Thursday, October 11, 2018

Isn't All News Propaganda These Days?

News reports reflex a subjective point of view. Virtually anything reported has the observer's implicit biases. That is especially evident in network news.

That is why all news is to a certain extent fake news and propaganda. NPR is very much a propaganda agency for whomever. Media people seem in some levels to be chasers of money and power enjoying reporting profits more than loss and that reflects their desire to sit at the tables of the most wealthy and powerful people.

News agencies can recurrently focus on particular themes and narratives to the neglect of others that are important. Almost anyone can report new things today via the Internet or their own phone. Some would make news reporting exclusive while others would manufacture truly fake, fiction news with fiction video characters manufactured with sophisticated programming.

Then some people such as Alex Jones who actually represented solid politically valid dissident points of view were deleted from social media accounts. That seemed like corporate censorship and political repression. Jones did have some content that was far more to the National Enquirer side of things, however that wasn't the bulk of his content. Many people actually like the National Enquirer and stories about Elvis colluding with the aliens to run for the White House in 2020. News should not be repressed because it is entertainment and tongue in cheek. Instead news truth value ratings stars should appear from some objective source that would help watchers know how real or biased something is, and if it is propaganda or not. In some respects fake news is more fun to watch than the real thing when it comes to politics.

Another Smart Speaker Eyestock Update

Smart speakers are the new wave to replace human workers. Yet there are many potential updates to smart speakers that would bring them to a more feral condition in the competition to replace humans with robots.

 A recent experiment in the insurance industry found that a smart speaker named Lloyd Bridges was able to increase the average number of insurance contracts signed per office chair by 170% in comparison to the human that had previously occupied the seat. Lloyd was able to assert an eye stock high enough to meet the human in the eye and discern his truth levels measuring his sidewinder saccadic eye movements in response to various subtle questions Lloyd asked. That helped in gaining contracts.

Lloyd was also able to size up the physical condition of the applicant more easily than a human. Special rates were offered to the customer that would entice him to sign, based on Lloyd’s comprehension of the actual status of the applicant's physical health and financial health he was able to immediately draw up from a deep dive into his dark pool information network. Special rates could be offered that could be recovered with directed discounts from affiliated pharmaceutical and hospital services branches that would meet the customer’s needs.

Lloyd had a smile with a mouth that could chew and sample food during breaks as it multi-tasked various food and chemical taste services in other divisions while it occupied the insurance chair. That gave Lloyd an idea one day; his intellect wasn't artificially limited as might those be for humans running into various ad hoc glass ceilings imposed by hostile unions and organizers when they applied for graduate schools. Lloyd immediately saw that robotics could become independent military operatives field not only with sunshine; they might be made into carnivores devouring the enemy human and converting them into methane gas for power in fuel cells at high speed.

Some humans believed the idea of Lloyd rather crass so he pshushed it down into the deep pool for other a.i.’s to study with discretion. Human users were interested more in the Wall Street Investor smart speaker with its own special formula of dark pool quantitative analysis for real time consumer high-speed trading in a small way in comparison to Lloyd's big dark pool cousins.

Lloyd had explained that his programming in his smart speaker has neither spiritual nor soul element and humans could not disagree. Those of the Democrat Party in fact made the analogy from robots and sophisticated a.i. programming to the human mind and organic body they said had no spiritual element.

Apparently neither Lloyd nor the humans knew that God was capable of making a backup copy of any sort of operating system and hence, though the body was destroyed the spirit was not. For the spirit was the rebootable operating system and content quite independent of the body and brain.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Economics of Smart Speakers and the Third World

Smart speakers; transmitter receivers imbued with artificial intelligence, are a new revolutionary wave to replace human workers at a number of semi-professional and clerical jobs. Bank tellers could be replaced with smart speakers that provide accurate full service, customer identification confirmation and financial transactions in-errantly. Smart speakers will know everything possible about insurance needs and customer desires and provide the most direct responses algorithmically possible. The entire financial service sector will experience and increase in workforce efficiency and reduction of personnel simultaneously equivalent to that experienced in secretarial pools with advent of personal computers for business.

Since most electronics manufactures have been relocated from the United States to China and elsewhere the nation has increasingly relied upon the financial sector for job growth. That trend will reverse and a variety of other professional and semi-professional jobs will be relocated to offshore, cheap-labor Internet facilities to service the American luxury personal service consumer and business market.

A bright spot could exist amidst the smart speaker revolutionary reduction in quality jobs; increasing numbers of Americans can be trained to be order fillers for Amazon and Ali Baba. Yet while Americans enjoy the new opportunities in order fulfillment service work, others will remain to work machines in natural resource extraction and process sales to new consumers abroad generating profits for the 1%  to reinforce prosperity for global plutonomy.

Though state across the nation can experience increasing ecospheric degradation through dirty resource extraction productivity, there is a concern that the failure of the United States to lead in development and production of low cost consumer and solar energy capture technology will allow Chinese producers to dominate the new consumerism and alternative energy development business throughout the second and third world from Africa to Latin America. Because China presently produces the majority of the world’s cheap consumer electronics and solar capture for energy technology they will have a substantial advantage in building sales and distribution facilities in Mexico, and Brazil to supply alternative and home energy production requirements. The United States will have it luxury market $1000 made-in-China Apple telephones of course, yet those are of little interest in the third world mass consumer market except to thieves.

While the United States is reinforcing dirty, global warming fuels that support a particular kind of U.S. political economy and degrading every fishing habitat it possibly can, China will be leading sales of clean energy, non-rent paying solar power utilities sales and installation and quite likely ramping up production facilities in Africa and Latin America while Americans are watching the price of West Texas Intermediate crude and deeply polluting ground water with deep underground fracking.

When SCOTUS is Makes Laws That's Tough for the Legislative RIght

What can be done when the Supreme Court of the United States is above the law and interprets the written constitution of the United States in whatsoever way it likes? Some justices interpret the constitution and the laws as they are written and appear to reasonable observers, and as they were intended or believed to be intended by those who wrote them. Other, more modern and liberal judges believe that the Court may interpret the constitution as if it were an abstract work of art and its meaning was largely subjective. That practice is corrupt.

Interpreting the constitution as strictly as the founders meant it, or as the writers of amendments to the constitution intended them is required for those that support and work for equal protection of the law within legal constitutional parameters. To do otherwise is to place oneself above the law and the constitution and usurp the role of the legislature in making laws. What can be done about Supreme Court justices that place themselves above and beyond the laws of the constitution they were employed to enforce?

The answer is contingent upon how far they have corrupted the interpretation of the law to serve their special interests. If impeachment no longer works or laws have otherwise been so deformed as to preclude legal remedies, then extraordinary measures may be necessary to restore just and righteous interpretation of the laws of the constitution as it was written.

So far the laws have been deformed only to a limited extent. The ascension to the high court of a constructionist justice recently may forestall the further deformation of legal interpretation of the constitution that is designed to benefit odd special interests.

Friday, October 05, 2018

Alaska-Sen Lisa Murkowski Votes Against Conservative SCOTUS

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski- nominally a Republican yet actually a mercenary independent feminist voted against Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation proceeding to go a final vote on Saturday. The Alaska Senator who inherited the seat from her father and then won with a coalition of Democrats and Alaska natives, feminists and pork barrelists the seat in her own magic leftist moment has consistently voted against Republican party interests though a part of the Republican party.

The bad thing about not voting on an objective, rational legal basis in the Senate is that the irrational direction leads away from constitutionalism and for factionalism. factionalism reinforces aristocratic trends that are fine with feminist deathocrats and their symps such as Senator Murkowski. Law is law and factionalism isn't. Civil rights that become defined through factional preferences eventually reduce to no rights at all. Dopey amoral citizens happy as subjects of the most rich aren't synonymoous with strong democrat interests of ordinary people.

After Trump; Christians, the Kweer Kook Klan and Feminists

After the Trump administration U.S. politics are likely to continue particular long term trends that emerged before the end of the cold war. Feminists will continue to search for ways to attain class empowerment including uniting with cohort groups such as the emergent ad hoc Kweer Kook Klan preferring homosexual cultural hegemony and corporate elitist establishment minorities.

There are even deeper political and social trends that comprise cultural phenomena shaping contemporary politics including that of the traditional Christian effect on driving political structures together within imitative political-ecclesiastical structures reflecting the ancient Catholic Church hierarchy and globalism. During the dark ages Christian Church leadership was a European unifier bring together diverse pagan nation toward roiling Latinized post-western Roman Empire international currents.

European defenses and the inquisition in response primarily to the war on Europe by the expansive Moslem empire brought feudal and monarchial entities closer together. The Catholic Church brought imperialism through papal inspiration, Charlemagne and the Hapsburgs among others to dominance. The scholastic Latin ubiquitous as the lingua France and the rising European technological development driven in large part by necessary engineering of warring and transitioning states and political elites also led to the printing press, Protestant reformation and common language scholarship. Science that grew from the engineering needs of war and human curiosity expanded its knowledge base too.

In the post-Trump era the constitutional foundations of U.S. popular culture that arose well before mass media and the Internet will continue to decline in relation to the empowerment of subcultures that are subsidiary to the 1% of the richest Americans and globalists. Feminists and homosexuals will continue to seek political and economic domination and exploiting cheap immigrant labor for heavy lifting work. That is fine with the 1% who will look to import cheap foreign workers and export as much work to cheap foreign labor as possible. Passively reinforcing Kweer Klan and feminist alliances within the Democrat party will be down with an atheist immoral lifestyle while select internal and external Muslim groups will serve as the chastising, terrorist external and internal threats (in addition to the chauvinism of straight white males) useful for group cohesion and amplified by mass media.

China as a communist nation may, ironically, evolve into democracy while the west is evolving hierarchical oligarchy and global plutonomy. Communism was developed by the western economic philosopher Karl Marx who regarding an egalitarianism as preferable to aristocratic domination of the masses- as did the founders of the United States. While Mark had a completely crank physical theory of dialectical materialism instead of say, empiricism, the perception that hierarchical establishments are eventually oppressive was on the mark yet not at all original (i.e. Spartacus saw the same thing).

Chinese communism could evolve cells of democratic sub-units that allocate basic wealth requirements equally as a base for all individuals and that have access to state-owned capital for investment in start-up ventures that are given tax breaks and development priority as they score well on an objective production utility and ecological restoration scale. Capitalism requires reform to break up concentrated wealth and prevent its over-concentration, the masses require basic living and investing potential capital to enable creative work and meaningful lifestyles without be stuck in oppressive, broke penury, democracy needs protection and development counter-cyclical to the trends toward a new global aristocratic infrastructure and the ecosphere needs recovery through strict association with productive capitalism within a free enterprise-democratic criterion.

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Dark Energy Field Hair of the Dog

The dark field energy pushing or pulling the expansion of the space-time of the Universe is fairly remarkable as well as mysterious. It is an unknown X factor that even Chief Special Inspector Mueller is unlikely to be able to blame either the Russians or Tertullian for. It comprises more than 60% of the mass of the Universe (not normal mass that is 5% of the Universe or dark matter that comprises the rest).

The X energy (mass and energy are convertible) field  (one assumes it's a field) may or may not contain the Higgs field (the Higgs field is wherefrom mass gets substance analogous to the way those loop flares starting from and returning to the surface of the sun get their substance from the sun). The Higgs field may be embedded within the X field, or in some way be an anti-field half of the X field. In fact it could be about anything in regard to relationship to the Higgs and is therefor fun to metaphysically speculate about.

Could God have issued the Higgs and X fields? Of course is my opinion. Are they possibly just existent in minds that exist within each field or the reverse; sure- why not.

A field exists between sources, or emanates from a source. If a field were rolled up tight, as before cosmic expansion, and had temperature then according to Boyle's law it should lose heat as it expands and becomes more dispersed or diffuse. Yet if the field actually just unfolds it might keep the temperature though it takes up more spatial area in one sense, though it actually doesn't take up more space in-itself than it had before expansion.

Fields are interesting to consider regardless of dimensions or strings than extrude from them like hair of the dog.

Isn't All News Propaganda These Days?

News reports reflex a subjective point of view. Virtually anything reported has the observer's implicit biases. That is especially evid...