Friday, February 22, 2019

Corrupting Medicare for Universal Coverage isn't a Good Idea

Socialism is an off the shelf, easy to think about political philosophy for those unable to create anything new philosophically speaking. It is a tired old way to overcome concentrated wealth that hasn’t worked very well, except in a few northern countries with a degree of natural isolation and cold weather. Socialized medicine or insurance would bog the field down as it does individual enterprise in several fields, Socialized actions crush individual initiative. If power generation were socialized the light bulb might yet not exist.

Reforming capitalism and democracy such that it works better in the 21st century would be useful yet few comprehend what is required for that, such as a substantial degree of ecological economic criteria. To deliver quality medical necessities for those that cannot afford it does not require corrupting medicare that was designed for the old, rather, a unification of the Veterans hospital system with walk-in community poor and homeless clinics coupled with fast national tube transport would allow free walk-in service for veterans and those citizens proven to be to poor to pay. Even in the old west country doctors and neighbors di their est to provide free service for people that needed it. Charity is not the same as megalomaniac universal medicare for all including those that don’t need it because they are filthy rich.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Little More Than a Month Until NFL Draft

So who will the Denver Broncos pick? An edge, a corner back, Bennie Snell Jr and an interior offensive lineman are interests as well as the acquisition of Antonio Brown; those are possibilities, yet if a QB like Kyle Murray is available the Broncos should snag one and give him a year as back up (or maybe two) to learn the game.

I suppose people wonder who Tampa will draft to enhance their already good prospects for the year. A more useful question is will the Buccaneers play an exhibition game in Havana?

Catholicism and the Contemporary Imperial Drift

When the church reformer Martin Luther nailed 95 thesis to the door of a Cathedral in Wittenberg Germany in 1517 he got the ball rolling on reforming the Catholic Church so far as to evolve a splinter movement between the reformed protesters and the imperial papal line that entertained select doctrinal inaccuracies and errors including the concept of papal infallibility. Today the problem of an imperial papal approach to Christianity persists though in a dampened down criterion.

Pope Francis of Argentina inherited the Argentine social environment of General Galtieri and the neo-Fascist expansionism of the junta that disappeared so many civilians. His approach was to demure during the neo-fasist era of the junta, yet the hard social-political environment was formative and may influence his idea of sending Latinos illegal across U.S. borders as being a good thing, at least for the imperial goals such as exist, of the Catholic Church leadership.

Protestant do not agree in a special role or divine mission for the pope. All Christians are equally without merit intrinsically and are saved only through the grace of God and the salvific intercession of the Lord Jesus Christ. Protestant Christian s have a more personal, direct approach to the Lord for-themselves without the intermediation of clerics within hierarchical structures. Martin Luther wrote that all Christians are priests. Modern reform minded protestants support the continuing de-imperialization of the clergy such that a priesthood of believers in a more egalitarian, less hierarchical ecclesiastic form is a desirable direction to evolve. A Christian church composed of priests would provide a great evangelical boost. Christian should not be pew-sitting subjects of an imperial proxy leader.

As the imperial goals of the Catholic Church tend to move in an opposite direction that personal, individual democracy and relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, one finds odd circumstances such as that of the Pope at the U.S.-Mexican border arguing for support for illegal alien entry into the United States. Imperials tend toward trampling on the rights of ordinary people; in that case the lawful citizens of the United States, in furtherance of imperial goals such as an Argentine-directed invasion of the United States in order to politically transform the United States into a Catholic despotism under the sway of the Pope. One cannot have democratic, deterministic environmental reform politics within capitalism very while while fighting a two-front or ten-front battle against loose imperial external forces trampling on national political self-determination.

Imagine that Catholic leadership was competent and even smart about the political structures and workings of all of the world's nations, and more, that they agreed and supported the national politics and mechanics of every nation (the church politics in such a case would have implicit contradictions). If the imperial papal policies tried to manipulate the politics of a nation externally and internally it would tend to be an unknown force interfering with the mechanisms and effectiveness of operations of the body politic of that nation. It would be like an external source of waves directed toward a distant calm body with waves sent from the body's political center to coordinate politics nationally. The external waves would interfere with the national waves and create chaos and discord.

At a certain point in history societies may benefit from an extra, neutral institutional structure to support the education and organization of illiterate, poor masses; especially if the government is repressive. Yet as history evolves to a higher level of cultural progress the extra-imperial structure may retard progress. It should adapt.

Martin Luther's movement of reform was an historical adaptation as European society advanced even unto the printing press. Consider top-down programming and its implicit limits. It may be adapted and upgraded. Turned on it's side top-down programming reads from left to right. It may grow more vertical shafts and roots like a cedar tree knocked on its side by high wind. New vertical and horizontal programmatic logic nodes may network to communicate and democratize; times change and imperial structures may implicitly corrupt in new environments.

Consider the theological absurdity of God limiting his direct interactions through one human who would then apply God's will through his human filter deforming the instructions. God can relate directly to anyone and may in fact pre-destine the entire course of human events. There are many theological absurdities one might wish to investigate in the designation of one human as the primary agent of God on Earth. It seems unwise to do so.

Wisdom may be found within expert knowledge applied interdiciplinarily such that one may know or have a good idea what a good course of events or action is to take after recognizing what the situation is. Some have wisdom about investing on Wall Street, some have wisdom about the world ecosystem, and some have wisdom about the Bible; how few though have political wisdom.

The Catholic leader may view the world through imperial lenses; rose colored glass tinted toward the blood of the lamb, yet mistake the imperial goals as a kind of kingdom of God annexation tool. It is reasonable for the imperial paradigm to add a few communist party appointed bishops in China here and a few million illegal alien Catholics to a protestant country there to increase the realm of the kingdom of God under the Pope. The problem of course is that the world’s politics are secular and the imperial papacy becomes political and secular itself adapting its position too often to worldly trends instead of looking toward divine theological concerns. The same Pope who supported illegal immigration also refused to take a position against homosexuality “who am I to judge” at a critical time in the political currents for an apparently political reason of not taking a Biblical stand in an enfiladed political position. The imperial interests of Catholic leadership may take entirely political forms; the Hapsburg Empire wasn’t an ecclesiastical organization.

Martin Luther’s protestant movement stimulated political revolt from the Hapsburg Catholic empire as well. Unfortunately bureaucracies promote people quite often that rise to their level of incompetence. Experts at theology may be criminally incompetent at understanding world politics, national politics and the sort of balances that are socially and politically require to get an environmental movement going that works well with reformed capitalism, free enterprise and democracy. Not only might the Pope be incompetent, most protestants involved in U.S. politics may be equally incompetent at non-theological matters and some theological matters too including eschatology. Sadly, that is the way of the world.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

President Trump Was Right In Asking N.A.T.O. Members to Pay Equal Percentage Share

The United States and Russia were the leading forces on the respective Western and Eastern Fronts in the Second World War. The United States propped up Britain and Russia with Lend-Lease to keep them alive until the U.S.A. entered the war. The Second World War was very costly for the United States and the other allies. President Trump is correct asking N.A.T.O. members to pay an equal share of the cost of N.A.T.O.

Yet better diplomacy would reduce the need for N.A.T.O. Simply getting on well with Russia would nearly eliminate it’s need to exist. What would be useful would be a better international pool of rapid response forces for emergent situations.

Bureaucracies once established are difficult to reduce. That is why a new space force may help to support development of human commercial ventures around the solar system. A new electro-magnetic mass driver to send cargo modules off world like machine gun bullets into orbit is an idea worth pursuing.

Europeans have always found a way to start wars with one another. The last general war wrecked much of Europe so they have a peacenik attitude, correctly. However their deep nature of racking other nations- such as not renegotiating the Brexit deal with England, illustrates the deeper character.

It is hard to imagine why N.A.T.O. could be useful in a war with China, yet a Chinese-Russian alliance to invade Europe would be a problem N.A.T.O. could respond to when off holiday.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

McCabe's Self-Reinforcing Beliefs About Donald Trump

The former acting Director of the FBI seriously believed that President Trump was a threat to national security. Fundamentally those that believe that may also include Elvis as a substantive threat to national security, the Loch Ness monster can't be found because it has escaped to Chesapeake Bay, and George Washington was a traitor.

Some people can't see the trees for the wood. Bureaucratic techs loyal to government union-for-themselves that belief organizational ladders should promote executive leaders pimariily through seniority hate the capitalist who boldly took the top job in a way that few to none have done before. Hate.

Donald Trump is an American icon representing capitalism. He is also a globalist for personal business investment advantage as well as a nationalist-for-others seeking advantages for the United States. The socialists and Trotskiites hate all that and will always decide that President Trump may reveal secret documents or leak something to wiki-leaks- and everyone knows that only Democrats are allowed to do that.

Montana Might Benefit from Logging Fire Break Strips

Montana annually has months of forest fires that degrade air quality. Management of the forests is lacking. California also creates many forest fires and their smoke is harmful to Montana. Selective fire break creation logging of adequate strips to control fires should be done with consultation from forest fire experts.

The state presently allows minimal logging. Water runoff when clear-cuts occur can be harmful, and rivers with obstructions such as beaver dams (we like beavers) can exacerbate river flooding issues downstream along with ice blockages. Water run-off from clear-cuts can silt up rivers harming fishing. Coordinating the various elements of fire control requires solid analysis from experts in several fields.

Forests differ in nature from state to state. A solution that works in the Tongass might not work in Montana or Oregon, California and vice versa. Federal forestry management should upgrade its management policies so they reflect the good of people living in a state as well as the forests' health.

Humans cause a lot of forest fires with machines in hot summer conditions. Sparks from spinning tires on dirt and rock roads, catalytic converters that are hot and other motor vehicle issues start fires in addition to careless cigarette butt tosses. Yet when fires start controlling them before winter solves the problem may require careful and adequate design of fire breaks before fire season.
File:Deerfire high res.jpg
Image credit; US Dept of Agriculture

Small Town Paper Regards KKK as Jacobean Tool for Lynching Politicians

A small town Alabama paper called for the KKK to lynch politicians that want to raise taxes. Apparently some view the KKK as a kind of French Revolutionary tool for eliminating monoparty statists and elites that raise taxes on the middle class and cut them for the most rich. Some will sympathize and others will hate the triple K again, deservedly, yet the Jacobean reaction to the French revolution with the guillotines is a kind of perennial last resort for government reform.

The deep state does advantage the most rich and undermine political liberty with corporatism thus enabling socialists to engage in a dialectic with the media mouthpieces of the most rich. What is lost in the dialectic is the prospect for simply reforming capitalism and free enterprise to serve democracy once again.