Friday, December 24, 2004

Some ideas about neocorporatism and experience

Because this is a blog and time for reflection upon the past year perhaps, I'll add a few non-biographical entries about the social situation in the United States in 2004.

What I will write will not be as remarkable as a report that quantum probability waves really don't exist for quantum and instead the course and destiny of a quantum particle is grounded in a field of micro dimensions that enable an appearance of quantum uncertainty to appear in the standard dimensions...that is the 'uncertainty' is the gaps in the standard four dimensions created by the extra dimensional support for quantum particle strings. I haven't the technical ability to make such a remarkable report though the idea did occur to me in reading a popular book on physics.

The pervasive effects of the broadcast media and corrupt government are simpler to realize yet not to control. The corruption of each is far beyond legal remedies which need to be actualized by law abiding government officials that have been incompetent at least since Al Gore's famous 'in the absence of legal authority' statement while Vice President of the United States. The corruption I refer to is not a categorical description of either as corrupt; instead it refers to the role of each in repressing civil rights of some American writers to enjoy an untracked, unhindered, unbiased social life with free economic opportunities.

The Constitution of the United States was in its inception not nearly as technical as the periodic table of the elements explaining how each social element might reasonably combine, or a programming language with specific rules of syntax and logic that could not be altered. The Constitution was written without exact logical structures for society given, for several reasons...

If the Constitution had been so specific it would have also been inflexible and unable to change as society changed. The Constitution was after all a document written to encode the guidelines for liberation of mankind from oppressive social and government forces, it was written to recognize basic structures required to prevent the tyranny of any group of people over individuals. Yet it did have some specific paradigms necessary to describe what social and government structures of conduct would be required to protect the rights of individuals. The Constitution is essentially a document written to protect the rights of individuals from corrupt powers.

The Broadcast media has virtually unlimited powers of corruption through disinformation and mass malinfluence unforeseen by the founders. Taking the premise of free speech in print media to a virtually irreproachable extreme with pure technological power, they have become a perennial political party for themselves. In the last election Michael Moore and Hollywood celebrities were a huge part of the Democratic intafadah since the 2000 election. Such commercial powers negated a rational development of numerous solid political issues from developing into a coherent party platform. It is not the overt and obvious aspects of mass broadcast media and consolidated political power that I am concerned about in this blog post however, it is the power of a corrupt broadcast elite, commercial advertising producers, actors and corrupt government broadcasters and apathetic government officials to use mass communication technology to devastate the livelihood of targeted individual writers outside the regular establishment channels of promotion.

The corruption of the mass broadcast media and government willing to invade the privacy of individual and vulnerable Americans to make rave chattel sport of publicly persecuting and denying equal social opportunity is a natural outgrowth of the vast and restricted technological power of the broadcast industry, the protection of a first amendment designed in an era when print media opinions were actually accountable, and the networking of ad hoc powers. The persecution of a Christian writer of the prose poem 'Footprints in the Sand' for decades in the United States is not much different from a Soviet era persecution of an involuntary dissident by the KGB. The Soviets would of course simply have taken the writer away with a knock on the door in the dark, while the U.S. Government and broadcast industry simply kill with a million small cuts never ending, collaterally brainwashing the public speech patterns into rave lexical forms that are puppeteered into serving the exploitation policy of the broadcast and government powers.

The technical progress that allows ad hoc racketeering by the broadcast media is served by the non-locality of broadcasters that cross borders and boundaries with electron waves. It is abetted by ad hoc racketeering coalitions that willing ape the speech forms of the broadcast 'elite' that outlast any political candidate. It is amplified in power by serialized domestic 'terror' tools found in broadcast stations in every state. It is helped by the vast wealth and power that finances the 'cool' exploitation, the bunk and disinformation 'filler' placed onto regular information communiqu├ęs. It can be assembled in a thousand deniable pieces permutating of time that present more difficulty as targets for legal remedies or litigation than stealth fighters do to radar operators. They also have the vast established power of simply declaring any targets to be delusional, with a psychiatric industry probably willing to make some profit off another body if it has the opportunity. You gotta eat-I gotta eat.

The trend to rave, disinformation, lies, and social terrorism on some few specific targets coincides with a consolidating world economic networking of Corporations. Some economists have written that neo-corporatism, which is a diluted form of the Corporatism that the Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini conceptualized in which a fascist state and corporate union would rule society, would require a power by government or media to control the right of free speech of individuals to politically express dissent.

Mass communications, mass consumerism and production, owned and guided by a centralized power may find intellectuals and dissidents inconvenient rivals to their absolute authority. Hence neo-Corporatism in the upward stages to Corporatism would practice targeting individual American writers, poets, Christians or whoever had expressed themselves as a sort of social barium test of control capability. In the neo-Corporatist state, which can be an ad hoc phenomenon in the developmental stage without a central 'new world order' planner, a gradual co-opting of any non-conformist political or economic challenge would occur incidentally. In the persecution of the writer of 'Footprints' since the end of the cold war era in the mass broadcast media, and before in some popular songs since the 1980's, the broadcast business has served to intimidate many alternate economic scenarios from developing I should imagine, and minimally have served to putsch through a social zeitgeist that is compliant with a neo-Corporatist and Globalist agenda.

Individuals that are not paid to be celebrities cannot afford publicity good or bad. The entire nature of business exchanges occur with privacy and proprietary interests as implicit, necessary components. In fact many people are afraid of publicity and the potential to be targeted by the public, shunned, victimized etc in a million unforeseen ways. While the broadcast media is always in comfort with heating, automobiles waiting, paychecks and so forth, their targets are not. While the broadcast media is raising families and glorifying themselves for doing so, their targets may be broke, isolated financially for years, unable to afford to date.

Litigation against thousands of broadcast criminals each supplying just a few deniable pieces of the persecution or terrorism paradigm present a virtually Teflon coated criminal phenomenon beyond legal review. The Government has a limited budget, and cannot invest law enforcement dollars to obtain evidence of such a vast and skillfully administered criminal phenomena that has only one or a few targets, in fact the government broadcasters are themselves full accomplices in the criminal activity.

A constitution and laws can't be forced upon people; they must individually be willing to comply with laws for them to be practical. A super-wealthy broadcast industry that is so dishonorable, cowardly and plain damn evil as to persecute one broke American writer, was perhaps unforeseen by the nation's founders. The broadcast media have such a tremendous financial supremacy upon the poor struggling to just earn enough to get the things needed to live in the U.S.A., and to earn more, that they should rightly not hide behind subterfuge and slight-of-mouth techniques apropos for crooks and con artists. As newspaper editors of the electronic era did, they should say what they have to say in the public sector forthrightly and stand behind it as honorable super-rich Corporate types, and allow the courts to decide when and were they have transgressed the law.

The evil side of humanity is pervasive, yet it is a bad thing to experience such a quantity of it for-oneself.

Quantum wave probabilities would not help an individual author to know when or why corrupt and coordinated elite will choose to strike and victimize some individual going about his writing business. Yet there are of course some qualities of an individual that might differentiate one citizen from another as a prime target of opportunity for corporate terror in the United States.

The individual should first of all have some sort of intellectual production in the public sector. He or she should be a writer of something that some elite might oppose in principal politically and deem worthy of exploiting. The individual should have few relations and not be integrated well in any academic and peer setting that could provide a basis of support and recognition of persecution by the Corporation racketeers. The individual should have some class characteristics that would make him or her a marketable commodity by anti-class politically antagonistic groups. The individual should have intellectual products or qualities that could enhance corporate profits and prospects, and perhaps serve as a markworthy class enemy.

To a certain extent Corporate and Government broadcast terror can simply produce lies about the individual and market them as factual, the shear quantity of broadcast power will push through a public onion or pattern recognition that will vastly overpower the efforts of the individual to improve his or her own economic and social circumstance.

Individuals without intellectual activities or publication will not attract the attention of broadcasters, their simply isn't sufficient quantity to exploit. Instead the non-writing citizen earning an average wage just going along with the flow of neo-Corporatist management is an ideal subject.

I should write something about the political environment in the individual citizen-victim may encounter in the neo-Corporatist or neo-authoritarian state. Like Saddam Hussein, the government and broadcast media may falsely associate a target with a political enemy of the people. The enemy may be real or imagined. Saddam Hussein had public trials for Jews as spies, and Hitler had a crystalnacht, while Stalin had anyone he felt like deleting killed, exiled or imprisoned.

A neoCorporatist development will tolerate some dissent, co-opt some, and yet try to finesse all economic development subtly into its own snare. Outright authoritarian governments will simply liquidate opposition. The neo-Corporatist phenomenon will enshroud its corporate activities with patriotic colors, and suggests that rival free enterprise efforts sympathize with the enemy.

An example might be the auto and oil lobby national loss-leaders that produce annual trade deficit operating losses specifically. Alternative energy and transportation start-ups that could replace the reliance on obsolete industries are derided and set back in a variety of ways, with some even suggesting that support for such would necessarily be socialist or fascist.

False political labels on competitive yet comparatively disadvantaged rivals to specific industries are a way that the broadcast propagandists have of deleting competition and consolidating power. In the United States it is difficult to say that there is a rival political party to the Corporatist state. A rival party would support free enterprise and advantage for the nation, would conserve the ecosystem and national forests instead of plundering them, would demand a national industrial and social infrastructure that operates efficiently as a maintenance base at a low cost, would protect the nation's borders, would promote the values of individual citizenship and so forth in fact.

A Democratic Party that wanted bring about a rectification of political goals might select Rep Gephardt as its leader of the DNC. It might strive to generate a social security plan of its own that is coordinated with the other main social service financial elements a citizen might need in a stable society including unemployment insurance and medical coverage. It should invest some of a citizen's individual account in mutual funds, indexed with the market, in order to reduce the long-term tax burden and free-up money for private investments.

A Democratic party seeking a solid and comprehensive free-enterprise economic platform would not seek to impose extreme changes on traditional social moors and folkways forcibly upon the public as a price of representation. Instead it would recognize that the real economic interest of the middle class and the poor of the United States is in creating new and newer sunrise industries that will lead America and the world in clean and renewable energy and environmental resources, and promote national deficit reduction and federal and states policies that attempt to place the interests of Americans first. It would adroitly sweep aside specious arguments for or charges of isolationism and simply comply with international trade agreements while indirectly pursuing the creation of free enterprises in the nation that would economically advantage the citizens.

A Christmas eve blogpost from New Mexico

Some trouble editing my author page homeblog today at, its a cold day too. I can't access the repost commands in order to make changes for some reason.

It reminds me somewhat of sailing in back of Tybee Island Georgia in the bayous or whatever they call those channels that flood with the tide, when a squall arrived dark and gusty. It wasn't possible to get the boat to respond to the rudder changes. I decided that it was caused by a lot of seaweed clumps blown off the tops of the submerged islands gathered around the swing keel (that was in a up position). With so much lateral blockage or drag the rudder is comparatively meaningless.

Its was a happier climate than that of New Mexico today. Here is a recipe to simulate homelessness in case actual homelessness ever occurs. One, sleep outside when its five or ten degrees with a sleeping bag not suitable for that temperature. Two, shiver occassional at night, yet think about remaining warm. Three, at five am put on boots that are at five degrees over cotten socks, and allow your feet to remain semi-frozen or whatever until 10 oc'clock. Ride a bicycle at dawn in a wind that pushes the wind chill down a bit after defrosting the seat, have a couple flat tires that need to be pumped up every mile, allow the wind to keep the feet and hands suitably cool etc.

Anyone should realize that at altitudes over a mile their is far less humidity in the air, and that cold winter high pressure areas may drift in to put a bite on the balmy 40's. Yet it is such experience that allows one to comprehend to a minor degree what the inmates of the Gulag Archipelago experienced such as Alexander Solshzenitsin wrote about in his volumes 1,2 and 3 on the subject.

In the Kolyma region of the Soviet Union inmates might be packed in a transit house with a fenced yard and of course no insulation or heating in the slatted board building while temperatures plunged below zero. Of course the inmates were not provided with adequate or any winter clothing, wearing threadbear arguments and so they arrived at a tough choice regarding lunch/breakfast/dinner served once a day...Take a small peice of bread or some salted herring.

The ones that chose the salted herring got thirsty and drank the only water available, at 32 degrees or so. That water lowered their body core temperature sufficiently to make them incapable of warding off the cold enough to remain alive. The bodies were stacked like cordwood outside the fence of the transit camp it was written.

Actually the short yet substantive New Mexico cold snap reminds me of old times in Alaska when I could go outside and freeze anytime if serious precautions were not taken, and sometimes in spite of them.