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Broadcast Spectrum Royalty and Social Classes

Gary C Gibson - 12:48pm Mar 26, 2005 EDT (#480 of 482) Reason and faith can discover a cosmic structure fit for rational parameters subject unto God's moral law.

William F. Buckley wrote an article titled 'Pounding Sense into Freedom' regarding free speech and the first amendment.

This nation sometimes seems to actually believe that the technical veracity of laws will overpower socially corrupting egressions in political alterity as if there were a sort of built in auto recalibrating equipment renormalizing truth, justice and the American way to balance. I think that it isn't an accurate presumption.

The control of laws and legislation creating hegemony of power by special interest groups accompany the growth of a free society arising de novo from a native soil.

In reading about the history of the northern half of the Iberian Peninsula beginning with the castros or communities of the Iberian Celts to the reconquista and repoblacion, Franco and the present era one notes the contests for power, survival, tradition, conquering, faith, reason and expression by so many different groups and individuals. Even the architecture is remarkably significant regarding the social contexts of social evolution and devolution. Perhaps a word should be invented to denote lateral evolution as well as forward and backward social changes.

The Trout Rebellion of the 12th century was one remarkable story from Aragon or Old Castile--I don't recollect presently...and it could have been from somewhere else in Spain.

A nobleman sought to take the catch from a fisherman on a river and the fisherman resisted. The city nobles met in the town church to discuss what should be done. Outside the church the people gathered, locked the church doors and set fire to it to incinerate the nobles discussing the problem of the peasant failing to submit the catch upon request. Legend has it that the hosts in the church (I think that's the Holy Bread) escaped the fire through a crack in the stone and flew to another city's church...the crack still exists perhaps in the ruins of the Church.

I believe it is a recurring social theme for advantaged individuals minding their own business to grow in power and perhaps even create an organization that becomes a power collective with it's own pecking order or trophic allocation of profits and power. In the 17th or 18th century I believe it was, some Maria Castro (please forgive the hasty inaccurate historical references necessitated by time and wind direction limitations as I stop briefly from bike trekking today to write) sought to establish a physical building and social structure in Madrid founded entirely upon financial class segregation. Classes do not just stratify by deposition-they also can become separated by design and anisotropic financial leverage that goes uncorrected socially.

Thus the problem of the corrupting power of a broadcast media that essentially is entirely an organ for the rich. With the rich owning the broadcast media and the domestic political impact and social structure is adversely structured to support returns, kickbacks and power to the rich. American independence and business diversification are substantively disadvantaged or trodden underfoot by the tremendous propaganda power of the waveforms kickback all to the rich.

The founders of course did not foresee the broadcast media and the first amendment applied to it, not it's limited number of wavelengths and the fundamentally undemocratic allocation of frequencies to the wealthiest trans-national corporations. In a sense the first amendment is used as a smokescreen in contemporary discussions to hide the repression or phasing out of independence and the poorer from standard for-profit free-expression news outlets...with the remarkable exception of the Internet.

The Internet should be given at least half of all waveform broadcast spectra in the United States to infuse a semblance of democratization to news and media broadcasting opportunities. Fifty million opinions should be written instead of just those of the rich. Fifty million entrepreneurs should be given an equal opportunity to create their own business advantages instead of just those trans-national corporate rich collectives dominating, downsizing, and intimidating when necessary the populous of the United States into thoughtless acquiescence within their realm of power.

To the rich trans-national collectives that own the broadcast spectrum, the arguments about left and right, about liberal and conservative, are two sides of an international coin that has conquered American politics. Yet since the nation began essentially as a classless society, unlike that of Iberia that began as a myriad of diverse and independent social groupings that experienced numerous social and class oppressions (one story had a community required to give a 100 virgins a year to the Moorish rulers, and the allotment from one town was seven virgins-the town supplied the women yet cut off their hands-perhaps spoiling the value or whatever), the class structures of the United States become retrofitted and pasted on somewhat unnaturally.

Trans-national corporate collectives may use communism as a straw man argument to label any individual opposition or non-conformed political opinions that could be advanced. Communism and even loyalty to Fidel Castro's principles of sugar cane communism may be set forth as the only alternative to absolute fealty to trans-national corporate rule...quite wrongly.

Continuing readjustment and fine-tuning of the U.S. Constitution and laws made consistent with it to safeguard the rights of American citizens is the alternative to the Marxist dialectical paradigm of trans-national corporate rule or communism. American liberalism sough to free people from the corrupting oppressive powers of autocracy, of authoritarianism, of gangsters, communists, corporatists, dictators and collectives of all sorts. Liberalism is the target of conservative collectivists and socialist-communists alike. The point of government and law in a liberal constitutional environment is to allow citizens to live and do business as they choose without adversely impacting others with the same rights. It can help individuals that become disadvantaged to the point of being run over roughshod by the callous.

The fundamental problem of human history is that of social equality before the law in fact and in theory, of equal opportunity and freedom. The fundamental metaphysical problem is that of relationship to God and the Creation, and original sin. Classes become problems when the members of the classes use their power to perpetrate crimes upon non-class members.

The trans-national collective protocol marrying up with the elements of the Communist Chinese social environment has no substantive concern for the rights or prospects for individuals. Their power allows them to own the broadcast media in America and to degrade the environment to velocity of monetary value flow equations simultaneously with reducing the two-party political system to a command and control structure mollifying the masses and transitioning Americans into powerless peons brainwashed into believing that life under trans-corp. rule is better than one with a government that at least stress the syllables with independence and prosperity in them.The Roman Republic and Roman Empire declined when the privileged became too egoistic in their collective objectives and failed to utilize common sense-yet they were comparatively brilliant as they had fewer political models to learn from, and a far more challenging frontier (the U.S.A. has failed miserably on the frontier challenges so far). The U.S.A. is a democracy that is challenged by the problem of trans-national and border atrophy of prosperity and national purpose, and with restive second-worlders and third-worlders that rightly desire to improve their wave of life.

I'm about out of time today for writing...

The real physical environment should be a goal for national conservation and improvement when possible. Of course the trans-national broadcast teams will attack environmentalists because they have non-corporate or even nationalist conservation goals.

Energy and transport are other problem areas...with the present fossil fuel infrastructure rupturing the nation's economy and corrupting the savings and investments in clean and productive new regions.

As the broadcast media seek to become nobility with a higher social right to attack independents and individuals; the FCC should apportion half of the broadcast spectrum to Internet researches, applications and development.

Common sense should attach itself to the contemplations by U.S. politicians about what a good life is for an ordinary individual. The difficulty in interpreting international relations protocol that is in the best interests of the majority of the people of any given locale seems caused in part by the problems from applying multiple value systems in formulating goals and reasoning regarding legislation and implementation of policy. When the largest value system is considered to be that of the ultimate and supreme good of trans-national corporations, then the ends justifying means that are bloody and brutal or at least insensitive may be found to exist. While there isn't anything implicitly wrong perhaps in creating and attaining wealth, wealth can serve to enhance the power and scale of crimes or perhaps the sharp intersocial aspects of original sin.

Remarkably many politicians and those interested in politics use inaccurate social analytical data and suppositions in formulating policy objectives. As in the case of the Spanish Inquisition the causes for political policies may have a dichotomy of purposes. The reconquista, expulsion of the Jews, compulsory conversions and relocation of the capital of Spain to Madrid did not develop because of one simple reason. It was not a pure religious war by any means. The Inquisition accomplished the simultaneous policy of purifying the Iberian Peninsula of radical non-conformist or hostile social elements politically so far as was possible in the maelstrom of chaos that forms some of Spanish History.

Nations may for a time have political economists that identify the good for the people with the good of the rich. In America today there is a joke that an Al-Qa'eda economist has claimed responsibility for the budget deficit since President Bush took office. In time the land and the people are what remain in whatever condition they find themselves in...Blasted by the Condor Legion Nazi airmen as at Guernica, ruled by the Mayor from the Cisneros, painted by El Greco in a Toledo like scene of bizarre prosperity and change, or as an independent, healthy and free people with surplus able to help others and restore the environment from the brink of destruction.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Terry Shaivo; Executive and Congressional Sloth at Protecting here Right to Life

Gary C Gibson. - 11:01am Mar 24, 2005 EDT (#446 of 448)

The Executive officers of Governments are one or a generally tripartite system developed, in the United States, to assure that as representatives of the people laws are developed and enforced to enact the just will of the people. The Judiciary is one branch of government; it interprets the laws, determining if they are constitutional. The Constitution of the United States and the respective state constitutions are the highest objective record of the will of the people regarding form and content of government.

The question arises about the right of Terry Schaivo to live, and the possible right of others to determine that she should die. While courts in the past may have permissively granted the right of others to kill pvs patients in the absence of a manifest consent by the victim, was there ever a law passed by a congress that gave the right to kill others in any circumstances beyond law enforcement, self-defense and death sentences as punishment for crimes?

One of the difficulties that Chief Executives may encounter in enforcing laws given to their branch by congress may be in being intimidated by vague and amorphous legal rulings by federal and state courts that are not based on actual laws passed by congress but instead upon the absence of actual laws regarding issues such as the question of expanding the legal right to take, harvest, kill or otherwise enact a homicide upon a human being, albeit in the Schaivo case one in a weaker physical condition.

If no laws exist on an issue it is not inevitable that the executive or congress must rely upon default interpretations by congress of what isn’t forbidden by the 18th century constitution regarding morality, technical field deployments a number of the fruits of progress that have created situations that didn’t exist in 1780.

Congress can pass laws, and the executive sign and enforce them, on issues such as a free waveform media with rave and unlimited invasive social effects hiding behind the ‘freedom of press’ article, or life extended people being subject to death through the decision of others. Why are the existing laws against homicide, torture, assault and battery and so forth negated by judicial choices to permit the killing of defenseless individuals such as Terry Schaivo?

William F. Buckley wrote well a few days ago about the democidal waves in the Congo. Can the right to life as a principle become respected everywhere? Can the right to life as a social ethos develop in a nation that slaughters the environment and cares not about the demise of so many species? Can the atheist cult in the Democratic Party take seriously the right to life claims of Republicans when the Republican value system cares only about the velocity of money and income? When the only value for a wilderness is to be harvested, the animals slaughtered, the fields ploughed and farm animals grown for slaughter and profit?

The right to life must become a pervasive social ethic that protects Terry Schaivo, ANWR, the air, wildlife and the prolific species that were abundant before the post-Victorian human population explosion.

Society must move forward in technical progress but also in environmental ethics and respect for the personal religious beliefs of others. Trans-national coporations have the cutting edge of profit and Spencerian competition as their modus vivendi casting bread upon the waters when needed to pacify the populus in order to continue downsizing their individual rights and life opportunities.

Progress must be found in conserving life and the environment, in protecting human freedom and in keeping society free from the shackles of oligarchy, neo-corporatism and authoritarianism. So many of the atheists have thrown straw man arguments regarding everything from Darwinianism to a quest for the freedom to be victimized in a rash abrogation of the right to live and to terminate Terry Schaivo.

Terry is the world’s champion at living in a persistent vegetative state perhaps. Very few live more that a year or at most 5 in that condition…and just a few made it ten years so far as I know. Terry has made it 15 years. Two others made it beyond 30 years

William F. Buckley offers the opinion that the word ‘kill’ shouldn’t be used in the Terry Shaivo life termination decision…yet it seems the right term for what is presently happening to her as she is forced to starve to death. Not even one policeman would step forward to take her out of the lair of death evidently…and why should they when President Bush has washed his hands of law enforcement obligations and will ‘watch from inside the executive branch’ as a puppet without the VP’s words to move his lips and without a top-flight attorney general or other legal adviser available. What can one expect besides ineffective politically selected gestures? The nation doesn’t need a lawyer for President, just an Executive that selects the best to be Attorney General.
Years ago I set foot first upon a piece of Alaska wilderness land on an island and became lost in the late winter snows over time, praying when most weary to find a way to the road, almost immediately I found a trail that led to the road and eventually the Zimovia highway. In that time Terry Shaivo has been in a pvs non-rem sleep, and I could have been dead too perhaps, yet instead enjoyed the Clinton years, the Bush years, WTC disaster and sundry other events that might have better deleted…lucky Terry.

Medical science might benefit from studying what has kept Ms. Schaivo alive when most others have perished, and of course legislation should be made to standardize and record with extensive nmr the particulars of each individual that is marked for death with the approval of the courts…A right I do not believe they rightly have to give. At best the basis for granting a license to kill is a specious as the Plessy vs. Ferguson decision, so far as I can consider it presently. Christian Philosophical Issues

I believe that the avoidance of rational philosophical consideration of issues by Congress such as the broadening of a social license to kill given by the courts without instruction by the legislature to do so is a bad way to address significant social issues.

I wish I had the time to research the question presently of what the U.S. Congress did to legislatively permit separate but equal schooling for blacks and whites in the era before Plessy vs. Ferguson when the Supreme Court granted permission for states to segregate schools. I was unaware until recently that major league baseball did have black players before it became segregated perhaps to follow popular sentiment of the era.

One can rather ignorant offer the opinion that a right to privacy covers the right to kill a vegetative spouse, and that on a constitutional if the founders contemplated the situation of someone continued for years on life support technology and would immediately have said go ahead, make out day, pull the plug on the vegetables...its your private decision.

The right to privacy as used by Federal Courts and some legal theorists representing plaintiffs seems a lame way to duck the responsibility of making laws and interpreting them with enlightenment.

Privacy is very important for individuals, of paramount importance in fact in business and in self-determination for members of a free society to run their own affairs. Privacy has however never been a legal shield for crimes in this instance such as homicide and perhaps assault and other forms of abuse. It may be that individuals such as minor poets and internet chat writers should have a right to privacy such that their names, life interests and phenomena should not be susceptible to exploitation as content by broadcast media. When one's private life and content become a source for public amusement sport for the broadcast media and public in general normal life earnings and private interests opportunities are annihilated...yet the lazy government would never ever do anything to curb the pervasive broadcast hegemony of transnational media over the public sector.

The broadcast wavelengths should be reapportioned to internet uses as soon as possible, and to private short range fm broadcasters, in order to break up the possibility of racketeering and domestic terrorism upon individual Americans. Free speech if extrapolated to broadcast wavelengths should be interpreted in the form of democratizing the medium as much as is technically possible to allow free enterprise, competition and the elimination of broadcast racketeering.

It may be that the public is too concerned with earning wages falling behind the price index increase, and getting hired to lower paying new jobs when their higher paying old jobs are discontinued or outsourced. Downsizing one's earnings and life investments may be useful as political leadership is trans-sourced, the environment is sold for trans-national reprocessing to profit etc. One can always retreat to the 'right to privacy' and ignore the implications of allowing civil liberties to be eroded even as fundamental as the right to live.

In many ways, atheistic, hedonists with a Darwinian license have reached a Cape Finisterre of philosophical thinking...the world ends at the edge, everything is known and comfort with trust in bio-science, mass broadcasts and technology will take care of everything. It’s a world of viewers-everything is ‘out there’ and as dubiously alien and irrelevant as dramas that provide pathos for it when necessary Privately retire with soma and tune if following satiation, drive the SUV to watch the BP refinery burn...the smell of oil is sweet no matter if the usual is bitter for the time being. If its burning in the city with 1800 citizen-priests fueling NASCAR today it will be extinguished and replaced in time. In the era of mass consumerism Terry Shaivo's expiration date seems nearly up.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Owner State and Red Lake Massacre

Gary C Gibson - 11:12am Mar 23, 2005 EDT (#428 of 428) Reason and faith can discover a cosmic structure fit for rational parameters subject unto God's moral law.

President Bush has evidently dusted off old Wally Hickel's speeches about an 'owner state' to try to sell his plan, based on the Hollywood film "Peewee's Big Heist' to get the U.S. Public to hold the bag on a 2 trillion dollar start-up fee to Wall-Street in order to lead the public into buying up transnational corporations.

Speeches made by the President in Tuscon and Albuquerque moved toward the oil guys tensoral management approach toward public works especially well in a second term.

The ANWR Plunder Project and the communization of trans-national coporations wallow in disengenuity of course-the oil sector is really just about feathering their own nests...not fowling them. Regarding USA Today and its headline story something like Red Lake Indian Neo-Nazi Tie Investigated...for soem reason it seemed quintessentially representative of the decline of the paper in quality and quantity after the development of the internet chatroom and or attack/counter-attack room. I prefer the placid discussions room of to those of strife and contentiousness in order to fullfill the social duty to be as intellectual as one can afford. While USA Today is now 75 cents per copy, my book Waveform Politics; A War to End Democide Volume 3-- more than a year's political commentary is just $25.

The unfortunate youth that suicided in Mineesota taking others along with him involuntarily lived in a region of the U.S.A. with a long history of racial strife. Abrahmam Lincoln signed off on the largest mass hanging in American history i that area after Indians were sentenced to death following a reservation revolt.

The story seems as bizarre yet inevitable as that of Stefanson in 'The Strange Case of Thomas Simpson'. Border and cultural issues, racial and integration issues, and the tough long northern winters have exacted a cost upon more than a few. The Swedes, The Lutherans, The Metis, The long trail to Montana and the insufferable stressed ronuciation of the so part of Minnesota and bad historical education have made many vulnerable to broadcast media and social context paradigms that are dysfunctional-not to mention the youth's own tragic family history.

The FEDS made Hitler's OSS files available about 2000. At dinner parties after letting guests talk for an hour or two Hitler began his set-speeches that put nearly put people to sleep such as 'When I was a Soldier', When I was in Vienna', 'When I was the Leader in the Early Days of the Party'. Hitler evidently took the Sieg Heil phrasing and sound from American cheerleaders phrases such as 'Go Team!' in 1923. He preferred popular music and probably would have like liked rock and roll, though he did not dance. Youth's haven't much to admire in old Adolph. People fight for sociological reasons of wealth and power much more so than for any other reason regardless of what they may say about the purity of their ideology. The headlines for the Red Lake Indian Neo-Nazi link are obviously attractive for tabloidists such as...

Red Lake Indian Neo-Nazi Links Investigated...

Internet Neo-Nazi Group Linked to Red Lake Massacre

Troubled Youth Drifts Toward Neo-Nazi Influences

Neo-Nazi Doctrine of Racial Purity Attacks Indians

Internet lures youths into racial supreamist web

Blue Skies of Mourning Arrive following Red Lake Massacre

Neo-Corporatist impact on media and public policy tend to make one a bit skeptical, although not cynical. The sound bite scrolling 'quality' of broadcast media news, story selection and the political scheduling of events in the media over term time period makes it seem that meaningful political organization and processing of issues to the prosperity of the people of the United States is a low priori

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Terry Schaivo/Social Security/Military Enlist Age

GaryCGibson - 04:21pm Mar 22, 2005 EDT (#397 of 399) The physical Universe exists within the will of God. At the largest and smallest scales it's parameters are unknowable except as revealed by Non-Contingent Being.. The scalable universe is rational.

k, "Public Relations and the Media" #361, 22 Mar 2005 11:51 am If you can't recognize the points in the post Gary C Gibson, "Public Relations and the Media" #355, 22 Mar 2005 11:00 am -oh well; I'd say your points are comprised of begging the issue exclusively.

Anonynymity on NPR Discussions with a nom de plume from a language of a people with a non-democratic history doesn't help either to inspire confindence that the psued is actually seeking to support and strengthen civil rights of Americans. Stalin of course was eager to send people to 'Nirvana' to accomplish his political objectives and mold the state into his own evil image so far as possible. I had written about many issues regarding the Terry Schaivo issue and the problems posed by the relatively new phenomena of liquidating lives intentionally and with the acquiessence or support of the Judicial Branch.

Its a fundamental corruption of the right of the state to give license-a licence to kill-to citizens instead of seeking to preserve them from injury. Rep Delay pointed out that Ms. Schaivo had not even had a complete NMR or PET scan...and when courts are giving a liscence to kill to spouses (no Henny Youngman jokes here) there should at least be some permanent objective record of the brain condition of the individual being terminated lest there be some subtle possibility of more crime than that of the homicide of a very brain damaged individual occurring.

It has been known historically that dissimulation and collusion has been involved, that spouses have had disagreements and even harbored harm or less than perfect love toward their 'legally encumbered one', objective standards for the 30, 000 to 40,000 people on life support need to be established so there isn't a spree to discontinue them or even a few individual cases of terminating so one that preferred to must be the case that such exist.

Despotic governments prefer to accomplish non-standard actions upon citizens without due process of law...lazy democracies slip toward tyranny (Aristotle), corrupt neo-Corporatists and spoiled internationalists disrespect indiviudal liberty, Wal-Mart-the major employer of non-entrepreneurs in America-gloms up the business of entrepreneurs with an increasing international advantage-oh well. On another issue; social security reform. The only good way is to limit payments to U.S. citizens that have a retirement income of fewer than $20,000 a year. Its a social insurance program not a Wal-Street investment account.

Wall-Street insiders such as CEO's are selling their shares in the market my Dallas Morning News confidant reported. The ratio of sales to purchases is 70 to 1. They are selling 2.5 billion dollars worth for every 60 million they purchase. Is the market overvalued...the President wants the public to invest and wait to find out.

The privatization of social security has as a reciprocal the public ownership of private corporations. It seems more like a Hickel plan of a fake commonwealth that just enriches the rich. GWB wants a 2 trillion trim for the insiders now that ANWR is nearly in the bag for his retirement account. With a higher standard of living there should be fewer people in old age that need the emergency relief of social security as it was intended aand envisioned perhaps during the depression following the 1929 stock market crash.

With a phased in drawdown of payments to retirees based on means over 10 or 20 years social security accounts could easily stay solvent. And if military retirees draw social security in addition to retiring at full pay, I'd say they are serving themselves a bit overmuch if they weren't critically wounded.

If GWB would now advance the military enlistment age from 39 to 51, I could return to archeo military employment in Iraq as a combat engineer or chemical speciali

Terry Schaivo and Issues of State Approved 'Mercy Killings'

Gary C Gibson - 11:00am Mar 22, 2005 EDT (#355 of 357) Reason and faith can discover a cosmic structure fit for rational parameters subject unto God's moral law.

Modern medical science has enabled the phenomena of retrograde acceptance by the state of homicide in select instances. Its method may be permissiveness such as Pontius Pilate and the Federal Judge enacted today or perhaps one day also in actual dispatching of an 'agent of mercy' to terminate a life deemed superfluous.

Its a 'Brave New World' circumstances in which a new synthetic form of homicide gets a foot in the door of the bastion of civil rights as the ten commandements and the instruction of 'thou shalt not kill' is set aside farther from the public domain. An addition of the right to kill life-extended individuals with alleged low levels of brain activity known as 'vegetables' or 'hamburgers'to the corpus of U.S. common law with the execution by starvation of Terry Schaivo is an evil back-door means to inject corrupt circumstantial ethics into the expanding realm of bio-technologically enhanced lives and the many substantial social issues without competent review, recognition,deliberation and response by philosophically educated/cogitating members of Congress.

Presently it is generally considered criminal to commit homicide on any human being.Excluding Terry Schaivo from that principle is a substantive departure from tradition and general moral prohibitions against homicide that should not be accepted through judicial activism and quankery. Some have raised the issue of the matter of Terry Schaivo's own will in the circumstance; Does anyone actually know what that was presumably 15 years ago before she was injured? Can it be certain that she might not have changed her opinion since, if she could form an opinion?

In divorce cases the testimony of just one spouse cannot generally be considered sufficient for a true portrait of the issue. Homicide is a more serious issue than a divorce, and the testimony of a spouse cannot be taken as a valid representation of the pre-injury will of a victim in the absence of corroborative evidence I should think. When the laws are corrupted to allow individual circumstances to slip through, the practice does not go unnoticed by corrupting elements in the social environment. Where loopholes in law are created the unscrupulous will exploit it.

The effort to have all memebers of society on an equal legal footing is one of the perennial challenges to any society seeking democracy. The United States has no certainty that it's many immigrants here for economic reasons often happy to return home periodically to their own nation, and it's many comfortable citizens have a thirst for a liberal democracy and social justice that respects property rights and the right to life of each individual citizen.

Congress should legislate a protocol of examining and processing each case or request for the homicide of any citizen designated as meriting a death sentence if it must accept the onerous and dubiously moral practice at all. Standards of investigating all parties involved, and of the merits and need to request death for someone else whom is an invalid, should be formed and applied in each case. The records should be permanently maintained and available to public scrutiny. I should offer the opinion that an annulment of marriage should occur automatically to any spouse that does not oppose it after 5 years of certifiable brain death or 'vegetable status'. Prospective long-term vegetables should receive a certification as vegetables within 6 months after entry into that physcial condition. An annulment is appropriate because the conditions for marriage have disappeared through no-fault of either spouse. ...

Gary C Gibson - 11:01am Mar 22, 2005 EDT (#356 of 357) Reason and faith can discover a cosmic structure fit for rational parameters subject unto God's moral law.The value of creating a protocol for treating the issues of severly brain-damaged patients should be a no-brainer for Congress. Yet there are many derivative social philosophical issues involved and more that could arise such. What about individuals with no relatives that become so incapacitated? Would the state decide when to kill them? The preferred alternative is to work for life and not death, to prevent injury and harm and to search for peaceful and descent remedies to suffering. Terry Schaibo isn't suffering, and at least three of her family members have voted for her continuing existence, what is wrong with that, and how can a federal judge obstruct the right of anyone to continue living and block the replugging in of a life-support apparatus?

Monday, March 21, 2005

Terry Schaivo...

Gary C Gibson. - 12:32pm Mar 21, 2005 EDT (#295 of 301)
Social philosophy issues exemplified in the Terri Schaivo life continuity struggle were not resolved or substantively addressed by the bill Congress passed and the President signed to relive her from immediate forced starvation and send the issue back to the courts.Courts cannot substitute for legislation with Judicial activism. They cannot add into the U.S. Constitution or body of laws what isn't there by forming a patchwork of common law precidents.

The gaps in legal reasoning created by a Congress indebted to the biomedical and trans-national oil industries has previously had opportunity to set standards for beyond natural limits of life extended individuals such as Terri Schaivo, VP Cheyney, and millions of others. Congress must define whom has the right to decide which adults should die, and clarify when it is or isn't murder. At issue is the alienation of individual rights when advanced medical procedures are applied to extend life beyond a natural limit. Laws made before penicillan, open heart surgery and numerous others radical advances were developed never needed to examine the issue and issues of artificially extended life.

Laws that were made against murder and manslaughter were not composed to consider who has the right to turn off the 'feeding tupe', the dialysis machine, the pacemaker etc. Human beings do not have the capacity to act anything at all on God's level, it is hubris and outright silly when they do so in their moments of faithlessness choose to express the opinion that 'they should not play God'. If Leonardo Di Vinci were considered to be God for illustrative purposes, human abilities at the creation of art would not even rise to the level of mud-pies. Even so the moment when humanity choose to play 'mud pie-make' arose when medical science permitted the widespread artifical extension of life with antibiotics and other devices. The role of aesclepus and modern doctors is to extend life not to kill it.

The role of physicians is to perpetuate life and health not decide when and how to end it. Lawmakers cannot pass the buck on examining social philosophy and legal issues to doctors either. Lawmakers must consider the loss of civil rights if any that should occur to individuals living on artificial life support, and who has the right to choose to kill them. The issue of taking another's life has in civilized society always been a public and legal issue rather than a personal issue. La Sagrada Familia was a process philosophy of architecture and contemporary design raising the highest aspirations of mankind in the civil society of Barcelona and Catalonia into a temporal ecclesiastic context. The peace was unfortunately followed by the facist conquest and the slughter of thousands of intellectuals under Franco.

The legal and social structures mankind erects are no sure defense against Satan and the pervasive incursions of evil when so many want to rule the world. It has not been previously decided who should have the right to execute a judgement of death upon a life-extended individual by nihilation of artificial life support. Some my philosophically consider the broader question of what environmentally comprises life support in a mass production society of course, yet Occam's Razor of national debt and foreign and transnational investment and reliance would seem to preclude a democratic treatment of those concerns in the U.S. public sector filtered by mass media inertializng trans-national corporate fiat...

Gary C Gibson. - 12:39pm Mar 21, 2005 EDT (#296 of 301)
Members of society cannot be expected to acquiesse as accomplices to publicized distant yet Americans processes to starve to death any American in citizen in a sort of public specticle to rival the Michael Jackson trial if that wer possible.

Of course people in Mexico are just trying to have 6 or 7 children, and Americans are talking about perpetuating 'vegetables' or whatever would seem a luxury abroad, yet the moral devlopment of a nation should occur even if the border is porous and other cultural values may be at war. It isn't evident that the free market could not meet a need for low-cost storage and maint facilities for the brain challenged (excluding Mr. Cheyney here) as well as bio-med body screening diagnostic and imaging machines in for a quarter per use to replace those disappearing phone booths from the American street corner.

When no one lived with artificial life support no one had to decide if someone else's life support should be turned off. It was never debated at that point if an ontological duty or right existed to continue a life or to 'turn off' a life. Was the right to 'turn off' another's life a murder, a man or womanslaughter or what? Do insurance and property ownership rights remain with art-extended 'vegetables', or do they go to next-of-kin? Should lawmakers make structures to adjudicate death sentences upon the low-brain functioning people on life-support and appoint executioners to impose a more humane method of death than protracted withdrawl and starvation from life support?

Of course some sort of official investigation would need to be made to certify that the targeted individual fully conformed to the legal requirements for imposing a death sentence upon them. The trouble, or a trouble, is that there are many people of moral conscience that would not wish to acquiesese in the death by others of others in American society-even if they say it's there right to privacy as kin to kill them. Individuals married together may lose certain rights that individuals normally would be expected to have regarding relationbs with other persons.

However there are many individual rights that fully remain within family relationships that are inalienably given by God and enforced as codified in the U.S. Constitution and sundry other promulgations consistent with the constitution. Freedom from torture, from slavery, from assault and battery, from captivity and from murder are obviously inalienable rights for ordinary individuals in any civil spocial context inside or outside of a family group. This recent 'right' of choosing to end the life of another, albeit defenseless individual with low brain activity (can they put the NMR brain activity tensors of Terry Schaivo up on CNN...a variety of circumstances and images in response to various stimuli would be interesting) cannot be just ad hoc'd and evaded by Congress.

If someone is going to be accountable for ending the lives of others after artificially taking them past the point where nature would have eneded the life it is a new category of moral accountability that affects all members of the society in which those people might be terminated.

Gary C Gibson. - 01:12pm Mar 21, 2005 EDT (#300 of 300)
...If there are those willing to pay the costs of keeping very damaged individuals alive until they die of a natural death from some other cause it would seem senseless not to allow them to do so. If social poverty demands that no expenses go toward the maint. of artificial life support, then that would perhaps become a natural end in itself. It would be good if the minimal brain activity of Congress and the President in balancing the federal budget and creating surpluses to pay off the national debt would show some signs of occurring. Yet it may be that alternate fuels, alternate transport modes, sales of my political books and other positive developments will need to wait for the future inspired paramount leader to show up with puxatawnee Phil.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

About Terry Schaibo starving to death

The T. Schaibo case seems an exemplary implementation of cruel and unusual punishment accompanying murder abetted by complacent and univentive politicians and judicial authorities; death by starvation. The third time the unfortunate Terry Schaibo has been subjected to one of the more cruel ways to die that even convicts on death row are spared from experiencing. It is hard to say what Ms. Schaibo experiences when she is being slowly starved to death periodically.

In the era of mass media broadcast pimping of human rights into conformity suitable for consumerism, Ms Schaibo may serve as a prototype for low budget executions. Yet will heroic steps be taken to halt the malign environment of death? As the sands of the time of Terry Schaibo’s life was away in the longshore currents of the cosmos, what force of intellect can intervene to provide Ms. Schaibo an opportunity to continue existing albeit at a dysfunctional level?

Inventing one’s way out of the problem of long-term storage and maintenance of severely brain damaged individuals should produce, perhaps, if all moral realities are in order, a roller ball with James Caan sort of remedy; in which his friend was cabbage patched by Asian rivals and maintained in a life stasis shelter indefinitely. Automation and the market place should provide some sort of low cost capability of conserving life under the direction of legal guardians if necessary to prevent spousal murder opportunities.

Terry Schaibo’s opportunity to experience experimental reactivation of her neural networks someday raises the correlative issues of the effect that artificial preserved politicians can have on public affairs. For example, would ANWR have been plundered by the Senate without the continued life and heart surgeries upon the Vice President? The depletion of the nations final substantial oil reserves to OPEC and Trans-national coffers along with the substantial exhaust emissions following the Vice President’s energy meetings and Machiavellian machinations seem paralleled by the cost cutting of social services and even non-productive ‘deadwood’ like Ms. Schaibo in preference for the glory of war, oil profits and potential sales of half a billion SUV’s to the Chinese to add to the world 730 million fossil fuel consuming vehicles.

Though the legal issues are not clear, the right to decide that someone else should die models elements of G.W. Bush administration priorities of transferring wealth to trans-nationals and appointing the Wolfe to guard the World Bank while softly killing social service funding for an executioner’s song.

It isn’t known presently what might restore Ms. Schaibo’s brain to liberal thought, yet sending her down into the chthonic cold dead realms of non-existence seems more of a way of conservatist reduction of thought into a flat line…

Friday, March 18, 2005

Reply to a Spoiling Attack on 'Discussions'

Gary C Gibson - 02:48pm Mar 18, 2005 EDT (#43 of 43) -reply to a spoiling attack/post (I got that term from 'Arc Light'-an interesting 3rd world war scenario/ occurs when the enemy moves large numbers of forces beyond the Forward edge of battle area (FEBA) to disrupt the organization and/or assembly of incipient opfor offensives.

In the case of the twin tower posters of neo-con anarchy it means brief meaningless or silly comments about what I write in order to obfuscate or toss a trivial ad hominem neutralization of content effort. American and European zero population growth did not occur by accident, but are a fact encouraged by 'reasonable' people of the 1970's era.

One need only examone the birth rates to become aware of the history, if one has amnesia regarding the social debates and directions taken in the era. The pill allowed the policy to be implemented, as well as planned parenthood and abortion. The cost of living also created a need to drop the pop as luxuries and SUV's rose in prominence eventually. The rise of World population from 1 billion in the Victorian era to about 1850 right up to 6 billion in 2005 hasn't gone unnoticed by reasonable people.

Some believe that World population will achieve 9 billion in about 30 or 40 years or less, and perhaps 12 billion after. Some want to halt population growth entirely by 2100 at aboyt 12-15 billion I think...the dynamics make for some substantial international business and government planning in anticipation of required public services and of business opportunities. In the United States social and market forces accomplish much of the social structure without need for official government promulgation of legal authority to shape th way things are. I really don't want to go further today with replying to spoiling attacks/diversions...I've other things to do.

Bush and the 'wageless recovery"

Gary C Gibson - 02:22pm Mar 18, 2005 EDT (#38 of 39) .An article in the Dallas Morning News by Danielle DiMartino page 4D postulated that jobs are returning (after the recession "ended in Nov. 2001") but that the recovery "is wageless". She cited points from Mr. Roach of Morgan Stanley. Of the years 2.2 million jobs added (not subtracting the one's lost to outsourcing or deletion) Four industry groupings, which collectively” employed 36% of all U.S. workers on private non-farm payrolls a year ago, accounted for fully 60 percent of total job growth in private hiring over the most recent 12 month period"-Roach quoted. The industries were;

· Administrative and waste services 385,000
· Health care and social assistance 332,000
· Construction and real estate; 321,000
· Restaurants 257,000

She pointed out that the pace of wage growth has 'decelerated in the last year". The job industries that increased jobs had lower paying positions than the jobs lost and outsourced. Even 'software programming" is going abroad. Mr. Roach was quoted as saying that " A lingering lack of pricing leverage in most products and services keeps cost-cutting uppermost in the minds of corporate decision makers."

Things are not getting better. The long-term trends to outsource jobs and undermine U.S. wages for ordinary workers is proceeding. It has been postulated that in business cycles that have a period downturn coinciding with a downturn in the construction sector and new home construction the recession is very deep. With the retirement of boomers ahead, the housing market would ordinarily drop, as new homes aren't built as rapidly. Illegal alien migrants may not be able to afford the more expensive new homes, unless very successful and illegal drug sales or tax evasion in regular employment and may fail to drive a continued housing expansion in the U.S.

Danielle DiMartino wrote that "At this point in the previous five recovery cycles, inflation adjusted wages had risen by an average of 14%. Since this recovery's onset 38 months ago, they've risen 5%."

Because of the zero population growth policies in the United States since 1970, the population is aging but not increasing much outside of Hispanic and immigrant groups with Afro-Americans being somewhere in the mid-range regardless of what notions might be gained by watching Little Kim on M-TV.

Bush indolence at enforcing border control funding may be a part of a long range plan to benefit neo-Corporatist trans-nationals by flooding the U.S.A. with illegal aliens to provide a populous to drive the housing and construction sector. The increase of jobs and immigrants become a recycling end-in-itself that can only stop when illegal migration is stopped and a zero population ethos is achieved amidst Hispanics and Asian migrants too. The environmental factors are adversely moderated in the trans-national universal phase of course.

Space colonization is the best place for renewed human population growth. In the long run quality jobs will be reallocated about the planet to mollify locals under trans-national control and be retained in America only so far as necessary to support those in classes with immediate political leverage. Of course the next President may have more reasonable policies, and perhaps the ability to find a moral congress that will work for energy independence and new technologies to find good jobs for the poor..

Neo-Corporatism, Classes and Individuals

Gary C Gibson. - 10:18am Mar 18, 2005 EDT (#19 of 25)

" I seen much war in my life and I detest it profoundly. But there are worse things than war, and they all come with defeat"- Hemingway

The Bush administration has defeated American energy independence and balanced budget efforts for the present. ANWR has been set up for oil drilling bowlers for whom the Senate victory two days ago was sweet. They have sought to plunder it for more than 20 years. Ernst Hemingway and the international brigade lost to Spanish fascists and also experienced the bitter pill of defeat.

Hemingway and so many of the leftist leaning writers tended to line up with the leftist Republicans in the Spanish Civil War that of course lost to the fascist forces of Franco and the Flangists started by Rivera. More than a million died in that war that started when the elected leftist government was deposed by a fascist coup d'etat being reduced in the north and south by fascist gains down to an interior rump from Madrid to their sentimental home at Barcelona. The loss by the non-fascist forces did allow Franco's fascists to rule until the 1970's, and the class-oriented alterity to civil opportunities would have been terrible to some.

In some ways there are parallels between the GW Bush profit in the coup d'main of 9-11 that made their political consolidation and eventual plundering opportunities of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge a veritable fait accompli and the Republican-Fascist struggle in the 1930s in Spain. The leftist leaning, or at least liberal leaning advocates of human rights and civil rights in the United States have been temporarily crushed by trans-national neo-corporatist forces.

The economic infusion of new blood and power into the U.S. Military industrial complex and de rigueur patriotic loyalty to foreign oil for fuel as well as the plundering of ANWR has put trans-national oil companies into the driver's seat for the next few decades to take the Congress where they like. Neo-Corporatism requires the subordination of democracy to corporate will, free expression may be co-opted indirectly instead of through law. Property rights, individual rights and national economic self-reliance may be subverted and subjugated in order to allow the growth of large trans-national corporate political and economic hegemony over the U.S.A. presently. Wal-Mart is a very large corporation that has the advantage of communist suppliers in China or at least communist ruled suppliers in China, and a vast labor pool of low-paid, non-union American employees that are perhaps not of a first rank caliber.

The effects of the combination are to have cheap products and a cheap workforce centrally directed initially by the Walton family, and eventually by trans-national stockholders. That sort of collectivized clump of people and business presently seeking even to draw in 'entrepreneurs' to their office supply products tend to drown out independent American competitors. It is just one way that the power of trans-nationals and broadcast transnationals are collectivizing the U.S.A. and co-opting it politically into a neo-Corporatist context.

Gary C Gibson. - 10:31am Mar 18, 2005 EDT (#20 of 25)
One might theorize various social structures regarding the way the United States is presently structured and consider its speed and form in vectoring to international power. Too many voters have a residual cold war alternator paradigm of socialism/communism or transnational corporations. In the 1950's and 1960's transnational corporations were not as influential upon American lifestyles as they are today. The choice of capitalism or communism isnot appropriate for the 3rd millenium.Instead the paradigm should be How can individualism be retained in the poltical environment when trans-nationals have so much collective power to control economics and government? The problem is in awakening a political intelligence in America that would require politicians to conserve the physical and geographic health and prosperity of a tripartite political form in environmentalism, immigration and economics.

Some opponents of American liberalism have sought to destroy the fundamental concepts of liberalism that have been the foundation of the U.S. Democracy from the beginning. Liberalism was about inbdividual rights of property and properties of was never about collective rights or communes, nor about homosexuality expropriating marriage to kill that institution and make it a disposable debauchery certificate for economic purposes. Liberalism is coopted by trans-nationalist that hate American enegy independence and the prosperity of individuals outside of corporate least as employees they can be fired if non-conformist.

Conformation racks of bombs in military aircraft are like those social roles the broadcast media and Hollywood set for the masses to fall into,roles in which intelligence and independence are undesireable,and in which conformity to expectations and standards set by trans-national CEO's are overwhelmingly determinative. Don't get me wrong; in no way am I am optimist regarding the American ability to free themselves from the 'conservative' transnational power during the next 30 years. I expect the normal four year cycle of politics to remain subordinated to trans-national structures and conformation. Enough celebrity trials and foreign involvements will keep the mildly politically interested daft. When President Bush meets with President Vicente Fox in a few days he will be discussing what is truly of importance the trans-national and thus American interest. Actual national politics primarily of interest to Americans were outsourced.

The U.S. war in Iraq stopped a Democide of innocents, and perhaps may bring a democracy to exist experimentally for a time, yet it's coupling with trans-national oil interests that are fundamentally inimical to continuing national infrastructure and technological progress and that leave a vast cost of economic externalities for future generations to pay is devastating. OPEC recently met in Iran to discuss world oil production and pricing. They are already pumping to capacity because they want to cash in on the high prices,and thus cannot really increase output much even if they say they will. Luckily for OPEC and the Trans-national Oil companies demand for oil is increasing all over the world, and supply can't increase much, Americas began dropping long ago. International terroism can keep rasing prices as over-supply occurs or if prices or demand drop, by targeting pipelines and infrastructure in oil producing nations.

That ability of muslim terrorists to drive up oil prices and keep Muslim OPEC nation coffers overflowing will perhaps moderate the interest of OPEC members in capturing Bin Ladin, a family member of President G.W. Bush's oil business partner in Midland Texas years ago. Fundamentalistmuslims may learn to vote for leaders, yet in the transnational era the Democracy may be coopted by oil interests, terrorists, and or clerics on a secular platform that are careerists rather than devotees of God.

Gary C Gibson. - 11:03am Mar 18, 2005 EDT (#21 of 25) ...Fundamentalist muslim revolutionaries in the mid-east awash with oil money may also perpetrate terrorism on trans-nationals and Americans. Inventions and new technology for U.S. Ground transport infrastructure is the immediate price being paid by giving Pres G.W. Bush a second term to swagger stick the foreigners threatening American trans-nationals and cowering some voters perhaps (they voted for him a second term).

Oil reliance and rotting infrastructure is the price paid. As foreign interests prosper the nation is economically down-sizing to a collectivized lot of SUV driving followers of trans-nationals brainwashed by trans-national corporations that own mass broadcast corporations. The infrastructure reliant on fossilfuels and the lack of political will to be better and more efficient than foreign competitors serve to reduce the nation's long term prospects. While middle easterners and other OPEC member nations propsper and radicalize on oil profits, China's economy swells while America's comparatively lags behind. WHile neighbor nations should have good prosperous and environomentally sound lives too,trans-nationals aren't looking after U.S. interests, but their own international stockholders.

Gary C Gibson. - 12:57pm Mar 18, 2005 EDT (#23 of 25) I believe there may be two theoretical basis for political structures fundamentally...they are class and individuality. Individuals may be recognized and represented as in the U.S. constitution.

I believe there may be two theoretical basis for political structures fundamentally...they are class and individuality. Individuals may be recognized and represented as in the U.S. constitution.

Alternatively there may be class structure approaches that seek to represent themselves exclusive with abstract legal definitions. It is a paradox that classes of the rich, classes of trans-national corporation owners, classes of slaves and classes that recognize themselves or are recognized by adverse others pro forma have a class structure approach in common with the Marxist paradigms of classes before supposedly a classless society would arrive.

The problem with compulsory classlessness is that it requires a draconian authoritarian government to enforce it usually molding everyone into just one class that can be considered as a non-class for the purposes of propaganda organs. In the decadent phase of a modern society, that one might consider to be a form of Tybee’s universal phase of a civilization in a dilute form, actual control of borders and such would be replaced with paper redefinitions of classes and structures to accommodate the political reality of the day.

President Bush's meeting with Vicente Fox may work to further yield physical control of the border and economy. Like a man with a foot on two ice floes moving apart, at some point the President must choose to stand on one or the other or fall into the cold, dark sea. He cannot be a transnationalist and a nationalist simultaneously.

The President cannot be a post-modern nationalist that seeks an independent energy infrastructure for individuals perhaps produced by home fuel cells tied into highway power lines for electric cars while remaining in the transnational camp.

When the World Bank was established it was supposed to have some sort of impartial purpose of benefaction for the rest of the world. That it was headquartered in Washington DC instead of Nairobi and that it's head was appointed by the President of the United States were just happy meals for Americans. With the appoint of World Bank President Wolf, that facade of impartiality has finally rotted away to reveal a rather clumsy administration preference for transnational power over the second and third world led by the oil oligarchs.

Some politicians like Rep. Gary Miller of California believe they can keep native born children of illegal aliens from becoming U.S. citizens by passing a law to deny them the right. That approach of creating classes of citizens to paper over political reality is of that decadent Toynbean paradigm of making fictions in law and convoluted classes while disregarding fact. It is a method usually followed by the kicking in of the rotting door of the nation by an internal and external proletariat...yet it works for a time, as the once creative majority becomes a repressive minority.

Class structures are an undesirable format if one wants to create and sustain a society with social equality and justice for all individuals. Citizens must be wary of concentrated wealth in collective businesses and its potential and actual adverse political influences on the self-determination and political and social equality of individuals. False classlessness such as an authoritarian government within a Marxist paradigm is an extreme repression of individual liberty. Petite collective social paradigmata such as transnational corporations present and mass collectives such as are found in communism present solid challenges to Americans seeking to conserve a primacy of personal self-reliance and liberty independent of global corporate rule.

Obviously many Americans just don't care enough about the slow transition to diminished national economic and political liberalism enough to select politicians that will halt the downward spiral of the United States into the maelstrom of a Babylonian Trans-Nat. empire with it's feet on every shore. Isolationism isn't required

Thursday, March 17, 2005

ANWR, The Media, Politics/Turf

GaryCGibson - 05:12pm Mar 17, 2005 EDT (#155 of 160) The physical Universe exists within the will of God. At the largest and smallest scales it's parameters are unknowable except as revealed by Non-Contingent Being.. The scalable universe is rational.

"And thoughts like that above can be used as lazy dismissals of political reality that is too complex to handle." reply "Public Relations and the Media" #147, 17 Mar 2005 3:41 pm Zebra, I am glad that you recognized your limitations and tendency to write brief, lazy posts too often critical of others in order to compensate for your intellectual deficiencies. Incidentally, "are" would have been a better choice than "is" in your false proposition. Obfuscating issue is a tendency that the unscrupulous utilize as a primary method of argumentation about political issues, along with ad hominems and straw men arguments. It serves to support unsupportable and untruthful points without making an honest effort to objectively reason. I put consideral work into my social sciences and humanities researches, and once got a 99% rank on the CLEP general social sciences and history exam. Of course the crooked don't appreciate CLEP testing sometimes, because it isn't a class oriented turf approach to prosperity or grades in college. The knee jerk red herrings regarding socialism and communism are simply that when the subject is environmentalism or ANWR, unless one is writing about political packages in addition to environmentalism perhaps, or feudalism and the environment, the mafia and the environment, gangs and the environment, gangs and natural resource extractions and so forth. In the little West Texas town that I am in today there is a large billboard on the main highway to Austin. It has a picture of a lime green, dented 1970 approx. Ford Comet, or whatever the name of that car was that looked like an oversized Pinto. On the door of the car painted over the dent is a dark green paint in the shape of the state of Alaska roughly. The caption on the billboard reads "Your first car was ugly, Texas doesn't have to be". Below and to the right was the standard state of Texas motto for highway programs "'Don't Mess with Texas". When I first saw that sign after returning from the West it made me relize how predatious the administration is regarding oil in ANWR. To an Alaska it is an avoidable declaration of plunder, and the right to mess up Alaska. Alaska can just become like Texas after all, and the old growth of the Tongass Forest can be cut down too. The local newspaper had the large type headline 'Senate Opens ANWR Drilling' or something similar, as if it was VE Day or something (these West Texans will take those Alaska jobs, wouldn't hire me, and in this locale I couldn't get enough of a minimum wage opportunity to buy a boat and get out of the damn adverse turf. To remain is to be time trimmed. As a Christian one must use rationalization when people without as much personal ability get so far ahead materially, and when their ethos and supremacy as a class becomes such an onerous experience.That corrupting class selects the more inefficient transport methods to prosper themselves and there progeny happy not to look ahead, counting on better weapons and the kindness of strangers.. Below the Newspaper headline is a photo of a Karate do-er close up, with another little headline...Champion Martial Artist Tosses Chumps or something similar (I didn't buy the paper) it cost 50 Cents. Politics and media relations affect the outcome of events, and reveal the inner intentions of powers sometimes. If people are working on political issues such as the defense of ANWR from transnational wolves attacking in packs, it isn't helpful to have the chaff of off-topic social philosophy tossed in at critical moments. Sure you might argue without relevance on another topic like illegal immigration and why environmentlists aren't opposing it, yet a reasonable individual should comprehend that they are different issues, although one can find a common set of phenomena involved in it at a certain level.

GaryCGibson - 05:44pm Mar 17, 2005 EDT (#159 of 160)

Rreply, "Public Relations and the Media" #157, 17 Mar 2005 5:43 pm ( ZEBRA)- please take me off your chatting list for a while, I haven't the time to read your posts about ANWR presently, did you write anything about it recently? I recommend that you purchase all of my Waveform Politics books (try Borders books or for a discount-and use UPS Media Mailing for the lowest price-shipping take about 10 days) to get up to speed on what my point of view is. In California a Rep Gary Miller is introducing legislation to deprive native born children of illegals of U.S. Citizenship. He has trouble recognizing that the children didn't choose to be born in the U.S.A., and that it's their native country when they are born in the U.S.A. Geography and political issues are inextricably linked in most important cases, in some way. Politics including environmental issues involve self-determination geographically. Congress should defend the borders against illegals instead of trying to become nazis deporting innocent babes to some other nation than that of their birth. Geography is an important part of the idea of natural rights, if that is corrupted and obfuscated any sort of bs could be promulgated as law at the behest of trans-national corporations and the ovens of Auswitch could swingingly be reopened for business eventually. Judiciaries have a jurisdiction that historically is territorially based. The right to be free must be inalienable instead of alienated immediately be quank act of Congress.

One must be free some place, instead of in an abstract document. Lawmakers lose sight of physical reality perhaps as it pertains to cizitens best interests, and instead pursue the interests of transnational corporations or foreign princes and potentates developing an allegiance to filthy lucre sourced abroad in Chines or Indian loans, in the Suadi or Kuwaiti Royal families or wherever. Those lawmakers do not have an aggressive interest in securing a balanced budget, nationally self-reliant infrastructure at least in a few vastly red or deficit generating foreign trade areas and so forth. Those lawmakers are free to legislate in the financial and environmental best interests of U.S. Citizens instead of foreign and trans-national corporations...they just don't always. Then of course there is the scurrilous notion that trans-national corporations must somehow plunder ANWR in order to guard against socialism. While a communist dictatorship doesn't traditionally allow individuals to opt out, in practice vast trans-nationals have oppressing power and develop economic hegemony over transport and political processing to such an extent that ordinary citizens as individuals cannot readily 'opt out' or dissent either...and then of course sometimes the corporations or endowed collectives become mean and actually target and obstruct individuals deemed to be osticles to their consolidation of power and wealth derived from sales to the public or acquisition of public lands for their own leveraged use. When laws and citizenship become so flimsy and simply tools of the powerful democracy has been lost.

Quank Realism in the Corporate World

Gary C Gibson. - 02:19pm Mar 17, 2005
(#142 of 144)
There are many people that are naive realists that believe macro-economic policies contain no concatenated environmental effects, and that the world has an unlimited carrying capability for human population growth and physical alterity.

Malthus early on formalized his population theories after working for the East India Company. The Ricardo developed the iron law of wages predicated on maimum human fecundity. Businesses often haven't the budget to hire philosophers to form competant environmental awareness and social responsibility doctrines for them; instead they work simply on the most growth possibile. It is a driving drunk and blind policy analogously when concatenated to the planetary level.

Rush Limbaugh sells cigars and assaults socially responsible environmentalist with the most depricatory and anti-democratic language he can...he is bought and paid for in that regard philosophically speaking. Like a made man in the mafia he cannot quit the economic mileau in which he and others of his sort wallow and remain employed or socially relevant.

In the quank-realism growth school of ignorance there are no limits to growth, and if any environmental problems ever develop they can be solved by free-enterpise and capitalism at that time. Ignored is the actual hiostory of pollution and environmental disasters and deleterious effects created as byproducts or externalities of economic enterprises.

The quank-realist school of ignorance posits absurd political straw men arguements to defend at minimal cost the right of at least capitalists to be environmental irresponsible. When the environmental havoc that the former Soviet Union created was revealed after the fall of 1989, the mass media and U.S. Government were too happy to publicize it. Now a quank-relaist tactic of cheap defense is to accuse any environmentalist of being 'wacko' or socialist, leftist or even North korean-as if Kim Il is a well-known benefactor of the Korean Peninsular environment.

In the quank-realist school capitalists at the last minute well step forward to spend for the public's benefit, instead of just the public paying taxes as it has generally been financed. Since the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill the number one coporation on Earth in wealth-Exxon...has litigated and litigated ad nauseum to resist with the fire of a tiger in it's tank, paying off the damages/judgement against it.

In the quank-realist school of social irresponsibility the last generation will pay the concatenated externalities of generations of corruption. The deleterious bilogical effects of exterminating species and social brainwashing will have formed a set dtermined by natural selection of the crass and ignorant, irresponsible and greedy to the point of being daft votaries of a bound value system.

Gary C Gibson. - 02:31pm Mar 17, 2005 EDT (#144 of 145)

"Public Relations and the Media" #143, 17 Mar 2005 2:27 pm

There may be many socialists hiding in the federal government and in trans-national corporations too....since they are de facto collectives with a graduated pay scale...and don't forget the military.

Social organizations are collectives with a dedicated purpose to enrich themselves in many instances. Sometimes they seek to use public resources like North Slope Oil to benefit the few.
It is worth recollecting that trans-national corporations are not individuals going about there individual business, but are instead vast concentrations of wealth managed by a few to their own purpose. It is wrong to treat those clumps of social power as just any other individual, politically. Otherwise one might say that Japan Inc or Communist China are simply one organization, maybe bigger than Exxon in number of people yet not as rich financially perhaps.

The historical inertia behind anti-communism that continues into present U.S. right wing rhetoric is generally a way to divert discussions from useful and reasonable contexts onto those of straw men argumnents. Of course one doesn't want authoritarianism from any source repressing rights, yet the environmental movement to conserve clean air and sufficient natural habitat to perpetuate the most species possible is a valid public venture. It is preserving Noah's ship if you will.

People are confused...I replied thus to a question about 'Is Heaven Communist?'

''Communism was a human social philosophy based on a macro-economic policy of the 19th century. The eventual heaven hasn’t anything to do with human economic policy, nor of course the problems implicit in the criterion of orignial sin.

Karl Marx reading GWF Hegel and a contemporary of Charles Darwin had some ideas about change and perhaps the idea of evolution. The simple messianic derivation of creating a Utopian State that would be a Heaven on Earth was a miscreation parallel to that of the historical Satan's jealosy of God and eventual fall from grace.It is an ancient story derived even by Freud in a form known as the Oedipus complex in which the son desires to displace the father. Satan sought to displace God, while Jesus was the perfect filial son serving the Father even unto the loss of His own life on Earth.

The categories of words, language and scenarios are important elements in rightly understanding meanings and inferences from them. One must remember that on Earth Christianity is a transtemporal philosophy or belief/faith in the ultimate and true God-Creator of Heaven and Earth.Heaven is an element of the nature of God and his power to will or create. Human social organizations haven;t anything at all similar to it. ''

Air Traffic Safety

Gary C Gibson. - 01:27pm Mar 17, 2005 EDT (#71 of 71)

It may be that there is a coinciding interest of terrorists and authoritarian governments in limiting the availability of air travel to those on politically correct lists. Terrorists seek to intimidate 'corrupting' foreign elements from interfering with their national or tribal sovereignty, and neo-Corporatists wish to limit the opportunities for dissidents and the uncoopted to conduct business in a rival form. Gosh, it could even be that Satan seeks to extend his realm from broadcast spirits and cohort brainwashed minions into physical air travel roster selections. Life has so many possibilities!

Yet airlines burn jet fuel and increase oil company market size, they will thus be around long after they could have been replaced by faster ground traffic in electro-magnetic arrays I should think. Like fossil fuel engines they are a vital sales and profit outlook for the oil ex officio zaibatsu or shogoshosa if that word is spelled correctly.

When I attended an air defense school some years ago learning to identify Migs as old as Fitters and Fishbeds to the post-modernists and French air vehicles from U.S. aircraft I realized that the wild blue yonder doesn't provide much cover for aircraft from direct ground fire. Not only rockets like stingers or direct fire weapons like the Vulcans existed, but commercial jets and even military jets that haven't a VTOL capability might utilize regular landing takeoff and approach patterns. They present regular and fairly simple targets to innovative hunters of the big birds unfortunately. It is an ironic fact that a new generation of very advanced direct fire weapons based on electro-magnetic accelerator technology has found its way into weapons such as pistols and rifles, ship cannon and SDI rail guns yet not into peaceful high-speed ground transportation.

It was Robert Goddard that first invented the idea of building an EMG subway from Boston to New York early in the 20th century to be turned down by the Federal Government. Even Popular mechanics has ads in the back selling EMG accelerator kits for 120 dollars for experimental purposes. The simplicity of emgs to build and exist conceptually seems to offer the inference that over time they may be fielded by terrorists with or without covert government support to assault aircraft as the political utility of such to elevate the prospects of political beneficiaries indicates.

The Bush administration isn't helping to grow a non-war ethos in the world. While conflicts may arise ostendsibly for good reasons there should still be intelligent and aggressive pursuit of rational macro-social alternatives to conflict that are cognizant of the economic, energy and environmental limiting factors that could by-pass the stupid and blundering ways of inertial invention and application sloth. The world is of a limited extent, and the physics of it are understood fairly well by some at least, it will be a good day if the nation ever returns to a leadership with intelligence, and one that isn't some sort of a Spanish P.O.U.M. character.

It should be able to work in the existential-environmental fields with scientific intelligence, instead of with discordant off-pitch tweakings. If only President Bush had learned to play the guitar, instead of being a sort of Carlos Hathcock snipping up environmental policy. Yet like General George Washington, who could have been shot by a snipper at Brandywine Creek but was spared because the Brit would not back shoot GW riding away mounted, the environment too may be honorably addressed and remediated by objective souls unto a sustainable course. Will SEN. Hillary or S.S. Condi start using steroids in 2006?