Saturday, February 18, 2006

Bush Admin/Al Qa'eda 3rd Quarter Score

The Bush Administration seems to be losing the economic phase of the 'war' with Al' Qa'eda if one accepts the administration's notion that Al Qa'eda is the reason for the record setting federal budget deficits following the record surpluses of the Clinton administrations later years. A reasonable administration claim to victory could have been if following 9-11 federal surpluses continued.

Perhaps the next administration will be able to overcome the administration's record setting deficits and reliance on Chinese and India, Japanese and other foreign borrowing to prop up a fossilized economic situation in the U.S.A. stimulated by cheap migrant laborers in construction and cheap imports for Wal-Mart from China. The next administration will also need to create a new intellectual vitality and secure the borders against illegal immigration, lead in new environmental, energy and transport structures, and influence the 'entertainment industry away from just athletic role models toward actual programming of educational value. While some elements of the immigrant culture hasn't much of an intellectual value perhaps, compared to plain materialism, one cannot blame them at all for the brainwashing droll shoulderism and babe bellies programmed on 30 of 31 cable stations.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

VP 'Che' ney Shoots Lawyer on Dove Hunt Through Texas Bush

Vice President Cheney's shotgun error on the dove hunt through the Texas bush that resulted in the pelleting of a lawyer reminds of the need for safe weapons protocol when pursuing dinner. One should never shoot at any object without a clear field of fire and a clear background into which stray bullets or pelets may go. If the blasted lawyer was trying to drive up some doves for the Vice President to kill through a pincer's movment, or any just walking up behind the Vice President trying to keep up with the torrid pace of the hunter in the field, safe weapons protocol would have the Vice President not shooting until the covey of birds had risen well above the bush before squeezing the trigger.

Politics is a tough sport. Like baseball spitters have been outlawed (foreign campaign contributions) and player batting averages have gone up correspondingly in other areas such as pac money and lobbying paybacks. One wonders what Babe Ruth might have acomplished in an era with modern sports medicine, steroids and the absence of spitballs. If spitballs are legalized next year, will Barry Bond's batting average drop to that of Willy McCovey's in his declining years without steroid enhancement with the creme and the clear?

When the Vice President heard the news at the state of the union address that Mr. Bush was alocating extra funds for research and potential development of fossil fuels, did it throough off the Vice President for Oil's timing and subtily find an outlet in a psychological transference to blast the lawyer in the bush in a reflexive primitive way to apprehend the object of political desire? The answer may be probably not, yet raving radio people and enterprising comedians can pursue the topic anyway if it isn't old news by tommorrow night. The radio guy Sigmund Freud Laurantine Brothers might provide insights on the Vp's political psychology. I wish the wounded Texas lawyer a speedy recover, a better luck in selecting hunting buddies in the future. I hope President Bush sends his brother in Florida a zoning incentive plan to install solar panels on Floridian rooves for use when hurricane's knock out power suppplies and the urgent plea for federal disaster relief and ice goes out again.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Hero of the Week; St John

Economic segregation is the essential means of domestic separation of individuals from various exclusive regions of society in the United States today of course, while in past time other forms of segregation such as imperial or racial were more featured aspects of stratified societies. Some degrees of segregation are accepted as necessary for the smooth operations of capitalism, and individual rights are based on the premise of exclusive individual right of self-determination, ownership of property and such. Paradoxically correcting problems of economic segregation in one nation may be undermined but a flood of cheap labor immigrants designed to subvert remediation of social injustices. Only through correction of social injustices against individuals one nation at a time could a majority of free and responsible societies come into existence.

Various social theories such as Marxism may be advanced to deny individuality as worthy of economic rights individually at all of course, and that may be exploited by criminal alliances of government and global businesses to form traditional stratified societies camouflaged with deniability. Jesus transcended the entire issue of social stratification and segregation through the transcendent faith in a trans-temporal God that redeems from death and original sin with the penalty of everlasting hell. These brief sketches about heroic individuals have rediscovered this week the disciple John who is the author of the gospel according to John, three epistles (letters) and The Revelation.

The disciple John was imprisoned on the isle of Patmos offshore from Ephesus sometime likely in the 60’s, when the Roman authority may have mistaken him as leader of a lot of Christian converts in a neo-Jewish religion with revolutionary Jews in Judea and Jerusalem. Christianity in the first century after a period of tolerance was severally repressed and persecuted. The disciple John kept the faith and reported his first-person experiences with Jesus and His ministry to scribal ‘disciples’ of his own in the Church at Ephesus.

A Christian writer named Bruce Vawter reported the scholastic theory that the first book of the Gospel to be written was actually the Q or Quelle source that forms a large part of the material in the Books of Matthew and Luke was actually written by the disciple Matthew in Aramaic/Hebrew. John was probably aware of the Q source and the books of Luke and Mathew and Mark, yet his work differs somewhat because it was the work of the ongoing evangelist instead of a simple gospel compilation of the life of Jesus produced to continue the message of Jesus Christ beyond the end of the Apostolic era in the first century.

John must have made his way to Ephesus sometime after the crucifixion of Jesus as an evangelist and remained in Ephesus fairly permanently, and missing the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in AD70. If he imprisoned as a possible 60’s radical at Patmos he might have been in his 50’s then, if he was called by Jesus in his early 20’s to wander about Palestine for three years as a disciple.

John's ideas

In John 1/1-15 have interesting expressions that resemble some extent those descriptions that the Philosopher Plotinus attempted to write in his enneads about 190 years after John's circa 100 ad. publications on the relationship of God, the Creator or in Plotinus' terminology the Intelligence to cerated objects or existants. Cosmologists still have the trouble of explaining how the perfect came into being from the imperfect, or vice versa with a first cause. Why namely did a 'perfect' Higgs field through uncertainty become collapsed into a phase transition. Why did perfection of certainty develop uncertainty, how did absolute uncertainty become certainty temporarily, and why did it change partially into uncertainty and time with an inflaton?

Plotinus offers a different idea about that which exists and matter/energy that would approximately fit a relative description given about God in the passage above, or at least the order of creating. Sartre's more 'naive' existentialist/rationalist approach to describing first experience and subsequent being is an interesting correlative of Plotinian paradigms, yet neither requires a 'magic' or out of nowhere creation within pluralistic parameters necessarily, instead of a monistic evolution such as might be elucidated in Genesis One and Two or even within the enneads of Plotinus in an approximate and partial sense. Many of these 'theological/cosmological' ideas are still quite interesting and have been around a long time with the improvement today of a lot more scientific data to add to the data base.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Jewish Quislings of Denmark, The False Prophet and Evolutionist/Fossil Fuel Axis of Oil

Iranian Paramount Leader Mahmoud Ahmadi Nezhad may link the cartoon and nuclear development issues its been reported and that is a brilliant tactic for the gain of his personal evil empire ambitions because bureaucrats of the American Evil Empire haven’t much quality sense of humor...they are sure to stumble on the issue of one-upsmanship in evil empire propagandizing because they are ensnared in the Fossil Fuel, Evolution and Global Corporatist Evil Empires with additional entanglement in issues like the Chinese Socialist Evil Empire.

With the cold war stare decisis between the old world war two allies peaceably the problems of privilege and power that have led the world’s political folly’s forever can return to the fore, and communist coelacanths are always lurking in the deaths for surfacing by the Globalist Media Evil Empire when needed to ensure that the present pack of government crooks kicking back tax cuts to the rich and leaving the poor holding the federal deficit bag reciprocal can have an alternative villain to their larceny to hold the democrats at bay.

President Bush has associated himself with the Evolutionist/Fossil Fuel Axis of Oil Evil Empire that is a well-known subsidiary of the exclusive fossil fuel/dinosaur-evolutionist axis of educational evil. The fossil fuel evolution correlation is not coincidentaly a source of wealth for the follower nations of the false prophet and record oil company oil profits recently. If intelliegent design or scriptural association with evolution and cosmology could have cracked the inertially closed trophic order of educational unionist atheist presentation of scientific curriculi of the United States perhaps this sort of cartoon imbroglio could have been avoided by undercutting Satan and preventing him from getting in through the front door of Wal-street and made him try his luck insteadthrough the back door of competiton, equal rights, environmentalism and so forth.

President Mahmoud Ahmadi Nezhad has some of the homosexual evil empire and Hollywood evil empires to use as examples of Americas’ Evil Empire, with crooked Republicans enfeofed forever in office because the alternative is depraved-o-crats the electorate is fearful of when not being brainwashed by Victoria’s Secret ads presumably. President Mahmoud Ahmadi Nezhad has rightly pointed out in his little scarlet book that the Danish puffery cartoons portraying the false profit Muhammad as a suicide bomber-figure was inspired by the Danish Jewish Quisling movement that is part of the greater Zionist conspiracy to resist the false prophet inspired attack on god’s chosen people the Jews. Satan may have a special plan for President Khatmi with his plans for Jewish genocide (see one of the hyperlinks) and his nuclear bomb secret construction project. Presumably Satan will try to sidle up Hamas or some violent organization close to Israel, and will build some sort of temple for the anti-Christ on the temple mount in Jerusalem, yet enough of this far-flung prophetic interpretation of some sort of Biblically inspired prophecy (this is a disclaimer of any official link to accurate Biblical interpretation of the book of the revelation or any sort of mention of it in meaningful context of direct linkage).

Since the Jewish Quisling movement of Denmark imported special trained PhD political cartoonists to soften up the Danish Muslim branch of the Sons of Umayyad the Muslim world has been in turmoil and given President Bush an opportunity for more speech making and compassionate conservativism talk about permanent tax cuts for the rich before he leaves offices. His plan reminds me of the Biblical parable about the dishonest servant that cut the debts owed to his master on account before he left the job in order to curry favors with the debtors because he had been told he was being fired. A cabal will raise lutefisk prices in Norway and global warming will cause mercury poisoning on the North Slope. This was the warmest January in recorded U.S. History. Satan may have a plan to raise the temperature of the Earth more to his liking.

The cartoon conflagration reminds me of an evil cartoon by a Binkish character in Fairbanks someone once published about me; if only I’d had some thousands that would have protested perhaps I could have found a job in Alaska. The paper soon dropped out of business, yet that was a coincidence.

The false prophet’s devotees may use hagwa to force the dar al Islam farther beyond the marches into the present dar al harb or zone of war. The goal at Scandinavia isn’t far away…the Seahawks could have used such a coordinated mass attack on the Steeler End zone more often in the Super Bowl. Resistance by the Quisling Jews of Norway can only lead to more nuclear reactions in Teheran.;_ylu=X3oDMTE0MHY4amRhBGNvbG8DZQRsA1dTMQRwb3MDNwRzZWMDc3IEdnRpZANCVlRfNg--/SIG=13du63tnr/EXP=1139524026/** Iran and the Nuclear Cartoon Question;_ylu=X3oDMTE0bDUwZTZkBGNvbG8DZQRsA1dTMQRwb3MDMwRzZWMDc3IEdnRpZANCVlRfNg--/SIG=12cr9teog/EXP=1139524026/**
Iran;_ylu=X3oDMTE0NXU4MnFkBGNvbG8DZQRsA1dTMQRwb3MDNARzZWMDc3IEdnRpZANCVlRfNg--/SIG=12im2lr73/EXP=1139524026/**http%3a// Iran

Monday, February 06, 2006

Riots In Europe About Danish Muhammed Suicide bomber Cartoon

The recent Muslim riots in Europe over a satanic media’s portrayal of the False Prophet as an explosive headed suicide bomber raises an interesting point about the relation that the United States has to reigning in the political virility of Europe regarding how it addresses the problem of the traditional rival civilization south of the Mediterranean largely that formerly sided with the Kaiser (the Ottoman Empire) and then Adolph Hitler and the Nazi’s so far as possible. One can say that the German’s had a poor choice of political friends at the time, yet permitting the munichization of European politics through American restraints both friendly and coerced of European conduct to come to mean an emasculation of political independence including criticism of a war religion’s influence on contemporary politics may not serve those seeking to advance the cause of international peace through other than globalist means.

When Europeans have in the past conducted such importunate ethnic cleansing policies as were perpetrated in the former Yugoslavia in the 90’s they raise the ire of right-thinking American liberals that oppose the general dehumanization of mankind through torture, execution, bombings and machine gunning etc. Americans still tend to equate world war two era democides with any large-scale activities today on an equal basis. While the financial influence of Jews in Europe before the 1940’s was generally very beneficial to Europe, their financial holdings were probably trivial in comparison to the financial wealth of Muslims in Europe through oil sales to Europeans. With American influence the Reich became munichs serving the better causes of humanity in the palaces of the civilized perhaps with good auto construction and so forth, yet American influence should never serve to permit an uncivilized barbarism of Muslim origin to intimidate free expressions of traditional liberalism in support of human rights.

Unfortunately the sins of the fathers and mothers visit the sons, and the sins of distant cousins or even people of the same race may visit people across the Atlantic, and become inspirations for false accusations and associations with political histories not their own. Were financial and political power can be advanced through lies and deceit, it has been known to do so. Plainly Europeans will need to flex their own political and security muscles in dealing with Muslim terror and cultural influence, yet it should know that if it attacks human rights of the innocent grossly enough to concern American liberals, some time again they may find themselves on the opposite side of condign disagreement. Yet the world war two past that brought that European civilization to near ruin cannot be allowed to forever restrain Europeans from self-defense against an aggressive second and third world that would happily take what it can of their liberty, political self-determination, wealth and cultural sovereignty.

The media has a right to publish crude cartoons instead of intelligent analysis in search of various Utopian policies and Alternate fuel programs whenever it likes, however the cost of doing so when it involves the followers of the global domination seeking false prophet may be high.

The followers of the false prophet Muhammad obviously are righteously indignant at the corrupt policies and speech of the satanically influenced global media, yet they should when possible clean up their own satanic media and corrupt governments first before casting the first bricks and bombs and foreign devils.

One might desire to use unpolemical terms and even delete words such as ‘foreign devils’, yet with limited time to right after work they serve a quick one-off purpose of getting a gist across. America has a history of tolerance of false prophets and religions, and of course politically they are legion throughout history, the followers of Muhammad need to learn to be cool in nations they are seeking to invade slowly, and not arouse popular dissent amidst the locals or even the exploiters of cheap labor that import them won’t always be able to slow their input.