Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Democrat Party Leaders Hate Red State Voters

Democrat Party leaders seem only to care for the interests of party members instead of the people of the United States. Republicans gifted with many dumb or rather wrong ideas do at least appear to care about all of the people of the nation.

Democrats seem to care more about immigrants and especially illegal immigrants than red state voters. Basically red state voter interests are fair dinkum for decline and the people can eat it even unto death in the probable Democrat Party playbook.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer don't really comprehend nor have ab interest in understanding how an endless stream of illegal, cheap labor bumps out the well being of the poor and middle class in the United States while being primarily of benefit to the rich and Democrat Party voters.

Democrats care about lesbians and male homosexuals, minorities and women that vote Democratic. They care about global socialism and for enriching themselves, yet of red state voters well being, nothing at all.

That's how it seems. They are either negligent or malevolent. So flooding the nation with illegal immigrants and labeling people as KKK symps who support immigration being limited to those that Congress has lawfully allowed to enter through legal immigration policy is nothing at all to Democrat Party leaders.

Clemson Was Given McDonald's Food While Gov Partially Closed

Since the President served the same gruel as soldiers get to the championship Clemson footballers, some media and others are criticizing the President for providing top-of-the-line McDonald's and Burger King foods to the visiting Clemson football team. Maybe the White House servants are gone too- the President has said he is almost alone there. Are the media so spoilt as to think quality fast food in hard times is a hardship or even an insult?


Combat soldiers were given a substantive upgrade when VP Cheney brought fast foods to the war zone of Iraq. It beats c-rats. So why should football players that if pro expect to e millionaires and never serve in the military has such a bad attitude toward food that hasn't got nice meats with the crusts cut off and other delicacies such as Russian caviar?

President Trump also forgot the Crystal champagne.

Maybe the real reason the SF Warriors did visit the White House  after winning the N.B.A. title was the food. They might have believed it wasn't up to San Francisco treat standards they are accustomed to.

Canada; Good or Bad Target for Refugees?

Many international refugees and or fugitives flee to Canada as a destination of first choice.


Let us briefly consider if this is a good choice or not. For behind the misty fog of Molson's beer we may find the facts.

Fact one. Canada is cold and getting warmer.

Fact two. The magnetic north pole is fleeing Canada and moving toward Russia for refuge.


Explorers and mushers that rely on a good position for the magnetic north pole are becoming confused and even lost due to the government shutdown that does not fund the tracking of the pole

Monday, January 14, 2019

If Pres.Trump Could Share Common Ground With Russian Business That's Good

Maybe President Putin will supply a text for his private conversations with President Trump that are the present media-political football. Hillary has already said “I told you so. He’s a puppet.”- in reply to the theory that President Trump was working for the Russians.

I hope the Mueller investigation ends soon because an interminable one lasting nearly the entire term of office or at least into the next election cycle’s campaign season is corruption more or less.

The idea that the Russians influenced anything substantial in U.S. political opinion about substantive issues is not credible. If U.S. opinions were made and held so lightly that the citizens could be programmed by foreign sponsored ads that is a concern more about the nature of American reasoning than who the martinets were.

If President Trump was working to end the recrudescent Cold War and arms race including nuclear weapons that would be beneficial to Americans even if it is something that Russia wants. Russia would also like good commercial relations and that is definitely in U.S. interests too. Just because Democrats prefer to go the neo-socialism way that China offers more than to have close relationship with a growing free enterprise Russia that is no good reason to entertain every paranoia they have about defining normal statesmanship as treason or collusion, improper, etc.

Mr. Mueller has six months of new financing for his investigation- that is simply too much and he should conclude the investigation forthwith and let the public (Congress) decide if they need further investigating. Thus i.m.o. will probably let Mr, Mueller conclude his investigation. Of course it will be made public- classifying it simply would not happen, and it did it would just be redacted to line out classified material.

Non-Believers in Global Warming are the New N-Word(s)

Apparently many people believe that those adults that don't believe in global warming are the new n(wiggers). That's too bad. Many are very nice people that don't understand that cars are the major gtreenhouse pollutant sources in the nation and their beliefs are wrong.

President Trump though a good businessman and correct on the border barrier unfortunately is regarded as something of a N(wigger) for his global warming non-belief.


One must wonder if any of the three are global warming non-believers- maybe all three.

Can President Putin Publish What He and Pres Trump Talked About?

It is likely that it was Director of the F.B.I. James Comey who investigated the matter of President Trump possibly working for Russia. Plainly the President of the U.S.A. should work against Russia to help restart the cold war better because a lot of jobs depend on that. New arms need to be built to create prosperous economies. The United States is confused about what direction international relations could or should have taken after the terrible end of the cold war.

In the good old days before President Trump seemed to chummy with President Putin the United States was making progress and renewing hostile relations such as existed with the former Soviet Union. President Reagan isn't around anymore so its o.k. to get a good nuke arms race going and even space-ships of war race.

President Putin; you may be called before the Mueller Investigation to testify as to what President Trump said to you in Helsinki and at any other occasion where it was not on the public record. If you would just send the record to wikileaks it might pre-empt that. Unfortunately it does appear that you won't be asked over to a summit in DC this year or to speak to a joint session of Congress.

Did President Trump Ever Eat Fish Eggs?

Russian sympathizers are known to eat fish eggs. It is called caviar by the barbarians. They also eat sea snails named welks, and sea spiders named crabs. The F.B.I. may have overlooked those obvious tells when investigating the President as a resident Russian agent.

Ancient Germans in the day of Tacitus used a float test to determine truth or falsehood. Those that could not float wearing concrete galoshes were deemed guilty. The F.B.I. may have discovered a more modern method of investigating Donald Trump; Special Harasser Mueller will subpoena the President to do the Cossack dance. If he cannot he is no Russian agent and probably just an innocent dupe.

It may be that Democrats hate Russia because it is not socialist enough anymore and like China because it is. Even so there are Democrat sleepers that persist in eating Russian fish eggs; a habit from the old days not easily broken.