Sunday, January 20, 2019

Democrat-Republican Dialectic of Closed Minds Show Need for Third Party

Democrats would keep the government closed rather than let the President have 5.7 billion dollars more for border security. Plainly there is a need for a tie-breaking third party in government ordinarily.

Brits have coalition parties and show the way parliamentary government is supposed to work stalling implementation of a national referendum and jacking the system to benefit the most rich. Brexit has brought calls for new government yet border security has just brought Speaker Pelosi to demagogic indignity.

A third party might not differ much from the Demo_Republican dialectical evolution of corporatism and scialism unified to concentrate wealth and political power yet it might help bring some ecospheric political progress.

Corporate power controls the media and politics with mass communication control to program the electorate. Democrats have provided Orwellian hate of Russia while seeming to be rabid dogs regarding political theory and priorities. Everyone expects Republicans to just benefit themselves. Conservatives seem somewhat anti-madness yet many are on the Satanic sheet of msic anyway and one could not differentiate them much from Democrats in that regard. Homosexual corporatists seem to be an economic sabotage element glad to break laws for political purposes with internet access technologies. They work like the most conservatives in history toward censorship- lacking any sort of democratic principles of free speech. It is unfortunate that they have politically formed a permanent division within the body politic through a will to intentional domestic political hegemony.

Conservatives often aren't creative enough and resist change that is necessary, positive and utilitarian. Yet rabid, pervasive change and dogish moral norms are not beneficial either. The repression of civil liberties may occur through innumerable avenues.

ETs Might be Interested in Theology

Maybe aliens would be interested in theology. For instance; Would God's omniscience allow an infinite recurrence of mind or does eternal recurrence have a limit in potentially existing only within matter and time? Though God is non-temporal in his eternal being, are black hole singularities with zero-time at 100% general relativity compaction not restricted to particular spatial locations?  Interesting to consider how omniscience relates to N-dimensions and space-time singularity terminal points.

Because there are millions and more black hole singularities time ends at a vast array of spatial locations, yet how do those ends of time coexist with loose spatial-temporal matter without?  Are all ends of time equal and of equal scale? Do space-time terminal points find appropriate classification within Cantor trans-finite infinity sets? One might believe the zero-points move independently of their outward appearance.. White holes may emerge with being and time letting light be and become, and eventually beings are scheduled at teleologically correct moments to consider it.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

A Plot Structure for Dream Formatting

Top-down modular approaches to flowcharting from T=0 to T=Omega aren't the only way to format structure obviously. One can have have natural and rational numbers with different dimensional variables (joking). Contingent dream sections could be modularized as chapter-units them placed on some sort of a tree-chart, harvested and set like bricks into the mosaic that is the story you prefer. If one were like Jorge Luis Borges the mosaic could be a multi-level circular pyramid with a time axis in several directions.

Why Hasn't Musk Developed EMG Mass Drivers for Orbital Launches Yet?

Since the Star Wars program of the Reagan administration developed electro-magnetic accelerators to launch 'smart pebbles' into Earth orbit to attack hostile space vehicles everyone has been developing electro-magnetic accelerators for weapons at least, yet none to my knowledge has adapted the variable and controlled speed magnetic launch switching for launching space modules shaped like bullets more or less with extra disposable heat shield shock absorbers up front. Elon Musk seems like a natural engineer-electro-magnetic propulsion space-developer, so it is a curiosity to me at least why the natural development hasn't occurred?

Chemical rockets are expensive and slow. A linear accelerator 30 miles in length, quite straight and placed gradually upslope in New Mexico could launch rightly designed modules as often as a machine gun. Robert Goddard was aware of the potential of electro-magnetic accelerators for launching to orbit (and between planets with in-space accelerators of a different design and lengths of a thousand miles or more); he sought government funding to build an emg subway from New York to Boston about 1915 or so.

At 3/4s the speed of light travelling to Pluto only takes a couple or three months

Democrat Party-Butina Collusion to Subvert N.R.A.?

One must wonder if the Democrat Party colluded with alleged super-spy model knock-out Maria Butina to infiltrate and weaken a main enemy within the enemy camp; the National Rifle Association. When Hillary Clinton's hard drive was lost or the data erased one might wonder if a trail to Netfliks-worthy material was deleted and unavailable to screenwriters.

The N.R.A. as a target of Russian espionage just seems to lack a certain zing of credibility, unless she was captured with hidden cameras and videos of N.R.A. officials stockpiling classified military weapons for a coup d'etat. Maybe Russians have sent special aging super-agents to infiltrate A.A.R.P. to discover if they are padding their discounts with a little extra for elite staff cadre.

If the Russian Communist Party is sending people with special skills to infiltrate Hollywood to rig the Academy Awards in favor of leftist films (Tom Cruse has never won an Oscar) the Mueller Investigation should open a branch office in Hollywood to interrogate actors and actresses of interest. In the meantime at least they have Butina arrested and unable to try anything tricky that might weaken U.S. gun security.

Speaker Pelosi Set to Censor/Ban State of the Union Speech

President Trump's opportunity to make a state of the union speech before congress is being shot down by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Democrats are the party of censorship these days and apparently Alex Jones being banned from large Internet platforms wasn't enough; they also want to censor and ban the State of the Union speech.

Speaker Pelosi did say the President could submit the speech in writing and presumably some members might get a copy to read. How generous.

The Speaker cited security concerns though Homeland Security said they have the matter in hand. The issue is really about censoring the President's opportunity to say antipathetic political items concerning the border wall and partial government shut down of course. Democrats are used to attacking personally instead of addressing issues and creating party cult loyalty instead of rationally thinking about good ideas independently.

President Trump did at least have the opportunity to postpone another Speaker Pelosi winter travel junket cancelling her Air Force flight to a few countries abroad.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Ocasio-Cortez Esl (?) Adumbration Stimulates the Vile

When Rep. Ocasio-Cortez in an interview said she was going to 'run train' on the progressive agenda the next couple of years she sparked broad laughter and amusement in the media at her adumbration. Probably it was an English as a second language adumbration. Maybe she meant 'engineer' the progressive agenda or something like that.

I read the report at Fox News that went heavily in to the sexual slang usage interpretation. Comments were as happy with the vile interpretation as could be. None apparently were aware of the way ESL speakers or those that forget the particular word they want (I have recently used the substituted the word 'martinet' for 'marionette' in error yet that's not quite the same) use a descriptive phrase meaning the word.

The media makes a living reporting on sensational topics. They profit reporting on wars and other conflicts and do not invest much in trying to solve them. The media want followers (as do most in business) and aren't necessarily ethical in how they get them. When wars are made obsolete for some reason the media can evolve- as they may be already, to simply reporting on corporate products sensationally. The trouble with that is they report the news sensationally and in service to those that pay them or own the reporting media infrastructure.

In some ways it seems as if things are not getting better.