Thursday, March 30, 2006

Foxx Summons President Chicken to Cancun Coup

President Bush may have an excuse for seeming like a traitor on southern border security; the U.S. Senate just appears aloof, detached from political reality and crooked. President Bush may have been on a drinking and powder binge in Old Mexico in his pre-Colonel Austin six million dollar man redux providing the mex mafia with photo’s of horse head in bed quality of a faux pas, or he could be a programmed savant, while the U.S. Senate is evil, epicurean and globalist. Is this speculation inaccurate, perhaps, yet so is the traditional concept of U.SX. border sovereignty. President Bush is at least on his side of the border while the issue is being debated thus voting with his feet.

President Bush and Senator Kennedy happily seem to have had a concurrence of support for allowing a reversal of the Tao Te Ching’s axioms regarding immigration. These two heirs that seem to have no higher practical political wisdom except for the Kennedy ‘screw the U.S. working class’ and for the President Bush ‘screw the U.S. working class’ have disregarded the venerable concept of allowing the larger population that ‘absorbs rivers like a lowland’ such as Latin America to be in the down position politically and receive the population or waters from the higher nation-a reversal of direction scuttles the technology lead, and ungentlemanly social relations develop on a political level.

If Latin Americans do overrun the U.S. and Canada (Canada’s population isn’t much more than twice the number of illegal U.S. Aliens, so with some intention Mexico could easily annex Canada de facto) the entire western hemisphere will become a second world-second rate plum subject to the eastern hemisphere’s greater population, military and intelligence. The next world war will probably shift to occur in the western hemisphere. For some hundreds of years the west was either isolated or superior, this reversal to global inferiority will place all of the people of the western hemisphere in perennial danger.

Traveling on a bus with a bike and a shoulder with torn ligaments a security guard at Baton Rouge La. Forced me to relinquish a baggage cart that a greyhound baggage handler said I could get to load my boxed bike onto in order to get the transfer done within the half-hour limit before my bus west departed. The guard also tried to evict me from the terminal, and in managing to get the bike physically dragging the box and other baggage onto the next bus I retore ligaments and resumed at least another two weeks of intense pain. When borders or property is placed into foreign or hostile control, bad things can happen.

The U.S. border situation on the south is plainly out of control, and wussy (no offense to Mary Woolstonecraft) Senators compare it to Reagan and the Berlin wall speech recognizing in a canine sort of way that a wall is involved in each instance. In one case a wall is built to keep people in, in another to keep people out. Does the good senator believe walls on his home are repressive too and should be removed?

A wall should not be the object for physical border insinuation of control anyway…it should be an elevated pair of roadways such as exist everywhere with one side straightened up to vertical a bit. The national highway bill should have a spare billion or two for this ‘Hadrian’s Highway Construction Project'.

With two elevated highways for border patrol agents situated a quarter mile apart a good habitat for wildlife could be emplaced with laser motion sensors and other cheap tricks littering the field monitored by agents in red Plymouth convertables and perhaps eventually a canal from the Gulf of California to the Gulf of Mexico could be built using solar powered saltwater pumping stations, siphons from the Pacific/Atlantic height difference and so on. About 100 locks would be required, and parallel desalinization canals could provide fresh water for both sides of the border.

Regarding the problem of twelve million illegals in the U.S.A. today—after the border is closed attrition will reduce the number. If they turn themselves in they would have six months to clear out and could apply from Mexico for legal entry after two years.

Senator Kennedy at Cape Cod may miss out on the worst of the sharp end of the illegal alien issue, but may symp[athize with some merry maids for Hyansisport and with Pedro the groundskeeper. So many like to have cheap labor advantages over their fellow citizens.

As the number of illegals is reduced to below five million, legal immigrants from Mexico may arrive to replace them as legal migrants.

After the 5 million number is stabilized with legal residents, perhaps 150,000 more could be added each year…if Mexico reciprocates with equal number slots for U.S. Citizens to work and freely travel anyplace in Mexico should they so desire. The idea of Americans being ‘mooned’ by Mexicans free to work in the U.S.A. and live as citizens without responsibility elsewhere when they wish or tire of the U.S.A. is onerous. I have tried to get a sailboat boat and rigged back to Alaska the last ten years, failing at that with seven purchases and no returns to Alaska, and would like to be out of here and without the excruciating shoulder pain too. Those damn wage-gutting Mexicans need to give up some of their country so Americans can organize it for their pleasure if they expect to continue to Mexicanize California and Arizona, Oregon Washington Utah and elsewhere and force poor western American painters east to get work in winter. If this border situation is all a result of Presidential peccadilloes while a youth in Mexico, I hope Mount Popo erupts and toasts his memories.

On the subject of the McCain-Kennedy Amnesty proposals...have they considered what sort of pressure illegals will encounter if they can't get 2000 dollars to pay the 'morditta' or 'lobby cost' to the Senators? With the time deadline and theoretical expulsion near a reasonable illegals will modity Pascal's wager and decide to steal the 2000 dollars. That presents a problem for Phoenix in particular and Senator McCain.

Phoenix now has a majority of hispanics so the Senator from Az must mind his p's and q's if he wants to be reelected, and use Mexican waffle notation above the n's. I would trust the senator from Az's honor indefinately, but not his judgment after capitivity by the Vietnamese and their unspeakable tortures. There is a brailliant burglar active in Phoenix that has broken in to something like a few hundred homes making off with several million dollars worth of loot- what sort of pickins will these illegal have in the area if they need to steal a couple of thousand dollars worth of senate graft moneys to buy a citizenship from D.C.? Will there be am amnesty for that too if they are caught before or after becoming residents or citizens?

Regarding the problem of twelve million illegals in the U.S.A. today—after the border is closed attrition will reduce the number. If they turn themselves in they would have six months to clear out and could apply from Mexico for legal entry after two years. As the number of illegals is reduced to below fix million, legal immigrants from Mexico may arrive to replace them as legal migrants. After the 5 million number is stabilized with legal residents, perhaps 150,000 more could be added each year…if Mexico reciprocates with equal number slots for U.S. Citizens to work and freely travel anyplace in Mexico should they so desire. The idea of Americans being ‘mooned’ by Mexicans free to work in the U.S.A. and live as citizens without responsibility elsewhere when they wish or tire of the U.S.A. is onerous. I have tried to get a sailboat boat and rigged back to Alaska the last ten years, failing at that with seven purchases and no returns to Alaska, and would like to be out of here and without the excruciating shoulder pain too. Those durn comparative wage-gutting Mexicans need to give up some of their country so Americans can organize it for their pleasure if they expect to continue to Mexicanize California and Arizona, Oregon Washington Utah and elsewhere and force poor western American painters east to get work in winter. If this border situation is all a result of Presidential peccadilloes while a youth in Mexico, I hope Mount Popo erupts and toasts his memories.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

U.S. Senate Considers terms of 'Surrender' of Border Sovereignty

Like the decadent Roman Senate of the late Republican era, the U.S. Senate is composed of aloof high living globalists with foreign ties that perceive the external proletariat as a bunch of Jose Jimenez's (Bill Dana's character) that serve them with a smile.

The U.S. Senate could build a security wall along the Mexican border and maybe a boater canal later, with good high-speed railway links to the interior to follow and also make illegal entry to the U.S.A. a felony crime unless appropriate bribes are made to oil companies, auto manufacturer military industrial corporate kickbacks etc; alternatively the Republican Senate may make illegal entry an incentive for citizenship status and earned income credits and Republican Party membership.

Other business in the Senate includes;

1) Offering DP World a contract to patrol the borders and enforce ‘security’.
2) Name a ‘Faggot of Films’ to Rule Devilwood film propaganda project development for the 2008 season
3) Appoint a Furher of Religion cycles to Torquemada Colorado.
4) Raise the bar on the federal debt limit to 12 trillion dollars
5) Sell California to China before Mexico claims ownership through adverse possession.

Eminent Domain of Corruption

A miscreant Senate in chains
led into detention at Guantanamo Bay
globalist lords of ice cream

Caesar pondered the memorial
Jose Jimenez crossing the Potomac
nazicar crashing the legal bridge

A remnant formed another Empire
one Republic surrendered to global greed
an empire rotted from without

Corporatist broadcasters job shuffling filters
tithing machine hierarchies affiliate
snub a priesthood of believers

Special forces of democratic activism
deleted towards extinction

Monday, March 20, 2006

2008 Elections/Keynes/y Gasset etc.

There was an interesting cartoon of the '2008 Madness' sweet sixteen with Democratic and Republican presidential contenders paired up to reach the Nov. election...the chances of electing a good president aren't encouraging, much less good policies. The candidates will wait until the last minute to express the 'brilliance' of their plans, in order to keep secret the content from rivals. It would be better to develop rational planning two years before taking office and put them before the public to consider in order that they might have a chance to be implemented the first for years. It will be business 'as usual' most likely.

Right wing talk radio has an essential blindness in its pursuit of profits based on corporatism. Right-wingers are something like the fascists attacking the communists in the build-up to the Spanish civil war; they tend to force every sort of democratic criticism or alternative into an extreme opposite.

The extreme right dresses itself up rather innocently in the guise of neo-liberal causes such as racial equality (for consumerist purposes, yet in so doing will corrupt the individual civil rights by transcending individualism with mass indoctrination and conformity) Corporatism developed with Mussolini, yet even Keynes anticipated it before the stock market crash he warned of the vast public debt incurred by the first world war.

Ortega y Gasset wrote an essay called 'the dehumanization of art’ that explained why the realism of the nineteenth century was passed for dehumanization such as cubism, and that coincided with the ‘revolt of the masses’ and perhaps the end of individualism. Keynes wrote an essay named ‘The End of Lassez Faire' that prescribed central banking to control inflation and later he developed deficit spending for pump priming-yet he anticipated corporatist neo-governments as alternative moderators of unrestricted egoistic capitalism. Mises criticized Keynes article as being a remedy like that of prior German neo-socialists, yet later decided, I believe, that he had not given Keynes his due.

Corporatism as ad hoc methods of infusing socialist controls into unrestricted concentrations of wealth in egoistic forms of capitalism that do not consider public interests at all may take the form of boardroom disregard for stockholder preferences regarding corporate directions and planning. Obviously shareholders might comprise a sort of democracy in a corporate context if their interests and preferences were actually the source of corporate policy and planning instead of being simple entitlements to pacifying dividends.

Keynes believed that corporatism was a form of neo-socialism that might modify predatory capitalism that cares not even for national interests, and certainly Keynes suggestions about deficit spending and central banking, controls of inflation and boardroom quasi-governmental functions were prescient economically speaking.

Keynes' views on the evolution of capital concentrations in a social environment from which detachment by individuals is not realistically practical were good considering their a priori nature, yet considered now in the post soviet era when corporatism is becoming the new sovereign it is obvious the Keynes’s point about government functions to stimulate individual savings and development of an agenda to encourage national interests and infrastructure developments in the field of economics and environment were disregarded or shunned outright perhaps becoming classified by corporatist media propagandists as 'leftist' or 'liberal'. John Maynard Keynes wrote at an interesting point in the 20th century when global socialism, population increase and capitalism were all increasing rapidly and prediction of the outcome was a fruitful field of endeavor. In the post soviet, six billion plus population, environmentally depleting corporatist environment with Chinese socialism merging toward increasing consumption and mass consumerism the mere management of monetary policy and inflation seems a bit anachronistic as a philosophy of government approach to economic engagement, yet it is a rational result of the success of capitalism and promotion of egoism in the battle against state socialism and authoritarianism known as the cold war.

Morality has an objective basis within the individual will to exist that is discovered in every human being. Morality is the description of fair and balanced relations between individuals formalized to support their actual freedom to exist, to think and to do for oneself. In the gross economic posture of the world the individual right to act as freely as possible, and to have his social, personal and economic rights secured so far as possible from collective actions by corporations, governments, criminal organizations or adverse others is a necessary pre-condition for retaining the most creative, healthy and moral economic and social environment possible.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Iraq Force Levels and Babylon

It should be considered that generals often have asked for more and more troops to overcome normal 'wastage' when intelligence is lacking.

General Abizaid recently made a Trotsky-like remark about American unwillingness to give control of its eastern ports to the Emir of United Arabs. Perhaps he plans like Trotsky in both military and political realms simultaneously, or retros the affluent line of Clauswitz dictum about war a continuation of politics to spread a sewer of stench that would unify the dar al harb and dar al Islam in such a way as to make the front line unidentifiable. Trotsky pioneered that technique although not too many generals have been egregiously adept at the art. American right wingers accused Ho Chi Minh and the 'left' that make movies like 'Broke Dick Mountain' or 'American War Efforts are Evil Imperialism by Running Stooges' of subverting the war effort with propaganda, yet propaganda is a few miles short of actively integrating opposition force (opfor) political structures or Vichy symps into ones own economy. It can be risky, and I wonder if General Abizaid learned that at the Army War College or at the Emir's table.

General Haig asked for more than a half a million troops to advance less than 15 miles over several months in a Flanders campaign in world war one while Churchill and others wanted to reinforce Italy--Haig would not let even a few field pieces be shifted east.

In the modern world there are several levels of communication and 'fear factor', political alignment possibilities and so forth. It may well be possible that the administration's corporatists have hidden agenda items delimiting the range of freedom allowable in the ongoing control of oil in Iraq and elsewhere. Certainly the administration is completely ineffective at supporting national U.S. policies that would end fossil fuel use in automobiles before a few years pass. It is a defeatist administration on that, while doing all right in Iraq to some extent.

The Iraqi and Muslim peoples of the area will scrum for control, and the area may be as peaceful as Northern Ireland during 'The Troubles' for some time. It is difficult to predict the future, yet likely the Bush administration will leave a strategically challenging situation for the next administration that it will be unprepared to administer while attempting to balance the federal debt being raise now near 9 trillion dollars and liberate the people from reliance on fossil fuel and foreign owned autos that are a permanent transfusion of economic blood abroad.

Listening to J. Vernon McGee talking about the book of the revelation it is interesting to consider America's present activities at building a possible future Babylonian commercial center that trades with all the nations of the world, literally. If there is an evolving second world or oil based axis of politics Baghdad might technically serve as a midway between China, Africa and other southern hemispheric or low latitude nations. Will many be saved spiritually from that evolution is the most interesting question in the context.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

President Bush, 'Badda Bung' and 'The Moose'

President George W. Bush (The Elder) it is said watched the 9-11 events unfold with a senior Bin Ladin family member from a posh Washington D.C. Hotel room. The Younger Bush already experienced a Bin Ladin partner in his oil start up in Midland years before he could reflect while fleeing to an undisclosed bunker aboard Air Force One after Oz Bin Ladin's crew 'crapped' the World Trade Towers and Pentagon. Subsequently the Bush administration has dismantled substantive elements of U.S. civil rights under the ostensible purpose of ‘protecting national security’, but as Ben Franklin said about comfort, freedom and safety…

Attorney General Gonzalez has allowed The Moose to escape the noose with inadequate trial preparation (I personally oppose the death penalty anyway) for his legal team perhaps…a payback for a surviving loyalist some might believe, yet that would be too astounding for me to believe presently. Attorney General Gonzalez has advocated torture as a modernization of quaint Geneva convention inhibitions, and evidently illegal wiretaps have been made upon Americans or illegal aliens calling from the U.S.A. without adequate legal oversight, but of course President no veto unless it takes American jobs from foreign Arab Imperial Companies Bush has placed his Igor Yeth Masta consigliore into place to thwart any investigations of the possibly corrupt administration.

Some good reporting has been done on the administration’s trends toward state-corporatism as a post-modern Marxist/Leninism yet with the broadcast spectrum dominated by a few rich corporations that the federal government allocates resources to it is quite difficult to form new or leading political opinions in America free of or in opposition to corporate interests.

An example is the politician that said the President is a dangerously incompetent imbecile that would make Curly Marx seems like a PhD candidate. Evidently the idea is that giving ownership of American economics to foreign corporations isn’t the same as supporting development of American owned corporations or individual partnerships that lead the world in economic output and environmental conservation. The broadcast media of the extreme radical right corporatist goon clan that hide behind a false gospel of wealth to dupe some into support of globalization under corporatism in the belief that they are just supporting morality merely need attack the congressperson publicly overheard in the state of the congressman and the nation while the politician of course hasn’t an equal broadcast rebuttal opportunity. Amplified a trillion-fold that is the gist of the corruption of the American polity by broadcast corporatism. The solution is to democratize the airwaves and use it for Internet broadcast slices with new technology free for anyone with a webpage and a will. People should listen because they like the intell not because there isn’t a choice.

Corporatism is a dangerous phenomenon created by Mussolini in partnership with Hitler-a man that Prescott Bush traded with during World War II and was condemned for. President Bush appointed a DP World Executive to head the Federal Maritime Commission before the DP World Ports deal to give the operations of east coast ports to the Arab Emir’s Government Company. Treasury Sect. Snow was head of CSX as CEO before DP World bought that railroad company. President Bush allowed a railroad lawyer to lead some sort of federal biological war disaster team (without meaningful qualifications unless it was to argue about how to deliver the stuff from the United Arab Emirates). One wonders if the President or his attorney general have planned or greased the wheels for a future substantive population trim able to terminate national independence economically speaking. Obviously the President and Attorney General would have difficulty ordering a happy meal at McDonalds without a misspeak so someone higher is pulling their strings if any.

Plainly some sort of congresstional investigattion firewall should be created to guard against felony cimininal political conspiracy from globalist corporatists in the oval office should such every actually perpetrate evil works and mayhem upon the nation. Obviously the Bush/Cheyney Axis of Oil has innumerable conflicts of interests that would require more than a mild political digestive discomfort in the somnabulent post-gruel torpor the party of 'opposition' finds itself in as the redistribution of wealth to globalists continues at record breaking speed.

If the President’s crank legal team seeking new ways to oppress Americans would take the advice of General Abizade they just shut up and stay out of politics, while disregarding the part about giving the east coast to the Emir of Arabs for port operations.

It is probable that rich Sheiks of the middle east have millions and billions of bribery monies laying about to provide for the comfortable munching retirements of high government officials should they seek baksheesh and balaclava. Keeping down-trodden Iraqi government bureaucrats from succumbing to bribes for various ‘services’ even from terrorists will also present a long term problem for any sort of democracy in the middle east. Like the problems of the prisoners and diner’s dilemma what side to be on becomes and increasingly difficult decision to make until the revolution…when all run across the new finish line of profit.

Listening to the corporatist radio extreme wing attack on terminology becomes a tough experience if done with a separated shoulder.

Years ago in Alaska I cut up some 3/4-inch plywood and carried it from the water to a trail and up right side of my head, yet it eventually pushed my shoulder off and out of place. This weekend with popping and grinding aplenty it stayed out...its an interesting experience, and nearly as bad as listening to the plain drollery of right wing attackers of the classical American concept of liberalism.

Liberalism under God is the heart and soul of the American experience, it is the bill of rights, of the spirit of resistance to oppression, slavery and inhumanity to man. It is the political mode that was first created in the United States and is as original as Jazz or Jim Beam. Liberalism is what democracy is all about, and it was the grace of God novelty of political thought built atop classical foundations of freedom that set this nation apart from all others in human history.
The right-wing raver Doctor Savage has good days and bad off the possible binge drinking, yet he has written a book 'Liberalism is a Mental Disorder' that didn't sell well that is a fundamental sedulous assault on the American foundations of freedom prima fascia. He would say things like the homeless should be institutionalized, which is fine for right-wing Nazi goose-steppers perhaps but not so good for political dissidents or others that can be tossed out on the street or fired from their jobs and blacklisted or radio syndicalist targeted as an enemy of the corporation. Doctor Savage of course has a PhD in biology, and that makes him an expert on political science and history able to diagnose the ills of the nation. In some areas he may be on target, in some off and as wacko as Rush Limbaugh on the environment, yet he also has the radio raving characteristic of plain moralizing some points for political points and audience share. Its fun to have some ones to hate evidently.

The irrational or incomplete or disingenuous analysis of those people is astounding, or would be if it weren't for the explanation that they have sold themselves to corporatism and globalism...the non-nationalist unintellectuals way of getting an easy big piece of the global pie that will create fraternity and brotherhood, a better life for everyone and so forth eventually...really it is claimed. There are no downsides or environmental externalities to be concerned about.

These intellectually lazy pseudo-conservatives believe that so long as they sig Exxon-Mobil or Toyota the nation will be alright, and that the only alternative to 'conservative' globalism and flooding of America with cheap workers to keep NAIRU at an optimal level and profits up the nation will be hunkie dorrie. They fail to comprehend that one must be virtually a midget intellectually to fit within the corporatist ideal of 'phreendom' for domestic workers.

Importing or promoting enough people with a low earnings starting point can moderate downward gross domestic earnings sufficiently to optimalize skimming of profits. Yet mankind doesn't live by futility, malaise, doom and servitude alone...there must be a hope of a better future with less population crowding through space exploration, of a healthy environment with unlimited camping opportunities, of a world with quality sports fishing in the oceans.

Instead the Univ of Washington has conservatives searching for ways to use clams to detect weapons of mass destruction through filter feeding spectrum analysis. Mollusks filter gallons of seawater each day and could be used to detect radiation I suppose, or possible pcbs that could kill whales or people. Bin Ladin's special weapons research and development team in the cave below the coffee shop in Kabul probably never thought of caching nuclear weapons below the ocean but you never know. It’s what human leadership has brought people to.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Pres. Bush vs. Vince Young in I.Q. Test/Iranian-American Politics

In a mano y mano I.Q. competition between President Bush and Vince Young; how much would the Texas quarterback win by? Vince Young has obvious non-linear reasoning ability useful in politics in applying circular and aggressive spin on budget processing. President Bush scrambles reasonably well behind a solidly financed global corporate dominated broadcast media offensive line, and passes the buck with exceptional skill when needed such as in the Hurricane Katrina disaster planning that allowed corps of engineer underfunding of levee inspection and improvement by a few thousand percent since taking office. President Bush however has had trouble in completing transfer of control of American port operations to foreign governments and especially royal oil governments. Vince Young dispatched S.C. fairly readily in the title game and can at least execute mission objectives properly, yet like Dan Marino who won a Super Bowl early in his pro career, perhaps lower I.Q. makes repetition of skill assertion problematical except in second term election campaigns amidst American voters where the opposition is likely to field their own lame duck self-described war criminal in opposition.

President Bush’s non-linear reasoning skills have allowed construction of an unhealthy economy that borrows half a trillion or more annually from foreign governments to prop up purchases by domestic consumers of foreign manufactured imports that allow Americans low-wage jobs distributing the products to themselves. President Bush will have accumulated a 10 trillion dollar federal deficit before turning over the grave digging chores to the next corporatist leader. First advice to nationalist leaders seeking a balanced budget is if digging an economic rave for oneself stop digging it deeper. An actually healthy economy produces domestic output without reliance on vast foreign lending.

Like patricians of the decadent Roman republic President Bush has connections with the terrorists/enemies abroad, and with heavy foreign investments that provide obvious conflict of interest in oil, energy and domestic infrastructure development he is like one of the decadent Patrician families leaders of the Roman Republic: Reformation and development of national strengths atrophy.

To reiterate political ‘guessenomic’ points President Bush has let immigration, domestic investment, energy, education and environmental policies rot. The Republican Party has become globalist and hides behind a saccharine religiosity that turns presidential elections into a referendum on faith and faithlessness; the intellectual Weltanschauung has strayed far from the ideal into the purely secular.

Immigration policy presently serves globalist policies to keep labor wages down through increased labor supply. For any illegal alien given amnesty allowed to take a legal job in the U.S.A. three more illegals will arrive to provide new support services in the underground economic sector. More cheap labor creates an ability for decadent Americans to prosper from low-IQ business expansion. It is a cycle perpetuated by corrupt and decadent politicians presently. It is just politicians that can run vast debts and receive corrupt payments and bribes while ordinary citizens must file tax returns if possible when the papers aren’t lost or destroyed by flooding or hurricanes or the postal service.President Bush has on last claim to recover ground lost to Vince Young in the quarterback IQ competition; line item vetoes.

President Bush seeks a line item veto power to eviscerate congress, and asks for it before the Democratic Party can retake congress. The line item veto is probably unconstitutional because it would give the President the power to make legislation through censoring and creative editing of congressional bills (like a hostage taker making a note out of newspaper letters). A President might seek to take the powers of a dictator as occurred in the Roman republic when times were perilous and the Senate would confer the privilege. If the U.S. Senate consider giving the line item veto to a President, it should wait until Vince Young take s office and a man of superior intellect is at the helm of the unlevel playing field of the slope.

President Bush would require a line item veto to completely gut any national prospects for wresting national destiny from global corporate rule. President Bush has already completed his mission of running up the biggest budget deficit in world history and to squeeze more juice from the lemon asks for a line item veto to redistribute any remaining federal payouts to poor people to fairly reallocate them to the globalist rich loyal to Halliburton and the Emir of W to the point of death. If congress cannot rationally support national development, if it believes that the highway bill for instance isn’t a form of state corporatist socialism redistributing wealth to loyalists, a dictator can’t be expected to provide right economic reason for them.

If Dallas does find Vince Young available when the 17th pick comes up in the NFL draft May 30th(?) it should select him as Bledsoe may only have enough gas for two or three years, otherwise take one of the perennial fine Red Raider Quarterbacks from Lubbock to train for the day when the transfer to new leadership arrives.

On the efforts of the Iranian Government to build a nuclear weapon or at least just a nuclear reactor able to produce materials that can by perfidy be compiled for occasional nuclear bomb building and the U.S. relations with Iran that produce such mutual antagonisms I can only wonder. Pondering the ponderable can at times be a useful activity. Considering American/Iranian policy since the 1920's and discovery of oil, change of regional governance from that of Ottoman Empire hegemony to forms of decolonialism followed by various forms of corrupt government or even imperialism, it is still a mystery why a prosperous nation like the United States cannot use a likable, affable and friendly approach with Iran that would be more effective than the distant threat approach.

While the United States certainly has a concern that is valid about nuclear weapons proliferation, there is a real conflict of interest in administration energy policy interests and global corporatism that may too quickly resort to the mallet to hammer the 'negatives' downward into positive positions, or perceived positive positions. It is possible that hammering away ceaselessly upon Muslim anti-imperial movements will be counterproductive in a world in which populism founded in defense against restricted or expropriated national or natural resources by imperialist fascocracies tailor made to subvert democracy are perhaps on the rise at least quantitatively.

In the United States globalists have used moral issues in politics to compel anti-atheist voters to vote Republican, and the Democratic Party has twittedly failed to adapt a political platform of core economic and security issues that would not contain a poison pill for a majority of voters. The Democratic Party can have 60% of its platform perhaps that would include a majority, and let the extreme abortion, homosexuality and socialist planks fend for themselves as independent issues that oil popularly supported in congress or by voters could receive legislative support. A core of non-controversial rather moderate or conservative economic and nationalist objectives should comprise a core party plank of which actual Christians would not be ashamed to be included.

In bilateral Iran-U.S. issues Muslim fundamentalism and radical revolutionary movements present a problem for an oil-based support administration that has aligned itself with oil royalty in the middle east fundamentally opposed to democratization. The U.S. Secretary of Defense seems to be trying to implement a new an improved Vietnam end-game strategy in Iraq that would be qualitatively improved as the military strategies were. Yet the ideal of transitioning ordinary two-sect Iraqi Muslims into democrats within a bipolar fundamentalist theocratic Iran and several oil royalties with a mix of suicidally hateful Hamas militants in control of a Gaza and an inventive, global bunch of decent Jews in possession of a crude oil-free Israel (meant those that have seen God in the pre-Jacobian version of the word evidentially) isn't assured, while Kurds long trodden upon and independence minded with the menace of Turks at their rear must watch the situation with an interested sort of fatalism even worse than Wal-Mart shoppers have in deciding to go through the automated bar-code checker-scanner to pay for the goods from China or wait for the Muslim-Mexican from Iowa chewing gum and reading how an Alien Dog from the Future is held Captive by the C.I.A. an Undergoing Interrogation (an actual tabloid headline recently)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

President Bush's Royal Preference

Supporters of capitalism as Adam Smith advocated knew it realized that capitalism was to serve national interests and objectives (which obviously would not include subjugation of vital interests and individual liberties to foreign governments/power), and if he had lived in the modern era, would have recognized deleterious effects on economic actualization of new technology by concentrated global corporatist power that rivaled and oppressed new technology. 'Those who trade their freedom for comfort and safety deserve neither freedom nor comfort and safety'. One may easily outsource common sense along with independence and production in the pursuit of profits...the Roman Empire's final collapse at Rome followed its outsourced capital to Constantinople--the western Empire was rotten.

The entire problem with the high level mass broadcast approach to pacification and conformation of American political opinion is that it serves the deaccentuation of national leadership from green pastures and still water egalitarianism with space exploration, equal justice and such beyond the shoals of global anarchistic greed into reifying organizational objectives ill founded upon composite ethical egoism .

President Bush may have a preference for concentrating power into political infrastructures that shape his foreign and domestic policy approaches. Actually the United States could use a new Secretary of foreign and domestic policy examination that would consider the ratio and relation of foreign and domestic policy and ownership trends. Some nations such as England rely upon globalism to replace their loss of foreign colonies with business investments abroad.

When Treasury Secretary Snow's former employer railroad company CSX was bought by Dubyan Company DP World, and DP World was allowed to start a takeover of many eastern port operations in the U.S., it allowed that nation that at one time sheltered A.Q. Khan's Pakistan nuclear technology proliferation network to gain scheduling for direct tranship globally with delivery to any U.S. City of whatever it liked in essence.

President Bush likes the royal powers abroad because of their ownership of oil; resources, and may disfavour nations such as Israel through economic attrition that aren't possessors of global crude oil supplies. The preference for Middle East royalty may work against American efforts to establish peace and democracy in Iraq. Certainly Middle Eastern royal families have a fundamental antipathy toward democratic developments in Iraq, and the Presidential association with the local royals will be perceived with scepticism and distrust by revolutionary democratic movements.

On the President's present visit to India and Pakistan, his desire to purchase some sort of timed publicity release foreign policy 'victory' may have been the root cause for an agreement to transfer American nuclear technology to India in exchange for some loose agreements by the Indian Government to allow inspections of the civilian nuclear reactors that might be built or approved. Indian stores of fissile materials are already probably enough for a few nuclear wars, so it's not much of a concession if they slow down production for the time being. It is dubious that India will be better off with more nuclear reactors that become targets of conventional weapons for terrorists and conventional weapons in event of conflict. A few well placed cruise missiles or truck bombs could assure dispersal of Chernobyl like radiation to damage the civilian populous.

Perhaps the President isn't aware that a lot of sunlight reaches India and that solar power is probably a better investment along with superconductors and batteries for that subcontinent. President Bush of course would not favour power structures that allow independent home power generation and liberation in time from fossil fuels that are the modus Vivendi of the Bush dynasty. The President has used his fossil fuel/nuclear energy connections to foist nuclear plant construction upon Indians when none are being built in the U.S. Most of America's nuclear plants are in the east, and the people of Washington D.C. seek to stick Nevada in the west with the nuclear waste (few nuclear plants are in the U.S. west) so easterners will be downwind if anything goes wrong.

In the Bush world view concentrated corporate oil reserves, political and economic power, environmental decay, obsolete U.S. national infrastructure and American deficit spending are a needed 'wave of the future'. When speed week hits Daytona Beach and the two or three hundred m.p.h. inspired fossil fuel vehicles rev up forgotten are the 3/4's speed of light potential speeds of electromagnetic grid accelerated space vehicles or minor terrestrial e.m.g. train reductionisms that go a little faster. American train structures may become sold to global royal oil interests too.
President Bush choose to reduce corps of engineer spending requests to strengthen new Orleans levees from 21 million to just 3 million annually, allowed Katrina warnings to be ignored while assuring the public no one new anything about it, after the flood. Without a substantial reformation of congressional and presidential internationality, coordination of and support for national advancement in education, economics, transport and energy infrastructure a globalist corporatists malaise and repression will creep upon the nation while corporatist media puts 'positive' spin upon the slow decline of and conquest over American ideals and independence.
There are more than 200 tons of plutonium sitting around that were produced by civilian nuclear programs it has been reported, much other fissile materials exist, and what is needed isn't more nuclear plants but a dedication to decentralize power production through fuel cells, solar and wind power, as well as to develop high speed e.m.g. transport corridors in the U.S.A., and end fossil fuel use in American transportation (Americans are sitting on their butts in movable luxury sofas selling out their country to Arab oil royals and that’s a result of just pure laziness that the sharp edge of Occam’s economic razor will probably cut to an appropriate configuration in time.