Thursday, February 14, 2019

Inquisitor Mueller Was HEU Mule to Moscow in 2009

In 2009 Sect of State Clinton passed on a request from a Russian ambassador to provide highly enriched uranium (weapons grade) in a small amount for a sting operation. Then F.B.I. Director Robert Mueller was the mule taking the stuff to Russia. It is a very strange history that was documented to a certain extent in a leaked official U.S. government cable via wikileaks.

It is a somewhat suspicious operation in that RUssia probably had pounds or a ton of HEU laying about and available for the FSB, GRU or just President Putin's staff and that they asked Sect. CLinton for a few grams. Unfortunately, it could be the tip of an iceberg regarding collusion between President Obama, Sect. Clinton, their transport mule and President Vladimir Putin. Maybe the Mueller Inquisition should investigate the concern.

"Classified By: EUR/FO: ACTING DAS ANITA FRIEDT E.O. 12958: REASONS 1.4 (B), (D), and (F). 1. (S) This is an action request for Embassy Moscow regarding the delivery by FBI Director Mueller of a requested sample of seized highly-enriched uranium (HEU) to appropriate Russian authorities. Please see para 3. Embassy Tbilisi see para 5. 2. (S) Background: Over two years ago Russia requested a ten-gram sample of HEU seized in early 2006 in Georgia during a nuclear smuggling sting operation involving one Russian national and several Georgian accomplices. The seized HEU has been under U.S. custody and is being held at a secure DOE facility. In response to a 2007 Russian request, the Georgian Government authorized the United States to share a sample of the material with the Russians for forensic analysis. FBI Mueller's trip to Moscow on April 27 provides an opportunity to deliver the requested ten grams from the seized HEU in order to obtain cooperation from the GOR on this nuclear smuggling case and to eventually establish a more productive mechanism of U.S.-Russian cooperation on nuclear forensics. (S//NF) While there was a reasonable exchange of information with Russian security services at the time of the seizure, we have had poor cooperation investigating the diversion of HEU, which the United States believes was stolen from a Russian facility. Russia did not respond to papers that former Acting U/S Rood provided his counterpart in December 2008 reiterating the USG position that Russia should pick up this sample in the United States. Further, when asked for an update on their response to our proposal, DFM Ryabkov told us recently in Washington that there was an interagency dispute over who would come and pick up the material. Given Russia's reluctance to act so far, FBI Mueller's delivery of this sample will underscore to Russia our commitment to follow through on this case. While some details may be too sensitive to discuss, delivery of the sample could enable us to discuss whether Russian authorities investigated the diversion and prosecuted anyone. Moreover, we hope it will spark discussions on mechanisms to exchange information and material on future incidents. 3. (S) Background continued: On April 16, the FSB verbally confirmed to Legatt that there will be no problem with the Russian Ministry of Aviation concerning Mueller's flight (although we probably won't see paperwork until shortly before the trip). The FBI is requiring that the sample be turned over to a Russian law enforcement authority (i.e., FSB) as opposed to an intelligence service (i.e., SVR) or technical authority (i.e., Rosatom). A representative from the responsible Russian Law Enforcement authority, who will accept custody of the sample, must be identified and verified ahead of time. That individual will be required to have signatory authority to accept the sample. Appropriate arrangements need to be made to ensure the transfer of material is conducted at the airport, plane-side, upon arrival of the Director's aircraft. Post should also remind the GOR that this is the material about which the GOR gave the USG nonproliferation assurances in 2008 (ref) in a diplomatic note from February 2008. 3. (S) Embassy Moscow is requested to alert as soon as possible and at the highest appropriate level the Russian Federation that FBI Director Mueller plans to deliver the HEU material once he arrives to Moscow on April 27. Post is requested to convey information with regard to chain of custody, and to request details on Russian Federation's plan for picking up the material. 4. (SBU) Post is requested to draw from background above and the following talking points: --We wish to inform you that FBI Director Mueller plans to arrive in Moscow at approximately 10 pm local time on April 27 with a ten-gram sample of seized HEU, which you requested for nuclear forensics analysis. --We require confirmation that a representative from a responsible Russian law enforcement authority will be available to accept custody of the sample and have signatory authority to accept the sample. --We require that the transfer of this material be conducted at the airport, on the tarmac near by the plane, upon arrival of the Director's aircraft. --We place a high priority on completion of this sample transfer to facilitate your forensic analysis of the material. --Further, with the delivery of this sample, we hope to collaborate more closely on promoting a more effective relationship between our law enforcement organizations to counter illicit trafficking of nuclear materials. --Efforts to work closely on nuclear smuggling and forensics will help advance the goals outlined in our presidents' recent joint statement in London of securing vulnerable nuclear materials and improving nuclear security. --Moreover, it is our hope to eventually establish a more systematic mechanism to facilitate U.S.-Russian cooperation on investigations into nuclear smuggling cases. We continue to believe that Russia should be concerned by the prospect that HEU was diverted from one of its facilities, and should actively investigate the incident. 5. For Embassy Tbilisi: No action is required at this point. At the appropriate time, State will send instructions on alerting the Georgian Government that the transfer of the seized HEU has taken place and is in Russian custody. 6. (U) Department thanks Post for its assistance. Washington point of contacts are Mike Curry, ISN/WMDT, 202-736-7692 ( and Nate Young, EUR/PRA, 202-647-7278 ( Please slug all responses for EUR, ISN/WMDT, and T. CLINTON "

Rousseau's Political Philosophy Isn't Suitable for the U.S. Government

Why should anyone want to use Rousseau’s political philosophy? The social contract doesn’t fit well with the U.S. constitution. It was better suited to France before the revolution when the ruling legal authority was royal.

Under the influence of corporatism and concentrated wealth the legislative branch has moved dangerously toward Contract With America sorts of errors since they don’t well understand the individual and self-determination founding principles of the nation and the way corporate usurpation of political philosophy subverts and corrupts the inherent freedom of citizens of the United States.

Corporatism through the media and entertainment industry tends to provide crank political philosophy ill-suited for a polity that is anything more than subjects dominated by concentrated wealth and power from a tiny minority. Philosophers tend to neglect accurate, realistic work to coordinate , adapt and describe theoretical paradigms for the modern reformation of Adam Smith’s style of capitalism to the contemporary environment such that it would have the same purpose of bettering the lives of the vast majority of the people.
It is not that difficult to synthesize or induct capitalism, free enterprise and ecological economics together along with the best way to support the well being of the people, so they are not dominated or exploited by criminals, deep concentrated wealth or the power of the state.

A more efficient modern government should regulate capitalism so far as to make free enterprise go through ecological economic sustainability hoops before deployment in the field. Patents should be limited to three years of exclusivity with patent holder getting 10% royalties from users thereafter (the world needs a faster pace of technological change and upgrade along with reform of the ecosphere that is undergoing extreme degradation). Public debt should be reduced and corporations limited in the number of employees they may have to some figure like 20,000. That would stimulate competition and quality over quantity.

The Meaning of Judge Jackson's Allegations Regarding Paul Manafort

Disbelief in the veracity of the allegation might not be elicited if the Judge wasn’t a 2010 appointee of President Obama. Partisan judicial opinions are promulgated by the Supreme Court, and I would guess, down through the ranks if one researched the matter.

Amy Berman Jackson - Wikipedia

Democrats are politically at war through the judicial and legislative branches. Their goals and methods of construction require the destruction of independent and/or moral political opposition.

McCabe says he ordered the obstruction of justice probe of President Trump

Meaning of the syntagmatic and paradigmatic content of particular phrases might require some strict relation to the actual language if one isn’t simply to explore the wilderness of linguistic inventiveness from whence few true meanings emerge. If Grand Inquisitor Mueller releases the grand jury testimony and Manafort transcripts, inclusive of all pressure phrases applied by the Grand Inquisitor, that might be a prosecutable offense (of the Grand Inquisitor rather than the President).

The famous wikileak" 

 Couldn't President Putin have supplied his own Highly Enriched Uranium? Were President Obama and Sect of State Clinton-FBI Director Mueller the sole source for weapons-grade Uranium? Didn't President Putin have a few pounds of HEU and Plutonium laying around someplace in 2009? HEU isn't a cup of sugar. Ought not Inquisitor Mueller investigate the issue?

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Universal Medicare and $7 Billion Green Deal Gambits

Obamacare brought a new tax for youth. Medicare would probably bring a larger tax if everyone were forced to get it.

Some people over age 65 have to pay hundreds of dollars a month if they want to have medicare coverage. Medicare is not free for all American citizens that happen to be 65 as it is. Youth would probably need to pay one thousand a month or so if everyone was forced to have Medicare.

I believe Democrat Party financial irresponsibility is the reason for the Medicare gambit.  With the public debt at 22 billion dollars the Medicare system may be broken in the future as democrats want to force everyone working to have it so the system can be funded while debt piles up to pay for boondoggles like a $7 Billion Dollar Green Deal Democrats want the public to buy- or the world will turn into a pumpkin in just 12 years!

Rational regulation and taxation cannot be replaced with Rube Goldberg schemes that won't bring Greenpeace to the world even they are enacted into law. There are lots of ecological problems that won't be easily fixed without deep ecological economic principles being applied while also keeping invention, patents and free enterprise alive.

Maybe Republicans should replace Mitch McConnell with Senator Scott of South Carolina as majority leader, and look for new ideas.

Should Chess Be Added to Winter Olympics

Winter or Summer Olympics? Probably winter. Curling and chess could be packaged together for ticket sales. Athletic sweeping driveways and hurling stone chess boards with mobile player chess benches to follow along before the jump might bring excitement. It might also be reasonable to combine chess pieces with weight lifting. Make the chess pieces weigh a minimum of 60 pounds, and the board 64 square feet.

Maybe mixed martial arts belong in the Olympics. I would prefer fast landscape painting in the Olympics more than chess. Vincent Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' was a brilliant composition and quite likely, dubious judging would not have awarded him a gold medal for it, perhaps in preference for a Monet.

Architecture for Green designs such as hollow mountain range condominiums where wildlife could roam on the outside for example, might be useful as an Olympic sport; there is certainly a paucity of cleverness in civic design these days. Square boxes as if cities were designed as chess boards with a few green squares, with perhaps, a radical conic section-like half step pyramid of a French defense structure to agitate conservatives.

Urban and suburban designers should have more of the Mikhail Tal spirit about them. Antonio Gaudi was far too conservative with his cathedrals. Design requires more ecological economics and art fused together.

Presidents Shouldn't Help the Opposition Too Much

Electing a President so he or she can spend four years being investigated by opposition party sympathizers isn’t the best way to support the Chief Executive to get things done. Presidents don’t usually testify about anything while in office. The trouble is that at that level of government everything that occurs through adversarial means, virtually, creates potential balance of powers conflicts. The Executive is not subordinate to Congress or the Judicial branch ordinarily. They are equal branches of government that can fall out of balance.

Even the effort to drag the President into extraneous proceedings involving foreign powers, without some obvious and plain illegal activity put the cart before the horse. In Watergate the President’s special team of burglars were caught and the following investigation led to President Nixon who then resigned. In the case of Facebook advertising by foreign nationals the relationship is worse than nebulous. There are better explanations for what dark matter is than there are ties of the President to conspiratorial activity with Russian politicians to be elected. The President should not help the effort to convict himself. 

 Couldn't President Putin have supplied his own Highly Enriched Uranium? Were President Obama and Sect of State Clinton-FBI Director Mueller the sole source for weapons-grade Uranium? Didn't President Putin have a few pounds of HEU and Plutonium laying around someplace in 2006? HEU isn't a cup of sugar. Ought not Inquisitor Mueller investigate the issue? FACT CHECK: Did Hillary Clinton Tell FBI's Mueller to Deliver Uranium to Russians in 2009 'Secret Tarmac Meeting'?

Democrat Leaders May Have Existential Neurosis

Democrat party politicians may be afflicted with a bad case of existential neurosis. There world-view is inward, inhibited and perverted. Because they are like dogs that cannot see over the top of the fence, they believe there should be no fence for it seems to without purpose except for repression.

Democrat party leaders have a swollen local authority perspective. They are like light bulbs so dim they can light there feet in the dark and not much beyond.

Existentialism is an intelligent philosophy that is ill-suited for those that substitute it for empiricism in error. Existentialism is a way of recognizing the reef of solipsism without going so far as to erase the great divide within one's own thought. It is a philosophical rather than a political work as Sartre wrote it.