Saturday, September 22, 2018

Mobs in the Street Can't Substitute for Democracy

Theoretically the United States democracy is a representative republic, hence mobs in the streets aren’t the preferred way of working political opinion and the will of the people. The Congress has representatives of the people; elected representatives, that get first crack at making laws. It seems as if people aren’t contented with that these days goaded on by media cameras. The second amendment plainly provides for gun ownership.
People have written reminders that the founders allowed for constitutional amendments if the people want that, neither is that process accomplished through mob demonstrations in the streets, trails, parks or waterways. Courts must enforce the constitution. Democrats in the judiciary sometimes act as if they could interpret the constitution in any way they prefer; as if it were the intellectual equivalent of Silly Putty, and that making bad precedents ends the debate. That is known as judicial activism. Unfortunately that method conflicts with truth, language and logic over time, and requires correction.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Field Poems (video) Incld 'Invictus Saved'

Dr. Ford’s Research is the Right Stuff for Accusing Brett Kavanaugh

Dr. Christine Ford; Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, has the right academic background for making an effectively timed public attack on a U.S. Supreme Court nominee. She may have personal antipathy for because of his mother’s adjudication of her family’s home eviction proceeding even though it was dismissed by Brett Kavanaugh’s mother who was the Judge in the case. She may also have political antipathy to the conservative who has a constructionist view on the second amendment that isn’t popular among California liberals.

Dr. Ford’s professional research publications specialize in designing statistical models that can be applied to psychological research. She published a paper on ‘the effects of hiding sexual orientation’- a left-leaning field that might encourage determination for public homosexuality in youth. Without genetic evidence of homosexual nature, the political psychological pretense that homosexuality is natural and should be ‘out-ed’ amid recalcitrant youth that with encouragement might determine they are queer isn’t supportable.

Dr. Ford also wrote on child abuse (probably including teenage girls) and on the 9-11 attack. Each would help her understand effective timing and presentation modes for making sexual allegations against a Supreme Court nominee.

Dr. Ford’s co-authored… How Many Subjects? Statistical Power Analysis in Research. 2015

Invictus Saved

A slightly modified version of the famous poem Invictus by William Henley.

William Ernest Henley, 1849 - 1903

                      Invictus Saved

Trump Tariffs May Stim US and Mex Bicycle Manufacture

President Trump's prospective tariffs on Chinese bicycle dumping could stimulate American production of lightweight, energy efficient electric bicycles. Maybe illegal aliens could remain in Mexico and produce electric bikes for Mexican and American markets that could compete with Chinese bikes with trick pricing on ebay- especially the electric powered bikes that advertise one price and then add 400 dollars after selecting the color.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Couldn't Nike Have Got a Vet Amputee for Its Sacrifice Commercials?

Couldn't Nike have got a vet that actually made a sacrifice in combat for its commercials instead of a millionaire given more millions most notable for protesting during the national anthem?  Some have actually suffered quite a lot, for quite a while, for the nation. Maybe the rich have a different idea regarding sacrifice. Nike commercials seem rather farcical considering. I guess they couldn't afford Bill Gates for an example of sacrifice.

Pro Football is not a sacrifice. Neither is not playing after receiving millions of dollars. One can avoid head injuries that occur to long-time players. Sacrifice has some objective standards. It isn't just giving up caviar on one's filet mignon and accepting Grey Poupon in order to have a portion set aside for Lovie.
Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emanuel Leutze
Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emanuel Leutze, MMA-NYC, 1851.jpg’s Russian Annexation of Crimea Story is BS’s assessment of how Russia took possession is fundamentally a whopper. The facts are that Russia got the Crimea during the reign of Catherine the Great legally as part of a settlement of a Russia-Turkey war. The Soviet Union in ending the Russian imperial government reapportioned areas of Russia into different administrative districts. Yet the Crimea was still Russian regardless of where the Soviets placed it in their structure. When the Soviet Union ended all historically Russian lands should have remained Russian.

Russia was a name almost interchangable with the Soviet Union. It wasn't an entirely different nation. Lands that were in the Soviet Union that were in Russia before the October Revolution will be long regarded as Russian with perhaps, some a Muslim nation exceptions. When the Soviet Union ended so did some Soviet political districts. There is no easy transition after the Evil Empire except to Russian return.

The Ukraine was given away by Lenin to Germany in the Treaty of Brest-Litvosk. German’s had sent Lenin in a sealed train to Russia to take it over and put the Bolshevik party into power. Lenin ended Russia’s participation, or rather that of the Soviet Union and in exchange for peace (and a little promised help) let Germany have much of the Ukraine. Germans moved in and supported the 3rd Reich in world war two when the Soviets (aka Russians and others) took it back from Germany.

So the title to Ukraine is a little fogged. To exclude Russia altogether is bullshit. To pretend that Russia just invaded the Ukraine to take the Crimea because it has been Ukrainian for at least 60 years may be a propaganda point that Bolshevik Ukrainians might want to make, yet it is bullshit, for the benefit of Wall Street-hostile takeover of Russian lands polemicists.

Mobs in the Street Can't Substitute for Democracy

Theoretically the United States democracy is a representative republic, hence mobs in the streets aren’t the preferred way of working polit...