Friday, December 14, 2018

Obamacare Individual Mandate Ruled Unconstitutional

So many people knew that it was unconstitutional for the government to compel people to buy insurance and to tax other people to pay for it. A federal judge saw it that way too and ruled the Individual mandate unconstitutional. So much time wasted by Obamacare. Democrats should have just expanded VA Hospitals and homeless clinics, brought them together to treat those that are actually poor for nothing, and built a national electromagnetic tube transport system to get people to treatment locations.

Hobson's Choice of Paying off Federal Debt or Economic Growth?

There are innumerable configurations of macro-economic relations possible. Creative economic minds select one course of action for political economy and determine the present vector. Yet the U.S. Government probably is functioning to materially benefit the 1%. Three billionaires have as much wealth as 160 million U.S. citizens. Concentrating wealth allows the most rich to buy the media and control political opinion and thought to a certain extent while also closing down secure internet sites for writers to express dissenting ideas. One could reduce the federal debt (and they should) yet that would require progressive taxation and Americans have been misled to believe that higher taxes on the rich support indolent socialists that don’t want to work and want everything for nothing.
A democracy should be somewhat egalitarian and support individual independence so far as possible. Because concentrated wealth can become a political danger the progressive tax is requisite to keep the blimps tethered.
Democracy is the great middle ground between socialism and plutocracy. Democracy can serve the demographically real people best and fairly reform non-sustainable economic policy toward sustainable economic foundations that place growth in quality instead of material quantity. Most U.S. politicians are unable or unwilling to defend real democracy and progressive taxes instead of sieging the capitalist fuhrer of either party in the White House who may nominally talk about conservation of the environment but in fact doesn’t in the least move away from the concentration of wealth to the point of making the 1% royalty. One-percent economics is non-sustainable economics and completely against democracy.

Maybe This is Why Some Foreigners Consider the U.S.A. a Great Nation

The United States has had the strongest democracy for a couple of centuries with liberal immigration policy and freedom from the ossified social structures of the old world or the pathos and suffering of underdeveloped countries. Landing a man on the moon made a good impression although Steph Curry of the Warriors doesn’t believe that really happened. Being on the winning side of the past two world wars mattered.
In recent years the concentration of wealth tarnished the image with just three of our billionaires having as much wealth as half of the citizens of the nation. The left have supported foreign sides of armed conflicts since the start of the 20th century now and then and they have helped create a negative view of the U.S.A. and sometimes seek globalist socialism such as that envisioned by Trotsky. Most of the broadcast media are left-leaning corporatist stooges that are not for egalitarian democracy with progressive taxation. The ultra-rich and global socialists are both globalists, so Hollywood leftists get along well with the 1% as long as they are well paid.
Many Americans are against foreign migration to the United States now because of the economic structure that tends to benefit the rich, create vast public debt and encourage cheap foreign labor for the advantaged with immigration and outsourcing. If foreigners don’t want to migrate here that would be good.
Ecological economics and sustainable economics require a stable population too rather than millions more. The nation already has 320 million souls and without radical ecological economic reform that is nearly impossible to innovate with the current political stasis, that is more than enough. The economy is on a disposable material foundation of non-renewability like that of most nations and eventually, with over-population, that won’t work.
Censorship through indirect means is increasing in the U.S.A. though it is not as bad as that of authoritarian nations. Corporatism closes down venues for writing and expressing dissenting political opinions while authoritarian nations like China just arrest people and toss them in jail.
The United States continues to have religious freedom unlike China and Muslim nations. The evolutionary atheists movement hates Christian though and are gradually trying to marginalize Christians.
The United States also has a large economy, military and allows free enterprise. Foreigners locating to the U.S.A. are often very successful in business.
N.A.S.A. photo from L.R.O.
New Earthrise Image from LRO spacecraft

About the Worst Charges the President Faces

It may be that no one is very sure of what Mueller is looking into. It is a kind of posterior alien probe providing ongoing pain for the President. A federal judge presently is examining the F.B.I. paradigm for the Flynn interview and Mueller may have some tainted evidence. It all does seem partisan and hostile in comparison to the treatment that Hillary and minions got. They were widely believed to be liars and no sort of lying charges were brought.

Yet there are some funny elements to the Democrat Party efforts to purge the Republican President from office. It looks like it could be boiling down to a matter of if the payments to a couple of women that say they sexed the President years ago were some sort of campaign finance violation, and that seems rather far-fetched.

The most serious matter however, might be if Special Investigator Mueller has evidence of alien life forms from Area 51 acting in collusion with Donald Trump to move the Earth elsewhere in the galaxy because of all of its liquid water. Three billionaires in the U.S.A. have more money that 160 million U.S. citizens. Americans like bread and circuses more than egalitarian democracy. Luckily none of those billionaires are in cahoots with the extra terrestrials that might be colluding with the President if they exist.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

RT News Notes That PM Trudeau is President Trump's Lackey

Finally an independent opinion has arisen noting that Canada is a lackey of the U.S.A. Russia's RT news wrote that  Canada is an American lackey. America lacks colonies yet it may have a lackey equivalent of a Facebook follower. So far as I know this is the first media use of the term lackey since the end of the Cold War so history is being made.

Canada arrested someone named  Meng Wanzhou. China is arresting Canadians as hostages to secure the release of Meng who I believe is being extradited to face charges in the US. Supposedly she coordinated sanctions violations and sold product to Iran that was American.

Huawei is larger than Apple and second only to Samsung in making smartphones. Their 5G products may be directly used for Red Army espionage, or some other intelligence agency.

Canada seemed to want to be independent during the recent NAFTA renegotiation and PM Trudeau had a rather piffy attitude now and then. Yet as an American lackey he did not complain when American motor plants were closed recently because prospects for building in China down the road may be better than Canada that pollutes rivers with mining tailings piles' wastewater.

Probably RT has shamed Canada enough now to make them reconcile with Russia over Ukraine and seek better relations with China as their lackey, leaving lackeyhood with the U.S.A. It is important to anticipate or at least keep track of the primary nations of interest. Saudi Arabia didn't accuse Canada of being anyone's lackey. Maybe that isn't an Arabian concept.

Russion Collusioner Butina Cops Plea for Influencing NRA to be Conservative

Evidently the National Rifle Association was the unwitting dupe of a femme fatale Russian spy and community conspiracy organizing agent trying to persuade the National Rifle Association- quite unfairly- to vote for Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton as they  normally would have. Democrats are all over gun ownership rights and border security.

President Trump's former fixer-lawyer plead guilty to throwing the election to Donald by paying two former alleged sex partners of the President as well as the National Enquirer to not publicize the salacious alleged sex. Normally Donald Trump wouldn't care if women and the national scandal sheets told the planet about his sexual adventures. House Speaker to be Nancy Pelosi recently questioned Donald Trump's manhood publicly suggesting that he wanted a big wall to compensate for his genetic endowments. Plainly the President prefers the former sort of publicity rather than the latter

Speaker Pelosi might want the world to believe California is wide-spread and waiting for illegal immigrants. She might agree that those seeking asylum in Caravans should be given $50,000 apiece as they demand to return to Central America or else they will continue to agitate for asylum and discover ways to slip through holes in security to California.

The collusion of Russia to get President Trump elected apparently went so far as to promise to base Russian nuclear-capable bombers in Venezuela to help out the President if he nears impeachment. The American public is so gullible to foreign election interference that they cannot be trusted and in the future Democrats may need to rule by decree or at least special electors to vote as Demo leaders know Americans would vote if they had any sense.

                                                                                   Inside the Russian Tu-160 Bomber in Venezuela via RT News

Older Arctic Sea Ice Disappearing (NASA Video)