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Of Democracy U.S. and Periclean

GaryCGibson - 12:57pm Apr 25, 2005 EDT (#23 of 25)"By faith we understand that the worlds have been framed by the word of God, so that what is seen hath not been made out of things which appear."-Hebrews 11:3

The late historian Will Durant wrote an interesting book named “Heroes of History’ at about age 94 that was published in 2001. The many sketches of individuals and their affect on various time periods is good reading. ‘The Road to Pericles’ and ‘The Golden Age of Athens’ brought out some points that one might consider useful to the management of national (U.S.) political alterity today. Yet before I mention that a bit more, a brief summary of aspects of interactive dynamics between the Republican and Democratic Parties at the national leadership level since 1992.

Democratic leaders first seem to have an attitude toward the Presidency such as that they need not be outspoken during the campaign for the office articulating clear and plain platforms and planks that would better the nation in real time. Instead the Democratic contenders seem to act as if they need merely be engineers of a locomotive that they can operate as they choose if elected. Their campaign rhetoric tends to be more bureaucratic and vague or even generic. It is amazing how far the lack of national democratic leadership goes even between elections. They could not talk meaningfully about economic, border control, alternative energy and transport systems and such if they wanted to it seems. Then some such as Senator Kennedy and Biden run toward falsehood and error in their analysis of selected political ontologies. Senator Biden is an egoist, while Senator Kennedy is atop a pile of old money that tries to comprehend what might be in the nation’s interests rather inaccurately. The famous feminine troika of Boxer, Feinstein and Clinton are not outspoken and plain either; they too would like to be in the engine compartment rather than then caboose however.

The Republican Party understands that democratic trend toward over-reliance on the federal government as the primary political object as a Democratic Party policy characteristic. They use it to their advantage. The Democrats may labor while in office for years to reduce national debt and perhaps make executive change that benefit their special interests, and of course put much effort into innovating social legislation into new federalist forms unsuccessfully.

What the Democrats build up in budget surpluses the Republicans can spend in a year or two and pile on more federal debt to break the back of what they consider as trends toward socialism and economic stagnation. They can also undo environmental legislation easily that requires years of expensive remediation later. Republicans can legislatively overturn the Democratic socialist measures that were invested in the federal government, and claim a return to privatization while dumping debt on taxpayers while the wealth is transferred to special military industrial trans-national corporations.

Democrats make a fundamental political error of failing to be outspoken in public policy planning with concrete and actualizable plans, instead emphasizing in bureaucratic vagueness retrospective attacks on hypothetical international policy courses, domination of what were classically considered ethically wrong planks that even were described as immoral. They want to be the engineers of the locomotive, even as Republicans seek to stop funding for AMTRAK.

Democrats should return to sound economic policy and planning that emphasizes private sector support. Instead of seeking to foist a vast left-wing socialist medical bureaucracy on the U.S.A. Democrats could seek to support low-cost public health screening and survey imaging and chemical analysis technology that would let people screen their own health for a few dollars. There is also a way to set up a worker’s comp like referral program that would let physicians treat patients for free in exchange for federal liability/malpractice insurance coverage. Once physicians got a hold of this program, congress would be unlikely to be able to overturn it. Each patient treated would be screened and given a rating that physicians could use as a standard value-unit for malpractice insurance coverage value.

Democrats should return to sound economic policy and planning that emphasizes private sector support. Instead of seeking to foist a vast left-wing socialist medical bureaucracy on the U.S.A. Democrats could seek to support low-cost public health screening and survey imaging and chemical analysis technology that would let people screen their own health for a few dollars. There is also a way to set up a worker’s comp like referral program that would let physicians treat patients for free in exchange for federal liability/malpractice insurance coverage. Once physicians got a hold of this program, congress would be unlikely to be able to overturn it. Each patient treated would be screened and given a rating value for the quantity of coverage such as worker’s comp rates injuries and compensation levels. Private sector medical coverage would continue and Medicare’s burden would be reduced coefficiently. Medicare would continue to exist and be modified I would suppose with the regular legislative tinkering.

In Athens a citizen named Solon was given responsibility for finding ways to bridge the gap between rich and poor that threatened to bring the nation into civil war. Solon and Pericles each believed that public indifference or aloofness from the political process was one of the main dangers to democracy. That problem is presently effect the overly foreign and trans-nationally lobbied U.S. Congress and Presidency. The interests of trans-national corporations have risen to dominate U.S. economic development.

Solon rectified the Athenian tax code with a flat tax for four different economic classes: The first class paid 12 percent, the second class 10 percent, the third class 5 percent and the fourth class nothing. That was a good policy. If implemented in the U.S.A. today without deductions it might improve things, if the U.S. Government ever paid off the national debt and ran a surplus it might give rebates. At least the fourth class citizens would be spared from filing an annual tax form, and would instead need only to file a statement that they did not have gross earnings in excess of the fourth class/third class boundary amount. IRS workers would have fewer papers to process.

Propertied citizens in the reformed Athenian Government that Cleisthenes continued to form in 501 BC, were required to serve for a year after reaching age 30 on the 501 Council. The 501 Council was the highest political authority. If citizens were compelled to make political decisions they would not be aloof about them. In the U.S.A. Today I would suggest that each year one million citizens might be selected at random to vote on perhaps 100 Congressional legislative measures after their passage and before the President receives them to sign as a referendum to determine what the public really thinks, if only they new, about the work of the Congress. The Congress could voluntarily establish the policy and if the referendum vetoes the bill Congress could work on another one or another version. Each bill would be subject to just one referendum. Citizens would participate more closely in their democracy that is becoming overly outsourced to rich foreign and trans-national corporations.***If Democrats in the White House invested more structure in the private sector and in making public infrastructure changes that cannot be immediately unraveled or closed down by incoming Republicans their policies would have a more salutary and cost effective effect I should think.

Taking an alternative energy and transport paradigm for example. In the first term a Democratic administration could place power lines in the interstates of 7 southwest states intended to allow electric power to directly be drawn by electric vehicles. A vast infrastructure of independent power supply and sales to the interstate grid would probably develop with air generators, solar voltaics and fuel cells becoming sold from home producers to the grid. Air generators in the Rocky Mountains could provide wind generated electricity to wind-poor states burning toxic gas. Electric autos might be able to reduce the 40 to 50,000 annual fatalities caused by fossil fueled vehicles because of their sensitivity to chip controlling coordination in traffic.

Democrats will not be able to make sound public policy implementations that will last longer than a snowball in Hades without renewing the national infrastricture and controlling illegal immighration into the U.S.A. Trans-nationalists seem to have learned how to manipulate and subdue the Democratic/Federal spending cycles rather well. Personally I am not an optimist at present on the prospects for a return to Democratic effectivness at the national level. They are bought off to easily in too many ways traiding there inheritance for a mess of pottage ethically speaking.

The homosexual initiatives in Massachusets probably sapped Senator Kerry's election chances because of that State's ethical reputation amidst many heterosexual voters. Democrats musn't let themselves be shut out further from the highest office because of a mistaken notion of what liberalism is.At Leuctra in 371 BC a Theban army and dedicated 300 homos defeated a Spartan Army to end Sparta's dominance of Greece. Evidently homos can fight effectively as special units. The Democrats should address that issue realistically today instead of letting it continue as a stumbling block.

The don't ask don't tell policy works; when that policy isn't effective and homos demand open enlistment perhaps it could work if they are in segregated military units as are men and women today. Soldiers don't want to have to worry about being targets of unusual sexual interests as well as the enemy.***Men and women marry to share genes in progeny as well as to protect the rights of individuals joined together. They always have a biological bond with their children. Inn homocouples only one parent can share genes.

Of course the parameters of marriage and many mass institutions aren't perfect, but are generalities. Yet as homo's seek to camoflage their nature by appropriating heterosexual institutions, they damage and harm those institutions. Women are not men and vice versa; a nerw scientific American article has a report on some of the physiological differences. Two of the same sex do not have the same sexual and social relations as two of different sexes...really.

Homos can arrange private and standardized contracts to create a communal property situation or a partnership that divides possessions in a fair split upon end of contract. It does not require an assault upon marriage for civil legal arrangements to create contracts. Insurers can also offer homocouple policies without federal coercion.

Even the other main ethical issue vexing Democratic electiblity-abortion...may need to be outsourced in some way, perhaps with a Christian recognition that individuals are more accountable for their own relationship to Jesus Christ than for what pagan fellow citizens do to terminate pregnancies. The unborn certainly should have legal rights to exist, but in the meantime the judiciary cannot substitue for a paucity of legislative creativity, and abortion shouldn't be the issue that prevents a reformation of national energy, transport and financial infrastructure.

Fossil fuel sales to China will increase because it fuels transnational business growth and profits in China while levering drilling in ANWR, gutting of environmental laws and increases profits from a shortened national feul supply. Alt. Energy infrastructure reform is needed.

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About a National I.D. Card

''GaryCGibson - 03:15pm Apr 21, 2005 EDT (#116 of 117)"By faith we understand that the worlds have been framed by the word of God, so that what is seen hath not been made out of things which appear."-Hebrews 11:3''

I consider myself a liberal that hasn't gone over to the vinegar of debauchery, so I'll post a general opinion on the I.D. card quagmire.

A national ID card as an issue only arises because of the federal incompetence at controlling the borders from illegal immigration. When people generally arrived in the U.S.A. legally except for some seasonal migrant farm workers, no ID was required at all to get a job in the U.S.A.

Recently I finally got a replacement ID card after a year without. It's first use was to be stopped beyond that oil refinery in Artesia New Mexico to be given the sixth degree by three policemen about why I took a photo of the ugly, deficit producing (for the nation) oil refinery-such changes followed because of incompetent federal border management.

Of course the federal response to waves of illegal immigrants is to promulgate some silly paper solution that would cost millions and millions to implement, perhaps fueling the micro economic black holes federal budget managers are trying to produce with a super-colliding deficit conductor beneath the Washington mint.

The ID plan is like the billions and billions spent on airport security by the federal government and evaluated as ineffective and providing no more security than before the pork flowed to fuel the micro-black hole. Real control is beyond the government's grasp, and they could not return to a nation by the people and for the people, instead of a nation for trans-nationals and volkerwandering migrants from wherever, even if they could read good speeches with teleprompter before friendly lunch crowds.

Micro Black Holes, Particle Accelerators

Micro Black Holes, Particle Accelerators and EMG Mass Drivers...

Gary C Gibson. - 12:17pm Apr 21, 2005 EDT (#8 of 8) II Timothy 4 "3For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear."

Since the fiscal fiasco attempting to build a super-conducting super-collider in Texas, physics gurus have had more time to develop additional theories about quantum mechanics. A recent idea is the possibility of creating short-lived micro-sized black holes with existing particle accelerators in order to observe the effects they have on other particles as they deteriorate.

It is an interesting notion of course. Black holes are supposed to be the longest lasting large-scale and presently recognizable features of the Universe in some distant future of 1000 times a trillion trillion trillion years or so, until they have leaked out all of their mass through radiation in the Hawking process.

Page 114 of 'The Five Ages of the Universe' mentioned the point that there are three basic sorts of black holes; there are the ones of modest size resulting from collapsed stars, there are the ones at the center of galaxies that grow very large even to the size of 4 AU (astronomical units), and there are very small ones of fewer than a hundredth of a millimeter in size left that were theoretically created along with much else in the earliest micro-seconds of the Creation. It is that sort of Black Hole that some physicists hope to create on Earth. Will they inadvertently preempt the apocalypse in doing so?

Of course scientists have assured that creating micro-black holes will be entirely safe. It does seem that some factors that weren't understood properly in quantum and string or M-Theory might give the pit bulls of the quantum world an opportunity to bite and devour the comparatively trivial mass of the Earth in a heartbeat as they revert to form consistent with their character.

Some of this exciting physical research might be better put off for a few years until a more advanced manned space program permits the construction of 'safe' research facilities. For the black hole production and research facility I'd suggest the Martian moon

Why Phobos? Because it's fairly small and if consumed loss of mass would not immediately destroy the Earth nor perhaps Mars. Additionally Phobos has very, very low gravity (one can easily hop around it in miles long bounds) and is very cold. The low temperature of Phobos would make the installation of low-temperature super-conducting lines very cheap. Phobos also has enough size to support a good sized accelerator with a modified configuration.

The federal government really does need to invest in the development of an Earth to high orbit mass driver in order to expedite space access quantitatively. Electro-magnetic accelerators have been advocated for decades, and perhaps even a hundred years by forward thinking philosophers of space travel.

Robert Goddard, experimenting with rockets in Roswell New Mexico in the 1930's, had long before proposed federal funding for an electro-magnetic subway from New York to Boston--I'm sure he had space-travel ulterior motives.

The lunar landing and evacuation module was able to lift off from the moon with such a small rocket propellant supply because lunar gravity is just a sixth of the Earth's. The moon is a very good location for assembling future manned space missions with easy return to the Earth. The primary obstruction and cost difficulty is the lack of a high-quantity mass driver to boost modules from Earth to high orbit. The federal government has built SDI 'rail guns' that proved the feasibility; a mass driver need be larger and accelerate more slowly over several miles. Overcoming the few seconds of atmospheric friction can also be overcome-perhaps by a leading dummy module taking the brunt of the heat.

One should work for the future with faith, and perhaps a book of poetry...

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The Sacred and the Profane

Gary C Gibson - 07:58pm Apr 20, 2005 EDT (#125 of 126)All places in space are equidistant from infinity.

McGee said regarding the definition of evil based on the Bible, that it is those categories of things that are bad, such as tornado's that lift an Arkansas home to DC, or the recent tsunami, or an incompetent mechanic making emergency repairs and the wheels fall off in a hairpin turn at a cliff edge high in the Andes subsequently etc. That is evil is those bad and calamitous events that simply occur with or without the intention by anyone of causing evil.

What people believe is meant by the word evil in the Old Testament is better covered by the word wicked. Wicked people intentionally do things to cause evil to other people or their interests.God is an eternal Being. God is aetemporal and unsubject to time (except when Jesus was incarnate as a human being). Proton decay of the degenerate and into the dark era of the extrapolated future universe is supposed to take a trillion trillion trillion years to accomplish. Yet that isn't supposed to be the end of theoretical physics ideas about the Universal life span of the cosmos. The eternal isn't just the temporal going on forever, it is non-temporal to begin with; of another nature altogether.

Physicists today in the broad parameters of describing the future (and past) of the Universe aren't really leaving things to chance. Einstein said that God doesn't play dice with the Universe and he was right. Although quantum mechanics has definite uncertainty, the Universe nonetheless is predetermined physically if not theologically. God can bring about a phase shift at any time and shut done the Universe and implement the judgment of the quick and the dead parameters outlined in the Bible.

Of course many moderns want to corrupt the meaning of the Bible sufficiently to accommodate all secular depravity that has commercial value. Monetary power and political economy make a conquest of the ecclesiastic logical goals. Even the Catholic Church in centuries past has been subject to gross fiduciary corruption as well as incursions of immorality in the Catholic Priesthood. Top descend into that abyss of wickedness would perhaps require another reformation to correct, if it is still possible, and if the beast isn't at the head of the structure requiring a mark on the forehead for business transactions, to have a good job or housing, etc.

Maybe the broadcast media will be the tool for the devil to use as a spirit of the air seeking to accomplish absolute power on Earth. Yet that sort of speculation isn't as interesting as the content of the book 'The Five Ages of the Universe'. It is amazing though that while the Earth spins and people phenomenally exist that they do not take life more seriously, and of course do their very utmost to be good citizens, neighbors, fellowmen and inventors.

That cosmology book speculated that their may be 3000 civilizations in this galaxy, yet perhaps none have had a chance to achieve meaningful space flight.

Civilized life on Earth has only recently appeared in cosmic history, the Earth is one-third the age of the Universe and it took life two and a half billion years to appear in God's plan. Here at the edge of the habitable zone of the Galaxy humanity really is in a precarious many evils could halt life. Yet God assured that it will continue after a fashion until Jesus returns whenever.

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Tom Delay/george Washington & Partial Dentures

Tom Delay and George Washington have at least one substantial dissimilarity; George Washington invented a form of dentures while Rep. Delay did not (thus far). George Washington was a brilliant ethical example for his peers of course. His concern for his fellow citizen’s well being, and for the defense of liberty extended so far as to volunteer at high risk to himself his services in defense against trans-national tyranny over U.S. national interests.

In the present era millions of Americans may suffer from an inability to afford partial dentures. One without enough teeth to easily bite down on food, instead using gum surfaces unintended for the task may ask themselves; what can be done to alleviate the situation immediately without spending the hundreds or thousands of dollars needed for regular partial or complete dentures? Do the members of congress ever ask themselves that question? Do they instead ponder how to erect another vast bureaucracy to provide national partial denture insurance with funds borrowed from the Chinese or Indians?

What may serve to engineer a solution to the problem that has existed even before George Washington could have fished for salmon in the Potomac River is a return to the inspiration of football melt-to-fit teeth guards.

A temporary denture that may be fit by a purchaser with a cost of fewer than five dollars from any store including Wal-Mart, should be composed of two different malleable materials that will change composition mildly when boiled briefly in water.

Initially each set of temporary partial dentures would have a full compliment of plastic teeth. Each set would have a set of instruction and a little map of the arrangement of teeth in a mouth with molars, incisors etc. indicated. The purchaser would compare his teeth (if any) to the chart and detach or punch out teeth from the temporary dentures matching up with the teeth he actually has thus making way in the denture for his own teeth to fit through.

The temporary denture would be malleable in all dimensions before boiling. In could be shaped to fit the actual tooth line of the purchaser. Additionally the depth of the denture toward the back of the mouth could be adjusted before boiling with snap off sections. The two material composition would allow for a softer gum contact with a harder tooth surface replica. Before boiling the teeth could be moved down in size naturally as the purchaser puts the upper and or lower partial in his/her mouth and bites down to get a natural fit before boiling. After boiling the replica teeth would harden, while the gum contact surface would only mildly change.

These temporary dentures are primarily for the task of eating food. They could all be molar shaped if that’s all that could be engineered within a few weeks or months, and get that job done. They are not mainly for aesthetic purposes or a substitute for regular long-lasting dentures. It may be possible however to develop tooth surfaces that have an appearance similar to those of natural teeth perhaps.

When even some Halloween fake teeth can be purchased for costume parties and such, for a dollar or two, it seems reasonable that a somewhat better quality temporary partial denture could be produced for purchase rather quickly and perhaps produced by the millions in some Chinese factory or Chicago Illinois. If I am the inventor of this probably familiar idea, I suggest the grateful manufacturer send a gratuity to me on a disposable VISA style card that can be purchased and used as easily as phone cards are purchased in stores. Those cards can stand some improvement. There should be no waiting period but they should be ready for immediate use with activation and name registration. There should be no fees either beyond the initial purchase price.

Creating a surfeit of partial dentures for fewer that five dollars per set without federal funding would be a good way to show that Congress still encourages the health and prosperity of the nation, instead of simply being functionaries of trans-national corporations. Tome Delay could chew on that idea perhaps and implement a movement toward public spiritedness and phenomenal well-being of the masses on the positive sum for everyone principle that should motivate legislators.

On Theological Liberalism

It is interesting how far some would stray from biblical doctrine in order to adapt it to the secular world.

Some have referenced the verses in Ephesians that refer to Jesus as the foundation stone and the prophets and Apostles as prime members of what would be the church of Jesus Christ. The Church of Jesus Christ is comprised of those saved believers that form a mystical union, rather than by membership in secular organizations. God knows who is saved and a member of 'the church'. The early Christians were simultaneously its first evangelists following Jesus. One can recollect the testimony of Stephen before he was stoned to death that is recounted in the book of Acts.

It is difficult for the unsaved to comprehend the true nature of the mystical relationship of the faithful to the Creator as the Son. Paul wrote that a husband must love his wife as himself-he would not harm himself. Paul then goes on to discuss a similar relationship amidst Christian and the Creator Jesus Christ and the Father (that art in Heaven) as of love. The nature of the Church is thus lost to most of the unsaved as incomprehensible.

In the 'Five Ages of the Universe' by Adams and Laughlin the end of the 'Stelliferous Era' in 100 trillion years is described, as stars have burned up their hydrogen, helium and carbon and most of the galactic mass is then in a degenerate phase of red dwarfs, white dwarfs and brown dwarfs. Yet the very end of the Stelliferous Era doesn't begin to approach the Dark Era one trillion to the 100th power years henceforward.

Because some cannot equate the Big Bang or Inflaton and the 300,000 years from T=0 at the Higgs Field/Singularity when radiation as photons comprised the essence of the Universe with the 'Let there' phase of the Genesis paradigm of creation, and because the subsequent history of the evolving Universe is tough for them to place within the 4 millennia old Genesis linguistic paradigm, the mystery of eschatology is also lost to many of the unsaved.

Regardless if the end times of Matthew has a red giant phase, a passing red dwarf corrupting the Earth's orbit and ejecting it out of the solar system, an 'evolutionary catastrophe' with immense volcanism diminishing the sunlight to a millionth of its normal level, runaway greenhouse gassing if the ocean's become too warm and can't absorb as much CO2 but reject it back to the atmosphere, the end of the gentile era will be when it will be, and phase transitions will curtail the space-time continuum if that is the will of God.

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Genesis Creation Date & Protozeroic Era/Ethics

Saturday 16 of April, 2005
Bible Creation Date and Start of Protozeroic EraGary C Gibson. - 01:18pm Apr 16, 2005 EDT

Adam birth to Noah’s death genealogy lifespans total 7,019 years
Noah’s time after the flood ------------------------------- minus 300 years

Adam’s birth to the end of the flood----remainder ------ 6719 years

One day to God is as a thousand to man (II Peter and Psalm 90)

One year to God is for man… --------365,000 years

365,000-----------------------multiplied by 6,719 years

-------------------------------equals 2,453,235,000 years

2,453,235,000 BC is very, very close to the geological, scientific time scale hypothesis of the creation of life on Earth in the Protozeroic era that began in 2,500,000,000 BC and ended 540-600 million years ago with the advent of multicellular life.

The political problems that some in Congress have such as Tom Delay about the creationist/cosmological apparent conflict (used unethically as an excuse to exploit fossil fuels or as license for unethical social conduct) may be in mutual misunderstanding of the Bible's Genesis 2 and 3.

With sufficient understanding of the nature of mass extinctions that seem to coincide with magnetic reversals caused by the dynamo's convections changes in the core convection currents, and releases of vast plumes of extremely hot (3000 degree centigrade) material that rises to create volcanism, the Genesis history and that of the Earth, politicians may take up better national environmental and energy policies able to react pre-emptively to slow down dangerous atmospheric emissions and perhaps diversify the human habitat onto other worlds with an evacuation capability should the big die off actually recur the third time soon from some human induced causal relations or simply happenstance.

A substantial facet of the debate about ethics in the Nation concerns of course a disparity in perceived ethical values between what may be known as the Debauchocrat/Environmentlist/Atheist/Wise Guy/Feminist/Employee Alliance in the American center and the Trans-national/Fossil Fuel Oligarchy/Exploiter of Morally conservative people at least nominally Christian/Anti-Environmentalist Resource Extraction Yippies/Military Industrial/Stock Owning Ultra-rich/Subversives of U.S. Nationalism perhaps wobbling about the center to right of the borders that are also known as Democrats and Republicans (perhaps not described concisely here).

Since Mr. Reagan ran for the Presidency in 1980l of the microphone has taken on an evolutionary value and ethics became shaped more by pr and waveform- surely the employed in Congress can find common ground with the rectification of the possibility date of creation of life on Earth in the Protozeroic Era. Goodness, the Brazos River is one of the most well known paleontological research locations on the Earth, and even Mr. Delay must have seen those fossilized bones. Faith and reason are not in conflict, some people simply are not infilled with the spirit of god, haven't been 'born again' spiritually, and cannot conceive of anything else than the world and its sense data.

Friday, April 15, 2005

House Majority Leader's Ehtics

About the ethical criterion of the Congressional House Majority leader, it is worth reflecting upon the overall effectiveness of Mr. Delay’s job performance as a primary component of the set of ethical traits that comprise his complete ethical set. Ethical goals after all are the methods by which one accomplishes goals rather than the goals themselves perhaps.

If Rep. Delay in shirking the paradigm of energy reform toward non-fossil fuels in the U.S. transportation sector has done that with good or bad ethical practices, it may be more significant to those that support budget and trade deficits rather than those whom would prefer that the private transportation energy sector be directed toward home and independent power domestically produced instead of upon foreign Islamic Governments basically. Working toward malapropos goals implicitly defeats the existential validity of ethical procedures, so far as one works toward what might be considered ‘evil’ intentionally. Of course many of the devotes of foreign and domestic fossil fuels that encourage a surfeit of carbon dioxide emissions into the planetary atmosphere may plead or effect ignorance of any evil effects of burning fossil fuels in vast quantities. If so they are using a ‘Garden of Eden’ ethical defense style in which they plead of ignorance of the knowledge of good and evil, disingenuously.

Fossil fuel use in the United States contributes two substantially different deleterious effects; one is upon the nation’s budget accounts and the second is upon the world’s carbon dioxide percentage in the atmosphere.

In the long run the Chinese economy is a far more desirable place to send oil products than the United States for Trans-National economic managers. The Chinese have a far greater potential for producing material goods than does the United States presently, and the Chinese work cheap for the time being. Oil products sold to China fuel Chinese economic growth and the transnational investors in that economy, which can export the cheaply made good to nations such as the U.S.A. The United States will simply be a place to sell oil to at the highest possible price, and a place to sell the goods made in China at low prices. It is a win-win gouge of U.S. ‘consumers’. This nation needs leadership that can support the move very quickly toward an egalitarianization of energy production by private U.S. citizens with wind, solar and fuel cell power generated in homes. The interstate highways should have a power grid connect in line that allows electric vehicle to draw power off of it as they require. Homes could interconnect to sell power to that grid.

In some future year, liquid hydrogen in pipes may provide an environment for high range low-temperature superconductors to conduct electricity from the Rocky Mountain States to the rest of the U.S. The Delay leadership has no ethical procedures toward that.

Carbon Dioxide emissions have been considered as a primary cause for one of the mass global extinctions of the past. Human activities of the past 150 years already are having as great an effect as a 100,000 year period in exterminating existing species. It is a serious issue that the daft ignore too quickly. The Williams-Riley pump is a biological concept that describes how carbon dioxide is absorbed by single-cell algae to build shells. The shells then sink to the seafloor eventually to become compacted into a limestone thereby having removed much of the CO2 from the atmosphere that landed in the ocean. Too much co2 and the ability of the ocean to absorb and dissolve it is overloaded.

Dewey McClean theorized that if the Williams-Riley pump were stopped atmospheric Co2 would double in 25 years. With increased Co2 levels in the atmosphere the temperature increases with the greenhouse effect. The sorts of plants that can live in a high-co2 environment are different than those optimal for human life/food. Burning fossil fuels might be a reasonable thing for Chinese economic growth, yet it is a lazy and profligate way for trans-nationals to gouge Americans, delay change and bring about alterity to the atmosphere that is similar to that which is theorized to have caused mass extinctions in the past. Much of this immediate conjecture is derived from ‘Evolutionary Catastrophes’ by Courtillot page 59 and 60.

GaryCGibson - 07:53pm Apr 14, 2005 EDT (#100 of 124) "I say fear the civilians, they're taking over"-Barry Goldwater 1963T

The political inertia to just occupy the Federal Government and collect good salaries, kickback contracts and favors to friendly supporters isn't a new phenomenon in government. I think that ethics panels do well to try to hold congress people to high standards, yet is it really possible?

Do citizens of the United States still have much of an interest in strengthening their nation and it's borders, comparative economic advantages, renew the infrastructure, conserve the environment, help to play it's part in prevent a global mass extinction perhaps of it's own king too one day as even presently 100 species a day are being lost, defend the rights of the oppressed in this country as well as abroad in nation's with oil reserves, balance it's budget and assure that the most poor of Americans are specifically given support to be hired by transnational corporations through incentives?

Yes the Congress passed another tax cut for the wealthy today, and perhaps the senate will too, yet the computer technology exists to recognize specific Americans that are down and out and have difficulty being hired for whatever reason concerning personal faults or public persecutions (each are known to occur) and nothing is done to establish a government method to get them hired.

Tom Delay was a chemical businessman in Texas perhaps, yet in the environmental field he is probably a Neanderthal although I'd hate to be presumptive about that-maybe he even opposed ANWR exploitation !

Tom Delay did help bully through redistricting in Texas, yet he has other ethical challenges that made the news. It isn't the negative faults that are surprising in congressmen; it is the lack of good, pragmatic and useful legislation that is notable. Ethics can't do much for that, unless they have a simply abstract desire ethically to assure that the nation has a trade surplus, budget surplus, more and higher paying jobs, becomes a world leader in environmental technological infrastructure changes and development and so forth. That is, a positive sum approach with liberty and justice for all should be a categorical imperative that leaves them feverishly sleepless in the desire to get it accomplished.

The Congress people should also have such a desire to renew good faith with foreign nations through eco-tech business assistance and create a good environment for democracy that they can't relent until the world is on a healthy and better footing, respecting the rights of those nations to be self-determinative all the while.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Will Unions Successfully Resist Decline?

- 06:46pm Apr 12, 2005 EDT "I say fear the civilians, they're taking over"-Barry Goldwater 1963

Labor Unions organized in the United States primarily in an era free from the gross corruption of the first amendment by the broadcast media. In American society political organization was still meaningful and a practical step for oppressed workers to take to wrest some negotiating leverage to their side from large and often cruel corporations that at least had the virtue of being American owned generally.

With the post-Cronkite era of broadcast journalism that expanded through a number of channels toward raving corruption and bunk dissemination for content after 1990, the broadcast media became an Orwellian ‘big bother’ able to brainwash and concatenate the political thought of the masses. Though I might not word this concisely within the time parameter available today, I wanted to make the point that the mass media as an agency of socialization has mass-short circuited the way people think in the United States about politics, and of course what they talk about. The political power trickles up to trans-national corporate owners of the media, while the trade balance is perennially huge, income and opportunity is redistributed abroad, and the meaning of politics is more about ‘flavor’ than substance.

Labor Unions are dwarfed by the problems of mass organizations and how they are controlled. Labor Unions that originated in pre-cold war era politics and in the comparative silence and moderate respect for the public of mass media broadcasts existed in a different social environment. Today the social environment is dominated by the broadcast media and their trans-national parents. One might ask what’s wrong with outsourcing U.S. economic liberty and political independence?

The vast accumulation of wealth made possible by trans-national stock owners in the limited global environ permits a theoretical consolidation of political power to trans-national owners. The political environment they create would be very unfavorable to labor unions and individualism. The trans-national oligarchic structure would disapprove of even modest restructuring or alterity to the U.S. national infrastructure outside of their existing business structures. In brief, the oligharchic power of trans-national corporations would be a force of stagnation.

Labor Unions of course run dead on into the problems of propaganda the trans-national owners of the broadcast media can put out. Trans-nationals can exploit the author of ‘Footprints in the Sand’ for decades seemingly, accomplish gross civil rights violations and in their skill at trans-border unaccountability techniques assume a royal prerogative to perpetrate crime such as racketeering stalking etc.; Trans-nationals broadcast media can accomplish more substantive repression of civil rights and union goals than that, however.

Trans-national broadcast power should be reallocated to one-way Internet transmissions of pre-loaded pages, alphabetized and sent via satellite via the million, updated every hour. Internet receivers could select a webpage range and read whatever was downloaded to the limit of their storage capacity.

Labor Unions will experience the problem of creating any non-commercial organizations uncoopted by the vast power of the trans-nationals that veritably program the language of ordinary Americans into the rave of the daily, or annual hate as it were. Labor Unions have the problem of trust and of being associated with leftist movements that might eliminate individual rights entirely, in a mirror image to that of the neo-corporatist trends of the U.S. Government and trans-national corporations.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Interrogation at the Oil Refinery

GaryCGibson - 11:38am Apr 4, 2005 EDT (#54 of 55)The physical Universe exists within the will of God. At the largest and smallest scales it's parameters are unknowable except as revealed by Non-Contingent Being.. The scalable universe is rational.

He said; “The F.B.I. wants to know the name of anyone who takes a picture of the oil refinery”.

Standing there by my bicycle being interrogated and I.D. checked by three policemen with a private security officer watching from the parking lot of a convenience store on the corner next to his large red pickup truck that he’d used to pursue and shout at me to halt from before calling the police force I said “It’s like the Soviet Union isn’t it? They too had restricted photo zones in the time before liberation.”

Around the corner next was the refinery, turning from Highway 82 onto Highway 285, between curses inspired by a lengthy difficult ride through the oil fields between Lamesa Texas and Artesia New Mexico, high pulse rate, and the importunity of being delayed by lazy mechanically conveyed dumped servo-units of the trans-national oil when I finally had a chance to have the wind direction become positive instead of negative (several days of jet stream wind up to 50 mph at surface level that flowed along the west slope of the Rocky Mountains from Canada made a hard left turn at southern New Mexico to the east making bike trekking quite tough) I explained why I had taken the pictures of the refinery briefly resting on the public highway shoulder “Because it’s so ugly”.

Indeed it was. The seventy miles of oil fields to the east punctured and polluted the landscape in increasing density as they approached the refinery at Artesia. It’s an old field yet there is lots of recent drilling activity and new wells. The high prices for oil have made drilling profitable again, yet the new development must have been planned at least a couple years ago. The use of so much land for oil drilling at moderately high altitude over 3500 feet made it difficult to find a safe place to set up a tent at dusk. During the night ambient waves of fossil fuel gases produce and unhealthy odur.

The oil refinery in Artesia a couple of blocks from the main road, and nearly to the intersection of Hwy 82 and Hwy185 is an obvious target of photography for those inspired by Andy Worhol motifs o searching for web page wallpaper. Because of its prominent location imposingly situated like a representative post-modern castellae of doom one can’t avoid tilting past the evil monstrosity.

Until abruptly halted on the bike and told by a law enforcement official, I had forgotten that oil refineries are “military targets”, and perhaps subject to articles by environmentalists and citizens concerned with returning to a balanced federal budget with an alternative energy driven economy. A sign with a camera on it with a bar through it should be posted before the refinery to forewarn the public about the FBI photo trap.

If I can every afford to travel by air, would I now get extra scrutiny or ‘no fly’ classification on the secret FBI verboten person’s listing distributed to airpork security personnel?

Has Os Bin Ladin asked his engineer father or brothers for blueprints of vulnerable points of oil refineries, or used ‘Ask Jeeves’ to locate use oil refineries? Should cigarette lighters in the United States be outlawed?

The Artesia refinery is such an easy access for detonation target apparently that it could serve as evidence for the disinterest of Al Qa’eda in blowing up U.S. oil refineries to raise prices above the anticipated 100-dollar per barrel oil possibly coming soon. Destroying U.S. oil refineries would raise per barrel prices to the 500-dollar mark, and perhaps push congress into doing something meaningful about alternative energy and national energy independence with a more egalitarian and democratic production capability.

New Mexico has vast potential for wind and solar power development. A national energy independence holiday should be given each year so the public has an opportunity to picket oil refineries until they close and the congress orders power lines to be placed into federal highways for electric engines and intertie to the power line rights for homeowners.

Beyond the abandoned 15,000 acre township of Blackdom New Mexico, founded in 1908 and left in 1922 when Pecos River water supplies were decisively unreliable, I continued to ride. Will U.S. prosperity also dry up because of a parallel reliance on unreliably and costly, fossil fuel supplies?

You may ask yourself “Isn’t it time Congress creates new alternative energy legislation with profuse onomatopoeia, cantos flowing in alliterations, dactyl feet and consonance?" Perhaps not, even so some progressive alternative energy legislation should be written into a redrafted federal budget bill in order to liberate the nation from a deficit producing, trans-national enriching federal policy supporting the degradation of U.S. workforce wages and environmental security.

Of the Inquisition and the Patriot Act/Safe Act

Gary C Gibson - 11:38am Apr 6, 2005 EDT (#30 of 30) Eisenhauer 61'In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for disatrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist'

Perhaps the Spanish painter Goya encountered the same sort of difficulties regarding bureaucrats and their quest for absolute power during his life in the first half of the 19th century. After apprenticing and experiencing the civil war he did a series of paintings of the wealthy some of which might irritate the Inquisition that still flourished. Although Goya had previously given all of his paintings to a monarch that might be of interest to the Inquisition, after the monarch died he eventually moved to Bordeaux only to die in 1928.

Saul Bellow wrote a brief novel about modern chaos titled 'Seize the Day' generally about a young fellow doing futures trading unsuccessfully. It may be difficult for the U.S. Public to ever 'seize the day' such as has the President with his advisers in attacking social security, perhaps the world bank, and building the greatest budget deficit in world history before retiring to leave the taxpayers holding the bag in 2008.

Security may be a correllative issue that the public falls behind the curve of, perhaps losing sight of a third of the 1000 points of light that fall from the sky as the horizon of the world expands politically to occlude their perspective. In reenforcing the Arizona border with more than a hundred customs agents, the President has removed border control officers from Texas leaving it wide open to illegal alien entry comparatively.

From El Paso or Juarez there is a 70 mile border on Nex Mexico that also permits a fair chance at surruptitous entry. If one goes over the border it justs 35 miles to I-10, and other roads that aren't patrolled exist beyond as pick up points for illegal alien taxi services.

The administration wants to require a passport for Alaskans to get into the U.S.A. through Canada, and presumably for Americans to get into Alaska via land as well. Its a remarkable requirement that is part of the reason why it is so difficult to leave southeast Alaska, earn a few dollars annual outside painting, and return north. I can't think of another state that requires a U.S. Passport to travel too (that costs a 100 dollars or so), international bus tickets, 300 dollars to cross customs and etc.

Picketed Fences

Pick the time, set the stage
take the world to another age
it grows cold as the Earth warms
sense sold in to the night

3 plus 5 equals 35
a budget plan predicts prosperity
with the slaughtered forests
exterminated species moved for oiled sheens
of no mind as illusory matrix

Passport into Alaska
remain rem sleeping in Canada
freezing by the node waiting at the gate
emblizzard’d without the weight

Of that Midland
over the trails of Deese and Burwash
Frederick Whymper following bureaucrats of Kluane
counting fields and caste towers
of Moose nuggets
in oil formed furs
after lems of Destruction Bay