Monday, March 25, 2019

President Putin's Maduro Blunder

President Putin has made a tactical blunder in sending 100 troops to Venezuela. The implication of military escalation as a possibility where U.S. forces would directly encounter Russian soldiers in battle is offensive to sensibilities, not to mention the long standing principle of the Monroe Doctrine. It is practically an invitation for regime change in Moscow.

It was a tactical blunder because the conclusion of the Mueller investigation into Russian collusion to elect President Trump meant that the President would have better opportunity to start to end sanctions on Russia. President Trump recently reversed some sanctions imposed on North Korea. President Putin should withdraw his military component in Venezuela directly. To do otherwise would influence the 2020 election to favor a saber-rattling Democratic hawk as used to exist who is willing to intervene in Venezuela to fight Russians and anti-democracy forces.

One hundred Spetznatz (special forces) can work a lot of mischief in Venezuela. They can act as enforcers that have no hidden allegiance to the Democracy forces, they can act as hit-men to liquidate Democracy cadre, and they can train and lead socialist-communist elements into jungle and urban war. President Putin has enfiladed his own true sentiments regarding political philosophy in trying to prop up a neo-communist regime that represses its people. President Putin may put on the black-eye patch and enter speak like a pirate contests after the Venezuela intervention.

With the very loud and offensive Russian presence in Venezuela to support the battle against democracy in that nation there is little chance or opportunity for Americans to recognize any Russian claims on the Ukraine- even if they are somewhat justified. With the deployment of Russian soldiers to Venezuela it is likely that any progress toward a settlement in favor of Russia such as recognizing a Dnepr demarcation line will end. The Ukraine probably will receive support for all of their claims on land filched away from Russia during the Yeltsin era. Instead war planning for Venezuela and Russia may occur to select politicians and soldiers.

Secure Border and Secure Citizenship Were Lacking in Hoover Administration

 Apparently President Hoover authorized the deportation of Mexicans that were believed to be illegals during the depression. Economic panic stimulated state and local governments to enact an ethnic cleansing policy of Mexican foreign nationals. However a large percentage (60%) were birthright U.S. citizens. Fortunately that could not recur because everyone now has good I.D. and on-line birth records.
The issue underscores the need to have secure borders and citizen ship accounts so people may know who is and isn’t a U.S. citizen. The spaced out way benefits drug traffickers and Democrats that value corruption as a normal, desirable condition.
The Mexican Government did not declare war on Nazi Germany until very late in the war. They seemed to be recalcitrant, and might have hoped that a German victory would give them a new deal for retaking land from the United States that formerly belonged to Spain. Clear citizenship would help to disambiguate issues of where people have a lawful right to live, and serve to avoid hurt feelings that can exacerbate international conflict relations.

Trump Acquitted- Congress May Quit Chasing Its Tail

With he end of the Mueller Non-Alien Probe there is renewed hope that the congress may stop chasing its tail and get its oars in the waters of unmixed metaphors (actually one hopes they will utilize a scientific approach with good engineering analysis of modular means of reducing Greenhouse gas emissions that will be published, peer reviewed and understood by the public with feedback to politicians before any legislation is packaged). Personally I am skeptical.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Windows 10, i core Gen 9 Effective Collusion (coincidence)

Upgrade and security support for Windows 7 (except for business if they pay for extended support available three more years) ends in January 2020. Microsoft could sell or contract out Windows 7 to people that would upgrade it and provide security patches indefinitely. Of course they don't want to compete against themselves. Windows 10 doesn't easily allow dual booting an open source operating system; one needs to go through bios to set it to legacy systems, and then Windows 10 isn't available; it's either/or.
Open source operating systems are actually better than Windows i.m.o., without the invasive ads and requirements for security scans and updating with the computer off. Debian, Ubuntu and Mint work quite well and are free. People became reliant on windows when it was about the sole system after it killed off Navigator. One can keep Windows 7 and dual or triple boot it with Mint and Ubuntu and just use windows 7 off line in order to use MSoffice 2010 and MSword.
Corporate collusion to force consumers to buy new computers and operating systems has most intel icore gen 6, 7 and 8 cpu chips soldered to the motherboard and difficult to upgrade. Sockets were changed after gen 5 Broadwell architecture and after Skylake, Kaby lake and Coffee lake the sockets for the cpu changed again, so one can't put a gen 9 or 10 cpu into prior computer sockets. Lenovo computers aren't bad, yet one can't buy a three year old model and put a gen 9 cpu in it. Even the communists are gouging consumers.
Major computer manufactures should at least sell computers without an installed OS for $150 less without Windows 10. Free operating systems are very easy to get and install.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

President Trump's Reasonable Criticism of the Late Sen. John McCain?

President Trump recently renewed criticism of the late Senator John McCain's neo-liberal yet synthetic policies and persona. That elicited a vigorous chastisement from the media including the usually supportive Fox News. As the leading political officer of the Republican party President Trump has an implicit right to criticize what he views as fundamentally wrong political policy. The late Senator McCain was famous for 'maverick' political positions developed over a long period of time in close association with his fellow brain cancer sufferer the late Senator Ted Kennedy. The two seemed to share many positions. Senator McCain definitely did not qualify as a true conservative, except in cases of war, where he sought to enter conflict wherever possible.

Senator McCain seemed to personify the one-party state. For the senator, being a maverick seemed to mean taking up liberal causes while being a big spender on defense. Senator McCain's Cold War history led him towards finding conflict with the new Russia rather than finding or creating opportunities for increased closer ties with it. That was a huge sea change away from the Reagan years for developing increasingly closer ties.

Senator McCain received much reverence from the media for being a war hero. President Trump said McCain wasn't a hero; that being a p.o.w. isn't heroic. Yet no one would want to be a p.o.w. except perhaps if the alternative is death (unless one was a WW II Japanese soldier where the dishonor might be worse than death). That raises a difficult point about the late Senator McCain's Vietnam War record.

Some question the way John McCain became a prisoner of war. His father was the commander of all naval pacific forces. Some sailors probably hated him for that, especially draftees. He was a fighter pilot. Sitting in his aircraft on the flight deck of the Forestal a missile from a plane broadside to him launched and shot his. A firing pin was missing allowing a missile to be fired. At any rate, the ensuing fire and bomb cook-offs killed 134 sailors. McCain was transferred to Saigon to be a liaison officer.

Then he requested transfer to another carrier to fly again. He agitated aboard the carrier to fly right away before getting situated. He insisted on flying a mission to bomb Hanoi. During the mission he disregarded instructions about flight operations, about flying to low, and was shot down. He said a SAM missile shot him down though the other pilots flying with him said they saw no evidence of a missile. He broke his jaw ejecting from the jet fighter and then landed into the unsympathetic arms of his captors for the better part of the next decade. Then he returned to the United States with the war's end and was elected Senator. Is that all heroic?

The Vietnam action had a million heroes and stories. It is difficult to say that one was more heroic than another sometimes. I met a Sgt Benevidez in Texas while attending theology school. He was awarded a medal of honor and operated a garage in El Campo Texas. Carlos Hathcock was another one of those guys with extraordinary performance in battle, Unquestioned courage deserves respect. That is why some people found Senator McCain's record and description as a hero suspect.

There is no question that John McCain was a fighter; a guy that would enter a brawl to help an embattled friend. It may be wrong though to ascribe to his record such valor as to cover a plenitude of bad political choices in the Senate.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Shouldn't President Trump Fire General Neller?

Shouldn't President Trump fire Marine Corps Commandant General Neller for insubordination? The General's stupid remarks that defending the border against illegal immigration poses an unacceptable risk to the Marine Corps are nearly treasonous. He might be a fan of Beto O’Rourke who wants no border security at all so billions of people can volkerwanderung around the United States as they feel the feet move them. 

General Neller may not comprehend that defending the land area of the Unitied (crumbling?) States and the properties of rights and real property is the sole reason for the existence of the Marine Corps. Its purpose isn't to have high pay and benefits with lots of war gaming and fine equipment to sometimes go kill people in third world countries.

If defending the southern border poses an "unacceptable risk to Marine Corps combat readiness and solvency", it isn't good to consider what might happen if the Corps faces a tougher opponent.

Gold Value After Economic-Government Apocalypse

Gold is the simplest identity-value item in existence. Gold and bullets might continue to be valued in a society with complete social breakdown. Philosophical value theories (axiology) may serve to offer numerous alternative value-objects or even behaviors and constructions as valuable instead of money. In the event of economic collapse depending upon what the demographic facts are and who leads if anyone, new values may arise to replace that which formerly existed.

If the American Midwest evolves into a desert like the Sahara within two hundred years as some people predict because of global warming, water may become more valuable. If there are epidemic lethal diseases, vaccines for immunity may be most highly valued. The answers to what future value theory will be are speculation and even fiction, yet interesting to consider. They are limited only by social and individual intelligence. If people are as dumb interactively as ants and follow the meat stimulating scent of the fetish of value perhaps some ecospherically profitable variable value will need to be usefully invented so the workers accomplish something productive rather than counterproductive for the environment.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Oppophobia Hits Democrat Fellow Travelers Hard

Fellow travelers of Democratic Party antiphobists such as militant Muslim propagandists have a renewed vigor for increasing Muslim attack on American political inside-lines through the mechanism of opposition to Islamophobia. Islamophobia is a vanguard tool of the renewed post-OPEC annexation of wealth of Middle- Eastern oil fields that brought a formerly arrested civilization to a new age of expansion and attack on the dar al harb (zone of war) through a variety of means.

The western world today is supposed to have a psychological disorder if it aware of history and of Islamic history being that of a rival civilization to the Western (and now Eastern) civilization since its beginning in the 7th century. For a time, after the last Muslims were expelled from Iberia at Granada in 1492, Muslims attacked from Turkey and on a broad Eastern flank with Islamafied former horde cadres of Genghis Khan. As the west prospered and technologically grew the Muslim world stagnated. Hence Arnold Toynbee described Islam as an arrested civilization. However that status change with the billions and billions of dollars of cash from oil sales. Several Muslims terror organizations including state sponsored terrorism began a renewed attack on the west through a variety of means. Some of those had plausible deniability- while the expansion of Madrassas and mosques continued.

In spite of decades of terrorism and even destruction of the world trade center towers in New York the Muslim hegemony on the west through growth of Islamic migrants and communications, propaganda in support of Islam can claim the west has some sort of unhealthy psychological aversion to its culture, Shria (Islamic legal code) and religion. Those interested in the health of civilization would be incompetent if they were not aware of the challenges Islam presents to a decadent morality of the west, synergy with leftist polemics of attack on conservative America, and history of the liberal use of terrorism accompanying the Muslim return to prosperity and internationalism.

The left and Muslim polemicists over-use the pejorative psychological jargon for aversion; phobia. Political opposition is fine. Democrats and fellow travelers have an aversion to opposition; an oppophobia, that makes the truth harder to find and work with as it should in order to invent better social relations that respect cautiously the ways of others. That cannot occur on a one-way street. Democrats need to lose their oppophobia.

There are a lot of variables in politics. Democrats tend to like to mash them all together and say nothing matters. Politicians should address particular variables differently as they should be managed in order to work toward a more optimal line of development rather than an entropic one. Of course it is easier to just be loose and for anything politically because that requires little or no competence.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Sanders, Putin and Warren; Similar Opinions?

Bernie Sanders on socialism may share some opinions about politics with Russian President Putin. Mr. Putin may be semi-socialist as he goes about reforming Russia with a Super-Presidency invented by Boris Yeltsin. President Putin said that the U.SS.A. isn't a democracy because of the electoral college. I think he might misunderstand the way the electoral college is representative of formerly independent states that created a Union while keeping some independence in proportional representation, The system keep a heavily populous state like N.Y. or California from taking federal power and ordering everyone's resources brought to their own.

President Putin should not do as American politicians do, he should try to keep up working on the the good U.S. constitution says; U.S. politicians do not really get it sometimes. Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren is for abolishing the electoral college. Hopefully President Putin is not providing collusion with or for either Mr. Sanders or Ms. Putin.

Abolishing the electoral college would allow a dominating federalism elected by a geographic minority to legislate and execute laws diverting rivers to California and natural resources from one state to the minority for disposal. That might be desirable in Russia that has a tradition of strong Moscow centrist rule, yet for the United States centricism and rule by the most populous states would pervasively corrupt what democracy still survives in the corporatist political ecosystem. The national capital could be relocated to New York or Los Angeles, or both seasonally and the government could be run directly by Wall Street-Government partnership.

Two-Sex Wombmates Balance Probably an Evolutionary Success

Recent reports have shown that female and male twins born together (one male and one female) diminish the abilities of the female twin. Evolution has found a winning formula that doesn't work so well for modern urban female opinion. The latter would think the female twin should be equal in ability and worldly success.

Male babies mature reproductively later than females, so a more stable social environment is requisite. During tough times more female babies are born. Select male advantages of sharing a womb with a female are interesting, yet the female will find reproduction easy even with lesser ability- maybe- than her brilliant twin brother.

There are likely to be numerous reasons why evolution has structured a slight advantage for male twins over their female womb-mates that will be discovered. It is an irony that what people want isn't necessarily what evolution and/or God would regard as the best course for human events. What is wisdom to man is foolishness to God.

Congress Should Establish Non-Binding National Referenda

The Congress should establish non-binding national referenda and permits perhaps three per year to poll voters actively on controversial or neglected issues.

Congress should also not try to monkey with the electoral college for it may be the most important recognition and utilitarian expression of state's rights as quasi-independent states within a national union. To alter the electoral college would in effect annihilate vestigial independence of the 50 states, and that is a bad idea, for all of the flumery and corruption by a federal authority that would be likely to follow.

Fiber Optic Skylights

Apparent skylights collecting sunshine and running it through fiber optic cable through a window to an in-room photon disperser should be available on the market sometime soon, if they aren't already, since they should be easy to manufacture and install.

Many rooms that could be lit during the day with sunshine from a skylight instead of light bulbs can't be easily retrofit with a hole cut into the roof (that costs a lot too except for do it you-selfers. With luck someone will manufacture the items and sell them at Home Depot later this year. For pull up windows there should be security screen that fits into the opening and can be made fast to the window and sill securely to prevent easy burglary access.

Fiber optic cable should be in 10, 20 and 30 foot lengths.

Home-Schooling Law Degrees

I thought I would mention that on-line law degrees are well established. One might save some of the costs of residence in a distant state if working on-line from home, while attending law school.

So many fields change. One might even imagine a distant future where 3D printing locally replaces select foreign imported consumer goods.

Concord Law School Global

Expert systems programs for legal training may evolve to bring down the cost of legal education leading to passing a state bar exam. Legal trainees may be able to learn and try to pass law exams at home before taking the official test in order to learn where they need to strengthen upan reinforce weak areas.

One should someday be able to purchase a complete, quality law degree training course for five easy payments of $19.95. Presently even on-line degrees may cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Global Economy Ahead; Collapse or Expansion

My opinion about the global economy is that it will change rather than collapse. A philosophical paradigm for economics would be a better criterion for speculating about global economics for me since I am not an economist.

A Petri dish with a growth medium given bacteria tends to grow its economy of being until it consumes all the resources before collapse. Some politicians have more intelligence than some bacteria so one might expect them to have a political economic management style that is more thoughtful of the limits to certain kinds of growth.

For human economics there are extraneous factors that affect policy and practice not within the political control of a sovereign nation. That might be foreign invasion or foreign dumping of product, collapse of foreign sourced materials, competition and so forth. In a global economy there are several economic regulatory agencies with varying degrees of efficiency or lack of. That was a fundamental point I wanted to make concerning management of global economics through regulation rather than exhaustion of resources; regulation that is counterproductive, countercyclical or ineffective may be a cause or stimulus for economic well-being or failure. If regulations lead to economic collapse then reform of economic regulation follows. And if economics falter under the existing state of regulation then the regulations tend to be modified.

Economic cycles have certain courses that occur in relation to growth. Thomas Piketty wrote about the history of those in the well worth reading book Capital in the Twenty First Century. Sometimes economic managers aren’t aware of historical economic relationships perhaps and work against them, as if one was trying to build a sand castle near the water’s edge on an incoming rather than an outgoing tide.

Sometimes economic managers of regulation need to look ahead, such as building a moon base for advanced materials and technical research and support for commercial activity, yet the future isn’t a panacea for present deficiencies in economic method- only a vector of opportunity.

Monday, March 18, 2019

US-Soviet Russia WW II Alliance

Stalin was a sub-optimal military leader and the Soviet dictatorship was cold-blooded in war. If Stalin had not made an agreement with Hitler to take Finland in exchange for neutrality it is possible Hitler might not have started the war. As it was Hitler invaded Poland and so did Stalin in 1939. Then the Soviets captured Finland in the winter war. When the two serpents turned upon one another, the Hitler-Stalin agreement was terminated. War in Leningrad was to develop in 1941-42, by which time Field Marshall Rommel and his Panzer edge was being blunted by the British at El Alemein
If 70% of the storm troopers were not former socialists that believed that Hitler would purge the aristocracy if in power, Hitler might not have taken power in Germany and the war might not have occurred. As it was Hitler declared war on the United States in 1941, after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and the U.S. declared war on Japan. The United States had to fight a world war on two broad fronts it didn’t want.
The United States had kept England in the fight after western Europe was lost with lend lease and other material support until entering the war itself. Stalin had purged his military of high ranking officers in his paranoia before the war. The Red Army was in a less than optimal condition when Operation Barbarossa was launched upon the Soviet Union.
Hitler had some allies in the Ukraine as well as in other Eastern European nations who would act as fifth columnists in the fight against the Soviets. Eisenhower wanted to directly invade France to attack, yet Roosevelt forestalled that. Rommel and the Panzers in North Africa needed to be addressed. When the Brits and Americans wound up the Wehrmacht, Italy was an obvious place to flow the war. A general pincers attack on two European fronts along with Soviets engaging in a third on the east presented tactical complications for the former corporal.
Britain was able to supply the Soviets with about 700 tanks in 1941 and together with the U.S.A., about 5000 tanks in 1942. During the entire war the Soviet produced about 350,000 wheeled vehicles while the United States supplied more than 500,000. The U.S.A. provided most of the armored troop vehicles the Soviets had for they produced none during the war. U.S. and Britain built 40% of the Soviet Air Force.
There is no question about the value of the Soviet war contribution to defeating Germany and the axis powers. Most Americans do not learn Soviet history- just western history, and learn of their own national contribution in that regard. The allies were a team, rather like the super band Cream that played together for just two years, that accomplished a lot working together.
Questions like; Could the Soviet Union have survived the Nazi invasion if the other allies had not been in the war?, or Could the allies have won the war without Soviet participation? are interesting, yet unrealistic historical speculation or war gaming practice for war theorists. Stalin was about as lethal to Soviet subjects before the war as Hitler was during the war. The kulakization policy alone killed I believe, twenty million people. Red Army soldiers fought well, yet the peasant soldier sleeping on the frozen ground in a greatcoat was a tradition reaching far, far back in Russian history under the Tsars. They were badly used during the Second World War by the communists.

Opportunity Rover Was Partly to Blame for New Zealand Shooting

When the Mars Opportunity Rover died and transmitted its last image with all of the pathos of the Martian landscape there is no telling what effect it had on the psyche of the New Zealand shooter. When the final images from Mars went blank and the brave little rover was defeated with barely a squeak in the oppressive cold and dirt flung around that inhospitable world marginalized people faced the loss of opportunity and hope. Thus the way of the gun may have presented as a last chance to relive the memories of the good times and lost world.

Alternatively it may have been the prsence of the Opportunity Rover on Mars that enraged the New Zealand shooter and iit last gasp emboldened the shooter to take the headlines for himself. If democrats had financed a manned lunar base with a mass driver constructed to fling supply off world the shooter might have been stifled into peaceful contemplation of the Green New Deal.

Opportunity Catches its Shadow
image credit NASA- Opportunity Rover 

Sunday, March 17, 2019

President Obama Was Far More Aggressive Abroad Than President Trump

President Obama stimulated wars across North Africa and the Middle East. The Syrian war was easily avoidable yet he kept puffing it up with support for revolutionary-guerrilla terrorists that led to more than a million casualties. He ordered a U.S. war on Libya that made room for Al Qaeda and Isis in the wake.

President Obama drove relations with Russia downward to the realm of a new Cold War. His policies were aggressive in support of Europe’s will to annex as much of the former Soviet Union lands as possible, and to create more sales for the defense establishment. Conflict in the Ukraine grew as a possibility. He supplied weapons and intelligence to a region that could have been peacefully joined in prosperous, amicable relations.

President Obama made the Bush II tax cuts permanent when all he needed to do was to let them expire. The tax cuts for the most rich enabled a globe of investments for the 1%ers and Chinese partners too.

President Trump has yet to start a foreign war, increased taxes only moderately (they were already too low), has added just a trillion and a half to the public debt (it should have decreased yet the increase was modest compared to President Obama’s.

President Obama traveled to more foreign countries than President Trump. President Trump has sought to normalize relations with the difficult communist leadership of North Korea. President Obama signed foreign accords such as that of Paris on global warming remediation, while President Trump has not (he should have unilaterally surpassed the Paris accords with innovation).

In my opinion President Obama was far more aggressive.

Quantitative Comparison of White vs Non-White Terrorism Shows Non-Whites WIning

A quantitative analysis and comparison of the numbers of terrorist incidents around the world on a racial basis would have non-whites- mostly Muslims, winning by miles and miles. The United States has fewer Muslim terrorists than it would if it had not spent billions and billions on Homeland Security. That obnoxious airport screening if removed would perhaps allow an airliner to be blow up at least annually if not more often over American skies.

The corporatist media finds white nationalists are the problem though.

White Nationalism vs White Y Gene Extinction

I don't like the term white nationalism that is popular in the corporate media, pejoratively. There are numerous derivative and collateral connotations associated with it as well as assumptions of what remedies and courses for it are. One must also stipulate that it exists as an actual problem or thing for-itself rather than as a fictitious media creation for political and demographic sales purposes.

The term in the United States flows from a continuum of pejorative ideas from the old south before the elimination of convict labor rentals to companies and Jim Crow segregation. With the liberation of non-whites and other poor from the old style exploitation the concept of legal compensation appeared as well as affirmative action politics to compensate those exploited previously. All white culture was regarded as an oppressive class instead of just whites of the old south. All male whites except for the most queer liberals were lumped into the class of oppressors by their opponents. Empirically women boosted themselves up and joined with the progeny of former slaves, children of illegal immigrants and Asians in Affirmative Action and a slew of litigation that compelled equal pay for equal government work.

Eventually straight white males were regarded as being an  undeserving 
insider class of inherited privileges oppressive to affirmative action classes. Support for illegal immigration and any policies that downgraded straight white males so they would be nothing more than proles among equals was accepted as right and proper politics for the left. The grave ecospheric threats that presented including global warming were regarded as arising and continuing because of white corporate activities and culture. The party line went that if women and former minorities were in charge, even with socialism, the result would be a swift return to a decent world where exploitation was gone and nationalism no longer let males wage battles for resources and power over women and non-whites everywhere.

Some extremist white males were traditionalists regarding history and viewed racial life as competition. Such competition has existed for the entire history of human culture and isn't appropriate for addressing the ecospheric challenges facing all humans on Earth. There are of course additional elements that drive societies, races, cultures and imperial aristocrats to battle or subjugate others that are not gone from the world, even nearly. It is ironic that godless evolutionists only that cannot comprehend how theology could incorporate modern physical cosmology tend to divide society and support wars for religious reasons themselves even from within an antipathetic role.

Another irony is purely biological as those passing on just x genes in the U.S.A. are working to exterminate European-American y gene culture. Y genes do not pass on through women. Historically flooding a land area with external, non original cultural y genes has driven out or exterminated the native y gene culture.

Recently a scientific study found that the y gene culture of Iberia in 4500 b.c.- dark haired and blue-eyed farmers, was extirpated over time by an influx of Eastern Europeans. While the female x gene culture could pass on, it was the foreign origin male y gene culture that replaced the former y gene culture that was more native. A similar process is slowly occurring in the United States, and resistance to y gene cultural genocide is a legitimate basis for white nationalism to exist (besides the reasonable desire to keep the founding culture alive so far a possible).

What kept the aboriginal American y gene culture from being entirely exterminated was segregation on reservations. Cultural segregation is requisite for viable continuity of minority y gene culture amidst a very large majority.

The issue of if a racial group of y genes is better than another, or even significantly different, is far beyond by knowledge. It is unfortunate that such issues arise at a time in history when every culture should be doing better where it is to conserve ecospheric resources and ecospheric health while advancing the quality of human life and the technology. Those are challenges that cannot be well addressed by a drunken like mad bull forward rush by men or women of any culture, as they seek to overcome and dominate any polity where they happened to be. Exploitation is bad for humanity in all its forms.

Nations also support political diversity and experimentation that does not exist in one with a solitary world government. Competition is generally good and productive more so than a large village commune under one dictatorship might allow. White culture in the United States has had some strong points in that it supported liberation of oppressed people it regarded as equal. All men are created equal was a basic political idea regarding worth. That idea is not present invariably in white nationalist approaches. White nationalism also creates fear of immoral forms of white assertion such as that of Nazi Germany, and those are reasonable though not well measured fears today. Those fears tend to drive proletariats in U.S. politics toward extermination of white culture, and white y gene culture, that created the concepts that were presented and actualized during the foundation of the United States.

The strong points of white y gene culture might be science and technology, Christianity and constitutional principles of equality of human worth as individuals. Some of those points are absent from racist y gene culture and non-white y gene and xx cultures. The drive to eliminate any genetic culture isn’t in keeping with the strong points of white y gene culture. A greater irony is that the most strong element- Christian faith, is a gift from God to all people equally.

Complicating the issue are underlying extra motivations by numerous actors to degrade the United States intentionally and unintentionally. Corporations for one, seek more market share and product sales, so expanding sales and consumerism to non-white cultures was a practice of white owned and led corporations. Corporations are also usually protrans-nationalism and work too degrade national sovereignty and political power everywhere. Ads on television are leading agents of social change with interracial couples and homosexuals being placed or featured these days. As in the slavery era of the antebellum south, individuals pursue their own immediate, narrow economic interests before those of culture. Corporations, slavers, political leaders and the most rich still tend to pursue their own immediate self interests and regard cultural issues as externalities.

Nationalism is being morphed by the 1%  super rich owned media to equate to white nationalism and thus terrorism. One media writer seemed to think the President of the United States should work to get rid of nationalism.

That would be too convenient for global corporatism, communism and misc. totalitarians.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Free WiIll and the Eternal Coherent Quantum Field

Consider for a minute the nature of free choices. Say that God has created 1000 pre-determined paths and that you, as a kind of intelligent pinball, can roll along any of the paths. If one has conditional freedom, the degrees of freedom are those that one may choose. What number of choices would make one free? What if one were very dumb yet free and could never think of more than one or two things to do? Would free will be limited by that individual or His creator?

Can one be said to be free if one is restricted to being subject to a gravitational field that draws one toward mass? Can a human being in a steady state of mass that is generally made of decohered quantum wave-particle strings from a coherent field of all possible world lines be said to be free? To be is to be in a solid state mass of strings downloaded into particle-waves and a solid-state of matter. Matter exists because of symmetry breaking of all potential locations of coherent particles. Observations of quanta brings symmetry breaking.

The entire symmetry breaking of the Universe that becomes mass could be a result of the observation in the mind of God of quanta that became decohered by design. Is one free then knowing that an eternal coherent quantum field of all possible decoherent forms that fall into space-time thermodynamics, or not? That is the question, much less than those of what the mechanics are of the coherent quantum field that hasn't dimensions and time.