Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The President's Speech on Iraq Policy Tonight

The speech of President Bush tonight to the nation regarding Iraq policy may or may not be based upon a concern for creating a peaceful democracy or assuring oil supplies to friendly oil corporation contributors; yet assuredly the people of Iraq would be happier with a peaceful democratic form of government that the U.S.A. is ostensibly or coincidentally trying to support.

The timing of the address seems inappropriate and is simultaneous with the highest oil prices in decades and more contracts for VP Cheney’s former company Halliburton to build more trans-national facilities abroad.

The nation is going along, more or less, with the Iraqi policy already, and the speech may be a dramatic effort to bolster the President’s falling popularity polls as well as his conduct of the nation building effort.

An unheard of aspect of the hostile suicide detonations in Iraq was the criteria of exactly why the bombers are blasting themselves; what is the primary motive?

It was reported that Saddam Hussein had created a terrorist resistance cadre before the Gulf War of 2003 and those individuals could be fulfilling their training, and comprise a substantive element of the volunteer human-bombs. Another element could be the training advantages and opportunity to hit American targets in Iraq that is denied to terrorists seeking to cross the U.S. border through the gauntlet of bureaucratic policies implemented since September 2001. A third and unheard of element could be the mercenary aspect of human bombs blasting themselves for pay in Iraq. It may be that with the vast new oil wealth flooding the middle east and OPEC countries because of the G.W. Bush policy of wringing the most possible out of U.S. consumers for the benefit of oil company profits, and of making the nation dependent upon oil for automotive fuel to the maximum extent sand time possible, that terrorist coffers are being flooded with contributions to purchase disposable human bomb services at a good price. It may also be possible that Al Qa’eda hackers obtained those Master Card numbers from Arizona and 40 million account numbers to add more deficit spending (on someone else’s tab) to finance the terrorist war, ironically mirroring in reverse the Bush administration policy of deficit spending to finance the war effort and trans-national oil company profits.

The problem with President Bush’s policy regarding Iraq is that his lack of creative spark in moving toward a positive sum strategy with a halt to reliance on oil and fossil fuels supports a swamp of terrorist manipulation of America through projects abroad that are easy to finance and costly for the U.S.A. to defend against. The President picked an uncharismatic California intellect for Secretary of State who was promoted for fealty toward trans-national corporate goals, and is completely unknown for expressing intelligent opinions about politics. Sect. Rice is the consummate corporate yes-woman, and that doesn’t help nationalist trends much.

When Moshe Dyan was negotiating a peace settlement with King Abdul following the Israeli war for independence, he encountered an individual that could not except terms expressed by a woman, and had to fight just to say no to that. Because President Bush has confidence that the U.S. public can pay the bill for Iraq with deficit spending, and social security and other vestments can be trimmed to pay for it, and the nation’s infrastructure allowed to rot and become a pork barrel for sales from trans-national corporations, he doesn’t need to care if the Secretary of State is undiplomatic, and unlikely to get negotiated settlements with those ‘chauvinist’ middle-easterners…in fact he is more concerned about the pr value of Secretary Rice as a black female for domestic political consumption, and perhaps for relations with Africa.

95% of the societies on Earth in 1990 were not monogamous it is worth considering. When American politicians decide to change foreign nations to coincide with U.S. social structures, it’s useful to get a clue about secondary consequences of such changes, such as the destruction of extended families abroad. Many people can be hurt by mass social chaos, and in some instances constructive engagement can produce slower changes that provide liberty for people so far as is economically possible.

The mercenary incentives paid for with easy oil money by the trillions may afford to purchase a few human bombs for decades to come, and the main point of military-counter measures should be to cut off the revenue stream to terrorist organizations, get an abbey’s aide for the ecclesiastical policies that are utilized to induce the Presidential policy to be one of protracted low-scale war entangled with any sort of religiosity with a capability of rectifying the policy to democracy and pragmatism (as the Christian goal could be more pacific).

Monday, June 27, 2005

Bush admin, Fossil Fueled Deficits and the Wealthiest Class

"For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God." I Corinthians 1:18

I am not certain why the 'Talk of the Nation' has stagnated with the patriot act thread, perhaps to reflect the stagnation of the national infrastructure that relies on fossil fuels that won't begin to drop in price perhaps until the year before the next election at a miserly pace of five cents a week, yet I'll make a general comment about economy and environment in order to stir up the crude logic of homo loquax somewhat...

The recent spate of tax cuts and favored tax breaks for the oil companies perhaps comprises the core of the G.W. Bush administration's political philosophy of enriching the rich compassionately. It is written that in the United States something like 65% to 85% of the wealthiest two percent of American women have received their wealth from inheritance, and that 50% of American men are in the same status. The tax cuts for oil wealth and inheritance together provide a double whammy of stagnation and ossification of the national infrastructure and economic prospects. it should be recollected that the founders of the nation had little burden of inherited wealth, and needed to work and start up new industry and business with inventiveness and ingenuity instead of continuing along the inertia of the way things are as has President G.W. Bush.

The dangers to national security presented by the past it's time dependence on foreign oil for fuels, and to suggest that new nuclear plants could be a good way to provide more electricity for the people of the United States are exemplary planks of the bad old way of ossified and non-adaptive inherited wealth and power corrupting society to protect and enhance it's own position. Yet in this time in the world the dangers to environment and politics presented by neo-corporatism and anachronistic industrial technologies that defeat the planetary environmental health is striking.

When unimaginably wealthy class capital structures develop socially positive change and continuing social adaptability becomes difficult. The propaganda power of corrupt wealth is difficult for poor democrats to deal with, and then many American democrats suffer from the goatish bloat of petite prosperity too with a chocolate ├ęclair and big screen TV lifestyle.

The propaganda machine of the very rich may paint reformers with false colors, and limit political theory to black and white dialectical conflict between capitalism and Marxism; that is they refuse to recognize that a democracy may have solid tax rates to prevent the useless accumulation of wealth and class inheritance in order to keep the body politic healthy and vigorously competitive with a stress on civil rights and equal opportunity. Some of the inheritors of wealth have contempt for civil rights and equal opportunity that then poor and middle classes may need for a fair opportunity to field their inventions and business theories to start new capital acquisition threads. Perhaps President Bush is a good example of inherited political wealth that he is presently trying to spend without success.

As a Christian I am aware that some broadcast commercial Christians naively support politically special cliques of extreme inherited wealth that utilize socially corrupting powers to increase their wealth...the ironic side is of course that the Bible predicts that Christians will be blamed for social ills in time, and of course the identification of broadcast commercial Christians with the political platforms of the extremely rich in the U.S.A. line up for such a potential interpretation.

In some ways big government as a cluster of union mobsters (hyperbole) supporting a ruling class of inherited wealth stuffing its own stockings with fossil fuel funds (worm-ridden energy bill) could describe Iran or the United States, as NPR reported about Iran. NPR doesn't much report usefully about the corruption of the rich ruling class in the U.S.A., or of the broadcast media of course...

The energy bill in Congress seemed a referendum on the complacent, corrupting, backward looking, carpet-bagging character of the congress that disregards environmental health, seeks to develop more nuclear plants so world biology can be destroyed completely when they all melt down if some sort of plague or disaster occurs that eliminates plant operators and replacements, subverts changes in national infrastructure to a rational basis of mpg vehicular fuel conservation standards, alternate electric vehicles, a vast imaginot line of anti-fossil fuel wind generators along the Rocky Mountain States, development of super conductors, fuel cells, batteries, power lines in California Highways (if you build it they will come) etc.

A large part of the profligate American expenses on defense are caused indirectly through the reliance on fossil fuels and leadership of the emerging world economies into reliance on the dirty and stupid yet inherited wealth supporting fossil fuel industry internationally. President Bush and Prince Faud have more in common that President Bush and Nancy Pelosi, to such an extent that the picture of President Bush walking hand in hand with any democratic leader in Congress seems absurd. The fossil fuel brotherhood is the ad hoc nation the President defends presently, while the U.S.A. rots essentially.

I must point out that the Democratic Party’s incessant attacks on the Iraq policy just make them seem wrong and dangerously so, and of course places them as simpleton chumps for any Republican running against them on that platform anon. Democrats instead should focus on alternative energy infrastructure and socio-economic planning that is loud, clear and intelligent. Military spending can be cut where it's useful to do so, but the Iraqi government should receive long term help where it needs it; American concerns may be located in Iraq for some time, even to start a good solar power capability when or if the Muslims auto-bombers run out of gas.***
Posted on Thursday 23 of June, 2005 [14:39:44 UTC]

From the Textbook on Neo-Corporatism

Textbook on Neocorporatism

Gary C Gibson - 10:34am Jun 27, 2005 EDT A favorite government media maxim; "The first law of every creature is that of self-preservation, of staying alive. you sow hemlock and expect to see ripening ears of grain!"~Machiavelli

My textbook on neo-corporatism made the point that indirect curtailing of opportunities to dissent is a usual pattern. Unless NPR Discussions or another federalized discussions board exists to permit criticism of daft federal policies and corrupt broadcast media practices that assault individual civil rights, it will be more difficult to make public observations about federal policy that is harmful to national interests.

Because federal policy is trending toward inimical policies that harm national interests, the decision to allow the Bush administration three more years without public, federal record of dissent being written here(NPR DISCUSSIONS) is reasonable.

In the first half of the year 2005 the United States as a nation experienced many foreign and domestic political challenges while the nation's political leadership seemed to be not up to the task. Heck, it just appointed some lawyer that represented a vast horde of corporate polluters and that had created superfund sites such as WWR Grace which poisoned the people of Libby Montana, to head the enforcement division of the EPA. Pollute, bank, deny pollution, cut, hacvk spend federal dollars in corporate directions generally...

The people of the nation cannot be freed from responsibility though; they did elect to second terms a couple of Presidents that were alright one-termers, and will probably be complacent ahead electing people that will exfiltrate American economic independence and infiltrate foreign and trans-national economic and political power.***Fossil fueled federal deficits; consider several aspects of the failure of the nation's leaders and people to recognize and react successfully to intermediate and long-term economic infrastructural decay that has become an infusion of virtual self-destruction spending it's present to afford coach potato somnabulent television watching and SUV driving.***My blog at http://www.lulu.com/garycgibson

and homepage at http://www.garycgibson.us

should have continuing blog posts for some time. Alternate forums are good at blogspot.com and the progressive http://www.Opednews.com also provides a venue for commenting on government corruption and policy mismanagement.

Socialists and neo-corporatists have surrendered the middle ground of liberalism, and forgotten what liberal political philosophy is; it is the faith of the founders in individual civil rights subject only unto the direct will of God.

With the demise of liberalism the excluded middle leaves the extremes of right and left each claiming aspects of liberal values like vultures dining on the corpse of the United States fighting over a juicy piece of intestine.

Posted on Monday 27 of June, 2005 [18:18:36 UTC]

Friday, June 17, 2005

The Dollar Value and the EU 2004-2005

Individual genius is bought by transnationals, subverted by sinecured boards; from politics it withdraws as water 'neath oily hoards.

"The reasons that the USD is falling (high deficits + nope hope of change + relatively low interest rates) are still valid. The EURO is falling because of the problems with the constitution."

"Will the twin US deficits be solved quickly? "

To answer that last sentence...you must be joking. Bankers and some government authorities spend as much as they can of other people's money for profits through loan interest payments and kick-back corporatism; the ad hoc ruling class in the U.S.A. is self serving and both parties coopted, with the democratic one occassionally silly in it's politcal analysis.


An 'ideal' or optimal currency valuation between various global economic regions may be useful insofar as it represents stability rather than stagnation, yet an equilibrium in monetary value tends to represent real goods, capital and cash reserves as well as future productivity expectations and thus the entire global economic status would be factors that would make the bilateral valuation of currency you suggested phenomenal instead of necessary.

The U.S.A. has several domestic problems, yet the solution politically for those can be found in local or national political determinism only insofar as trans-national neo-corporatists allow any local political determination to exist.

The federal government's comparison of the value of the dollar to various world currencies shows that it has risen against some, fallen against others in the last year. Perhaps the value of those yuan that aren't free floating affects other currencies such as that of Brazil...which compete in the same productivity export markets to some extent.

Europe's problems are more complex than that of failing to submit to a centralized, cold authority that would subvert local political sovereignty and render them ruled by aloof trans-national neo-corporatists seeking to line their pockets in a disposable world economy while the locals get slim pickings and political platitudes.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Multiverses and the Anthropic Principle

String theory, superstring theory and other quantum cosmology theories are all available for investigation and of interest to many. The elements of the anthropic principle naturally follow from a consideration of the nature of the cosmos and it's constants in light of super-string and M-Theory.

Discussing those ideas, and that of the multiverse theory can be done well by most interested readers, and should be done without polemics, and within and orderly and sensitive way.

The anthropic principle of course does occur in a universe suitable for life, yet it is a valid cosmophysical point that could be used to describe a specific set of parameters in any possible universe that would be able to support certain forms of life.

The anthropic principle in science, so far as I know, can be used to refer to that physical constant requisites paradigm, and might be used in a logic of necessity, or modal logic, to sort through either an infinite number of real or potential universes for those able to support life, or to classify those universes fit for the support of intelligent life.

The A.P. is thus somewhat less than intelligent design. The creation of universes fit for intelligent life, and the fact of their existence. If more than this one exists, or even if just this one universe exists, would confirm the anthropic principle de facto, yet not entail the necessity of intelligent design. Yet the existence of a Universe fit for life does entail the possibility that it was designed or that it was not.

With various cosmologists theorizing about the construction of Universe's as a natural outgrowth from theoretical cosmology, it is a simple transition into the awareness that beings of superior science could already have created universes fit for intelligent life, and to use Tegmark's premise, snowballed a plethora of universes into being that are fit for intelligent life thus creating a sort of natural selection of universes created by intelligent design. If that process did begin, and if the super-string parameters of multiple universes is valid with its finite set, universes created by intelligent design may come to predominate numerically over dumb universes.

http://www.spacedaily.com/news/cosmology-03x.html Greene does address the multiverse issue at some length in the 2004 book 'The Fabric of the Cosmos'. Most of his approach seems to be from super-string and M-Theory...

http://www.pricegrabber.com/search_getprod.php/isbn=0375727205 The Fabric of The Cosmos