charge an electric car in a parking lot and drive around Texas or wherever without paying a dime for fuel…why not accentuate then positive a little? One converts a chassis from an old car with a new electric motor, and some tech changes could make them much more efficient…save that second ‘car’-the SUV or truck for gas guzzling heavy payloads not mall-hopping.

Thomas Jefferson wrote presciently about President G.W. Bush’s federal deficit planning…that deficits are made by federal officials so ‘it never (can) be paid, but always (is) to be a thing with which to corrupt and manage the legislature”. My interpolations for clarity, in parenthesis.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Plato's Realm of Forms

Neo-Platonists such as Plotinus who wrote seven hundred years after Plato understood Plato's thinking about as well as possible I would guess. I am not being too technical here with a reply; philosophy has so many books and topics, and life has so many diversions that it isn't possible to be continually immersed in one particular philosophical subject.

Plotinus read Plato and studied at Alexandria Egypt amongst other places, and wrote a group of tractates called 'The Enneads' or groups of essays in six books of nine each. A free version of the enneads by McKenna and Page is available on the internet.

Plato's realm of forms is an abstract aspect of the Universe or beyond the Universe. One might consider Plotinus' explanation and development of the realm of forms like Dante’s trilogy about the Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradisio in that it is a sort of cosmogony or cosmological map of how things are.

Interestingly Plotinus' ideas fit in rather well for modal logic deliberations on Christianity and Quantum Cosmology...I wrote a little book of essays that just tried to survey some of the Genesis/Cosmology/Physics issues in 'Creation and Cosmos; The Literal Values of Genesis'.

Plotinus had a belief that God or 'The One' is absolutely perfect and contains everything that could ever be sort of non-spatially, non-developed if one might imagine a Shannon entropy totality like a black hole of all knowledge compacted to a singularity yet without dimension at all. The One is absolutely perfect and can't be described very well.

The One in some way (here is the tough part for physicists) emanates 'ideas' effortlessly outward, perhaps one can imagine 'radiation' of knowledge and reality into a new extension of God called 'The Intellect'. The Intellect is the realm of forms. It has everything that could every be throughout all time, and everything that ever was sort of as an abstract and non-material idea. Plotinus' 'The Intellect' or Plato's realm of forms has virtue, goodness and every sort of quality too. Maybe one could think of it as the realm of perfect blueprints.

'The Soul' is the next or third stage of 'The One'. The Soul is equivalent to the Universe, perhaps that created by a big bang or the Spirit in Genesis with the 'let there be light' command.

Plato's allegory of the cave is about mankind living in the material world of The Soul and unable to see the true light higher up beyond the cave (the cave is the Universe). Plato probably developed the theory of the realm of forms to explain and relate particulars and universals, time and change, and of course built upon the pre-Socratic philosophical ideas. Plato's realm of forms was a concept of pure genius that hasn't been surpassed or made obsolete today.

If one reads the April 2006 Scientific American book review on page 100 of 'Beyond the Standard Model', or reads Green's 'the Fabric of the Cosmos' multi-dimensional universe theory as a consequence of M-Theory can be considered briefly with books like Adam's 'The Five Ages of the Universe'?. Plotinus would have the material world as the farthest from 'The One', and of course Satan and other created or even agnostic or atheist beings in the imperfect and broken material world/universe that chose to not return to The One would quite naturally have a long cruel time on their own in a way as far from order and reason as possible. Jesus Christ is the expressway to The One through his atoning sacrifice (I just had to write will be helpful eventually for believers anyway).

The material universe may have a big bang or a big crunch, but for immortal souls being in the wrong protocol will be quite difficult.

Souls too are of The One, it’s simply a matter of being in the right theo-space-time coordinate relationship that the difficulties and progress arise. Trying to understand the realm of forms with referring to it within a theistic and spiritual context is de trop...It’s all about spirit.

Mexican Marchers Softening Up Senate 'Hankies' For Knock-Out

Mass Illegal Invasion Attacks U.S. Civil Liberties

Stopping the Mexican volkerwanderrung across the border to anarchize capital build-up and rational expectations in economics of America’s poor to middle classes will take more than a scalable wall easily surmounted by grappling hook and knotted rope that prevents border patrolmen from seeing whom is on the other side digging a tunnel. It will take an elevated border patrol barrier highway that allows quick response time and a highway with a berm wall on the south slope.

Mexican workers seeking lebensraum have arrived at a national border that isn’t located in the twilight zone’s frontier show of the 19th century. The nation is environmentally and economically full, and any invasive input bumps out someone or something including U.S. political civil rights which are more than a right to invade, plunder and export.

A Simple Plan for Border Control

1)Build an elevated border patrol highway (the G.W. Bush Hover way) to keep aliens out.

Three Years After the Border is Secure

The U.S. Senate could begin to consider the labor and legality status of all U.S. workers. At some point when immigration is controlled and limited to 250,000 annually from all input every American worker would need to be documented and made a legal resident if congressional needs for foreign workers in specific occupations and personal background checks determine it feasible. No leverage by bum-rushing illegals for citizenship should ever be considered. The ‘Hankies’ of the traitor branch of the Senate may be well meaning or operant conditioned (Sen. McCain graduated from the Ho Chi Minh Advanced School for Non-Theoretical Captivity and Torture and may be conditioned to admit aliens that will agreeably paint his toes pink) and in a position of leveraged weakness will give up U.S. border sovereignty, legalize illegals sine die, flood the nation with another 30 million illegals the next twenty years, make citizens of illegal entrants of dubious loyalty and a farce of Ellis Island’s precedent when the nation had a frontier and needed millions of people to populate it.

Toynbean analysis indicates that the external proletariat of the fine second world nation of Mexico combining with the internal proletariat of illegal aliens are a drafted phenomena of a non-creative majority entering a global phase before burnout and decline within the broader flow of an interregnum of civilized global structures. Typically the formerly creative majority becomes a non-creative minority and somewhat repressive perhaps through fossil fueled corporatism and neo-authoritarianism.

Unfortunately the global environment is in a dwindling phase, and the chance of the largest advanced temperate climate nation on Earth becoming managed by advanced environmental governance will likely be lost with the corporatist preference for a nation of cheap disposable workers of low political and environmental skill. The issue of border control is a fork in the road perhaps even for global survival of the human population. Presently the nation has an imbecility level of political leadership on environmental issues, and if the United States has ongoing millions of immigrants from second world nations the health of the planet will decline too as the U.S.A. becomes a drag upon insinuations input of ecological rationality into the bought and paid for corporatist box of hankies that tends to advance straw man issues to deflect political criticisms as one wishing to keep a bucket empty might punch in five new holes for each one patched with chewing gum.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

When a materialist culture overcomes natural boundaries, it also destroys moral boundaries without an indwelling Spirit of God.

With the new anti-environmental Department of Interior Head the State of Idaho has asked for federal permission to lobocide a pack of 53 wolves along the park border that may eat some of the Elk that wealthy hunters like to use for trophy sport; wolves are endangered not Elk. U.S. Highway construction politicians should seriously calculate the number of animal road kills created by highspeed traffic running over low speed night-blind animals and make more underpasses for the wildlife.

The Senate has no imagination and is so Corporatist that lobbyists probably devise the legislation on immigration reform. A Mexican border G.W. Bush National Patrol Road could be made on rip rap rock with a steep side south that would be an effective border barrier when coupled with mobile surveillance cameras on a horizontal basis, customs/border agents and scientific devices.

With any sales acumen that would coincide with national interest a border barrier highway project could be sold as the centerpiece of a regional construction, environmental and solar and wind power project. Fresh water could be sold to Chijuajuans as well as parched Phoenixers doing their best to accelerate global warming with thousands of square miles of heat absorbing asphalt.

The Senate’s inability to prioritize a border control barrier along the Mexican boundary highlight the inability of the Senate to squarely address reality in such a way as to benefit American citizens and their security first. Bureaucratic baloney bills that offer various schedules for amnesty, residence, citizenship, illegality, felony categorization and associate maze for electoral pettifogging are no substitute for the real issue of physical border control that will continue to be a bleeding enormity for the U.S.A. so long as the corrupt members of the Senate hide behind procrastinating paper-shuffling post-hoc labels for policies actually set in Mexico.

Two thousand miles of border barrier would not be difficult to build with the bloated federal highway lobby. It need be just one lane atop rip rap rock piles with a steep fence built along the southern slope. With any imagination the barrier could be a good marketing tool for wind and solar conduits, multi-disciplinary alternate energy generation, and also serve as the first line of security for an eventual transcontinental sailboat transit channel (with solar powered electric motors) that would have parallel canals with lids of glass to evaporate and collect freshwater from the saltwater solar-pumped and siphoned from the Pacific Ocean.

Fresh water could be sold to Chijuajuans as well as parched Phoenixers doing their best to accelerate global warming with thousands of square miles of heat absorbing asphalt. The Senate is scandalously dull. The bleeding heart compassionate conservative approach to papering over the immigration issue should be shredded, and the barrier population control line built first. The 12 million illegal aliens will wither away with many returning to Mexico on their own eventually, others retiring, and ten years after the border barrier stops all illegal immigration it might be appropriate to consider a renormalization of illegals to legal status if they go home to Mexico first and renounce their citizenship and foreign allegiance. Stopping the inflow is the priority.

'As we look out into the Universe and identify the many accidents of physics and astronomy that have worked to our benefit, it almost seems as if the Universe must in some sense have known that we were coming'-Freeman Dyson

Solar Still Water Barrier Component of Border Security Enterprise Zone on Mexican Border
Some may wonder about the bizarre process that lets evaporated seawater fall to the Earth as freshwater rain. Impossible it is not. Here is a basic primer on the evaporation part of the hydrologic cycle 'Rapid Spray Evaporation Water Desalination Technology '

Evaporation and condensation of saltwater is a low cost method of creating freshwater. The canal sections would be a large solar still. The salt stays in the larger medium and the freshwater evaporated condenses on the shaped glass cover of the canals and falls to troughs outside the canal yet within the condensing cover. The engineering is malleable. This is a concept I have thought about for some time. It has application potential even in Los Angeles and a Venetianization of that city.

Noam Chomsky's Phenomenological Approach to Politics

(:arrow:)Noam Chomsky may have an unbalanced linguistic approach to political and historical analysis. brilliant linguistic that he was the associations made in the 50's and 60's between psychology and linguistics tended to bring an anthropological paradigm to Epistemological criteria that disregarded the content of human history and political thought as well as institutional development.

That is one of my pet peeves regarding academic specialization that brings a non-holistic analytical paradigm to global politics emplacing inadequately based premises to serve faulty conclusions. That sort of palaver works well in providing explananda to second world peoples without a surfeit of quality independent scholarly researchers.

It is common that philosophy and history are cast aside by social commentators providing their analysis of politics and national groupings. Russell created a term 'the complete complex of compresence' that would have referred to everything that exists at any given moment. The complexity of time vectors and structural relations of the world, the thought of individuals and geophysical potential for the Earth and its locales are difficult to concatenate within a narrow linguistic-political paradigm.

Chomsky is correct of course in noting that politicians develop rhetoric of a novel nature to justify activity toward political ends. Obviously Chomsky would have read Sartre's writings about Algerian colonialism and 'The Critique of Dialectical Reason'. Chomsky may not have read Turner or Steele, may not be an expert on the history of metallurgy or invention, and perhaps isn't aware sufficiently of Toynbee's writings on civilization's progress and how since Mussolini Corporatism has become an increasing global force.

Noam Chomsky has made many fine remarks about language and fewer about logic, yet his interpolations into the western politic have decreased in value as his approach has failed to achieve even the level of Ralph Nadir's constructive engagement with the politics of the United States. Noam Chomsky is a fine rogue scholar that doesn't seem to even take sufficient science into his political paradigms nor turn the corner himself into entering the political arena in order to make actual changes through leadership in important economic and environmental areas that are a direct axis of power for political activities and rhetoric.

Noam Chomsky must have a good awareness of population dynamics and the limits of growth on Earth within the fossil fuel and rectilinear housing paradigm. given the parameters of Rousseau's Social contract that such exists to guarantee the individual rights of all, the declaration of impendence differed from the social contract in finding the rights inalienable and given by God rather than completely alienable and given by a social contract that is invalid if any are excluded. Many neo-socialists today bog themselves down in such interstitial concepts and fail to see the forest for the trees--avoiding totalitarianism yet accomplishing vital political activities should be the right goal for most nations, though of course each differs in it's prioritization of its agenda items.

Maurice Mearleu-Ponty and others developed a more phenomenological approach to social paradigms that is fine and good if one is a French State shattered by war with a history of ineffective government making wrong decisions. Necessarily the people tend to cluster together for mutual support as best they are able under the hurricane winds of power politics that beset the European Continent in the 20th century. Sartre perhaps began his existential analysis from a dual phenomenological and rational approach, yet unlike Chomsky who seems so far as I know to continue to retain a phenomenological basis for political actions rather than an historical with a large history of practico-inert social content in back of the present.

... Chomsky and others including the Venezualian dictator hugo Chavez would do better writing science fiction political novels setting forth their dystopian or alternatiuvely utopian visions rather than just collecting political tithes from the people for occupying powerful social situations. Toynbee noted that civilizations fail sometimes becoming ossified and unable to change. Modern mass society in relying on fossil fuels and rectilinear housing cannot well change overnight and is making dangerous social catastrophe buildups perhaps.
Monolithic domes have an effective r value for insulation of over a 100, can survive hurricanes and cost 60$ per foot. Building large numbers of domes that use no net energy for lighting or heating/cooling beyond what the home power wind generators, fuel cells, solar panels and such can produce would be a revolutionary social adpatation.

(:arrow:)Saddam Hussein and his oil-heavy Baathist political party achieved power through terrorism and during the sanctions era allowed perhaps a million innocent, vulnerable civilians to perish. That democide could not be allowed to continue and the Clinton administration as well as the United Nations were not able to address it adequately. Those dead innocents that starved or died from lack of medical drugs or treatment (so it was reported) were not junk to be swept under the international rug of population control.

Human sin and greed evidently is so pervasive that President Bush felt it necessary to lie to the public to have the opportunity to end the Hussein regime. Before the war the U.N. had every opportunity to just vote to call it a day and turn Hussein loose to wage chemical war or attack whatever neighbor nation he liked, and in the United States at least it would have been a survivable specticle. For some reason the U.N. wanted to keep the sanctions going perhaps because the food for oil program was providing kickbacks to international politicaians from various nations.

There were three basic choices regarding Iraq and none were good

1) End sanctions unilaterally

2) Continue sanctions indefinately

3) Militarily remove the regime (which was non-compliant with U.N. terms of surrender from the prior war)

Today Iraq politicians cannot even vote to have a seated government, fair and equal shares of oil for all the people of Iraq, an Air Generator or solar panel for each Iraqi, experimental evaporation/condensation Desalinization canals or high altitude hydroponic gardening...what can such people do to have free and easy voting tickets with a lottery ticket stub on the reverse side giving prizes to voters such as free tuition at college?

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Corrupt U.S. Highway Should Build Elevated Barrier Border Highway

Corrupt U.S. Senate Should Finance Elevated Border Patrol Highway Along Mexican Border
Friday 31 of March, 2006

Halting illegal alien border crossing is the necessary first step in the process of immigration reform. Globalists in the Senate wishing to enhance the employment cheap labor pyramid ploy want to flood with illegal or legal aliens the U.S.A. violating categorically the spirit of the social contract that unlies all constitutional government of the willing.

The United States and Mexico must some day address evironmental and population problems of vital international importance. The United States should have a maximum of 300,000 legal immigrants annually selected from all the world and just just Latin America. Excess U.S. need for cheap workers should transform into new employment in nLatin America. Fuel cells, solar and wind power should displace centralized power for home and power lines and interties to highways for electric cars.

Suetonoius or some other Roman historian said that it was Julius Caesar that gave the name Germans to the people of Transalpine Gaul. Caesar it is said encountered a tribe resisting his legion's advance to and across the Rhine (eventually a giant apparition of a woman told him not to go farther so he stopped) that was called the Germani; naturally the name became eponymous for all the tribes of the area of which the Germani was just one.The loss of another Germanic tribe named the Bastarni one winter a few hundred bc traveling from Turkey to points west when they fell through the ice of a lake and drowned (this isn't the Sergey Einstein movie about the Teutons incidentally) is an historical tragedy worthy of a good script. If they had made it to Gaul and met Julius Caesar in war the name of the people of that region for ever would have matched up with the family background of the savior of Europe in a secular sense Charles Martel.It isn't about race that the issue of controlling population flow along the Mexican border is about. Mexico nearly supported the Reich in WW II and were slow to declare. Zimmerman tried to get them to sign a treaty with the Axis.Eventually viable entities need to control population flows. When the American west was a frontier an open border made good sense. As much as some might like to use downtown L.A. for a bon fire of the vanities, some would claim ownership of it and expect financial compensation of filthy lucre.The issue is entirely about exploiting labor and stressed workers chasing work to the point of criminal transformation. This all is good substance for tragedy in Aristotle's criterion incidentally.So long as any group of people can exploit another for profit they will; and no there isn't a necessary Adam Smith capitalist virtue in exploiting humanity. Free markets, freedom of action, security in borders, personal and private property and so forth are all needed for the building up of capital by any individuals.If the border is a revolving door and the broadcast media a raving brainwasher the accumulation of capital in the U.S.A. will tend to flow up, as statistically it has the last couple of decades. Security in the public and private realm is needed for free enterprise and proprietary thought into actualization or materialization of value added production. When one cannot develop rational expectations regarding social change or stability but need retrain and reeducate every five years a net loss of profits results; growth is traded for survival.The flow of illegal immigrants should stop completely and within two years new American investments in Mexico should create enough jobs to replace those lost in the U.S.A. Jobs in the U.S.A. should increase as cheap labor dries up--yet the leisure class will need to accept that they must pay white people willing to do the work George W. Bush would not a fair wage prevailing in the market of perhaps 14 dollars an hour. Possibly medical benefits will need be restored to bargaining packages.I oppose illegal immigration not just because I am single and had no luck getting a well built Mexican girlfriend...quite frankly poverty isolates so I would not be showing up on a mountain bike to ask her to trot along to the mall beside me. The anarchic method of political apportionment as the upper-class senate prefers is ultimately self-destructive for nationalism. The United States cannot find security insinuating itself into a global corporatism nor in flooding the nation with immigrants to war upon 'naturals' or native born 'impediments' to globalism. Corporatism is the lazy person's way to the cheap power slavers enjoyed and will result in one of the global worse case scenarios of conflict, tyranny, environmental depletion and a planet without a plethora of cheap tri-hull sailing craft
Posted on Friday 31 of March, 2006 [16:46:27 UTC]