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'Waveform Politic; A War to End Democide' published

Gary C Gibson - 03:26pm Feb 24, 2005 EDT
Reason and faith can discover a cosmic structure fit for rational parameters subject unto God's moral law.

It is interesting that the NPR people choose the topic when the President launched into the intercontinental charm offensive even venturing to Russia.

In the modern world it is perhaps inevitable that organized crime and racketeering would ordinarily globalize. There should be global psychiatric organization eventually to subdue dissidents as well. If one is unlucky enough to use public libraries in Texas presently, and write anything very often not optimal for the Texas administrations and their lackey's sense of political correctness, it is possible to experience public verbal abuse actually.

Everyone doesn't need to think alike, think the same things, nor have the same level of education. If in Texas a sort of common crude, drunken, or reformed drunken weltanschauung and social pledge of idiocy is common or desirable, and enough have it, or alternately, if some organizations are powerful enough, the temptation to assure politically correct thought with public attack on the phenomenally politically unconformist may arise with psychiatric accusations by quank public citizens as a weapon. Psychiatry nicely juxtaposes as a tool when used to enforce the desire of powerful insiders to control the political thought of the polity within geographical areas..

I hadn't given it much though before, but the goal of renormalizing non-conformist thought, or even of forcing anybody into supporting or being subordinated to evil political thought, can very well be supported by general social organizations of psychiatry and psychology quite readily, especially of there are a lot of personnel in the porganizational structure that believe that there way of thinking and experience is the actualized earthly way of the most very good.

Last night before closing I published Volume 3 of Waveform Politics; A War Ends Democide" on the internet, yet all the people that are stout Republicans drove their SUV's and trucks here and there on public highways like good communists, received their electricity from public utility lines like good communists, flushed their crap down public sewers like good communists, fly about the nation with public air traffic controllers and publicly funded airports (in many cases (keep the jets from colliding, and so forth, yet those precious morons have the rudeness to harass a private citizen doing a little free enterprise on a public if Texas doesn't have ridiculously high sales taxes on all the Chinese made goods one purchases here. In some ways the globalist powers and the pervasive public dangers presented by instantaneous communications and the implicit utility for racketeering and organized crime are well served by the development of psychiatry as an informal yet effective tool for gang hegemony. Even in Texas the authoritarian mentality that is in the historical continuity of the most crude and repressive thugs through history back to the Neolithic can express itself.

Perhaps the good Texans have been taken over by the mass communication Texans of the era of Bush ego blimpism that feels an inherent need to force it's self-admiring manure heeled ignorance upon the intellectual liberty of the nation. I believe it may be the pervasive ecological ignorance of the Bush administration that supports general world political skepticism regarding the administration political veracity.

Gary C Gibson., "World Views of Science" #4, 24 Feb 2005 1:42 pm NPR YOUR TURN Discussions

Co2 levels are increasing, and the administration is led by the President left behind on reacting to the world Global Warming/CO2 increase problem the responsible parties addressed at Kyoto.

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Gary C Gibson - 03:26pm Feb 24, 2005 EDT (#24 of 33)

It is possible that fossil fuel producers may act as ad hoc gangs to force public reliance on oil for transportation in the U.S.A. over the long run. It may be an ad hoc phenomena with no simple causal tree diagram that perpetuates a federal budget-busting deficit and diverts progress to profitable fuels for the United States in domestically produced alternate energy forms.

Of course Al Qa'eda is a gang, yet it runs in the same technological financing circles as Saudi oil people and Texas oil people, some could even have worked for Exxon-Mobil at some point in time. It might have been U.S.A. Today that reported that a book on Internet scamming and fraud was written by the Bali Bomber recently. Evidently he urged Al Qa'eda to plunder cyberworld for all they can, perhaps inflating the instances of identity theft.

Late last year I wrote on discussions about the value of inventing disposable pre-paid visa cards for Internet purchases, and they now sort of exist (it takes 7-10 days to receive a pre-paid visa debit card in the mail) with convenience store access cards at 10 dollars. Those are useful for Internet purchases, and have a built in cap that prevents some gang member from running up large bills.

Waveform Politics; A War to End Democide interestingly, my book covers at my storefront were-fogged...its a new phenomenon I hadn't seen before.

The problem of the general formation of ad hoc political cults of evil in the era of mass global communications will not go away anytime soon. Elsewhere I have considered the subject at some length.

Sartre in the Critique of Dialectical Reason formed a paradigm that one might use as a theoretical template of organizational analysis. In it one might toss the demographics, the educational, the technical communications, the software of broadcasting, the political phenomenon, the prior experience of individuals in military service, and so forth and structure an understanding of how the phenomenal elements of ad hoc organizations move and form, transition and fade.

It might have been Donald Rumsfeld that said something like the enemy has brains and learns too. That is gangs and organizations learn to adapt fairly quickly to measures taken to delete their structure from being. The United States is somewhat slower to adapt being spoiled by the prior construction of an economic infrastructure that has become outsourced abroad to a certain extent, and by their social and personal comfort even if built up presently upon red ink. Americans have been slower to form new political paradigms that would conserve their civil liberties, national security and political independence than the Global Corporations, international terrorist organizations and simply evolutionary social phenomena that make a destructuralization of national sovereignty easier that seeking to conserve it.

If the nation could be considered a ship, global communications might be thought of as wormholes in sovereignty drilled through the hull by each line sent abroad. Transnational Corporations are like heat grenades dropped on the keel plating.

Texans may be lucky enough to be able to ignore the entire phenomenon and just swear allegiance to trucks, and oil in Arabia and maybe Alaska too. With oil at 50 a barrel and the local dude in the White House they can always hope it goes up to 100 bucks a barrel-gas isn't at 4 dollars a gallon yek.


Gary C Gibson - 03:27pm Feb 24, 2005 EDT

Technological advance is good, yet it is not simple to change the political philosophies as fast as the changes to society many fail to realize. The environment is a commons that many will deplete as an historical larder of endless production, yet it will take the masses of humanity to renew or replace it if possible, as no individual will want to pay the bill.

When the nation formed individuals were the essential political gangs and organizations have transcended individual political power, and shape congressional actions. Waveform broadcasts may program the citizens into brainwashed tools quite unlike their 18th century predecessors that were somewhat more independent in thought and experience of the world. Nature has given up its common shelter for humanity with its opportunity for individual supply and become an abstract unharvested profit for corporate power.

With an Associate degree from the University of Alaska I had tried without luck to get a job on the North Slope and pile up the money so I could escape the despond of poverty as Texans flew overhead on their way to Barrow. Even after the devastating oil spill at Valdez that still guts the health of the local waters so many years later I hope that some slight glimmer of economic opportunity can exist that profits not only ones’ self, but the national budget picture too with a positive sum strategy. Yet with the organization and consolidation of energy and transnational corporate power I believe it unlikely that an American citizen can get beyond the range of the calculating and evil, the indifferent and aloof, the reckless and the ignorant personnel that structure business opportunities in accord with their calculation of maximal profit regardless of the costs to the environment. Organizations and their intentional and unintentional effects on individuals are pervasive and unavoidable even as an individual might wish to avoid them. It is a phenomenon of the times.

Globalization of organized crime may accompany globalization of business as bad money follows good. It is one reason why I believe that civil rights activist should focus their efforts more upon assuring economic civil liberties for individuals specifically recognized in the gigabyte power of computing. Elevating people nationally out of poverty should be a non-racial, non-gender, non-divisive way to attack the core of contemporary social and economic repression. Propaganda power and time obscurantism can render most other political efforts at mass levels into manipulated ineffectiveness. The contestants in the last Presidential election were a case in point. The choices should have been a bit better.

Summer's Controversy and Hillary

Gary C Gibson - 11:15am Feb 25, 2005 EDT (#147 of 147)
Reason and faith can discover a cosmic structure fit for rational parameters subject unto God's moral law.

Help those that can't afford to love America or leave it; buy a liberal a sailboat to leave for France.

This Summers conundrum is a sort of Salavdor Dali-sized political dramaturgy leaning over-much on the The Vaginal Monologues The issue is about elites and wealth, business power and network, the Prestige of Harvard in a world neither sexually egalitarian nor American, and with a wobbly tendency to transit toward authoritarianism.

Harvard just barely places ahead of my old school The University of the State of New York(Excelsior College) for alumni connections,social prestige and monetary endowment,one day a USNY alumnus may be elected to congress, or become a colonist to Europa...who can say, the possibilities are limitless, the probabilities somewhat less.

American females of the comfortable middle class would reasonably seek to take the top paying jobs and government/collegiate sinecures available to the most privelaged social mileau firstly. The present insiders would seek to keep whatever advantages they have of course. Others would sail to France or Germany in relation to their political spin state toward the left or right.

To mollify an agitated crowd Harvard may need to release President Summers to free agency,and then hire some well known female celebrity to become President. If Hillary Clinton were not in the U.S.Senate she would be an obvious choice.

President Summers was an old loyalist of Bill,his adroit oriental timing in tossing out Harvard's big bone of chauvinism to the leading national feminist masses may be such as to provide a bit of early political support of indignation and wrath needed to coagulate some of the milk in the nascent pudding of Senator Clinton's potential Presidential campaign to return the White House to the Clinton clan in 2008.

These elitist political issues fail to be of serious interest for those whom are merely poor. Raising one's income from 4000 a year to 24,000 a year is much more life changing than raising one's income from 50,000 annually to 250,000. The difference of moving from 3000 nights sleeping on the ground in a tent to awakening on a super-soft,scientificly comfortable feathery mattress high above the step downto the polished floor each morn,with a climate controlled environment, a refrigerator and a lifetime larder of food,high-techj eqp and to watch never-ending reruns of Ophrah or Washington Week in review is substantial.

Help the digruntled right wing move to Germany...give them a plane ticket and apartment on the Ruhr

From 50,000 to 250,000 a year may mean just more floor space and a more prestigious neighborhood and car. 4000 to 24,000 means having one's own teeth to old age,and having health insurance or even affording tyo raise a family in the expensive U.S. social environment. 50,000 to 250,000 means being able to have liver transplants, two or three families,and to afford tuition for one's kids and grandkids at Yale or Harvard.

Yet the top jobs and the striving for them are issues the elites care mightily about in the U.S.A. If they were as interested in keeping net loss of biota and ecological and social health and civil liberties improving instead of being degraded it would be of more interest to the poor.

Friday, February 18, 2005

The Exxon Valdez and Pres.GWB's Texan Tack

Gary C Gibson. - 06:44pm Feb 17, 2005 EDT (#67 of 72)

The Dallas Morning News reported the death of the former Exxon CEO in Texas some days ago that was in charge when the Exxon Valdez ran onto Clinton Bligh Reef in March 1989 spilling millions and millions of gallons of oil in the formerly pristine Prince William Sound. While there are laws against spilling oil corporations still will do that anyway. The judgment against the Exxon Corporation transnational is still not out of court. Perhaps the President of the U.S.A. will offer some tort reform to help them with the load.

Auto emissions are one of the primary sources of greenhouse gases around the world. The conflict of interest with the national financial interest, the world environmental interest, and the Bush branch of the Republican Party's vested oil interests is astounding.

Even the congress has been corrupted by the Texas oil republican's voracious appetite for oil wealth in disregard for planetary ecology vitality, the national budget deficit, national debt, national security and trade deficit. The House energy committee has a Texas Republican in charge, the house national resource committee has a Texas Republican in chair, and of course the Texan Tom Delay leads the Republican majority. All are predators seeking to plunder Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for the benefit of themselves as transnational corporations. Texas Republicans are the center of the maelstrom of environmental evil and regressive environmental legislation in America.

The egoistic flatlanders are of course compelled to build on the plains, prairie and hot humid, mosquito infested coast because its there, and the land, like the building design, is ugly and featureless to the ignorant. All that could be seen in it traditionally was the potential for profit, such as running cattle to the railheads for shipment to the Eastern beefeaters.

The tradition of plundering the environment still exists. GW permitted renewed devastation of the nation's beautiful federal forests in S.E. Alaska recently, he through open all Arctic Petroleum Reserve acreage to oil exploration over the next few years-all of it.

The aesthetic, human, environmental and social values of conserving natural beauty is non-existent in the President's brain. He is a front, as I believe RN said, for transnational corporations. His aesthetic and spiritual value of the natural beauty of life is dead through disuse.

The Texan social philosophy of pig-headed work is fine in its place, it is simply ignorant of other important issues and values. It runs roughshod over vital public areas for proprietary causes of greed and avarice, power and privilege. Like the Pharisees they obey a letter of the law but not the spirit, unlike the Pharisees, they synthesize much of the law themselves.

They will leave untold costs that the nation will be paying for generation after generation, after they have stuffed their personal financial accounts with ill-gotten wealth instead of boldly leading into new technologies of conservation for profit that haven't been done before.

Texas is a refuge for the worst of America's environmental predators...the slaughterer of the California Redwood forests lives here, it is a sanctuary for those very unmeek people that would extend inherited building design so far as to displace God's remaining realm of natural creation perhaps.

Shag carpets, square rectilinear brick houses, deforestation and new pickup trucks, sofas, large screen TV’s to watch football in Miami or Seattle, toys for the children too, their way is the meaning of life, and all of value within a sanctified paradigm driving the world to hell even. Environmental rationality is a useful trait in politicians when it can be found.

Fishing has suffered damage in Alaska by the oil spill. The entire marine food chain has been upset. Lobster crud disease

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Global Warming article in SA

Gary C Gibson. - 01:05pm Feb 16, 2005 EDT (#15 of 15)
The physical Universe exists within the will of God. At the largest and smallest scales it's parameters are unknowable except as revealed by Non-Contingent Being.. The scalable universe is rational.

'Did Humans Stop an Ice Age?' is the cover question.

The March 2005 Scientific American has an interesting article on page 48+ on the history and causation factors of global warming. The author; William F. Ruddiman, has provided a new theory that human activities are the essential catalytic element in the present global warming period beginning with the rise of farming some 8,000 years ago.

There are three primary causes of alterity of the Earths temperature variability over time... They are orbital cycles at periods of 22,000 years, 41,000 years and 100,000 years. The amount of sunlight reaching the Earth's surface in a particular area can change by as much as 10%.

Glacial and interglacial periods over time have a fair periodicity that was changed beginning 8,000 years ago when greenhouse gases were released anomalously as a consequence of human agricultural practices.

The two primary greenhouse gases are methane and carbon dioxide according to the article. Methane production could change as a consequence of the wetlands and marsh grass that increase in warmer times, yet rice farming and other agriculture techniques also can increase methane production.

According to the theory in the article, the world should have reached the interglacial high point of carbon dioxide parts per million 8000 years ago and no increased further; the world should have gone toward another ice age.

Present industrialization emissions have only increased the concentration of greenhouse gases to higher and higher levels as the world continues to increase its atmospheric temperature.

It is a bold theory and published in a timely way...yek the administration's people perhaps can't read that sort of article and make any environmental inferences toward public policy changes toward eco-conservatism.

Friday, February 11, 2005

God's Creation, physical/cosmological analogues etc.

Gary C Gibson - 02:49pm Feb 10, 2005 EDT (#111 of 156)

On the idea of placing Jesus Christ within a secular political context, I believe it tends toward an importunate effort. God is non-contingent being and he simply won't fit into human sandals other than the one's he chose to wear when incarnate.

Some people believe, in erro perhaps, that the evolutionary theory has life being created by a lightening bolt as if by Zeus. Yet in science theory and the Bible man is created from inorganic solids or compounds at some point becoming more complex.

Lightening bolts are an electric charge that could provide some sort of Frankensteinian imagery to creation theories n science and evolution even if by some being floating on a cloud from another dimension. Yet those electrons have other scientific explanations contemprarily that I may say something about.

If an electron travels at the speed of light, and they are posited to, then if it also spins it could travel faster than light and violate that principle of the special theory. Fortunately all particles in superstring theory are thought to be made of one dimensional strings, or no dimensional or one-dimensional branes, that are tied into other, smaller, faster and cheaper dimensions.

Those strings are not made of the kind of string that one has fraying off of one's clothing perennially before church. Instead the strings are analogies to describe forms of vibrational 'energy' perhaps non-visualizable to even very good mathematicians that have created the term 'string' to illustrate the principle.

The strings and branes (another tough to visualize entity perhaps like a flat soap bubble thats really tiny-- smaller than the plank length (smallest normally measurable size of anything theoretically) and those extra dimensions of small size in which they exist were all created when a very tiny singularity containing a Higgs Field hyper-expanded in a fraction of a second 14 billion years ago to a very large size because of quantum uncertainty, or a characteristic of instability in quantum configurations of which everything is made below atomic scale.

Time and space were created together from that singularity. Time exists integrally as a part of space, yet the formations of matter are affected by gravity and the statistically measurable characteristic of matter to move toward its most simple and lowest energy state through entropy. The singularity at the beginning was the most ordered conditionin of the universe paradoxically. It is like an hourglass flowing from the top to bottom analogously.

God created the world by a spoken word providing the initial order and vibrations. Special relativity renders Universal history viewable from all times to an omnipresent observer, yet God is above the waveform universe that he issued. He can create it in a deterministic general parameter yet permit uncertainty. He can foreordain, predestine and allow free will.

Life was not created by a flung lightening bolt, or by some electrons nor even strings or no-braners, it was created by God through his will.

Social philosophy in chatrooms

Gary C Gibson. - 11:28am Feb 11, 2005 EDT (#189 of 190)
Maybe the academic discussion of social issues in public contexts inevitably would be followed by political assaults from partisan opponents of whatever the issue happened to be. Political partisanship such as is common in the U.S. national scene precludes a rational consideration of social issues in many instances.

Terry McCaulif, DNC head, has made a few parting shots before he is replaced by a winner (potentially) in the job. Mr. McCauliff said that the Kerry campaign died before crossing the finish line (my inaccurate paraphrasing) of election victory because the Boston Convention did not attack G.W.B. sufficiently. Notably Mr. McCauliff did not list his leadership failure to bring attractive issues on economy and border security to the front of the DN platform as causes for the defeat in the 2004 election.

In Nagadoches Texas recently a law enforcement officer inspecting a truck loaded with frozen chickens discovered a secret cache with 2.3 million dollars. Perhaps the Mexican named driver was returning to Mexico with the proceeds from a sale of contraband merchandise to the U.S. consumers. In California there are approximately 2 million illegal aliens with Driver’s licenses, and it may thus be a good way for illegal aliens with truck driving skills to get a commercial truck endorsement to work in the U.S.A.

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill to prevent illegal aliens from gaining a driver’s license from U.S. States; maybe the Senate will pass it, maybe not. It depends on what influence various special interests will have in obstructing it’s passage.

Timing is important in legislation. After the President’s inaugural speech his polled approval rating were high. It was with careful timing that the budget would be released with the vast cost omissions of Iraq and SS Reform and a residual quarter trillion dollar deficit and news organizations would report that the President had a 57% approval rating. Many days later a poll that followed the budget’s release would report the president had only a 45% approval rating, yet the time delay had served the purpose, and the publics correlation of the response to the President’s budget would be obscured.

Jeremy Rifkin, to borrow from a ‘Dallas Morning News’ quote of Mr. Rifkin, said, “The tug between Europe and America goes even deeper than questions of personal opportunity and quality of life. What really distinguishes the comings and goings in Europe is that Europe is busy preparing for a new era while America is desperately trying to hold on to the old one.”-From ‘The European Dream’

The Dallas Morning News lead editorial opinion noted that patriotic conservatives and liberals such as former CIA director Jim Woolsey are putting themselves into the driver’s seat of Honda Prius’ to save on national consumption of oil. Oil it is postulated, is a neanderthalic, counterproductive, regressive fuel used by apathetic, slow to change individuals apathetic to national self-reliance and progress and unconcerned about really silly administration policy that just enriches their special interests (not a quote, but my summary of points of the gist) approach to national economic self-interest that will be the cause for a succession of waves of war to control Middle Eastern and OPEC oilfields. Additionally, the editorial pointed out the well-known point that oil purchases indirectly fund inimical foreign governments and terrorists seeking to harm the U.S. National security. All I would add to the solid social-economic planks of national balanced budget and security issue analysis is that the Federal administration also is too reliant on China for transnational corporate profits and stock investment growth, and potential for privatization of social security.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

U.S. Foreign Policy; Iran 2005

Gary C Gibson. - 11:25am Feb 2, 2005 EDT (#129 of 132)
John 10:16 "I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd."

It is my hope that President Bush will refrain in the state of the Union address, from pillaging the reputation of Iran, isolating them in his paradigm of popular opinion from the big dinner table of popular nations, threatening the Iranians with possible invasion and so forth. The United States fundamentally misunderstands Iranian history in the state department perhaps, or maybe White House ineptitude blunders from leader to leader by transferring American values and paradigms onto an inappropriate and dissimilar context.

One might of course note the inappropriate match up of international relations aesthetics between the administration's 'axis of evil' diatribe and the Persian history of Zoroastrian dualism cosmically to intellectually 'see' the innate opposition insult of the presidential parameter.

The Persian were a proud people, initially the Aryans that invaded the Indus civilization to establish the caste system and affect the course of sub-continent religious development thereafter, that eventually were invaded and conquered in turn by a number of tribes including those of the Mongols and Osmanlis/Ottoman Empire.

The Persians were occupied for more than 500 years, and struggled to liberate themselves or at least conserve a national identity while occupied. As a consequence of the Ottoman rule with it's Sunni identity the occupied Persia reinforce their Shiite identity. Its leaders could be a de facto national underground.

Until the defeat of the Ottoman Empire, and a coup a little later (about 1920) in 'Iran'/Persia, the Persians had no political sovereignty, they were a nation that had been subjugated and perhaps humiliated for half a millennium. The administration should seek to offer the carrot, the sugar in the coffee, the international face of kindness and patience to the Iranians to perhaps begin to develop a belief that the U.S.A. and transnational corporate puppeteers are not simply a continuing colonial power seeking to trod them under foot.

The 20th century history of Iran was nearly as grim as the preceding 500 years. With corrupt royal rulers of Iranian/Persian ancestry the people were still oppressed. They still looked to their Shiite leaders for liberation and an alternative political reality. Unfortunately the U.S. blundered in mid-century into interference in Iranian affairs supporting a coup and emplacement of a ruler friendly to oil interests, I believe. This began the creation of an appearance to Iranians, perhaps, that the U.S.A. was another ottoman like power.

Then of course there was the late Shah victimized by the Iranian revolution. He'd been such a friend to the U.S.A. buying all the newest weapons and doing business with the oil companies, yet his rapid westernization of Iran was more offensive to the people that were tortured brutally by the Shah's secret police agency-SAVAK than if Larry Flint were to become absolute dictator of the American bible belt-Midwest/south.

With the loss of prestige following the U.S. flights from Vietnam (with honor), and a restive populous with an aggrieved Ayatollah abroad the Iranian revolution occurred, and radical students took the American Embassy residents hostage. That is they severed diplomatic relations without loss of life, I believe, and returned the Americans intact a year or two later.

America’s response since has been to brand Iran as a terrorist nation, and perhaps it has sought to oppose U.S. interests with support to terrorists from time to time, I can't say. Yet is noteworthy that much of the planet has continued to use gross violations of human rights as normal guerilla or counter-terrorism modalities while the U.S. and the Euros and some others sought the Geneva Convention's high ground, until recently with the evils of the Presidential torture proclamations/wavers.

The President should walk softly and carry a big stick, instead of braying (that is a popular deprecatory term for Democrat utterances on talk radio presently) loudly in playing to the home crowd as if they were a lot of daft imbeciles persuadably by tax cuts and trinkets while threatening with the sharp fears of hyper-tech bombers and cruise missiles the former Persian geopolitical region driving the Iranians further into distrust of U.S. intentions. It may take a while for a people to cool off from foreign occupation, and beanings from Bush probably don't help matters. His cowboyish Randy Johnson fastballs may work against the Red Sox and even get past Sammy Sosa occassionally in the season ahead, yet it would tend to widen the gap of distrust in bilateral Iranian-U.S. relations.

The U.S. administration can utilize of variety of means to simultaneously encourage Iranian trust regarding peaceful, honorable and civilized relations while participating in international conventions to continue to discourage the proliferation of nuclear weapons where possible, and to discourage international and domestic terrorism.

I believe, albeit with a modest research database, that the Iranian response of a return to Shiite fundamentalism when threatened or oppressed by foreign invaders is a 600-year-old practice deep in Persian tradition. If the United States can take up a non-threatening overt posture to Iran, over time it might encourage the Iranians to venture somewhat farther away from their traditional Shiite, paternal ecclesiastical core and into the peaceable international realm of trade, travel and the exchange of ideas and cookies (there needs to be some humor in here someplace).

The U.S.A. can use it's James Bonds, its Epsilon Forces, its Global Proliferation and weapons inspections negotiators if it must, to safeguard against direct threats to American or mass civil interests elsewhere, yet the fundamentally wrong policy of intimidating, isolating and giving the appearance of threatening Iranian sovereignty and cultural independence seems a counter-productive U.S. policy. If the administration actually cares about peaceful and eventually productive relations politically with Iran it should relinquish the bellicose general speech making against that historically oppressed people and work with more subtlety to achieve a simple and just international brotherhood and sisterhood of nations in the Koran latitudes. winners and losers-election predictions for Iraq