Monday, August 29, 2005

Hurricane Katrina, Hot Air and the Bush Response to Global Warming

Gary C Gibson Revelations 11:11 'And after three days and an half the spirit of life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet; and great fear fell upon them which saw them.

'The hurricane in New Orleans presented several aspects of disaster for some, and profit for others in various speculative businesses perhaps. For myself the used sailboat I bought in that area may be gone with the wind to compliment the loss of ownership of my 'home' property in Alaska the same weekend.

It would have been better if it had stalled on some oil rig in the Gulf, and petered out...yet Tennessee beckoned Katrina onward. For Rush Limbaugh's bizarre reasoning that reliance on fossil fuels from abroad is a good reason to plunder remaining American oil reserves and that Katrina's windy effects on raising U.S. oil prices to 70 per barrel provides a lesson that drilling in sensitive nature reserves is intelligent national policy instead of swiftly moving the nation toward a non-fossil fuel based national transport infrastructure...nuts.

The lesson from Katrina's intensity in a season of numerous hurricanes is that the Bush administration's lacking environmental approach to global warming supports numerous hurricanes in the warmer Atlantic spawning ocean of hurricanes. It is also possible that the numerous offshore oil rigs of the Gulf and extreme auto pollution of the Gulf States increases the attraction for and intensity of traveling hurricanes.

Hurricanes after all are just a lot of evaporation and hot air rising up toward cooler air inn the upper atmosphere set to spinning by the corriolis force or spin of the world. The warmer the waters of the Atlantic are, and the more asphalt and auto pollution are put out in that area to concentrate the greenhouse effects the likelier are hurricanes to arrive.

President G.W. and the Republican congress refused to increase SUV mileage several years ago, and only belatedly passed it this month when oil prices rose towards 70 dollars a barrel. Incidentally I predicted in discussions last year that oil prices would reach 100 dollars a barrel U.S.

Friday, August 12, 2005

On Recent Federal Macro-Economic Failure

Nobel laureate Paul Samuleson wrote in 2004 that international trade can create ‘dead weight’ losses for the U.S. economy (not a quote of Mr. Samuelson). U.S. political leadership seems to have developed the habit of lowing along on inertial power advantages that go to trans-national corporations many of which are American. Since Business Weeks December 2006 issue on the potential pitfalls in American economic leadership has the administration changed it’s policies at all, no.? “Where Ricardo and Mill Rebut and Confirm Arguments of Mainstream Economists Supporting Globalization”

What are some of the problems the U.S. economy presents to voters now? For one thing the federal current accounts deficit is nearly 7% of the annual gross national product. There may be a half million jobs lost annually to outsourcing. Outsourcing white collar jobs is an increasing trend that may begin to affect more than the poorest quarter of the U.S. population that has so far born the brunt of the policy of globalization.

The administration and some broadcast networks have reported perhaps with pride that they have planned to allow enough illegal immigrants in the United States over the next few decades to change the racial mix of the nation to a majority of non-whites yet that its fine because the nation used to be (100%) non-white except for some Albs and Vikings mixed in...that should be a consolation to the aboriginal Americans that any sort of non-white is just the same generally as Amerindian ancestry, and a way to disregard the loss of comparative economic advantage to China and India because for the second and third world new majority dire poverty will be an improvement from starvation; These are interesting derivatives of national planned parenthood facticities.

As the price of oil continues to increase and Americans continue to motor about in their aloof middle class royalty life style with derision for the disadvantaged in the U.S., with indifference regarding porous borders, in failing to prevent the dumping of cheap immigrant labor in non-exportable semi-skilled labor markets in the U.S., they may consider the declining value of the dollar that will make Wal-Marts made in China goods less affordable for the working class, the increasing unwillingness of foreign banks and private investors to buy U.S. federal bonds to fund the federal deficits and federal policy of outsourcing blue and white collar jobs while failing to create equal or better replacement jobs.

The fundamental trouble is the failure of the administration to be more than a free-rider on global economics spending savings of accumulated advantage for present prosperity. Its policy of borrowing and non-creativity in the field of capitalism’s implicit policy of creative destruction ignores the real existential/empiricial macro-economic environmental opportunities that comprise and essential component of real-world economic opportunities. A nation that is fundamental stagnant, for instance in spending 268 billion on a backward looking bridges, potholes and of highway bill instead of forward looking mag-levways, fuel cell and power lines in highways for electric cars new-tech approach cannot expect the rest of the world to stand still as they advance and America comparatively declines. At least Americans can wait in line happily as they pay 100 dollars a barrel for oil perhaps next year, and ask for obsolete protectionist measures instead of a Japanese M.I.T.I. style motivation to implement perpetual leading-edge technological infrastructure revolution that creates jobs and comparative advantage with export synergy. The environment should be the inspiration and core of the empirical motivation to get beyond ossified macro-economic federal policy. federal budget deficit

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

President W. Bush Considers Iranian Nuclear Options

Military 'intelligence'/Aardvark Spooks and 9-11 terrorist cell secrets
With the startling news that a military intelligence secret aardvark unit learned of Muhammad Atta/boys secret New York City terrorist cell before 9-11 but were afraid to let the F.B.I. know for fear of violating the military’s strict don’t ask, don’t tell policy and possibly the constitutional lift and separate provisions one must wonder what secret protocols have informed Iran’s decisions to break the U.N. seals on it’s nuclear power plants and renew nuclear power development following the Bush administration’s signing into law the Energy bill with vast pork incentives for nuclear power plant construction and fossil fuel development. The Highway Bill to hell is paved with asphalt intentions.

Pursue wind and solar power not nuclear
Iran should pursue construction of 300 foot tall air generators, hydrogen fuel cell clean and invisible when burning, fields of mirror solar power concentrators and voltaic panel construction for sale to Muslim nations for low-cost home power in poor regions of the planet awaiting the missionaries of home-produced independent electrical energy. Instead Iranian leadership has followed the Bush lead along the road to global risk from nuclear fallout ala Chernobyl in the event of any war or catastrophe that would creat6e a shortage of nuclear plant operators in effect allowing the plants to run wild to meltdown without human supervision. Because Jesus Christ cannot be utterly certain to return before or during the next international war or social disaster to rescue the damned to become radioactive short term profit victims from themselves, conservative leadership in politics would structure a Kyoto protocol exchange for nuclear power plant and weapons construction for alternative

renewable energy technology and material such as was made for the CO2 emissions of the global nations that the U.S. administration refused to sign.

Pres. W. might even bring about political trust by permitting nuclear weapon time-sharing from the haves to the have nots and thus obviate the need for nuclear weapons development programs. While this is a Strangelovian sort of option, there isn’t a real reason that is very valid why every Muslim nation should each development a nuclear weapons program and waste cash on that sort of idiocy.

Those cowardly broadcasters of hel
On this above point I should remark that some of the broadcast media of hel will bite on it. To digress; that amoral and cowardly broadcast media desire simply to have power on everything through intimidation, and believe that saturation broadcast control even of everyone's blog ideas is within their right. In their bent, amoral 'reasoning' that is usually simply critical and devoid of positive thought nuclear proliferation by myriad new weapons producers is better than any time-sharing of a few finite numbered weapons in return for non-production of more fissile materials. For the amoral media macho posturing regardless of consequence is always better than reasoned arms reduction and non-proliferation because the broadcast powers of the trans-nationals do rely upon the fundamental nuclear arms cache of the U.S. Government to back up their belligerency. To circulate a few warheads from the Pakistani's ample supply in a controlled and monitored way between a few Muslim nations would be better in my opinion than unlimited rogue nuclear weapons development such as the media of hel would prefer as exists at present. Does anyone really want to use the blasted things anyway?

If the cowardly broadcast networks targeting and repressing individual bloggers as if blogs were some sort of rich Ivy League lecture circuit instead of a web-addressed opportunity for expression of personal opinions that the cowardly broadcasters should protect and defend instead of attack are really concerned about a fair trade of time-sharing some nuclear warheads in return for destruction of nuclear plants signers to the plan could jointly participate in air missions to annihilate the nuclear plants, or government sponsored terrorists with the permission of the signer nations/governments could destroy them as a training exercise for the aardvark units to learn if they could pass on the information if given a phone number of other U.S. intelligence agencies or even the broadcast media (or my weblog).

With the U.S. energy policy being what it is, it is difficult to imagine a course that would dissuade Iran from continuing nuclear development. The administration may perceive Iran through crude oil eyes with the additional vision deformation of nuclear power plants becoming suitable for trans-national neo-corporatist/socialist control one day when the Iranian government is brought into line trans-nationally.

Vulnerable nuclear plants need operators that could disappear in wars
Cluster micro-cruise missiles, terrorist attacks, designer genetic meltdown plagues and a variety of wicked worldly ways may reduce nuclear plant operator population someday. Iran could export alternative energy technology and produce cash if the administration is laggard and recalcitrant to liberate its people from an expensive, dirty fuel and lead the way to low-cost, clean, safe, independently produced home power.the administration's goals fulfilled of making America a cheap labor force in debt to transnationals

The administration is pursuing its ideal goals for trans-national profits of flooding the U.S.A. with low cost illegal workers and ill-educated next generation, preventing widespread growth of independent national home and auto power, creating a vast national debt for the wealthy to draw interest on (financing it), indenturing American workers in effect for a generation and subverting future environmental and energy independence etc. While the economics of the rich flourish the cost is to the environment of the globe that is renewable only so far, and should be considered as more than an economic externality remediable if necessary when the auditing of local governments really twists the arms of octopussi.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Tithing Mecca at The pump

There may be cynics that believe the President is infringing upon the separation of Church and State by signing the energy bill into law. With administration support Mr. Bush is continuing to train Americans to bow to Mecca at least five times a month, and more for volunteers by bending to put a gas nozzle in their auto’s tank. Tithes for King Abdullah are collected by cash, credit and debit machines at the pump.

If I recollect correctly Saudi Arabia is receiving about 200 million or more every day from the U.S.A., but what are the gas stations and other sales outlets receiving for handling the Saudi tribute? If one tries to make a purchase at many outlets of food or whatever the clerk very well might indignantly ask “No fuel!” One is virtually unpatriotic if independent from machine slave transporters for a short time. It is the era when skinny legged classes live at the top of the hill.

The trans-national policy cannot be to co-opt U.S. politics and labor through reliance on fossil fueled vehicles for life support units economically speaking for neo—corporatists employees. Since Row vs. Wade women have been a coinciding factor in the decline of labor unions and male wages in the U.S.A. While female earnings have gone up as they were used as union busters perhaps by the trans-nationals for 30 years male earnings have stagnated. The male leverage in unions upon trans-nationals was undermined by the ready and willing female work force that only wanted to subvert male earnings superiority.

While the upper classes may have been aware that women workers could be used to break up the tight negotiating relationship existing between male earners of the lower and middle classes and trans-national corporations, they did not fail to support the redistribution of the same portion of the income pie equally more or less between men and women. Their own upper class share increased dramatically the same 30 years, with female earnings of the upper classes rising too. I believe that less than one % of the U.S. population now own more than 8 percent of national wealth and income.

The only reason I mention this last point is that as an independent tradesman I sometime encounter U.S. female and even males that believe that any sort of male self-employment is inherently chauvinist. It’s a good leverage point for trans-nationals to quash independence and move the nation further toward neo-corporatism, a stagnant family household income, waves of cheap illegal workers to serve the easy working middle class perhaps with home improvement projects etc.

Over time reliance on foreign fuels, fossil fuels, illegal immigrants for dirty and cheap work, reliance on trans-nationals for employment (they’ll take care of you real good) and etc. may pay off deleteriously in the nation’s economic and political security. It’s not a good idea to have such and economic structure and also relies upon nuclear weapons and a huge defense budget for keeping on either. A better policy would be to take the lead in environmental conservation technologically and geographically, and lead the world toward a better environment with security for small businesspersons while getting the women to realize that its o.k. not to be molded by a transnational into some sort of ideal feminine or pimped role.

On the problem with the French; after the First World War the United States refused to sign the peace guarantee with France and signed a separate treaty with a new German government instead. France also asked for too much from Germany then. Clemenceau realized that American refusal to guarantee the peace after the First World War would inevitably lead to a round two. When the second brawl occurred and the 3rd Reich spilled over the border knocked by Hitler's fascist rhetoric into Paris there would be those that would look askance in the future toward a policy relying upon American political and military support for their security.

Clemenceau found their French Government as much to blame as the American for allowing Hitler to have so much rope.

Yet if Hitler hadn't been inclined for a quick invasion of Europe and North Africa, and had waited until nuclear weapons had been perfected possibly with the jet Messerschmitt too, it might have been bad for American international interests.

After the Second World War France pursued some rather importunate colonial retention policies, setting bad examples for the United States in Vietnam. France choose to get its own nuclear force de frappe and have an independent deterrence policy while being something of a neutral after a time regarding the cold war. It was a conservative policy in light of the French geographic location between the Soviet Union and the West. France pursued a non-belligerency policy with several nations and built a rapprochement with Germany.

France has worked toward a modern existentialist position internationally in recent years, willing to work with many nations through personal interactions instead of through traditional nationalist force as a military tool of confrontation. The United States after the second world war for a time was a dominant or nearly dominant economic power, but with its vast debts and refusal to move into a new energy base and transport modality synergistically coupled with environmentalism it has fallen into being the worlds greatest debtor nation relying upon international cheap labor to enrich it's trans-nationalist while producing cheap imported goods for domestic consumption on borrowed international currency from China, India and Japan essentially.

France shouldn't be an example for the U.S.A. of a decline into situationalist ethics, yet it should be an example for realpolitik. The United States and Russia have had a nuclear arms balance for nearly 60 years, yet when China becomes a major nuclear power and even equal it may radically destabilize that balance.

A disarmed non-nuclear world is an even more bizarre concept, since humanity is just as wicked as before the first and second wars, and conventional weapons, concentration camps and biocides could do a more complete job of human eradication that a nuclear exchange (what a term) I'd think.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Retire Shuttles to Space/Gravity

With the shuttle fleet set to retire in 2010 plans should be made to recycle them for permanent existence in space instead of gathering dust at a museum in Arizona. Open and competitive bidding on proposals to refit and deploy the shuttles should be structured soon.

Some ideas include:

· 1) Refitting for space-station to lunar orbit shuttling
· 2) Relocation to L3 and L5 for emergency and storage shelters
· 3) Adaptation for deposit on the moon as shelters or spare parts clumps
· 4) Adapt a shuttle for permanent space orbit between Mars and Earth

N.A.S.A. should develop a recycling ethos using every piece of equipment, as did the plains Indians use every part of the buffalo.

It may be that all clumps of mass in the Universe can be given a value specifically representing there gravity, and that the combined values of all the stars, planets and other mass in the universe can be considered in relation to space, the curvature of space by gravity and if it will cluster/compact over the given area of space overcoming distance. Gravity, may exert its power upon a Higgs Field (or vice versa) underlying the universe, and that field or unknown field could be represented by a value called a ‘cosmological constant’ that supports the 4 dimensional appearance of curved space in a gravitational field: matter in the field just interacts with the properties of the field.

The Earth is the center of the Earth majority local gravitational field, and the moon is its major minority. Democracies may be designed to have rule by the poor, yet gravitational systems are ruled by relation to the Higgs field and the location of the mass relatively withon. The Earth’s G-Field value is contained within a metagravitational field with sundry levels of protocol, perhaps with an unknown ‘center’( inversely located in another universe perhaps) because of the latent superluminal potential of a Higgs Field (that is believed by some to have inflated the Universe in its own field characteristics at superluminal speed in the first ten to the negative 35th second of the existence of the Universe), and the contiguous interacting localities of the field interacting with mass and motion in the 4 dimensions to seem to be gravity.

Moving the space shuttles to final rest in Mars-Earth orbit or upon the Sea of Tranquility will require some intellectual heavy lifting by American scientists and engineers as well as contractors, yet overcoming the bureaucratic lethargy would be a worthwhile taxpayer exercise to get more bang for the buck.